Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vancouver Celebration

I spent most of yesterday, readying for tonight's New Years Eve celebration.

  • The food has been purchased and unloaded into the cupboards and fridge.
  • The liquor was chosen and bought and is on the counter tops.
  • The door prizes are packaged and ready for lucky winners.
  • The guest list grew even larger today, and is printed ready to go.
  • My clothing choice has been made and sits awaiting me to wear it at the right time.
  • E-mail reminders regarding the event have been sent.
  • Daughter is away for a few days.
  • Volunteers are lined up and set to an hourly schedule.
  • New Art Work for the Lounge is framed and ready to be seen by all. (boy bits)
  • Music was ordered from a DJ.
Right now I desperately need to send a mail out to the Libido Events mailing list about this Sundays Member Orientation and Exploratorium which follows an hour later.

I am too busy right now too feel tired, and I have to be up at 6:15AM, as I have places to be VERY early. This makes me feel grumbly already. Not-a-morning-person these days.

Ok, time for me to get my work done, so I can actually catch some shut eye.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Beautiful toes

It has been awhile since RC and I were both pierced, it was in fact, three weeks ago this past Saturday. Since that time, his new PA piercing has needed a chance to heal.

Though we've fumbled with "intimate relations" they were mere attempts at pleasure, and not so successful.

This evening, I am proud to say, I was able to lavish my mans cock with enough of my masterful oral techniques to finally give him an orgasm. He levitated off the bed as he came and I was just ecstatic to be back in my groove again.

Relearning how to have sex again at our ages, is sure a hell of a lot of fun. Though seriously just a tad bit angst filled, as neither of us wants to hurt the other while we are still in the healing process.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bathroom Stress

I find it incomprehensible that I live in the same house with the person who put the toilet paper roll on, upside down.

TP should come over the top and cascade down like a fountain. Not fall from the underside and continue falling to the floor.


Love can only over-look so many faults, this is truly unsettling.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sexy Sayings

I was gifted by my in-laws this holiday season with a rather large, impressively soft, black lambskin. It is stunning.

RC looked at it and promptly said "for the black sheep of the family, how fitting". He was of course joking, but it really was rather funny.

My mother in law gave me a package of kleenex in my stocking that said "How much do you want Santa, for your list of Naughty Boys?" I was so tickled to receive this, she knows me oh so well. Then again she should, as she reads my blog, as one would read the morning paper.

I am blessed to be surrounded by such love and by such awesome family.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lovers in Cuba

I am feeling abundantly loved. It is such a wonderful feeling.

In thirty days we leave for Cuba.

We have plans on swimming with dolphins and a night in Havanna.

The resort is simply gorgeous, we've been researching it on the internet and making plans.

I intend on doing a lot of tanning, beach walking and relaxing in a chaise lounger with an umbrella in my icy drink.

Admiring the stunning scenery and with nothing else to do, but soaking it all in as only someone on vacation can do.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Braving travel

Only for family would I awaken at eight in the morning over the holidays. We had a reservation to keep, and by god we did it! We made it to our destination in a timely manner, and the weather did not interfere one bit. Thankfully.

We spent the day far from home, and surrounded by a large group of merry people. More gifts, tons of food, catching up on conversations, and general relaxing. Today was great.

Travel really takes a toll on a person , as does all the food we have consumed. This evening will have us to bed at an early hour, the three of us are wiped.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Flying High

Today we slept in. The teenager awoke us late morning by poking me repeatedly. She had her stocking in hand, and a huge smile on her face.

RC and I sat up in bed and watched her tear into her huge over-sized sock which was overflowing with booty. Photos were taken and we all looked happy and disheveled.

Off to living room we moved next, the presents were spread under the tree awaiting everyone.

We noticed that Santa had drank all the scotch left out, eaten the cookies and fed the carrots to the reindeer. Surprise!

It took an hour and twenty minutes to get through all the paper ripping, gift ogling, present exchanging, trying on of new items and giddy laughter too.

We three, are heading off to Cuba on a family holiday - this is the BEST Christmas gift ever. All of us are super excited - I have never before been to a communist country, it should be enlightening to say the least. We are booked into an incredible resort, with oodles of amenities in Varadero, we also have a day-trip and overnight in Havanna to look forward to. One month until we fly away.

Whatever your December 25 finds you doing or celebrating - I hope you have a good one.

It's Christmas in our house, I am surrounded by family and love and am so very happy.

Enjoy the snow, and stay warm.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Scotch for Santa

This has been quite the day for me. I am exhausted.

Earlier this afternoon I went for a walk through the deep snow, to trek off to the liquor store. What should have been an eight minute walk, in reality took me twenty or so minutes. What a cold ordeal, despite my get-up. Gloves, pocket warmers, cords, knee socks, leg warmers, a hoodie, a vest, a long sleeve shirt, a hat and a long scarf. I was bundled up all cozy.

I don't even drink at all, though my guy needed some Baileys for his Christmas morning coffee so I obliged and set forth to make the purchase.

Then I continued on for another ten minute walk to another store where I bought three large steaks.

Promptly I turned around and walked home. Though on my way shopping the wind and snow was at my back. On my return trip, the snow was blowing in my face and right into me. I was so not impressed.

When I finally saw home, my daughter opened the door and looking at me burst out laughing. Apparently I looked like the abominable snow woman. Scary really and damn cold. I stripped out of my freezing cold clothes and grabbed the hair dryer to warm my legs and dry my soaking wet hair.

Did not take long for me to fall asleep on the couch for a brief nap. I awoke startled beyond belief, by the sounds of crashing snow. The white stuff on our slanted roof became so heavy, that it had slid right off and landed with a HUGE boom onto our porch, it scared me bad, the cat too and the teenager. Wild, it was a large dump of snow.

I put on a robe, gum boots and a hat, then went outside and shoveled the porch - it took me thirty minutes to clear away the snow slide that had happened. Thank you mother nature.

Into the kitchen and I got everything ready to stuff my infamous twice-baked, baked potatoes. 4 large potatoes cut in half and baked, then hollowed. 3/4 of a pound of bacon fried and diced with onion. 3/4 of a cup of cream cheese, fresh cracked pepper, and grated cheddar cheese. Then I put on a pair of latex gloves and stuffed the contents all mashed together into the potato shells before baking them again.

While the baked, I BBQ'd the steaks. After a great family dinner, the three of us are now all in the master bedroom on laptops doing fun stuff and generally hanging out together.

Soon we will all cuddle together and read our traditional book "Twas The Night Before Christmas". Then we will leave some scotch, cookies and carrots out for Santa and reindeer and we will turn off all the lights and go to sleep.

Hope your Christmas eve is blessed and peaceful.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

For Paul...

I spent some time today, pondering all that I am grateful for. Today is historically a BIG day in my life and has been for well over a decade. I could give thanks on New Years but it is this day that makes me reflect on my blessings.

  1. a daughter that is growing into a young woman: she is wise, worldly, loving, carefree, beautiful, intelligent, crafty and people oriented
  2. a man in my life for two years now who loves me unconditionally, is handsome, educated, caring, generous and a family kind of guy
  3. a woman whose been a constant in my life for over eight years: we are in love, committed and stronger together every year
  4. good physical health that has not wavered all year
  5. contentment and peace of mind
  6. a business that is thriving and growing
  7. a career that is on the climb exponentially
  8. plans on a pregnancy and a baby in 2009
  9. no debt, not one dollar, zero
  10. an upcoming trip to Cuba & another to Disneyland
  11. a collection of friends that support me whole heartily
  12. a posse of Lounge Members that are the corner stone of Libido Lounge
  13. family ties that are stronger than the year before
  14. a new outlook on life that is refreshing for me and those around me
  15. substantially huge teaching contracts for 2009
  16. no vices (outside of sex and love)
  17. a strong drive towards gaining my masters degree in the coming year
  18. multi-orgasmic (must give thanks for this)
  19. the ability to have outside paid help that makes my professional and personal life easier

Monday, December 22, 2008

Visually Stimulating

(one corner of the front main room at Libido Lounge, note that equipment moves for every event)

(me sitting on a chicks face, you can even see my brand clearly)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

One Thousand

Three and a half years ago I reluctantly started this blog. I gave it a name, "activist on a mission to initiate change" and made a commitment to write in it with some form of regularity.

I have shared myself under the terms that I originally set forth "A written account of my personal journey as an activist for sex positive culture both personally and professionally."

Today's post marks my 1000'th post, a thousand times I have typed out my truth, my realities, my growth and pursuits.

When life has had me high I have written happy, when I've been bursting with pride I have written proud, when struggling I wrote of my challenges.

When success caught me, I let you know. When I had things to offer you, I gave them.

I have blogged when sad, when tired, when hurt, frustrated, anxious and even when in love.

I have shared my vulnerabilities and my strengths, my joy and at times my sorrows.

I have given this blog photos of my body, and images from my life.

This is a well read blog with a wonderfully huge readership, many people I know make their way here daily to keep up with me, my world and my activism. Others use this as a place to find inspiration, because apparently I am a trail blazer. Strangers find their way to this place through Key Words, and Google.

No matter why you read here, know that you land on my stat counter and I follow where people come from. I have learned so much from you my readers along the way and even more about myself.

Quite some time ago, I removed the comments feature from my blog, making it so people who had something to say to me could do so by writing me at my professional address. The personal e-mails I receive are inspiring, filled with accolades and thanks.

I blog to set an example, to keep a record of the journey that is solely uniquely mine and I am so grateful to be able to be such a source of enlightenment, entertainment and inspiration for so many people.

This blog, is me being true to myself and not allowing others to rewrite history. This place serves as a reminder of where I have been, whose aided me, loved me and who or what has gotten in my way.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lovers & Love

I have fallen in and out of love a number of times really over the years of my adult life. I have loved men and I have loved women. In truth, I have fallen hard for men with my heart more often then I have for women. Though I have crashed head first into loving women suddenly.

I have been loved by many men, and I have been loved by quite a number of women. I am currently loved by a man and by a couple of women, and I love each of them not in return, but simply because what is, is. It's the basis of our relationships with one another.

My romantic relationships with men, in hind sight I always knew were coming. With women, it's always been a most pleasant surprise.

I have sought out relationships with men, I have never gone looking for a woman to date or be a partner too. Women seek me out, men I have gone looking for. Women I hold at bay, it takes someone special to captivate me. Men I have cruised along for, then pointed at just the right one and said "come here". It works for me, in both directions. I am fortunate in this.

Men have taught me the greatest and biggest lessons in life through love, women have taught me the most profound lessons about myself through love.

I have been hurt by relationships ending, and hurt desperately too. Both men and women have broken my heart.

I know that I have broken a few hearts myself as well.

As I have grown older, and gained more experience in loving others (and being hurt) I have come to recognize the importance of both moving on and of being thankful for the time shared with someone I had a heart connection with.

I miss past loves at times. Though with out each of them, I would not be where I am today, loving how and whom I do today.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hot Tattooed Babe

Snow Snow Snow.
Glorious Snow.

The white flakes were everywhere when I awoke this morning. We went to bed at nine fifteen last night and awoke at nine this morning. Almost twelve full hours of blissful necessary sleep cuddled up together.

Imagine my surprise to swing open the drapes and see the snow had blanketed everything. It brought such a smile to my face. The view was so spectacular that I woke RC up to enjoy it with me.

Seeing as we were up early, we packed up some domestic chores and headed out in the Jeep to complete the tasks at hand. Having him with me always make my day so much nicer, I sure love my man. I was so pleased he had today off so we could spend the time with one another.

We did our errand running, then had a really fantastic lunch out at a sushi restaurant. The roads were quite icy in our neighborhood, and luckily few people were driving on then. With the 4X4 on, we fared just fine thankfully.

While at a pit-stop at our local library RC found a poster on the community bulletin board, it caught his eye immediately. It was an advertising poster for an event happening at Douglas College. One of the models, was a woman we know, her image is the one most prominent on the poster. We were happy to see her hanging there on the library wall, so I took out my camera and snapped a photo of the poster. (I checked with her earlier and asked if I could re post my photo of the poster here on my blog, she said yes!)

(click the image to enlarge, the hot babe on the left is one of our peeps)

Now it is almost time for us to ready for this evenings Deviant Dining event at The Lounge, it's the last one of 2008 and we wouldn't miss this for anything. Let's hope the snow does not scare too many of our members away, many of whom wrote today to inquire if the dinner is still scheduled to happen. Oh yeah baby, we are still open and happy to be hosting everyone for another great dinner.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reflections of a Woman

1. What did you do in 2008 that you'd never done before?

I achieved a level of educator success and notoriety that I had not even believed was possible.

My clitoral hood pierced in a setting of absolute support.

Ran a sex positive facility as my full time dream job.

2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?

I did keep my New Years Resolution, though it took me till July to implement it in my life.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?

No, but soon someone I am getting to know is going to POP.

4. Did anyone close to you die?

Not yet.

5. What countries did you visit?

Dominican Republic.
The USA.

6. What would you like to have in 2009 that you lacked in 2008?

A full time business assistant. More alone time with my daughter. My Masters Degree.

7. What dates from 2008 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?

The date in July that I made a huge life change. The date of the US presidential election.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?

Being compensated with the largest check I have ever received for a work project. It left me trembling with excitement.

9. What was your biggest failure?

Not having more of a desire to reconcile long standing family discord.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?

No, I am very healthy, unless you count my being fatigued almost full time.

11. What was the best thing you bought?

My new MacBook.

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?

A few people: RC's mom, Lisa M, Keith.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?

No one has the power to depress me. Who appalled me, Marlee Ginter from Komo news.

14. Where did most of your money go?

A new wardrobe, a new beauty regime and sushi. Oh, and a growing teenager! (grins)

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?

My daughter being such a grounded teenager who does awesome in everything she touches. My relationship with RC being so secure.

16. What song will always remind you of 2008?


17. Compared to this time last year, are you:

a) happier or sadder? happier
b) thinner or fatter? same
c) richer or poorer? richer in money, opportunities and love

18. What do you wish you'd done more of?

Sleeping. Full body massages. Travel. Loving more.

19. What do you wish you'd done less of?

Looking at my computer screen and answering e-mail.

20. How will you be spending Christmas?

At home, with my daughter and RC. Then on the island with both sets of parents, his and mine.

21. Did you fall in love in 2008?

Yes, I fell in deeper love with RC and found love for myself that had been forgotten about the year before.

22. How many one-night stands?

**Blushes** I will not kiss and tell.

23. What was your favourite TV program?

John and Kate Plus Eight

24. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?

Hate, I have no time to hate.

25. What was the best book you read?
I read at least thirty different sex related books and guides this past year. Too many to recount and all equally valuable, entertaining, and um, stimulating.

26. What was your greatest musical discovery?


27. What did you want and get?

Wanted 500 members at Libido Lounge through Orientation and got them all and then some.

28. What did you want and not get?

Weekends off of work.

29. What was your favorite film of this year?


30. What did you do on your birthday?
Had dinner out with my man and was adored by friends.

31. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?

Pregnancy or rather the birth of a child between RC and I.

32. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2008?

Pulling it all together.

33. What kept you sane?

Alone time at home. Cuddling with my teenager. Love from RC.

34. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?

Barack Obama.

35. What political issue stirred you the most?

Prop 8 - fuckers

36. Who did you miss?

A long lost friend with cancer.

37. Who was the best new person you met?

Too many to count, our Lounge members continue to amaze me.

38. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2008.

Keep at it no matter what. Work it, until you achieve it.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Business Survival

The management end of managing our business has grown exponentially, creating copious amounts of work and necessary file keeping.

It's just not about hosting events and teaching classes any more, there is a level of behind the scenes workload that is beyond comprehensible at times. It's costly and it is time consuming.

Keeping up with it all is do-able because we pay people to manage and execute many of the professional tasks that need done regularly. The rest of the items are remembered and tended to because some smart cookie in my life has time-lined everything that I need to do in order for me to care take things in an efficient and timely manner.

WCB is short for Workers Compensation Board and is where we pay into WorkSafeBC for our employees.

GST is now something that we file, because we now make XXX number of dollars and it thus has become mandatory.

This is an up-to-date list of all the support we require to make what we do happen for Libido Events, Libido Lounge, and those that come to us with a need surrounding sex-positive culture.

  1. Corporate Income Tax
  2. Web Design
  3. Accounts Payable
  4. General Accounting
  5. Legal Assistance
  6. Jennifer's Ghost Assistant
  7. Laundry Services
  8. Food Services
  9. Shopping (office, kitchen & facility)
  10. Event Management & Planning
  11. Cleaners
  12. Maintenance
  13. Guest Educators
  14. Volunteer Coordinator
  15. Conference Planner
  16. Ask Me Anything (will do most anything not covered elsewhere)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dirty Talk

I just awoke from an hour long nap, as I was no longer able to stay conscious. After last nights Naughty Party, then this afternoons Exploratorium event there was not a drop of energy left in me and my ass was dragging. I'm feeling peppier now though.

This wonderful e-mail arrived to my professional account yesterday and it made me feel good both for my own self and also for the writer.

Hi Jennifer!

I had intended to send you a note much sooner, but it is a busy time of apologies.

I realize that you likely won't remember me, given the number of people you must meet over the course of your week.

But I just wanted to say 'thank you' for your kindness at the orientation I attended November 25. As advertised, it was very interesting as well as educational. And as I mentioned to you afterwards, much less 'threatening' than I anticipated! Not quite sure what I was expecting, but I was also greatly relieved to see that the other people attending were essentially 'just like me', and I sensed that my lack of experience may not be as big an issue as I thought it might.

Becoming involved with Libidoevents is something I really want to do, though it is going to stretch my comfort zone - but that's a good thing!

Anyway, I just wanted to send you a note of encouragement to let you know your courage is appreciated and to thank you for making someone often labelled as 'painfully shy', comfortable.

Looking forward to attending my first event.

Kindest regards,
Lew (member # 494)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sex Educator Vancouver

The business woman's luncheon was just awesome yesterday. Suffice to say the woman who invited me conveniently forgot to mention that guests have to stand before the entire group and introduce themselves by full name and occupation. I learned this ten minutes before the intro's were started.

There were at least eighty, perhaps ninety woman there, and maybe a dozen of us were guests. I was the eleventh person standing to introduce myself.

Hello ladies, my name is Jennifer Skrukwa and I am a Professional Sex Educator.

Some clapped, there was a low whistle, smiles spread across their faces and many were nodding happily. Within minutes we were networking with tables of eight women. It did not take long for them to come for me. No joke. They had so many questions about what I teach, who I am and how I move in the world. It was immensely gratifying and a huge relief to have their approval. I had passed the first hurdle as I saw it.

By the time the second networking session broke out, there was a number of women I needed to get to, and spend a few minutes with. I loved it, and the woman who brought me, was so right. I do belong with those women, they are my people. Professionals, women, responsible, successful and mature. I brought a large stack of business cards and handed out every last one of them.

We ate like Queens, the food was scrumptious, as it was a massive buffet. I was asked to do a presentation for them in early 2009, and I am so eager to do this. How very encouraging. I was called an eloquent speaker, told I was bold and progressive and a number of "older" women shared with me that their group needed my energy and knowledge.

I am very happy to report that as of next month, I become a full member and shall continue on my merry path of networking and educating.

Imagine my surprise to know two other women there. One from an interactive class I taught a short while ago, and another whom I have known for a decade. Our crossing paths was amusing to say the least.

I walked out of the building with a woman who called my name, then told me that she believed touch is so very important to our happiness and survival. I agreed. She asked if she could hug me, and I said of course.

It was a wonderful experience and I am so glad that I stepped outside of my box, and again am expanding my personal community of friends, allies and supporters.

The women that I met I am eager to know better, they were all so very interesting.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Women On Top

Sad news indeed. Beauty and activist Bettie Page died yesterday. I found this statement regarding her passing, on the home page of her website...

With deep personal sadness I must announce that my dear friend and client Bettie Page passed away at 6:41pm PST this evening (Dec. 11 2008) in a Los Angeles hospital. She died peacefully but had never regained consciousness after suffering a heart attack nine days ago.

She captured the imagination of a generation of men and women with her free spirit and unabashed sensuality. She is the embodiment of beauty.

Statement by Mark Roesler, business agent for Bettie Page

Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bettie Page, the 1950s pinup girl whose natural looks and risque fetish poses triggered a cult following four decades after she turned her back on modeling. The life of Bettie Page.


I am restless, everyone here at home is sound asleep. I find myself unable to shut down enough to get rest, and so I write.

Later this morning and into the afternoon I am lunching with a prominent group of individuals. A business woman's networking luncheon that I am about to become a member of. Kind of sexy in theory. Kind of tummy tossing in truth. I have three differing outfits chosen and dependent on the weather, I will choose the most suitable. A large group of women who own their own businesses and are successes in their chosen fields of expertise - fitting that I join them, yes.

Life has taken so many unforeseen turns these last couple of years. I have matured and learned so much, no longer the practical life skills of coasting by, now I am on the climb to mastery of business entrepreneurship. Constantly a student and always open to meeting new opportunities head on, my efforts have challenged myself constantly and though I struggle, I always, eventually come out on top.

I need to remember to reward myself for a job well done and time invested to arrive here. I work hard, and lately have overlooked how much it takes a toll on my soul, my family and my friends. Rewards are good, because when I am happy and looked after, I have more energy to invest in myself, my family and friends. This is a huge lesson and one I should remember to act on with more regularity.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SALE: Memberships & Gift Certificates

Tis The Season for gift giving and with this in mind Libido Lounge and Libido Events have a few special opportunities for you to take advantage of to make your gift giving easier. These are time limited offers. We are proud to be able offer you such a great deal and savings to celebrate the holidays and want you to join all the others with the elite status, of Life Time Membership.

Any person currently holding an annual membership to Libido Lounge can upgrade it to a Life Time Membership for only $1350.00 This is a savings of $150.00 and certainly worth considering. With a Life Time Membership you may attend any future Libido Lounge party or social event for only $5 for life.

A Couples Life Time Membership is currently $3000.00 and we are also having a special deal on these, making them only $2600.00. With a Couples Life Time Membership you may attend any future Libido Lounge party, social event for only $10 per couple for life. (or $5 per

Any person not holding a membership yet to Libido Lounge, may still buy the Life Time Membership/s at these special rates, though your membership will not become active until you complete the mandatory member orientation class. (you'll need to pay the $40 membership fee - this is a one time fee attached to the class)

Members and non members alike, if you have been considering private sex coaching work with Jennifer, we have had some beautiful gift certificates made up in time for the Christmas season. Excellent as stocking stuffers indeed or a treat for yourself for the long sought after appointment you've been lusting after. The gift certificates are in denominations of $100, $125, $200, $250 and $300 each.

These special rates and offerings are available until December 31 2008, after which Life Time Memberships will no longer be sold.

Starting in 2009, with the "stop sale" of Life Time Memberships, we will then start selling All Inclusive 1 year Memberships at the rate of $700.00 per person, or $1300.00 per couple. Gift certificates have a 2 year expiry date on them.

Upon sending in your payment for either Life Time Membership you will receive a lovely envelope detailing your purchase, and of course, suitable for gift giving. Your gift certificate comes in a Christmas envelope all ready for you to use yourself or to hand to that special
someone in your life whose been wanting or needing some sex positive education or support.

Checks for Private Coaching work are made out to: Jennifer Skrukwa

Checks for Life Time Memberships are made out to: LL
Our mailing address is:

PO Box 28578 4050 Hastings Street Burnaby, BC V5C 6J4, Canada

*Be sure to include your mailing address and to whom you would like the certificates addressed.

Happy Holiday Season to each of you. Know that we adore counting you among our friends, and we look forward to continuing to serve you as BC's Sex Positive Resource. You are... a valuable part of our sex positive community and for that we are grateful.

Anal Intrusion

A few things that have gotten me rather excited in the last couple of days, let me share with you...

This bit of news about a new vaccine is very promising and
looong overdue. Hooray for pioneers working towards the common goal of a therapeutic vaccine to inhibit the spread of HIV. Finally.

The *new* member forums are just-about-complete and will open the beginning of January on the Libido Lounge website. A place for our members to chat with one another privately, post photos, stories and personal ads. Forums where no bias exists, tolerance is the order of the day and inclusiveness is mandatory. Forums that are well moderated, yet giving our members free reign to be themselves and pursue further knowledge and play opportunities amongst themselves.

We are now at 515 Lounge Members as of last nights orientation. An excellent number, and one that I am really damn proud of.

Our final ever sale of Life Time Memberships terminates at months end, and a number of people have stepped up to take advantage of this great offer. $1350 = events for life. (only a $5 charge per event exists for kitchen & laundry) My last couple of deposits to the bank have tickled my fancy beyond belief, we are heading in a wonderful direction and one that makes me not only proud, but our members as well.

Our family Christmas plans have all been sorted out and I have let go of any guilt associated with this festive season. I can only be in so many places at once, and due to this small, very real fact, we will be enjoying three different Christmases each in differing weeks. I am super excited about being home for a change and not on the road, it is an awesome feeling to know that we all won't be frazzled silly this year seeing everyone at once. Travel plans have been made and booked and the turkey is in the freezer. We are so ahead of the game this year.

And finally, what next makes me happy lately. I've had the chance this last while to really settle into my partnered relationship with RC my love, and my role as an experienced educator. Each of these gives me immense pride. I feel strong with my man, and as though we can conquer anything. We communicate so well together and it's hugely comforting to feel so safe and loved. My job affords me great friends, hours of my choosing, travel benefits, a business that is thriving, opportunities to interact and know amazing people and a paycheck that is more than I ever could have hoped for as an activist. I have created my own success and am able to enjoy it with my partner, daughter, friends and volunteers. It is liberating to have done this for myself.

Once this Sundays Exploratorium event is over, I am almost done work until New Years eve, only a couple of events left.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This Friday night is Dirty Girls, Libido Lounges monthly women's play party. Our events are open to members and their guests only, we are not a public facility, rather a private members only club.

If you would like to attend Dirty Girls, we would love to have you for a one time entrance without your having a membership and needing to do orientation.

This offer is only open to non members.

To Win: send me an email to my private email address, telling me why you should be chosen as the very lucky recipient to this wonderful offer. One to two paragraphs at most. Deadline for submission is Wednesday (today) at 6 PM. The winner will be notified via email by 11PM and all further details sent along at that time.

my email address:

Here is the write up on Dirty Girls just to give you a little peak, a tease if you will....

Imagine your best sleepover pajama party when you were younger. Without pajamas. When you arrive at the venue you will step inside a place where the cares and the stresses of the day are left at the door. The lighting is soft, the colours are soft, the carpets and furniture are all soft. (The girls are soft too)

The best part about a DIRTY GIRLS party is that it's a light, fun, carefree evening where almost anything and everything goes; a place to explore your voyeuristic or exhibitionist side (or both). If you're just at the beginning of your adventurous journey, it's a great place to dip a toe into the water and decide if you want to dive in deep or wade gently into the shallows. You can be naked as the day you were born, decked out in lace, satin or silk, wrapped in leather, shiny and sparkly in glitter, or festooned in feathers. Choose something that makes you feel beautiful, because by the end of the evening it will be pulsing through you. Beauty. Softness. Laughter. Joy.

No two women are the same and no two DIRTY GIRLS parties are the same. Some are filled with happy shrieks of girls being flogged & caned, some with the soft murmurs of an appreciative audience to a girl practicing her best pole dance. There will surely be massage oil at some point, and the chocolate fountain might well be bubbling in the kitchen. Anything is better dipped in chocolate.

The big room is surrounded by sofas, edged by a suspension frame, perfect for working on rope bondage or suspension techniques. The dance pole in the center of the room is a great place to practice that stripper dance you've been dreaming about. The medical table has the potential to bring a happy ending to an internal examination. There's a Sybian sex machine for those feeling like going for a ride, a Monkey Rocker, a Fuckzall, a massage chair, many massage tables and a hot stone kit to relax with.

A DIRTY GIRL'S party is a feast for all the senses. Delicious appetizers, fragrant candles and massage oils, giggles and whimpers, touches as bountiful as you might desire or none at all if you're merely a contented voyeur, and pretty girls of all ages, shapes and colors everywhere.

It's like a secret sorority with no particular pledge and no particular uniform. The only expectation is that you leave your inhibitions at the door and venture boldly where no man has gone before. It's a girl thing. Try it. You'll like it.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Kinky Pleasure

A long hot bath with bubbles in the middle of the afternoon today was justified today. I've spent thus far, five hours awake in bed, with computer on my lap and the phone next to me as I set about tending to business.

I'm involved in a bondage fetish photo shoot next week and having been lining up other models, themes and clothing. The work going in to this is a lot and I'm confident that the final outcome will be sure awesomeness.

Sunday is Exploratorium, our BDSM sampler event and working out the schedule has been relatively easy to do this time round. We've hosted the event enough times now that pulling it together is rather straight forward, thankfully.

RC's mom emailed yesterday. She reads my blog, for those of you not in the know. A brave woman indeed.

*** Hi Mom good to know you keep up with us both. ***

Anyways, her email was of a matter relating to Christmas, and then she dropped the bomb. She had (obviously) read the post the other day about RC's new PA piercing and how that all had gone down. She was a-tad-bit-concerned about his penis, and perhaps his sanity. So Mom, know that he's in great physical and emotional health and his penis though not healed yet, is most certainly happily on the mend.

With little effort on my behalf, I nailed down some major sponsorship for an upcoming project today. This is a major milestone for me, career wise. I am now working at a level that I have aspired to for so many long hard laborious years. The road now has become so much clearer, easier to navigate and rewarding. I work alongside, for and with incredible people and entities, it really is a privilege.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Girls Love Sex

Today being a Monday, I spent it catching up on domestic items left untended over the weekend. I wrapped some Christmas presents, cleaned the kitchen, put away toys from Saturdays party, made phone calls, straightened up my home office and made a list of To-Do items that will take me the rest of the week to accomplish.

Then this evening I headed off to The Love Nest and taught to a great group of students my fantastic Tie Me To The Bed Posts Please class. It was a wonderful evening and everyone left with a host of new skills.

All you women who are interested, Friday is Dirty Girls, our women's only play party. Reserve your spot now, and come check out what an amazing event this really is. The women are incredible and the chance to play is around every corner, we have everything you could possibly want when it comes to pleasure.

My new piercing appears to be healing nicely and I am most pleased with this fact. Though a little bothered by the fact that I have not been able to masturbate since Saturday afternoon. Given that my favorite tool to stimulate myself is RC, and his penis is out of commission, it is a strong desire of mine to get off. I figure I can hold off a few more days then I'll just have to attempt an orgasm with my old friend, The Hitatchi!

I have started to update the calendar with our January offerings. Make sure you check it out, and mark your calendar with the events, you'll be wanting to attend.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Genital Piercing Oh My

Five different people were pierced last night at Libido Lounges Dungeon Players Party.

  1. a man had both his nipples pierced

  2. another man had both his nipples pierced and the frenulum under his tongue split with a scalpel

  3. one woman had her clitoral hood pierced

  4. I had my clitoral hood pierced

  5. RC my guy got a PA, the head of his penis through his urethra pierced

The night was beyond intense, and Elwood did a great job handling all the holes and people he poked.

The energy level in the place, about blew the roof off.

I can not believe how mind blowing the whole experience was. The night was one that will not be forgotten by any one who attended.

After care was required for everyone pierced and everyone who witnessed the acts.


Holy Fuck.

We got late home and were so high on endorphins that neither of us could sleep. This morning we are both smiling, alive and the shock has worn off. Neither of us are in pain, though RC is peeing blood, which is rather normal.

Out of all the piercings and slicing that happened, by far, the most deeply emotional item to witness was the PA piercing. With out going in to a lot details, RC won the award for having the most guts and enduring the most. His PA piercing was done in a way that Elwood had never ever done before, and well it's fairly safe to say the man will never do again. It was profound the agony, the noise, and the length of time it took, my poor guy was in shock, pale as a vanilla ice cream float and his lips were blue. That today he is smiling, happy and filled with color, does wonders for my maternal desire to care take him.

First up was P a beautifully handsome guy who had both his nipples done first and it was super easy for him. Two piercers were at the party and so they did both nipples simultaneously, he glowed afterwards and floated out of the room.

Deej, volunteer extraordinaire, had her clitoral hood pierced and she was a real trooper, she sucked it up and went through with it quite fast, and as the second person pierced in the evening too. She is still recovering from having both nipples done two months ago - something RC and I took her to have done.

Then T a ruggedly good looking man, climbed onto the gyn table, and with his wife holding his hands, he had both his nipples pierced too. He seemed so stoic, and all went super well for him, thankfully.

Then it was RC's turn, and his cock was prepared for the onslaught. He trembled, understandably. I was at his face, kissing him and rubbing his cheek, one arm firmly over his chest. When he was pierced finally and it was over from beginning to end, everyone standing watching was done as well. This piercing sucked the life out of everyone there. Even poor Elwood needed to recover from that extreme period.

I was up next and laid out to get my clitoral hood poked. It was difficult to lay still for, and apparently I was a bit Dominant and aggressive to Elwood and everyone else present. It took me some time to find my groove, and when I had almost found it, suddenly the needle slid through and the big part was over. Getting the jewelry in was a small challenge because I came emotionally unglued, just-a-bit. Two men held me down while Elwood completed the task and then the deed was over with, thankfully.

Finally P, came back in the room and stood very very still, while Elwood took a scalpel and over and over again sliced the tongues undersides bit of skin wide open to prepare the man for a split tongue. To be completed some time in the future.

Not a usual Dungeon Players Party for sure. Thank God too, as I couldn't handle a party like that regularly. Today is all about recovery. Good food, no stress, little to do and napping.

That both RC and I are out-of-commission sexually at the same time is very beneficial. Thankfully the healing process is fast for genital piercings and we can soon resume our sex antics.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Dungeon Players Tonight

EDIT: RC just returned from the Post Box. We received a check for another Life Time Membership from a woman treating herself to an early Christmas present. Hot Damn am I ever pleased with The Lounge and our efforts right now. Two Life Time Memberships sold in 48 hours, the business plan is working!

=== === === === === === === === ===

Want to come to our Dungeon Players Party tonight? Well you can as there are still spots on the guest list.

For some reason, we have more women at this event, then men.

We have a piercer on site tonight, piercing members, four of us = two men getting their nipples pierced and two women getting their clitoral hoods pierced. (I am one of the women) The party has bondage, sex, BDSM and social time. It will be much oodles of fun.

Send me an email to be included on the guest list .....

I am readying now for a long hot bath and then some clam chowder soup.

See many of you this evening!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Calling All Volunteers

I am putting together something for The Taboo Sex Show in Vancouver January 15, 16, 17 & 18.

For my seventh year, I am also teaching for the show, a whole host of classes, but this post is not about this, as I already have this aspect well under control.

I have been asked to run a booth, something special this year. To do this, I need a small army of dedicated, attentive, detail oriented, sales friendly volunteers who want to earn something REALLY freaking amazing. The offer is super cool.

You volunteer for 16 hours and in exchange you get a wine, beer and pizza party with a corseting class, and a magnificent fully boned, drop dead corset of your choice from anything this spectacular company has in stock. (the exchange rate thus works out to $18.25 per hour) You will also get free tickets to Taboo.

I have a shift schedule and two different types of work available. Women for sales, and men for set up and take down.

Below is the list of needs. If you want to earn all the bonuses I've listed drop me an email soon as I want this roster completed before Christmas so I need not be tending to it over the holiday season.

Of course you'll be seeing me at the show, however you will be working for someone else. A really great woman, whom I admire a lot and also happen to lust after her corsets.

Set Up:
Thursday 9:00 to 2:00 2 men & 1 woman This is set up and will require strength. 3, 5 hour shifts.

Take Down:
Sunday 1:00 to 9:00 = 2 people =2, 8 hour shifts includes tear down.
6:00 to 9:00 = 2 men for tear down Can be the same one that helped set up to fill out an 8 hour shift =2, 3 hour shifts

Actual Sales:

4:00 to 12:00 2 women or one man and one woman. = 8 hour shifts

4:00 to 12:00 2 women = 8 hour shifts

11:00 to 4:00 1 women = 5 hour shift
4:00 to 12:00 2 women = 8 hour shifts

1:00 to 9:00 2 people (may be 1 man) = 8 hour shifts includes tear down

NOTE: you may combine your efforts and work for both setup and take down and sales if you so desire. You'll need to be strong though!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tormenting a Bound Man

Last night was Restraining Order, and we had a great turn out. Once of our regulars even came by with a check and purchased a Life Time Membership - what a smart man. I tied up a very handsome long time friend, and then I had him artfully installed in the sex swing frame, spread eagle. It turned out rather beautiful I must say.

When he was settled into the bondage safely and I had tied my last knot, he was looking rather vulnerable so, I took advantage of him. I tormented with my large fishing / hunting knife with a gut hook, creeping it down his piss slit as he had no choice but to be very, very still. For his own good you see. I took a wartenburg and ran it all over his body, and then grabbed a second one and used them both at once over his cock, balls and perineum. Since he was blindfolded, he really was clueless as to what was ever going to happening next.

I found myself so happy at one point that I couldn't help but start to slap his cock and balls around, soft, then hard and harder, with the big knife. Then just with my firm hand. Funny, it made his bits swell and get excited. Who would have guessed!

Then I sat on his face, while I used a small strap on his body and punched his chest. This was most memorable - his hot breath on my crotch, while I pummeled him was quite sexy for me. Not sure how it was for him exactly, but I do know that he never asked to be let out. Go figure.

I couldn't help but clamp his nipples and then playing with those compressed little buttons of sensitivity. He squirmed a lot from this, and even tried to move. So, I started biting him. Soft little nibbles and then painful little mouth fulls that had him levitating in his bound pose. This brought a smile to my face and a large grimace to his.

After I untied him finally from his torment, I went and got him a nice piece of caramel apple pie - he ate it all and seemed quite grateful. As when the last bit of pie was gone, I found myself sitting between his legs. His skilled hands, grabbed my neck and shoulders and he worked out with massage countless muscles knots for the next twenty minutes or so. The massage was just lovely and a great chance for him to come back to earth after our scene together.

The night was a great one indeed. Everywhere one looked, people were playing together and sharing skills, that is what the Lounge is about: education, play and the social aspect of it all. Community.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Days Efforts

With out doubt, today was filled with appointments and must-do items.

After seeing our accountant this morning for a ninety minute brain stretching appointment, we left happy kinksters.

Off next to peruse a potential hotel for our 2009 conference, everything is well in the works. It is finally down to two differing locations at this point, each has its own unique pluses and minuses. Having the details hammered out before year end is the goal we are striving to meet.

Then to grocery shopping, and not regular purchasing either. This was a mega shop, as it is the last grocery run we'll do before Christmas. We'll still need fruit and veggies weekly, and a trip to the deli and bakery, but $340 was spent and damn was the buggy ever full. We bought all the Christmas goodies necessary for a very festive season.

We came home and unloaded all that food, and it was a lot of work. RC needed a nap after wards, and I worked on the computer for ninety minutes of serious data entry. Then I made some food for tonight's event, easy precooked items that just needed reheating.

The teenager came home and we talked for a while catching up on her day and her AWESOME report card. Think along the lines of every grade (but one) being an A, and even one as 96%. Clever girl of mine, I am super proud of her commitment to her education and her ability to juggle her personal interests with her academic pursuits.

Then RC and I left for the Lounge, with food in tow. It was Deviant Dining and eleven people gathered for dinner, it was a great evening amongst friends in a casual environment. We ate, talked as a group, everyone helped me work on our new singles event, then someone performed some sexy magic. Our members are so inclusive, warm and gracious, I am constantly amazed at how wonderful and kind everyone is.

When everyone was gone and the place was cleaned we headed for home. We spent half an hour decorating the Christmas tree, and it is now fifty percent done. Goodness do we ever own a lot of decorations, and they each have special meaning to us. As we unpacked each one and placed it on the tree, each of us filled with nostalgia for past holidays.

Now the teenager is in bed asleep and I have just tucked in RC. I am showered, naked and working on my lap top. Not being home most of the day means that I am backlogged with sixty emails or so from today and another thirty from the past few days, that require more details than I can zip off in a quick response. So now in the dead quiet of the night, I shall endeavor to attack the mountain of e-mail that sits patiently awaiting me. It is inescapable really.

Someone sent me this NOT SAFE FOR WORK LINK to a Canadian woman stripper, doing a really great act. It is short, funny and memorable.

To each of you who has written me or called me in support of my post yesterday, I thank you and feel good knowing my experiences have been heard. Your all kick-ass friends indeed.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Vancouver BDSM Scene

This may come as a surprise to you, but the local BDSM scene in BC is fractured, hell it is broken quite badly. Many people would like to see it healed, and fixed so we can all get along together and work as they see it, towards mutual goals.

I see the fractures as natural, something that exists because we do not really share core values, let alone goals. I know I will not align myself, business or membership with any groups that are negative and regularly damaging to others.

One side of the Vancouver scene players is very cliquey and hierarchical, they are a small group of loud people who are seen as unruly children to most. The exception of course is the individuals who enjoy them as friends, because they too like the pack mentality and don't want to be considered outsiders, they are the ones in life who blindly follow. These people only welcome new friends into their pack who will prescribe to their personal negative way of thinking or at least not make waves about how they gossip, lie, bash, cheat and treat others in a hostile derogatory way. They burn through close allies fast, as it doesn't take one long to catch on to being used or taken advantage of, nor to feeling the bullying aspect of this group.

Another side of the Vancouver scene players are the souls who are professionals in their careers, have families, live a life of success, practice tolerance, are bread-winners, have a solid value system and are mature in both behaviors and actions. These people are selective in their friendships, where they play and who they engage with. Their friendships are based on mutual interests and respect, not made out of wanting to be part of a specific demographic.

Then there is the side of the Vancouver scene players who has been forgotten about. Those who will never again come out of hiding. These are the people who have seen the drama, bickering and hatefulness exude out from the first group, most often onto the second group and this side of people, hell, they ran for the hills. They play in the privacy of their own bedrooms because they will not be dragged into name calling or hurtful deranged behaviors. They do not "do public" out of fear and rightly so. Choosing where one feels safe is critical to our sanity.

As an event organizer and as an educator for over a decade in sex positive communities I have watched more drama ensue than I ever witnessed in school, in politics, or even in trashy gossip magazines.

A core value of Libido Events and Libido Lounge is one of inclusiveness, and we strive for and maintain this by not permitting cliques to form within our walls. This is done by ensuring that malicious gossip, lies and hierarchy are free from our events. We do not engage in conversations where other groups or individuals are bashed, ever, nor do we start such conversations. You may think what you want but you may not spread your propaganda around our membership or inside our facility without losing your membership. This has created a feeling of safety and trust amongst those who frequent us. If you have nothing positive to say, then say nothing on the subject.

Regularly I am asked to offer comments or critiques on varying topics by interested parties to learn my "behind the scenes" feelings. I do not share with the general community, only my family knows what goes on in my head and the things that I am subjected to knowing based on my position as a sex positive business owner and long time kinkster.

Recently while at a public event, and not one of my own, I was asked to give some time to a woman who wanted to speak to me. Alone. We sat together at a table, in the middle of a party for close to thirty minutes. She talked a lot. She told me things about how her group views me. She told me of their long term plans, she asked me about their past history of cooperativeness or lack there of. She told me how much time they invest in following my career, life and self. She told me I am an excellent business woman, and how respected I am for such. She then asked me why her group struggles so much.

I was confused by her question, "why is her group struggling so much?" Well the answer is an easy one. Though I was unsure if I should elaborate, as it goes against my philosophy of "simply doing my own job, and allowing others to do theirs, themselves". However, given that she is on the board of directors of this group and she had told me at least four times over that she wanted to create change and saw herself as being able to do it, I succumbed to her question and finally, answered.

Your group is struggling so much because you view everything as a competition. Your group is struggling so much, because of the type of persons and personalities that you attract. Your group is struggling so much because of the on going animosity that you continue to perpetrate by permitting gossip, cliques and bashing to be ever present in your organizing bodies way of doing business. Your group is struggling so much because you do not value what you have, and you act as though you are entitled to more. Your group is struggling so much because you do not have a clear vision of where you are going, rather you constantly follow others instead of creating your own path.

Be unique, be transparent, be accountable, be proactive and kind. The business, the people, the finances, the support will all follow.

I left the conversation to resume sitting with my family and we chatted together about what had just taken place. We did, we laughed together at the absurdity of it all.

It really is so simple, how to create change. Live better, do better, and ask for assistance when needed. Don't lie, don't steal, don't copy, don't gossip, don't bash and opportunities will line up for you in short order.

Not one to dwell on things, I am accustomed to being proactive and moving forward. This is just what I do and how I have survived so long in such volatile territory.

Sex has politics in it and my job, my activism and my career are not all pretty and pink. Regularly in fact, it sucks the big one, this job of mine. However, I love what I have created for others and for myself and I love those I choose to call my peeps.

The whole community is not bottom feeders, rather a small, bitchy sub section of it is. And it's really ok, because they are the very reason that success can be measured, they sit at the bottom of the pond, and when you look down, you know that you have risen so very far above them.

My success is not measured in how many people talk down about somebody or a group, but rather in how none of my friends would even consider doing so.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Cheer

My head aches, this is not good. Even with a great amount of sleep in me, both last night and into this late morning, I am still not feeling 100%. This is not good as my week is busy and today was meant to be about recovery from the last number of days.

Phones turned off today, did not bother getting dressed and lots of great food. Two computers working double time and the house to myself still did not give me ample opportunity to complete all that I was trying to.

Working on large projects never makes me feel very good, I much prefer it when I can see the end in sight. Right now, it feels like I am pouring all my strength into a large empty pit, that will never be filled. I know this is not the case, but it accurately reflects the effort and time spent on my behalf.

Before I go to bed this evening, I have another couple hours of work to do. RC is home in awhile, I am cooking a family favorite dinner. I have spent the extra time necessary to create this special meal. One of the highlights of this great meal is the ingredients concocted together are making the house smell delicious.

The teenager has handed over her Christmas list finally, which means I can now officially start shopping. I have even figured out what to get the parents and the grandparents, now to execute the plan and make it all happen.

The tree needed to be up. And so it happened today. I am starting to find my holiday cheer as we managed to get the lights onto it and all the decorations out of the storage room. Even the stockings are now hung. Mine is a brilliant red high heeled boot.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Going Strong

My weekend exhausted me.

Friday night we hosted Sultry, our bathhouse event. It was awesome as always. Forty people, twenty couples came out and we partied the night away. I love what we've created for our friends with this event. It takes a lot out of me to pull it off, but hell it sure is worth it to see everyone come together for such good sexy times.

After Sultry we drove to Seattle, arriving in to Allena's shortly after three in the morning. We went straight to sleep.

I awoke around ten in the morning, and readied myself to go and teach two different classes. Both went very well.

We had thanksgiving turkey dinner, the three of us and relaxed for a few hours talking sex, politics and family planning. Then we donned our pervy best and headed out to the evening play party.

Every which way we turned we were surrounded by friends. It was a nice night and the conversations were lively. I even played with a friends husband, they had only been married forty-eight hours.

A few weeks back my friend had offered me the chance to be "the first person to play with him after they married". I was also the person who orchestrated her secret proposal to him back in August. What an honor, and what trust. I beat her daddy senseless, while she laid over a bench watching. It was torture at it's finest, I mixed in lots of sensuality, and even sat on his face with my panty clad pussy while doing the deed. When it was over, he was spent, she was glowing and they rolled around in one anothers arms being all lovey dovey.

A board member from a local Vancouver group was in Seattle at the same party as I, she came and asked to speak to me, alone. I spent thirty minutes listening to her tell me how her organization spends so much of their time, discussing me and Libido Lounge and following my pursuits. It was an enlightening conversation where I was told over and over what a great leader I am and asked how this other group could endevaour to prosper. I made suggestions and observations and then had to put away shop talk so as to enjoy my evening out with my family.

Today my woman's dominance class had seventeen women in it. It was sure popular and it ran really great.

Now we are back home safe and sound, the weekend has fatigued me and left me in need of some serious down time. Rather I am catching up on e-mail and watching some really amusing cliquiness unfold in a forum where inclusiveness is supposed to reign. Its sad to me that issues so petty seem to always be at the root of sex positive communities struggles to hold allies and supporters.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Years Eve Party

Libido Lounge WILL be hosting a New Years Eve Party for our members and their guests. Come celebrate at the Lounge amongst sex positive friends the bringing in of 2009.

Cost on the party is $75 per person and $125 per couple for Lounge Members, and $85 per person for non members.

Hot appetizers all night long.
Snack foods a plenty.
Noise makers.
Prizes to be won. (from The Love Nest, Womyn's Ware and many others)
Human buffet.
Pop and punch.
Free glass of champagne at midnight + 3 **free drink tickets.
**wine, cooler or beer

Play spaces will be set up for those wishing to play and another area specifically for those wanting to socialize and party.

Party runs from 8 PM until 2 AM.

Dress Code: Dress to Impress. Fetish, Tuxedo, Evening Gowns, PVC, Leather, Latex, Sexy Costumes. (no camouflage pants, no face masks, no robes, no boxer shorts, no jeans, no street wear)

Payment is due in advance, no tickets at the door. Limited quantity, send in your payment now.

Send payment in one of two ways:

1. EMT = electronic money transfer to: (done from your banks home page)
2. Check made payable to LL & mailed to: PO Box 28578 4050 Hastings Street Burnaby, BC V5C-6J4 Canada

Be sure to include your email address, so we can mail you the rest of the relevant party details.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Erotic Art Vancouver

My pal Passia is having an art sale at her studio on Sunday. Tell her Jennifer sent you along.

You and your friends are invited to her Christmas Exhibition of Erotic Art and Merchandise, this Sunday November 30th from 1 - 5pm.

Come and enjoy some wine while you you browse my eclectic selection of erotic photographs, 2009 calendars, greeting cards, books and more!

Here are all the details:

Date: Sunday, November 30th
Time: 1 - 5 pm
Place: #402 - 2050 Scotia Street (1 block east of Main at East 5th)
Buzz: 122

Sales Sales Sales!!

I've just introduced a new line of products and therefore I am having a 50% off sale on all discontinued products.

That means 50% off:

~ all framed photographs, regular price $160 - $375 are now $80 to $188

~ all old stock greeting cards, regular price $7 are now $3.50

~ the first edition of my 'Cowboy Bound' book, regular price $25 are now $12.50

2009 Calendars are also 25% off, regular price $16.00 are now $12.00

FREE DRAW: If you make a purchase before December 6th, your name will be entered into a draw for an 8x10 photograph of your choice.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sleep Deprived

Today has been a lazy one. I've slept a lot and had a nap already. Seriously I am wiped and still feeling tired and sluggish despite nutritious food and sleep.

Finished packing my teaching bag as tonight is my G-Spot class in Surrey at O'Behave. You can still reserve a spot for the 7 - 9 PM class by phoning 604-582-0722. The store is located at 13672 108th Ave in central Surrey.

Next is packing up for Sultry which is tomorrow night. Our infamous couples only bath house event, which only has four couples tickets left. The party, the event is well supported and so much fun for everyone. Want to be there?

Send me an EMT = electronic money transfer to my e-mail address (you do this from your banks home page) to

Lounge Members send $80, Non Members send $65. Once your payment is received, we will send you the rest of the relevant party information. Read about Sultry by clicking here.

Off to watch some TV now, while I answer e-mail. Its the never ending stream of questions, demands and business that needs attention daily in order to keep my account from backing up beyond something manageable.

Many of you have been asking us if we are throwing a New Years Eve Party. Thank You All for the continued prompts for us to be discussing this. We will alert you tomorrow as to our plan!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Clothes, Footwear & Love

Today was full of surprises, delightful ones.

I was up earlier that I had thought I would be, and made my way out of the house to do an assortment of domestic shopping and banking, which needed tending to.

Picked up a lovely sushi lunch and brought it home, where I promptly sat in front of the lap top and devoured it all while sorting e-mail.

RC had the day off of work. He and I spent the afternoon together hanging out, it was so nice to be with him. We went and did some work at the Lounge, dealt with the accountant, and he made me go get a manicure to take care of myself while he shopped for some items the Lounge needed.

We dropped of our purchases and headed out to another store - cosmetic and girlie products filled my basket. Then we went to the Michael J Fox theater and listened to our teenager sing in a choir. It was so impressive, the sound of all those kids voices coming together in surround sound, a couple of hundred of them easily. We had perfect seats to see our girl! I felt so proud, to hear her, to be able to witness yet again the remarkable young woman she has become.

Then the three of us went to Metrotown, where I promptly lost my coat. I have nothing further to say on this matter, as it really pissed me off. But oh well, these things happen.

Shopping, serious shopping then happened. We hit every designer store and made a gross number of purchases. New boots, shoes, belts, tops, dresses and other necessities all were had. I never shop like this, I have no idea what came over me. The teenager was in her glory, she too raked it in. My daily limit on my card was very close. A long over due trip to the mall to replenish diminishing supplies of womens clothing and footwear. Ah it felt good.

RC then took us out for a beautiful Thai dinner, it was delicious. We came home, and I crawled into the tub for a soak, after unpacking all the bags of loot.

Next is sleep. Tomorrow is my G-Spot class, and of course seeing a client or two.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Home is where the heart is

I curled up in bed last night alongside my man for the first time in days. My head nestled into the crook of his neck with his arms holding me securely, it felt so loving, so warm and so right. I had missed him so much while I was away. And, I had missed my own bed, the chance to sleep with our cat, our pillows, bedding and in our own bedroom.

Sleep carried me away fast and hard. Necessary indeed as my mind, body and soul were exhausted from the travel of the last two weeks and all my hours of teaching and working. RC awoke at 6 this morning so he could ready for his work day, and I of course remained in bed, spread out wide in the bed all alone and continued my sleep. At twelve thirty this afternoon I finally sat up, climbed out from under the covers, donned a robe and made my way out of the bedroom.

All that I officially need to do today, aside from cooking, some housework and tending to my in email accounts, is that I am hosting a member orientation this evening at The Lounge with RC.

The next couple of days are all about rest. Resting my mind and my feet. Sleeping and eating great home cooked food. Having sex and big orgasms. Reconnecting with RC and spending time with my daughter.

It is so good to be home. The quiet is so peaceful.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hello Vancouver

My flight landed at YVR on time this morning and was smooth and painless, I am so happy to be back home in BC. Grabbed all my luggage, and damn there was a lot of it, then promptly jumped right into the first available taxi.

I am home now and fully unpacked already. Out of my clothes and into a little tiny nightie.

RC, bless his heart had the house all ready for me. Fresh sheets on the bed, and pulled back ready for me to have a nap. A roast in the slow cooker smelling just divine. All the laundry done, sorted and put away. What a spectacular way to return home, feeling so loved and cared for.

He's at work till seven, then we will finally be together. I am in need of some serious lap time with my man. A good cuddle all wrapped up in his arms. Tonight I will sleep like the dead, for certain.

Tomorrow is New Member Orientation, that's not quite enough recovery time for me, but at least the class is only two hours long and in the evening. If you want to reserve a spot for yourself you can do so by sending me an email:

The time and other details are on our calendar.

Rest is necessary right now as is clearing off my desk top here in my home office. Burning the candle at both ends lately has left me a little skittish and getting grounded again happens easiest for me around family and home. So be it!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good bye Edmonton

The last day of the show - thank god, I am utterly wiped. Nothing left to give.

Each of my classes was phenomenal, and I had the pleasure of meeting so many new and wonderful people. Both community members and the general public.

My In Box is over flowing with thank yous, requests to present, invitations to speak, and a few offers of dates too! I am feeling just wonderful about it all.

My home stay was incredible, gracious, inviting, supportive and more than I ever could have hoped for. I ended up staying with an old friend and I must say, it is a visit that I shall repeat again one day, hopefully though next time with no agenda other than visiting so we have more time to tour around the city and do many of the things we discussed.

Picked up from the airport and returned to it on time with a smile and hugs from my hosts. Dozen white roses in my bedroom awaiting me. Each day of the show prepared fresh was a fully packed huge nutritious lunch and dinner with so many goodies it was over the top. I was driven to and from the show every morning and late night and walked from the vehicle to the entrance of the show. My bags were carried for me and every door was opened. A massage was arranged for me, how sweet is that! The kitchen had items that I had stated I enjoyed, people gave me space and even ran out on an emergency trip to the drug store for me. I felt like a princess, and it was sure nice. Especially given how run ragged Taboo makes me, it was a real treat to be treated so well. Without RC at my side, having these folks care for me was the next best thing!

As good as my Edmonton visit has been, I am stoked to be returning to my daughter tomorrow and to my guy. Vancouver is where my heart is.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pretty New Toys & a Girly Intimates

Shortly I am on my way back to the Taboo Sex Show here in Edmonton. It snowed last night and it sure is cold out - I am so not liking the cold. The bonus, the person commuting me around all weekend, has a gorgeous vehicle with heated seats. A tush warmer, damn is it ever comforting and necessary for me as I chill so easily.

After last night at the show, my feet were brutally sore, luckily I was smart enough to pack flats to wear out of the place to save my poor toes so they can make it through the weekend. Both of my classes yesterday went awesome and the crowds came out in Edmonton, it felt great to be part of such inspiring energy.

I made some purchases, there was a booth that had some S/m toys that really caught my attention. And lucky for me, they can all be written off on my taxes. A wooden ball crusher, a long handled whip, and a rubber slapper - devious, very devious devices indeed. I know these items will fast become the new favorites in my toy collection.

I exchanged some of my expertise with a lovely woman business owner, and for doing so, I walked away with the most drop dead Chinese silk brocade waist cincher. Fully boned in metal, privacy panel and lovely workmanship, it is a wonderful addition to my personal stock pile of fetish wear.

Today is a few more classes, networking and a coffee appointment with a new friend who has asked for a meeting. If I am lucky, I'll be out of the show by 11:30 tonight.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Coed Bathhouse Party Vancouver

I am in chilly Edmonton, surrounded by friends and good people. Tonight I teach a couple of classes as Day 1 of 3 filled with sex education.

Sultry is up and coming, a week from today. You'll need to send in your check or money order ASAP so you can join in on the fun, wet and wild times that transpire at this racy event.

Sultry - our couples only bath house event

Libido Lounge Members pay $65 - couple

Libido Lounge Members pay - $110 - threesomes or triads

Non Members Pay $80 - couple

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 28th 7:30 - 11:30 PM

An evening for the playfully adventurous: Just you, your partner...and twenty-four other couples, locked in for an evening of debauchery. With saunas, showers, play rooms, and massage tables, the stage is set for sensual, sexual, and fun games. Get lathered up with twenty other people in the shower (the lathering is mutual, of course); have a water fight; pair up (or triple up) for intimate play -- or watch other people while they do. Relax in the sauna between activities while Jennifer runs her version of Show & Tell (not quite the game you remember), have a snack or a cold drink, then dive back into the steam for more.

Tickets are first come, first served and are purchased by sending a
check made out to "LL":

PO Box 28578
4050 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC V5C 6J4

Once payment is received, the address and other relevant party info will be sent to you. Be sure to include your email address.

* All inclusive: Entrance to the event, finger foods, non-alcoholic beverages, lounge room entertainment, play stations, safer-sex supplies...

* ...Social lounge with TV and refreshments, play rooms (with recovery beds and massage tables), two large shower rooms, two large steam rooms

* You and your partner must arrive and leave together.

* Our own masseuse for couples massages (there is an additional charge of $20 for 15 minutes). Sign up early when you arrive!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tracking progress & success

Some times I am floored by all that I can accomplish.

Last night, nineteen people, plus RC and I, making it twenty one people showed up for Deviant Dining at the Libido Lounge. What a huge impressive dinner it was, and our speaker had such great energy that the whole experience was wonderful. Hell the food was over-the-top too. Good times, great people and lots of opportunities to meet new friends and learn all at once.

RC and I stayed up till 1 in the morning, fucking like bunnies. Damn, he actually wore me out. We needed some sex before I took flight and left for days on end.

Tonight I fly to Edmonton. The last week and a half has been filled with airline travel, different cities, tons of classes and interesting experiences.

Today before I leave, I need to repack my suitcases and ensure that I have really warm clothes for where I am going. Brrr, I loathe being cold, my bony butt hates it. I also must find my mother a suitable birthday gift and card and get that mailed off so it gets to her in time. Lest I forget to also pick up some gifts, both for my home stay arrangements as well as for my Corporate Sponsor.

I awoke tired today and sadly have to complete much before my ride arrives to bring me to YVR. It would sure be nice to be able to squeeze in a nap some time this afternoon too, if not, I hope to catch a little shut eye on the plane.

By the way, since the new website went live, both my blog here and the Libido Events and Libido Lounge URLS have been going CRAZY with traffic. So many people looking in and so many others becoming members - work is exactly on track, and where I had wanted it to be. Sticking with a business plan and model has served us well.

No time left to gab, now I am off to being pro-duc-tive!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hair Removal Vancouver

My day started fairly early today and my night will be a late one, so now, I shall blog.

I awoke before RC, and he roused about half an hour later. He came walking into the living room where I was and sat on the sofa, next to me. Within minutes he was getting head and then came the explosive orgasm. It seemed appropriate to give him such attention, given that in just a few hours, he had an appointment to be waxed. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. And I had booked it for him and even talked him into it.

The chest, and the treasure trail are all now bare and soft to the touch. RC handled it all very well despite his screams and thrashing. I stood by and took photos.

This afternoon is all about email, a lot of e-mail. The conference is demanding some of my time, and I have a list of personal individuals awaiting answers from me to the emailed in sex questions.

Tonight is Deviant Dining at The Lounge. The BC Center for Disease Control, has been brought in to teach for us for the second time now. It is going to be a busy and very stimulating night for all attending.

Hey by the way - don't forget to send in your checks now for Sultry. Our couples only bathhouse event. The details are here under the cut, and you don't need to be a Lounge member to attend, it is open to non members & members alike.

The weather is so great out today, it makes me sad, that tomorrow I am on the road again. This time traveling to Edmonton where I am teaching another eight classes for the Taboo Sex Show. What excites me most is that I have two work gigs in Edmonton: one very big and very public, and the other private and with a great personal gain attached.

Off now to work, it's calling me name and goddess knows it won't get completed without my efforts.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Conference Building

This evening's class went so great, I was really pleased with the attendees and the flow of the information exchange.

We are currently working on our big 2009 Conference for Libido Events, and I have a list of twenty two potential educators. It is an impressive menu of topics to choose from and the experience level and notoriety of those we are looking at is over-the-top.

We are not releasing any information on the presenters chosen or topics until the contracts have all been completed. There are too many posers kicking around who'd love nothing more than to piggy back on our efforts, and that will so not be happening around here.

When the final line up is chosen and everything is compiled, it will knock your knickers off of you. Money, hard work, dedication and creativity have gone a long way to bringing this weekend together thus far.

Big names, great authors, fabulous draws, passionate people and lusted over topics will all be brought together for a sensational weekend experience for the attendees.

Sponsors are coming together nicely as are the sponsorship dollars needed to make this such a BIG DEAL for the sex positive communities.

I can't stress enough how excited we are to be able to put this together so uniquely and well done.

The call for volunteers, from the outside, will not be happening for a while, but once it does, get your name on the list fast, as the opportunity to be a part of this is priceless.

The URL is taken care and now we have planning and advertising to work on. With a budget like ours, and finances all taken care, we have the chance to go BIG. It's a win for everyone involved.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Oral Sex Class Tuesday

Tomorrow night, Tuesday November 18, from 7 to 9 PM, at The Love Nest in Burnaby, I am teaching Pussy Licking Good. I could present this class standing on my head, and with no effort at all. It's a no brainer for me, as I teach it so often and am also so good at the act itself. Pussy Licking is a drop in class, that is open to the public, anyone may attend, men or women, couples or singles. Come on by and take in the class, there is much for you to learn and plenty of new techniques you can pick up to improve your oral sex prowess.

Today, I am simply attempting the game of catch up. My e-mail accounts, all of them, are over flowing with letters, requests and demands from members and the general public right now. This being the end result of being away for days in Calgary. I have to finish emptying the accounts today, as Thursday I am flying again and off to Edmonton for five days teaching eight classes for Taboo.

The suitcases need unpacked, so items can be washed, but honestly, I will just be repacking them all over again.

It is so nice to be home, and back to my routine. Plus the cat feels divine rubbing against me.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am ferociously cranky.

Three days of a sex consumer trade show, eight classes taught and miles walked around the facility looking over sex toys with poor food in me, has left me a not-very-happy woman.

My feet are pained immensely. I am in desperate want of a hearty home cooked meal and a professional massage. I am so eager to get back to my own bed and the better climate of Vancouver as the freezing cold and snow here is making my bones ache and every hair on my body stand on end in revolt.

In a few hours, we shall be in the comfort of our personal bed with the cat purring away on top of us.

Taboo is over for this weekend, thankfully. I did so well, it was just incredible and I came away from the weekend with some enormous and profitable gains. Excellent news!

Though this Thursday I take flight again and leave for Taboo Edmonton this time.

Must enjoy home and all its amenities while I am there.

Now off to a restaurant for a serious meal before we leave for the airport.