Saturday, October 06, 2007

passing time

There were many options thrown at me with what to do with my Saturday night. Despite all the wonderful suggestions and even a few demands of me, I made a decision that was the best possible choice. I chose to spend the whole night, actually the entire day at home, with my daughter. With time on hands, I dug a few photos out of the depths of my archives.

Friday, October 05, 2007

muscle strength

Picture this.

With a late afternoon appointment at our lawyers firm downtown, both RC and I were dressed professionally, looking shiny and groomed-up-fresh as a couple. After a lengthy and heady conversation between us all at the lawyers, we made the drive back home with much to think on. Making a pit stop we embarked upon our local Safeway store to pick up the turkey dinner fix-ins still necessary to complete this weekends festive family feast.

At the till, after paying the bill, I reach for a number of the grocery bags. The clerk, a young girl, grabs one of the two bags in my hands from me, and says, don't take this one it's too heavy for you. Here, take this one! And proceeds to hand the bag I had originally reached for to RC, who of course already had his hands full.

I just smiled and walked off carrying my barely two bags of food, mumbling something about Sexism at Safeway, all the while shaking my head. RC was three steps behind me weighted down by the multitude of heavy bags of groceries he had to carry, and laughing himself.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

pass me the Advil

At times my fast-paced, sexy, fun and inspiring job is a bloody pain in the neck. Today of course was one of those painful days.

I've worked recently on a short term project and the person I worked alongside, turned out to be a real schmuck. Unethical, deceitful, and rude. For now, I have wiped my hands of them, because I can't be seen working with someone who is so obviously (to me now) not equipped to be doing the job they are. And I refuse to endorse with my presence or name anything this person is a part of. It is apparent that I will need to shortly let others know of the horrid indiscretions made by this weenie. Well, the wheels are in motion already.

T is 13 and almost soon to be 14, she is a fiery lovable young girl woman with a bright promising outlook on life. Today though she was a miserable teenager and as cranky as can be, not with RC though...only with me. aaahhhh!!! She is so like I was in many ways at this same age-range, yet there is an obvious youthfulness about her appropriately that I did not have at her age, at all.

Not often, but now and again it happens. Late this afternoon I had a headache that made my eye balls hurt and my shoulders scrunch up into little balls of angry muscle. Noise hurt, light hurt and moving hurt. Not good considering I had an evening coaching appointment out in Port Coquitlam and needed to be able to drive myself there and make it through the session. Two Advil later and things were looking up. Not healed was the ache, but at least I felt better.

My in-box was painstakingly cleaned out last week and everything was handled, I was up to speed. Now just a few days later and of course I am inundated with responses to my responses and of course the usual flood of mail that I face daily. This behind the scenes work, is often where a large part of my admin. efforts go.

My clients from this evening in PoCo were a wonderful couple who I made an impression on two years ago in a sex ed. class I was teaching on stage at an event in-front of about 500 people and now this evening I had the pleasure of talking with them for two very powerful hours alone, they had my undivided attention as their personal sexuality coach.

There is back log of items pressing for my attention and I'll be damned if I got near any of them today.

Tomorrow is a new day, I'm going to sleep now, to make it happen even quicker. (and to relieve myself of this god awful temple pressure ache)

Monday, October 01, 2007

quick entry

A photo of RC & I on our way to dinner. We were off to spend an evening with the young Pretty Girl, that we play with.

A friend is here from outside of the US to learn English, and could really use a bicycle to get around our beautiful city. He is a published author, and is brushing up on his English skills. Please help out a really interesting fellow, and drop me a note, if you are able to help him out.

EDIT: I find myself listed under Group Outdoor Orgy, go see for yourself. I'm not surprised that I was this person's first in this exact context, seeing as it is what I do for a living.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Friday night's women's sex party ended at 1:00 a.m. (Saturday morning) in Surrey and was it ever spectacular. Forty six women pre registered and we had 35 women show up. I couldn't have asked for a better party. Almost every women ended up playing and the sex was so hot. Oh my goddesses. The visuals were more than I could do justice to with words. Women in nirvana with one another.

After the party ended, RC picked me up at door at 1:15 a.m. and we made a bee-line for the border. It was so awesome to cross over with only one car in front of us. Arriving in Seattle at 4:06 a.m. and promptly went straight to sleep. Exhausted and very spent, so much so, that I left my suitcases accidentally in Allena's hallway overnight, just outside her door. How tired I was.

Got out of bed damn early and went right over to The Wet Spot as I had two classes to teach. Cock Sucking and Pussy Licking, both HUGE classes that went very well. Twenty something people in the first class and just a few less in the latter. RC, Bella her new guy and I all went out for a lovely dinner to end the day then we settled in for the night at Bella's for a quiet evening at home.

This morning I had a private coaching session for two-hours with a really sweet couple, then another class in the afternoon on Women's Dominance.

Mid afternoon we drove the I-5 back home back to Vancouver leaving Seattle behind, 36 hours after we had arrived.

By 6:30, we were back home and I was soaking finally in a hot bath. RC headed off to pick up something special for me for dinner. Returning he made me a yummy meal of salmon and mushrooms. My guy pleases me to no end, the love is palpable.

At 8:00pm T walked through the front door of home after her weekend at her dads. We had a cuddle and some catching up, then it was time to put her to bed.

Now shortly, we are off to our bedroom. RC has declared this tonight, Jennifer's night of pleasure in bed. A lot of Pussy Licking. How could I say no to such a loving offer? Seeing as I've been teaching so much of this as of late, it seems only appropriate that I "get some" to bring this mad rush of a weekend, to an end.

Good night.