Sunday, December 31, 2006

shedding responsibilities

A couple of short hours ago, I resigned from the Board of Directors for LLC.

I'm already feeling lighter and ready to bring in the New Year with less on my plate and demanding my attention.

Goddess knows there's so little of me to go around as it is.

I'm simplifying my world right now for what the new year will be bringing forth.

Saddened at the resignation but accepting it as a necessary move forward in my journey.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

family dinner

With Allena, Jim, my daughter and myself all settled together so comfortably both time and food disappeared quickly. We had a feast of course as it was our family Christmas dinner together.

Turkey, stuffing, the works, all done in my kitchen for us all and Jim brought the tripod so we even caught some good dinner shots with the table all set and everything.

We had traditional crackers at our table, and when popped open, Jims message said

How does one human embryo talk to another human embryo?

It uses a stem cell phone!

We found the joke to be very modern, funny and just a tad bit disturbing in a good way. Imagine the poor family that such a joke would offend...and at the Christmas dinner table when the extended family & friends would even be around.

After dinner, we played Sudoku for a couple of hours, then ate delicious ice cream cake. The day couldn't have been any better.

Oh yes and another of my coolest gifts was The Creature, it now has me captivated by it's volume and range.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

days turned into weeks

I've found it to be hard to write lately with so much going on in my life. Bringing to fruition my dream facility for 2007 has been draining, difficult and expensive lately. Writing has been hard as my focus of course has been dwelling elsewhere.

In the last week my daughter has celebrated a birthday and I became the mother of a teenager. She had an ice skating party, but more memorable to all the girls I think was there time spent here at our place hanging out for hours playing games while devouring party food. It seems like just the other day that I was nursing her at my breast for the first time.

I spent an evening on the top floor, the 34th that is, of the Coast Plaza Hotel downtown with an incredible couple. Private work has it's rewards. I'd been brought in secretly by a man as a gift to his wife for her 50th birthday celebration. What fun we had together, she was delighted to find me in their suite, especially after having been in a class of mine just days before.

Mustang came to lunch the other day, I cooked for the man as we spent a few hours talking and exchanging Christmas presents. Again he brought me the most beautiful lavish festive floral arrangement, brightening up my living room now.

Spent two nights on the island with my daughter. My folks really enjoyed having us over, I only wish it was easier (less time involved) and cheaper to get over their way. The grandparents, my daughters great grand parents and my folks along with my daughter and I went out for a big family dinner one night and another did the gift exchange. A dishwasher, they got me a dishwasher, I feel like the luckiest woman alive right about now. Seeing us all together, all the generations, is warming, it's times like these that I'm thankful for the youthfulness of our family.

Party night at Dragon Flys was awesome and the secret Santa gift exchange left me with a new sex toy! Due to some light, (ahem chuckle)bottoming, by myself to Mustang at nights end I left covered in scratches all over my back. Pretzels should not be used as an implement. That's all I'm going to say about this.

I need a personal assistant and am not sure where to start with figuring out where to look for said person AND what the job description & responsibilities will be.

The Taboo show has again come knocking on my door and for the fourth year now I'll be teaching on their stage. It's in January I'll be there each day of the show. Go Libido Events!

Friday I'm going to the ballet, to see the Nut Cracker as G's date, he asked me out last week in the most sweetest way. He's very old fashioned in certain ways, courting rituals being one of these. G is a real catch, one day a woman looking to be married is going to be smitten with love.

Tomorrow morning Tuesday, Boxing day, December 26 is Christmas morning in my house this year as my daughter only returned home this evening from her dads this Christmas. (it was his year and I got the birthday this year, next year he gets birthday and I Christmas) As I type the tree is filled underneath with wrapped gifts and filled stockings, my daughter asleep in my bed. We read Twas the Night Before Christmas just a few hours ago and I'm really excited for the morning to get here for her, and I both.

December 27 Wednesday Jim & Allena are arriving for a couple of days with my daughter and I. We'll be celebrating Christmas together then as a family and having our big turkey dinner. I'm ready with the bird and all the trimmings.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


1. A call this morning between Reive and I was a memorable one. Our upcoming date is already looking to be exciting.

2. Tonight I am teaching Sex Toys & Pervertables at Little Sisters Book Store. It's a FREE class, starts at 7:30 pm. Just show up. 1238 Davie Street Vancouver

3. Still with a head cold, though luckily the fever has broken.

4. I just got a new contract, though my name is not up yet, this is the conference I'll be at.

5. Received SPAM today that said in the subject line " We can double your sausage size." I wanted to read it so upon opening it found this
Hei dude

I don't care why your weenie is so small, but 87% of women do.
They are pretty sure that bigger meat will make their desire
stronger. You have the chance to change your life.

Here you can get the thing.

It will help you for sure.
The remedy can be sent worldwide.
If you wont be satisfied - we will return all you money.
No bullshit.

Guess what? No bullshit. I don't trust you AND my sausage, made of silicone would never ever grow, no matter how much of your product I consume. Bleh!

6. Today in my post box was a beautiful hand made card from a couple that I spent some Private Coaching time with a few weeks back. I'd been brought in to watch them make love in their bedroom, play and be sexual, then to offer suggestions to spice things up adding variety and newness. The card, a reminder of how important my work is makes me proud of who I've become.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

coughing up a lung

It's time to see my family Doctor today. The congestion has settled firmly into my lungs and neither of my ears have popped since flying home from Calgary Sunday. My hearing is really poor and my voice sounds like that of a lounge singer.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

found in my in box

This made me a happy woman...





Bob Smith (name changed for privacy)


Monday, December 04, 2006

books & being found

Today I need to return a pile of books back to my local library. These books require renewal as I'm not done with them yet...

1.The Complete Idiots Guide To Pleasinng Your Man
2.The Kamasutra Women
3.Life Coaching: A Manual For Helping Professionals
4.Public Speaking for Dummies
5.Turning Conflict Into Profit - A Roadmap for Resolving Personal and Organizational Disputes

Oh yes and I have a copy of Good Housekeeping's December Magazine filled with Christmas ideas but that's mine, no need to send it back.

And for your amusement, here's a list of what people were searching for, when they ran across and found this blog

jennifer libido (understandable)
sexual activism (my journey)
remote control cock (don't have one, but would really like one)

tied to table and balls tortured (enjoy doing this to boy bits)
wax dripped down my chest (is orgasmic)
allena seattle (my girl)
flirting spanker (I flirt a lot AND I give and take spankings)
sexy activist (how flattering)

speeches used to initiate change (understandable)
licking good (I teach a class by that name, Pussy Licking Good)
bondage tables (have two at home)
cattle prod to his cock (foreplay)

pumped clitoris (till it's an inch long and swollen purple)
best nooner cock (huh?)
libido event (understandable)
needles in his cock (not my thing, but in his nipples, arms, back, thighs sure)

church of canada ads (posted about this recently)
jennifer workshops vancouver little sisters bondage (dang I get around)
event driven libido (understandable)
vancouver bondage monday (sounds like RnG)
choice pivotal relationship change love (polyamory, my love style)
women wearing bodystocking (crotchless preferably)
lapsitting on women (women do this to me, often)
cattle prods (I have one in my bedside table)
doug felicity (both friends of mine)

kinky events tonight vancouver bc (understandable)
his mouth on my nipples (with teeth, yeees
corsets and nipples (have both)
sexy blogs bc (go me!)

nipple jewelrey (three new sets this year)
tied up predicament bondage
caned on genitals (makes me cry, then orgasm)
wrist to ankle bound for spanking (over a spanker)
my sex tips (teach an incfreedible class on this)

when a grown woman calls her partner daddy (that's me)
folding spanking bench (Ian made me an incredible one)
woman in liquid latex (Shantar as my painted muse)
how to torment your tied-up partner (I need no practice, I'm good)
bedtime spanking groove strap (I'd like a groove of a regular bedtime spanking)
shame and libido (do NOT go together)

pain is temporary pride is forever (I have PRIDE and yes I hurt)
stunning nipples (thank you)
if you really knew me, you'd know (I've got huge plans for 2007)
i like to play with my daddys cock (that's me)
handcuffed hearts tattoo (understandable)
smartballs review tighter (wrote a review of these for Tickled Pink Toys)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

back home

My Saturday was rather eventful, long and made more challenging by the head cold that had overtaken me. A three class on Bottoming to a wonderful group of explorers. A rather outspoken man had caught my attention when I was last in town so I had him as a stunt bottom in class with me. Thank you D for both the new shoes & red leather gloves which I love and also for being in class as my volunteer.

After class ended it was right back to the hotel for an hour of much needed rest for me. Then the next hour was spent changing clothes, freshening up and packing for my evenings class. My hotel room was covered in sex toys, teaching aides, pretty clothes and luggage. What a disaster, too sick though to deal with it.

My ride returned for me and off we went back to the club. Settling in alone upstairs was good for me as I knew the night was going to be long with a class and a party ahead of me.

In a matter of minutes, there were at least 15 women surrounding me eager for class to start. Upstairs in a room with me alone, while ALL of there male partners/husbands were downstairs under orders to not come up giving us privacy.

The men were quite happy to have the women gone this one time in their couples only club. You see, the women were upstairs about to take my Cock Sucking class, while the men were downstairs at the bar watching sports on TV awaiting the women with new oral skills. How lucky can I guy get?

Class went great and by the end of it, my fever was running rather high. In fact, I was boiling and my voice was going funky. While wrapping things up I took of all my clothes, because my body was on fire. Naked and feeling like my body heat was regulating.

What a great party they threw. I met so many couples, many of the women having been to the All Girl Party the night before. The hours just slipped on by as I was enjoying being an instigator of naughty trouble. Finding a can of whipped cream left over from the night before in the fridge I found myself wandering around to women asking them to remove AND give me there tops as well as to allow me to both apply and lick of the whipped cream from there nipples. No one denied me and much fun was had as I wandered about.

An event to just play at, with no responsibilities, just what I was in need of. Meeting new friends and flirting with everyone that struck my fancy.

Andrew bless his heart took sympathy on me at some point in the evening. Seeing as I was STILL naked and sick it didn't take much to convince me to lay flat for him on a bed as he took control of my physical body. With hands so soft and gentle he worked my entire body for a long time. I drifted in and out of consciousness between coughing, blowing my nose and feeling my limbs being stretched and pulled in such ways that I was becoming peaceful in my body. What an amazing gift to be given.

Back to the hotel and bed by 2:00 in the morning. Very sick at this point. Sleep came quick. I felt pretty good about making it straight to the recycle bin in the dark at 4:30 am as I awoke to my stomach heaving and vomit. My fever was breaking finally.

9:00 am was my wake up call and I certainly needed it this morning. At 10:00 promptly was a knock at the door. A beautiful couple arriving for a 4 hour coaching session with me. We covered much ground discussing subject matter that will come out months down the road in another post, without any identifying factors. Suffice to say, our time together was well spent and we connected well in terms of getting to a good level of intimacy for disclosures.

By 2:35 in the afternoon I was sitting in the Calgary airport lounge at WestJet awaiting my boarding call and half an hour later I boarded my plane. Tears rolling down my cheeks as we went up in the air, the pressure in my sinuses and head to much too handle. Fell asleep and awoke in time to catch the beautiful view of the lowermainland and city covered in snow, as we were coming in to Vancouver.

I'm home now, exhausted and congested. My life is amazing & incredible and even when I'm sick I feel blessed.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Last nights party was HOT. I'm super psyched about how well it all went, the women had wild times. I'm beyond tired, I put out a lot of energy. And I played with more woman than I can recount, over 9 for sure. Part of the job you see. Lucky me that I love my job and it's rewards are so exciting.

Memorable was a number of women including myself, semi naked on the dance floor having a full blown pillow fight. Some woman at the bar, yelling loudly "Can you imagine what they'd (men) pay to see this, it beats pay per view." How true. Oh yes and the mummification of strangers together, then the attack of sensation play forced upon them by multiple women wielding sex toys and pervertables. Amazing.

The only down side of the whole night was that with my head cold, I had to keep all the woman from kissing me. This was a job in itself, woman after woman attempting to french kiss me and me having to redirect their frantic lips. Kiss my breasts, kiss my neck, my eye lids, my thighs, but don't kiss my mouth please.

At one point I had five different women, none of which I'd met before the party, sucking, licking, kissing and fondling me with such reverence that I couldn't help but feel like a Goddess.

The party was still going on when I left at 2:26, apparently the last women leaving at 4 in the morning. Incredible. I was so tired & sick that I left with some lovely women who drove me back to my hotel so I could crawl into bed and finally get some rest.

Friday, December 01, 2006

sniffles in Calgary

Can hardly believe that I still have to finish packing for my trip to Calgary in the morning and I have to consider weight restrictions on my airline for personal luggage. Another of the challenges I face packing up all my gear to go on the road. :)

My nose it stuffed, sinus pain, a small cough along with a low grade fever, I have a bug. Let's hope it stays right at this point and does not progress in to a full cold.


It's hours later now and I'm here in Calgary after a smooth an uneventful flight on WestJet. Though I did miss my 9:00 AM flight ending up on the 10:00 luckily.

Checked into my hotel room already, same hotel as last visit, I'm comfortable here and it's nice. A view of the club from my window I'll be spending the next two days at, nice. It's really cold here, thankfully I bought a new coat this past week, actually with this trip in mind.

In a couple of hours, I'll be co hosting an All Girl Play Party for a Private Members Only Alternative Club here. I brought with me 63 pounds worth of fun, I put some serious planning into making tonight a huge hit for these woman. More later on how it all turns out. Need to get rest now, before they come to pick me up and whisk me away to set up & ready for the evening's party.

The cold by the way is starting to settle nicely into my chest as a full on crappy cold.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cock Sucking class Burnaby

November 30 Thursday
7:30 - 9:30pm
Cock Sucking: The Hand Job, Blow Job Class
Women Only
presented by Jennifer
4687 Kingsway Street Burnaby across from Metrotown @ The Love Nest
$25, tickets at the door

*if you have a dildo at home that you would like to use for the interactive portion, please bring it along. Others will be provided to those who arrive empty handed

Giving great head is an erotic activity that takes practice, time and the belief that a job worth doing, is worth doing amazing. Jennifer will spend the evening demonstrating oral sex techniques that you too will be able to master by nights end.

This class will cover: basic anatomy, hygiene and preparing for; a blow job & a full on hand job along with stroking & sucking techniques for the beginner cock sucker to the more advanced fellatio aficionado who also will learn deep throat skills and gagging help.

Tips on toys, lube, positions and how to set the mood.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

perfect treasures

1. O my, I really really want one of these beautiful creations for myself. How divine.

My financial priorities of course are Christmas for my daughter & I right now, along with her birthday and of course the opening of the new facility. Yet...

It begs to be stroked, damn I can't get my mind off of it now!

I want one.

2. Current negotiations, lengthy but incredibly funny for those of us who get around and are used to navigating like this.

It's kinda surreal to see it played out. Enjoy the laughs.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Last night I went sledding with my daughter at a neighborhood park with huge hills. We each took our crazy carpets, mine red and hers blue and off we went in the dark for some thrill seeking night jumps. Cool! Actually freezing, it was minus 26 with 40 centimeters of the glorious white stuff.

Monday, November 27, 2006

busy woman

With my suitcase packed I headed out Friday, driving to Bellingham to see Jim for the afternoon. We had a fabulous dinner of Greek. Back in my car I settled in comfortably for the dark evening drive along the I5 to my next destination.

Arriving into Seattle with no traffic delays and perfect road conditions, I was pretty happy with good road tunes the whole way. Parked my car right out front of the building, grabbed my suitcase and let myself in the lobby door. Walking down the hall rounding the corner I walked into Bella's apartment for a really nice talk together and a night of catch up. Allena went to work for an hour and I laid back having a bath in water that was not turbid.

Cuddled up in bed we drifted with heads on pillows, sleeping like lovers do who are at ease with one another. Loving her is magical. At 10:30 in the morning I awoke finally alone. Walking out of the bedroom there was my girl ruffled from sleep still and coming to me for a hug & kiss. Adorable, the look of her. We spent the morning in.

Two classes Saturday afternoon for me over at The Wet Spot. Cock Sucking had a great group of 16 both men and women & Forbidden Fantasies had 8. Wonderful classes with really awesome attendees, a few of which who were there for my full weekends worth of classes. Because Sunday I taught and Intensive. A four class on Women's Dominance, it was most definitely intensive for both myself and all the women. Take Charge! A Women's Class in Dominance.

Saturday night had a fabulous quiet dinner of lamb shanks, garlic mashed potatoes & broccoli and cheese. More down time with Allena how awesome. Then just before 10:00 we walked in the door of the evening pan party at The Spot.

Music to play to and a club full of people to say hello to. I don't get the chance to ever spend as much time with all my American friends as I'd like. I do love that they show up in classes , others drop by to give me gifts of love or hugs while we steal 5-10 minutes talking. It's all amazing, my life that is, as a sex-activist.

While Allena did a few of her Executive Director duties and also caught up with some of her own friends I made certain to catch a few moments with as many people as I could knowing that I'd never make it to all.

Then it was time, I ordered Allena to the cross on one side of the dungeon floor, she of course trying hard not to run to fast with a huge smile on her face. No need to tell the woman to get naked, she was already removing all her clothes. Lucky me that she can read my mind. I brought 9 canes, a spreader bar and my own physical abilities.

I punched, kneed, slapped, bit, stroked, kissed, fondled and generally inflicted both very sensuous and moderately mean blows to her vibrating beautiful body. In between we wrestled then I bit her toes, finally it was time to tickle her. The laughter was contagious, not just between us, but I heard others watching chuckling at her/us.

Front and back of her body, I had her switch a number of times. Her eyes light up when high on endorphins and giddiness ensues. Caned her hard and harder, much to my delight. Then I turned on the Hitatchi Magic Wand & Allena's clit all at once. We of course at this time were sitting face to face legs wrapped together and all was feeling right in the world.

Later on we sat around with people talking some more, then made our exit to return home. Sunday morning was home with Bella all morning till the 1:00 pm Take Charge! Intensive at The Spot and it went really well. Over at 5:00 pm and I was back in my car and on the road for home at 5:15.

But wait, it's pitch black in Seattle and snowing. Good god no, I'm not all that thrilled but hey, I had to return for my daughter. Driving was slow out of Seattle, city drivers and all plus returning motorists from ThanksGiving long weekend. Once on the I5 it was slow but steady, then suddenly 100km into the dreary return home, traffic starts go slower. Next thing I know all cars are going under 10 and it's barely a crawl.

Big trucks are parking on the side of the highway, throwing up flares with unmoving wheels. It's bad. Then we stop. And we stay that way for over 4, yes you read right, four hours. Then we crawled along at a snails pace of under 10 again inbetween periods of up to 20 minutes of not moving and needing to turn vehicles off. Thousands of us stuck on the I5, side exits closed, nowhere to go.

Here's the note I zipped off to Allena and Jim when I returned home finally at 2:05 in the morning
I'm home just now. And it's 2:02 a.m. and I left the Spot at 5:15 p.m. exactly. Stranded on the I5 for over 4 hours, then off the road, twice, Peace Arch closed due to snow, Truck crossing no power and a nightmare. I'm going to bed finally. Of course, I missed the pick up for D and she's now stuck on the north shore. Snow here is really bad, our apartment building has no heat and I'm hanging in there.

And NO, I do not want to talk about this evening's escapades, recounting it once, was enough.



As you can imagine, once my head hit my pillow and I awoke with some sound sleep in me I was certainly feeling more chipper about the whole situation.

Other than the fact that it took me almost 9 hours to drive from Seattle to Burnaby, my weekend was awesome, and even relaxing.

There's a lengthy list of people wanting, needing or deserving some time with me these days, but unfortunately I have no time to give anyone other than my daughter.

With dealing with the city and the new facility issues, my time is not my own. I'm owned right now by the paperwork in front of me to bring my dream to reality.

Must also catch up on my Board commitments for LLC as there's much going on with us as we go full steam ahead on long term goals. It takes a fair chunk of energy to work with nine different people in varying places across the US and now Canada, with me.

If you've phoned and I've not called back, please excuse me. I'm swamped. Thursday I teach at Little Sisters, my hottest class for anyone regardless of gender or orientation. This Friday I leave for Calgary and return late Sunday. Crazy times.

Tonight I'm taking my daughter sledding, a photo tomorrow.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Today for lunch I met a client and over a short two hour appointment I was able to help him find new suggestions to his sexual journey than the options he previously had considered & even know about. He went back to his wife with a plan of action for getting his needs met, rekindling the home fires and goal setting.

This afternoon, once school was over, I picked up my daughter and took her to Sport Mart for a pricey but much needed, new winter jacket. I'd found it on my own days earlier and took her to have a peek at it. She loved the jacket and of course, I rock as a mom! Go me.

We rushed home to pizza for dinner and were quickly back out the door together to see Disney On Ice over at PNE.

It was as always a wonderful night out together and one that we each look forward to every year. Seeing the show was quite special this time round, as of course, we've just returned from Disneyland three weeks ago and the Disney experience is still fresh on our minds.

Cotton Candy was $12 a bag. That's robbery. Yes, I was robbed. And my robber gifted me with a bag of the fluffy stuff to share with a 12 year old. :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

the date

The date went beautifully. He, who really needs a screen name so I can write about him, shall from this moment forward be called Mustang.

Mustang took me to dinner down along the scenic port. We had a breathtaking view of the North Shore and ocean. Though there wasn't a lot of time spent looking out the windows.

The restaurant was so romantic, the service impeccable and ambiance gentle enough that relaxing was easy to do. Must return for a bottle of their Lobster Oil, it made my mouth just come alive it's well worthy of the praise it gets.

We ate visually stunning food, memorable as a meal and talked for a long time. Enjoying the newness of one another all the while sharing stories. Then a single dessert of the restaurants legendary trio Of chocolate terrine with raspberry coulis together and before I knew it we'd been dining for three hours. Oh my did the time ever slip on by.

My outstretched arms accepted the abundant bouquet of flowers that Mustang gave me with the largest smile on his face as he leaned in for a kiss.

We kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed. Finally removing ourselves from one another, we said good-night. As I was departing he asked me out again. I said yes.

He had suggested we see a play or go to the theater together, how wonderful and normal. I suggest strippers. Mustang says he wants to move me out of my world some. I think he's right given my earlier suggestion of strippers.

(sighs, can you believe I said strippers HA)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

juggling act

City Planners ate up a large chunk of my day today, where discussions centered around parking stalls, washrooms, zoning usage and more points than I can remember without going for my "Property File". It's challenging to make one's way through the process that the City has deemed a requirement for licensing. Keeping track of the paperwork, referrals and appointments is a job in itself.

After City Hall it was off to meet with the realtor, yet again. We've formed a pretty great relationship these past few weeks, I like him. Together we walked through the new place noting what was owners responsibilities to fix and what was tenants.

I was flattered by the realtor as he complimented me on my professionalism today regarding my attention to detail on this project / lease as it was obvious to him how much work I've put into all of this. Both my 2 year and 5 year business plan floored him. :)

Arrived home late afternoon in time to meet my daughter after school for some family time. We hung out for an hour, laying on the sofa having a cuddle before we pulled the living room apart rearranging it to ready for the inevitable Christmas tree.

While I was cooking dinner, my child made chocolate mouse inside dark chocolate dessert cups for our tasting pleasures before bed.

Opening my e-mail inbox is an ever frightening reminder that while I am making great leaps and strides forward on the new facility my ability to keep multiple projects juggled successfully is taking it's toll on me.

I'm really tired and feeling depleted. A holiday would be nice, but not realistic. Massages twice weekly needed yet I've not the time or resources. An assistant, but it's not in the business plan, as of yet. A lottery win helpful, but the gods haven't been so kind as of yet.

Tomorrow night I have a date. No, not a play date. No, not sex. I've been asked to dinner at a fantastic restaurant in the city, by a handsome man who is a Top. We're off to a place where I get to wear something pretty and that we have a 7:00 reservation at. I've never eaten at this particular place, yet it's been on my "to eat at" list for years.

Hopefully dinner, the conversation and companionship will be as special as I need them to be.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Need Insurance Assistance

If you're in the insurance business and would be willing to talk me through a couple of things, I'd sure appreciate hearing from you.

I'm currently looking to insure a facility and find myself with more questions than answers.

E-mail me at jennifer@libidoevents

Sunday, November 19, 2006

the switch in me

It had been booked for weeks. I'd been hired to present my Erotic Wax & Ice Play class at Dragon Flys Den out in Delta Friday night, prior to their evening play party and off I went to do what I love so much. Meet new people and welcome them to sex-positive culture and education.

Arrived early, setting up the room for the interactive class and at the same time chatted with some old friends and talked with the reporter who was there to write an article about both the facility and my presentation. Go me!

Class went really great and everyone had the chance to try something new, be it a technique or a skill. Afterwards a very sweet service oriented man cleaned up all my gear for me, what a treat to watch while a second man aided him. Men cleaning up after me makes me happy. :)

Saturday was a day spent with my daughter at home. Suitcases, three of them were only half unpacked and in my room remaining from recent trips along with a mess of laundry all needed tended to finally. A stock pot full of home made chili from scratch and a trip to the grocery store to replenish the pantry shelves all made me feel like I had accomplished much.

Later on in the evening Saturday all sexed-up dressed-up I put myself in my car and arrived promptly at a clubs opening of 8:00pm.

Rascals Club is where I spent the next five hours partying & playing. Know that events/parties I consider work for myself, though all I may do is play.

Did I ever have a wonderful night. First off, I ran smack dab into a man that I'd just met the night before at Dragons Fly Den and we were able to finally get past the subtle flirt of the night before and move ourselves fairly quickly onto knowing one another fast.

Within five minutes of talking together we were on the dungeon stage and I was naked sans for a small pair of panties and there I laid on my stomach while this Top worked over my back side for a good half an hour.

Sensual bliss, he's a masseur and I was in need of his skills. Of course I couldn't stay quiet and just enjoy the massage, I needed to talk to him and try to figure something out about him more than I already knew.

Learned much and my back felt much better by the time he was done with me. Damn if we didn't kiss. We kissed pretty good with some passion thrown in there even at the end.

He was a Top and there was no way that I could be one if I wanted to know him. So, the bottom in me comes out and that's exactly what he was looking at me as. As a bottom.

Nope, I did not have a collar on, and had no intention of putting it on for him, however the possibility may exist that in future this man could prove to be someone that I may even bottom to. Shocking, just shocking as I'm not often attracted to new Tops.

A phone call to check on my daughter and with everything fine at home I walked towards my victim.

I saw him when he arrived and I'd seen him numerous times at other kinky events throughout the city though we'd never exchanged more than a quick hello in passing. Tonight's was different and I believe he knew that when he first arrived and I made eye contact with him.

He was young at 24, soft dark long curls hanging around his face, handsome from birth (you can tell) and wearing a collar. Asked him a couple of questions about who he was there with and what he was looking for. Listened to his answers then asked him if he wanted to play.

Yes, Yes. Off we went to the dungeon floor. While I laid out my toy choices from my bag infront of him I had him remove his clothes. Excellent eye candy as he blushed in his boxers, now that is HOT.

Spreader bar between his legs holding them open, I knew I would be wanting the easy access shortly. Hinged handcuffs keeping his hands in a prayer at his belly level, as he was seated on the steps of a piece of equipment.

I took the boy for a ride and brought him back again. Holy smokes. Sure I had plans on Topping, my hands itching to express my hunger & Dominance but I never know when venturing out to a public party alone if I'll be able to find who or what I am looking for.

I Topped and fed my beast with the flesh of someone new. I thought about bottoming and had a massage that left me feeling pampered. My weekend was excellent.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

hungry for touch

My Dominance is just aching to get my hands on someone fresh, to create & share in joint lust. It's this hunger to take another over the top, around the bend, then back again, to me.

Dressing to impress and get what I need. Camouflage knee high socks with matching waist cincher and skirt. A perfect match the three pieces with trim in black PVC that compliments my sleek 6 inch black ankle strap heels on my feet.

I'm throwing a collar in my toy bag (on wheels) so that should it feel right, when I see the right man, I'll know to put it on and make my approach.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

bondage in Vancouver tonight

An Accountant, Insurance Agent, Realtor, Friend, Financial Advisor, sex educator and my Daddy. These are the people whom I've spent time talking with today. My home phone had SEVEN messages blinking at me and my cell phone had an additional EIGHT. I'm feeling emotionally drained from the amount of energy it took to bring respond to all these calls.

I would have been taking the calls personally instead I drove this early this morning to Bellingham, for a good shaggin with Jim. Had to! Had to! Had to! Needed sex. Dozed for an hour in his arms satiated, then crossed back over the border for home to ready for work this evening.

Tonight I'm teaching , Tie Me to the Bed Posts Please, bedroom bondage basics.

It's an introductory level bondage class happening at Little Sisters Book Store down on Davie Street. Tickets are of course, available at the door and it's going to be a class filled with eye opening firsts for anyone looking to add bondage into their sexual repetoire. Join me.

November 16 Thursday
7:30 - 9:00pm
Tie Me To The Bed Posts Please
bedroom bondage basics
presented by Jennifer
Little Sisters Book Store
1238 Davie Street Vancouver
$15 ticket, class open to me & women

Ever thought tying up your partner could be sexy? Or being tied up could be fun? Well you're right!

This workshop will talk about safety issues and show you some of the best ways to tie up your lover for an enjoyable bondage experience. The different effects that bondage can have will be shown, from blissful meditation and serenity to enhancing other types of interactive sex play. Emphasis will be on simple forms of bondage which can be performed easily, using common household items many people generally already have at home.

* There is no requirement to attend this workshop with someone else; attend alone or with a friend or partner.

Bonus: your ticket to the workshop is also good for 20% off merchandise.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

hating the distance

Over the years I've developed my own coping mechanisms for dealing with having partners who live on the other side of the border as Americans and not local to me in my own city or country.

I really wish she was closer in driving distance right now because her input to various aspects of my current journey is oh so wanted. E-mails and her voice on the phone does not suffice any longer, I find myself in want of her physical presence.

I hate the kilometers and border guards between us right now, longing for the ease of a few minute commute across city not country lines to spend time with the one I love.

When we spoke on the phone my girl told me she had plans on driving up here to help me work on what needs done to get things completed on the new building. Wow, I am ever blessed to have her in my life.

That we've been in love and partnered for so many years blows me away some times, leaving me in smiles, the realization that one of my life partners is a woman. Allena's love & self have transformed my world.

Together what we are capable of is astounding. We are a force.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

times are changing

5 year lease
Events for all
Other groups may host events
Educational, Social & Play Space
January 01 2007 occupancy

My head is spinning, the process is going really fast now.

To have keys to my own facility, my own 2900 square feet. This is really really exciting for Libido Events, me and even for you!

Monday, November 13, 2006

feeling the love

Yesterday afternoon and into the evening I spent hours with a group of friends hanging out, talking, listening to music and eating delicious home made pizza by our Chef and Host the ever sexy & charming James.

It was a good time for my soul to be surrounded by fellow kinksters. I left feeling rejuvenated, not so much from the food, tasty as it was, rather for the companionship of friends old & new, the chance to share time with them all so intimately.

Cuddled together on the sofa, holding one person while having a conversation with another in a room full of happy people playing catch up on life together over a long weekend. Beer or root beer in everyone's hand, stories that remind us of our own pasts and the past of our sex-positive community flowing freely for us all to hear. History our history, we own it, we're an unashamed bunch.

Perhaps this is why we all "get some" so often, why our personal lives AND sex lives are so rich, the lack of shame. Without shame as a barrier, we are free to ask for anything and to express ourselves openly. We're proud of our diversity, it's what keeps us special and unique in a world that wants us all to be the same.

Without shame in your way, what would you tell or ask of your partner?

Dig deep! The crap we pile on ourselves, the guilt, the years of pressure to conform to a societal norm, get past all of that. Put aside reservations, thinking of your want or need as crude, immoral, dirty, bad, wrong, un Christian, not man enough, to passive or dominant, not feminine enough, break out - find it and say it out loud.

Take a deep breath and let loose those words that just need to be heard.

What do you need sexually?

Share something you've never shared before. Be descriptive with out offering a script. Hand over the frame work for this new fantasy, pleasure or hunger.

It will make incredibly hot pillow talk and you'll feel empowered in your sex to have that nugget sitting out there now in the world of possibilities.

Maybe today, tonight or tomorrow it will become your reality. Own the possibility and share the secret.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cattle Prod makes a hot scene

As I was making my way out of the dungeon last night, someone came up to me and said "It wasn't very patriotic of you to be hitting a soldier, especially on Remembrance Day."

Ha ha, it's true, I had a HOT HOT HOT scene with a young soldier who is now finished his two tours with the US Army and wore his uniform to Sin City last night.

Realizing he had no underwear on under his camouflage pants was disappointing to me as I wanted him out of the pants and bent over a spanker with his bottom and inner thighs available for me to use. Quickly I realized that I must find a way to save the day.

Grabbed a roll of packing tape and proceeded to quickly tape his military cap over his cock and balls and another over his ass to keep everything tucked away. Presto and instantly he was naked of ALL of his uniform, even socks and boots. With his boy bits covered in a hat and tape suddenly I had a very masculine canvas infront of me to layer sensations on.

Yummy and lucky Jennifer.

For a very long time, I did things to him that I'm fairly confident, he'd never had done to him before. His body lit up like a fireworks display as I shot electricity from my cattle prod into his ass and sensitive inner thigh region. In fact, just holding the cattle prod over his cock and touching the toy to his scrotum made him shiver and quiver, it was magnificent, watching the beads of sweat roll off his brow and down his blindfolded face.

A play partner whom I've just met, that I can take for a wild ride, in public and not have them freak out is rare, given how I like to play. I like this boy, responsive and boyish charm.

The gasps were loud as I slapped him across the face, the blindfold again was both of our friends, and he never once saw my hand coming towards his cheek, yet my hand made contact multiple slapping times over. I kissed him on the upper lip now and again to keep him grounded, his mouth hungry for mine, yet uncertain I'm sure, if he should even kiss back. What fun!

Punched his calves with my fists, HARD, over and over again. His toes splayed and spread wide, speaking what his mouth was not. He was being hurt and when the toes pointed rigid and every muscle in his legs was looking cramped I stopped punching the calf muscle and dropped to my knees on the floor, starting to massage away the wound.

Right as he was relaxing into the massage, it was time, to run a knife over his body and watch him freeze, fast. Still, unmoving. He was scared and rightly so. Nipples exploited, pinched & abused then sucked into my mouth and lapped at until sensual bliss would take over.

Punch, PUNCH, PUNCH, 10, 11 12 times in the chest, hands clenching holding tight onto the spanker to keep himself upright. Woosh, the air comes out of him from a good hit and my hand covers his mouth & nose, stopping his ability to breathe. I hang on till he starts to flail, hard. Letting go, and kissing his gasping mouth....

Are you alright? I asked him. "Green, GREEN" he keeps saying and smiling madly.

This is incredible, he says, I respond with, "I know."

Saturday, November 11, 2006

crotchless body stocking & heels

Before I start typing about my kinky world, I wanted to make mention of Remembrance Day and all the soldiers in our Country and in the United States both past, present and to those of the future. I love you and respect your courage and strength, what you stand for in freedom is the cornerstone to my life. Thank you for being our soldiers.

(To my readers from the Burnaby George Derby Centre, welcome and hello!)


It's Sin City tonight and I plan on attending. I spent the last hour soaking in a lavender filled tub relaxing my muscles, plotting tonight's shenanigans and generally primping myself for a night on the town as a high femme woman on the prowl. Yes you heard right, I'm on the prowl and looking for some hot dish to consume.

In my drawer I found a black lace, printed body stocking to wear then added a pair of high HIGH heels to complete the look.

Sin City has a rule about keeping one's genitals covered, I'll have to wear a tiny thong under my body stocking to keep my girly bits out of sight since it's a crotchless number it leaves my labia and clit visible and accessible.

I'm torn between thigh high boots, black in a 6 inch heel with NO platform so they are very hard on my feet on the concrete floors of Sin or wearing open toed strappy pvc 6 inch heels with a platform for comfort. It's hard to concentrate on beating someone when my feet are killing me, perhaps, the shoes then??!!!?

There's still a toy bag left to be filled with implements to torment
nipple clamps
ball gag
leather strap
thumb cuffs
canes x 2
cattle prod

but otherwise I'm ready for the party to start and good times to follow. I plan on having a great time, make the most of your Saturday night too!

Friday, November 10, 2006

United Church of Canada ad

The United Church of Canada hopes an ad featuring a can of whipped cream and the question, "How much fun can sex be before it's a sin?" will fill its pews as Christmas nears. Read the rest of the article here.

Here's the photo...

What do you think, will YOU be filling the pews because of this piece of advertising or are you still not interested in church and religion?

I practice my own faith and don't require a church to believe or to know peace, though attending church sporadically over the years has always left me with what I was seeking.

Whipped cream makes me think of being naughty with girls and breasts and not about God, prayer and church.

I've come up with a new prayer to be recited naked on my knees

"Dear God, please deliver to me many naked woman with bouncing breasts and I promise to lick them clean of any whipped cream."

Thursday, November 09, 2006

nipple jewelry

This evening it took a pair of pliers and a second set of hands to help me change my nipple jewelry.

I've had the jewelry months now and finally tonight thought to sit down and take on the task of changing things for a new look.

It's done now. Gone are the barbells of the last few months and now I have small silver shields covering the tips of my pleasure buttons.

No more bitten nipples in sex, no more pinched nipples to tease me with for awhile and no nipple clamps. I can't decide if I should feel relieved or disappointed at this.

My nipples are securely & safely encased in their new covering and will remain there until I find the next pieces to adorn them with.

Pretty hey?

If you really knew me

If you really knew me you'd know...

I suffer from anxiety.
I long to have another child.
Loud voices frighten me.
I lost a hero recently to death.
I breast fed my daughter till well into her third year of life.
I thrive with routine, direction and support.
Traveling for work is difficult as a single parent yet necessary.
I'm polyamorous and still I am lonely at times for companionship.
I have the capacity to love many people & the ability to share this love.
I masturbate multiple times daily for pleasure and stress relief.
As a child I had head gear, retainers and braces and was teased, a lot.
Queer is how I identify myself.
I watch the news daily and am scared of the direction of our world.
I'm a visionary who has big things up her sleeve. more soon

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

pain & relief

As I lay curled in the fetal position in excruciating pain, he looked down at me and smiled tenderly. He asked me a few short questions and walked out of my room quietly & swiftly. The clock said 4:30 a.m.

A nurse dressed in blah green scrubs void of curves and not some sexy shiny short skirt outfit with cleavage spilling out walked towards me holding a syringe.

The Doctor has ordered a shot of Demerol and Gravol, roll over and expose your right hip please. I obeyed of course and promptly.

That needle slid beneath my skin and in less than 10 minutes there was relief finally. However that single shot left me out of it for 10 hours. No wonder they don't keep that stuff on the shelves.

Medicine and hospitals I like neither, yet need both from time to time.

Grateful to be a Canadian with health care and coverage available to me at any time. And really grateful that I was at home when this happened and not traveling out of country.

Monday, November 06, 2006

finding Jennifer

a quick look reveals what people were entering into a search engine, when they ran across my blog.

Let's check now for accuracy...

pvc and heels oh yes, I own a lot of these
triad poly yes I'm part of a poly triad
kama sutra it's an area I'm hoping to learn more about over time
sadism and dominance the core of my sexuality
acrobatics sexy pit no clue?

vancouver bc swingers club eden teach AND host women's only sex parties here
razor shave bald women I've done this a couple of times now
dominant whip seattle cane that's me
luschious box between my legs
collapsible whiteboard stand would like to own one
tongue washing cock sucking nipples sounds like a good time
upper thighs mine are hot

cock stroking techniques teach these in my Cock Sucking classes
sexstore mn shopped in sex stores when last in MN & will again in April
bondage pallet wrapper adore mummification
alone initiate 07 no clue?
bodybag bondage I own two
homestyle two bites brownies yummy, a favorite

teri spread labia yes Teri and I do this together
libidoevents duh
dissolving stitches with tape my left breast, post lump removal
dildoes recommended by women Ask the Women of The Love Nest
bondage tied up sleepover I haven't done this since Barry did it to me
ball bashing my foot has firmly slammed some sensitive scrotum, yippee

deadly couture vancouver Jenni's clothes rock
pne plushies only my daughter won one this year
overextended labia all labia are uniquely shaped & present in varying lengths

vancouver sex clubs I can be found teaching & playing here
testicles broken by feet poor guy
caddle prod definition Sex Toy
kinky coupon book make your own
the realm of fantasy play party calgary I teach for them, cool group

Sunday, November 05, 2006

smiles in Disneyland

Photo's were taken of me by my daughter while we were in Disneyland. (I've never posted a picture of my daughter and I never will, nor will I use her name here)

Autopia car ride, Paddle Wheeler boat trip over to Tom Sawyer island and of course a stop over at Pooh's place. Collected an album full of memories but most contain my daughter & I, or her alone.

We rode every ride and our favorites multiple times over. Used the Fast Pass Program and an early morning admission along with 5 days to spend touring and yup, we did it, both California Adventure & Disneyland. Both Parks.

We bought every thing that made us smile, both of us, what incredible fun to splurge like this. We arrived at 7:00am and left at 11:30pm happy, exhausted, wide eyed & together. Love.

Talking about where we'd like to holiday next, my child has informed me of her interest in Hawaii! It's where I suspect we'll next visit together.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Leather Leadership Conference 07

Minneapolis, MN
April 20- 22, 2007

Registration for the eleventh Leather Leadership Conference is now live at the Leather Leadership website:

Scheduled for April 20-22, 2007 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, those planning to attend the Leather Leadership Conference are encouraged to take advantage of the early bird $90 registration rate before the end of 2006.

Programming for the 2007 Leather Leadership Conference will include six presentation tracks working off of the conference theme “The Art of Sharing Power…a Work in Progress.” Presentation proposals are currently being accepted from individuals in the community. The Call for Presentations, which opened last month, will remain open through November 15, 2006. Presenters will find an application form online at the Leather Leadership Conference website that can be downloaded and then emailed to the Programming Committee for consideration to be included in the event.

“We have made a significant effort to move up the timetable for all functions of the conference,” said Steve Lenius, Chair of the Minnesota Local Organizing Committee. “We believe strongly in the value of the Leather Leadership Conference and our goal remains to offer registration and programming information before the end of the year in order to allow individuals to make cost-effective travel plans for the event.”

Entering its second decade of operation, the Leather Leadership Conference is overseen by a national board of directors with the annual conference planned by a committee of local individuals representing groups which have come together to host the event. The Minnesota Local Organizing Committee has been making plans for the 2007 conference since August of 2005.

Dont miss LLC XI !!!

For more information, visit the website or email

Monday, October 30, 2006

exhausted & high

Disneyland was incredible, my life is wonderful, my family is my strength and my future is so bright it's blinding.

Feeling on top of the world and glad to be home.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy Birthday in Disneyland

Today's the day, it is, it is! I am very excited, so much so that I'm a twitter patter of energy.

Everything is packed from clothes to sunscreen, we are ready. Computer is NOT coming with us, this is a holiday. My daughter and I are leaving for Disneyland and are going to have a blast without any disruptions or distractions, returning home next week.

It's my birthday this Saturday the 28th, I'm going to be 34 years old. I plan on finding a crown for myself to wear in Disneyland on my big day, we've got a special dinner booked to enjoy that night as well.

Happy Birthday to me AND a Joyous & well deserved Holiday for my daughter & I!

Monday, October 23, 2006


From my In Box...

Hi Glorious One,

I hope you realize that you have caused a shortage of snake bite kits in the lower mainland and Vancouver is acquiring the reputation of being the snake bite capital of Canada. I hope you're happy.

Keeeep on trucking on your mission

It's rather amusing, the thought of a sell out of snake bite kits, mid October in Vancouver suddenly. Due of course to a whole bunch of happy perverts using them for sex play now.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Women's Dominance

Unable to sleep as I'm still wound up. My flight got in from Calgary at 8:00 and by 8:45 I was being welcomed into a huge embrace by my daughter as I walked in the house. It's so good to be back home, my daughters in my bed asleep really happy to have her mom back.

Early today back in Calgary I taught a four Intensive on Women's Dominance. Twenty three woman, they all rocked. Hell the class itself was awesome, everyone came away having learned so much. (including me) It was empowering to pass on some of what I've come to know and understand about Dominance, Power and Sex Play in such a focused period of time.

Oh yes and again tomorrow night I'm teaching Take Charge! A Women's class in Dominance, however this is the 2 hour evening class. Twice in 48 hours, WOW, women are really putting themselves out there more.

Time for me to head to sleep, I'm really grateful for my own bed. (though it contains one lovely child who likes to sprawl out in MY queen size bed)

October 23 Monday
8:00 - 10:00 pm
Take Charge! Being Dominant in the bedroom, a scene or a relationship
women only
presented by Jennifer
119 East 1st St. North Vancouver @ The Love Nest
$20 pay at door, cash only

**please bring pen and notebook to class

Ever want to take the lead in the bedroom? Or had a lover ask you to take charge and control? Ever wanted to order a partner to pleasure you sexually?

Many women shy away from dominating in lovemaking and sex play. This workshop will deal with the issues of why this is and how to reverse it. We will cover how to deal with your issues about being in charge and how to read your partner once you are. Jennifer will share plenty of stories along the way to give you inspirations for your own play. Let's explore female dominance together.

What do you do with a play partner once you have one in your firm grasp through pacing a scene? How do you get your partner crawling to you for more, again and again? Whether SM play, Sex play, or Role-play, learn to take charge. Find your Top persona and learn how to make it work for you so that scenes meet your needs as well as the desires of your partner. Learn how to be and look like the sexy Dominant woman that you are.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

having fun at work

It was snowing here this morning. Seriously, it shocked me, especially since I'd forgotten my winter coat in BC.

My suite is on the near top floor of a beautiful hotel in Calgary, just four blocks from where I'm teaching my weekends classes at CAPC. Today's two went great and by the end of the second class the organizer of this trip of mine had decided along with others that I must return again. We're already looking at and planning new dates for other classes, how wonderful.

Room service, plush robe, new friends, future work bookings and three different play opportunities, damn has my weekend ever been incredible. (so far)

Tomorrow I'm teaching a final class, a four hour intensive on Women's Dominance and then jumping right back on a plane and heading home to Vancouver and my daughter.

My life is brilliant and I'm so blessed.

Friday, October 20, 2006

clit pump get's praise

This man was in my last Genital Play class and saw me using a snake bite kit on a naked woman. I had her on a massage table, legs spread, and I put it straight over her clit and sucked the whole clitoris and it's hood inside. This of course creates quite the suction you see and can really elongate the clitoris.

Anyways this man, Brian wrote to ask me a question about a URL and this was the other paragraph from him regarding my telling him to purchase himself a snake bite kit for sex play.

Oh I got one of my own, and tried it out. What you might like is that while these were attached to a pair of nipples, and while I was doing a good job massaging her G-Spot, my partner started yelling "Oh God, Oh God", I corrected her and told her she should be thanking Jennifer. It was quite interesting to see her writhing through her third G-Spot orgasm of the evening, crying "thank you Jennifer, Oh thank you Jennifer".

Thank you Jennifer


NOTE: Brian's name was changed of course for privacy.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

on line survey and focus groups

The Centre is conducting a Feasibility Study to determine if Vancouver’s LGTB communities need and have the capacity to develop and maintain a new cultural community centre for the LGTB communities and our allies. The first part of the study is a broad-based consultation with the communities this fall. This is an open process --- anyone can take part!

An online survey is now available in addition to Focus Groups and Public Meetings. All are invited to participate in the survey. Please click to get started.

For more information about Focus Groups and Public Meetings click here.

Thank you!

Becky Herrmann,

Director, Board of Directors

Pacific Foundation for the Advancement of Minority Equality (PFAME).

The Centre
1170 Bute Street
Vancouver B.C. V6E 1Z6

Spice Up Your Sex Life

A few days ago I lost an old friend and a hero of mine to death & still have some family stuff going on that's taking much of my emotional energy, it's been a time of personal reflection for me lately and sadness. (2 deaths in a month has been too much to handle)

I'm busy, busy, busy getting ready to fly to Calgary, Alberta tomorrow for the weekend. There's three classes that I'm teaching as you can see in the poster here and today is being spent packing for each of them.

Friday night is the Realm of Fantasy Play Party and a must attend for me!

Saturday night is a swingers social which permits light SM, as sex is permitted and some light play it may be fun for me to attend, though I am teaching an Intensive on Sunday and do need solid rest before hand.

The chance to play in a new environment sounds cool. From the moment my plane lands in Calgary I'll be on the prowl for someone to bottom to me in service, SM and sex, and perhaps a male Top to beat me in a completely different scene.

Off to finish packing and to ready for my class tonight at Little Sister's Book Store, I'm teaching Sex Tips From a Bi Sexual Woman.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

the types of couples I coach

(note: reprinted with full permission & blessing by author, names were of course changed)

Ever wondered who hires me and for what reason/s?

This very attractive couple lives out in Abbotsford, no children, nice home, good neighborhood and has worked with me privately before and we have plans again next week for another four hour private class together.

Hi Jennifer. Frank here, remember me, I hired you in Feb for a Dominance
empowerment private lesson for my wife and her best friend?

Well a couple of months later and I am thinking about hiring you again
for late sept (22nd or23rd) on a friday or sat night for a seminar for
my wife and some of her girlfriends before they go out for a night on
the town. I was thinking about the cocksucking class ( and dang if I do
not write you the strangest emails) again early evening starting at 6 or
7 pm. I am asking you in advance so as to go with what is convenient for
you. so let me know what is good for you.

Secondly I am curious if you would like to do some tutoring/sexpositive
advocacy with my wife and myself. Preferably together, or seperate with
my wife depending on dynamics and comfort level in order to have a
strong dialogue. I know that my wife felt extremely ovewhelmed after her
last session with you You gave her too many options :)

BUT I also know that about a month after she was feeling more
comfortable with it all and I came into the bedroom to find her dressed
ready to impress and she DOMinated and totally (no hiding her arousal)
got off on making me submit. (heh I did not mind at all totally new and
wonderfull experience for me as it showed me that even though I had done
a bit of slap and tickle I had no idea what we where missing out on
cause I was missing the mark as it were.

Betty and I have a nice strong marriage and a very nice sex life, with
heaps of openness when it comes to most all aspects. But I think that
sitting down with you as a couple and having an honest open discussion
with someone who has made a strong and sexpositive impression on both of
us. Would at the very least give us some ideas and to quote you "improve
our game" would be a bonus, cause I think we are playing the game pretty
darn amazingly now.

Anyways after she reads this (not a Bday surprise this time) she can
send it to you. Looking forward to hearing from you either by phone
604-XXX-XXXX or via email at your convenience.

Frank & Betty

Friday, October 06, 2006

Deviant Liquid Latex & Little Sister's

Just off the phone with Jim over at Little Sisters Book Store we talked shop & had a laugh as well. I'm teaching there this Sunday, a class on Liquid Latex, how cool is that!

October 8 Sunday
2:00 - 4:00
Liquid Latex - an interactive class
open to men & women
presented by Jennifer
1238 Davie Street Vancouver @ Little Sisters Book Store
604 669 1753
$15 both advance tickets or pay at the door

Is it art? Clothing? A fetish? It's simply just deviant. Liquid Latex, painted as a single layer coating adheres to the skin as your second skin. Applied many layers over it becomes a top, thong, bold words written across your chest or perhaps a cat suit or hot shorts for your night at the club or in the bedroom! When dried it forms custom wearable rubber clothing & masks for your deviant side.

Jennifer will demonstrate on models a variety of techniques useful to making Liquid Latex a sexy success.

Liquid Latex, rollers & brushes will be available for sale after the class, stock up now either for your intimate play or for your Halloween costume. Ideas a plenty.

Bonus: your ticket to the workshop is also good for 20% off merchandise.

I was pleased to learn that Little Sisters has already started a wait list for my next Cock Sucking class at their store, given that the first one there went so well. Currently I'm teaching six classes from my Erotic Arts Curriculum for them and more up and coming.

We're booking the next round of classes for me to be teaching soon, I'm thrilled to be at Little Sisters and enjoying the opportunities it's presenting me with.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

finding a nut

I need to find walnuts still in the shell. Medium to large size.

Three dozen of them to be precise.

Anybody know where to find walnuts? Or have 36 walnuts that I can get from you in the next week?

You'd be my hero, thank you.

Good night.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oral Pleasure

always makes me feel at least some what better, then again, so does a good beating. Endorphins and orgasms, yummy!

This type of pleasure though isn't on any recommended diet especially when eaten in a single session by one person and it leaves behind no bruises. Chocolate.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

challenging times

Work load, family commitments and life are overwhelming.




Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm back

Home from Vegas with a whirlwind of memories and visuals still going on in my head and am thoroughly exhausted. Allena & I saw so much together, there were moments that were breath taking in beauty. Others that were incredible in grandness. Saw architecture that left my jaw open in awe.

My computer & phone were left alone, not doing a stitch of anything except to savor the holiday that I so deserved. It rejuvenated me the time away and gave Allena & I some time together away from our work commitments and leaving us the chance to come together all over again. I love you so much Bella. Thank you.

Must head to sleep soon. Couple of pictures...

This one is for Keith, it was taken at the Star Trek: The Experience at The Hilton Vegas.

This photo is for Albert, it was taken at The Bellagio water show, which we caught 3 of, two of which made me cry. The beauty of the music along with the water display was something that touched me deeply.

Good Night!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

time away

I'm on Holidays and started Friday and return Friday.

Yes it's true, I'm on vacation right now, sitting in Seattle. In a few short hours I board a flight to Las Vegas where Bella and I will be spending girl time together for days. Unwind and let go, what better place to do this than Vegas right?

We've got front row seats to see Cirque Du Soleil's Zumanity show it's a provocative, cabaret-style production OR adult themed show.

Amazingly we have acquired a front row, dead center red leather duo seat sofa for our personal viewing & make-out pleasure. I'm freaking excited about this! Both the show and the pending make out session.

Today in the states I bought the most adorable red mesh / lace crinolin, it looks so sweet on me and short. Did I mention it's short. It's short. And sheer.

With my existing bosom cupcakes in red (with tassels) from Sweet Soul Burlesque along with my black fitted opera gloves and a pair of heels, all I think I have left to find to complete this outfit is perhaps a new pair of Cuban toed stockings and a new pair of bloomers.

Ok, if I wear stockings I'll need to buy a garter as well to match this ensemble. I was thinking maybe a waist cincher with removable garters built right in would do the trick.

My days are spent avoiding shopping and vanity so it's a nice diversion to have time and opportunity to indulge in such pleasures for a short time.

As a gift today I was given a Boy Scouts Uniform, covered in badges, awards, pins and other mementos. How lucky am I? Blessed be the Godesses that's for sure. There's a certain woman out there whose got a Boy Scout fantasy in mind and soon she may discover that sharing her secret with me has afforded her much pleasure.

Careful darling, you'll know your fantasy has come true when either A. you see me coming at you, wearing a Boy Scouts Uniform OR B. suddenly you are face down on the floor & you feel my boot on your back firmly holding you down

Happy Holidays to me.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

toy acquisition

You can imagine my delight when Jenn handed me these recent additions to my teaching / toy collections. She's the owner of Tickled Pink Toys and I get a good number of my sex toys from her and was overjoyed to acquire these new items to aid in my pursuits.

An inflatable vibrating multi speed butt plug (The Deluxe Wonder Plug) and another Cock Ring this one though in latex and with an adjustable loop for varying levels of intensity.

Thanks so much Jenn and Tickled Pink for the fabulous new toys.

Friday, September 22, 2006

gas, cocks & mothers

On my way home from my Cock Sucking class last night I stopped and purchased gas for my car at the astonishing price of 90.5 cents. Yippee!

Driving home from class last night I also realized that I'd left a pillow case full of dildoes on the counter of Little Sisters. Darn, now I have to drive back down town to pick them up. What's a girl to do, I can't go with out all my cocks!

This morning is a drive to Horseshoe Bay to pick up my mom from the ferry terminal, we're spending the day together having lunch and doing some shopping in North Vancouver. My daughter has a Pro D day today and is excited about a day with her mom and her grandmother.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cock Sucking Class Tonight

This evening I'm teaching my infamous Cock Sucking class at Little Sisters Book Store in downtown Vancouver. Due to popular demand this class is open to men, women, couples & singles.

September 21 Thursday
7:00 - 8:30
Cock Sucking; the Hand Job, Blow Job class
1238 Davie Street
604 669 1753
$15 both in advance tickets or pay at the door

Cock Sucking; the Hand Job, Blow Job class

This workshop will explore, explain and provide expert advise on cock sucking, hand jobs, the gag reflex, anatomy, hygiene, stroking techniques and much more. For the novice or the fellatio aficionado.

There is no real cock sucking done in class however there are demos and opportunities for practice provided.

Bonus: your ticket to the workshop is also good for 20% off merchandise

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

women in bed together

In honor of this evenings class, I unveil this photo.

Jim took the photo of Allena and I awhile ago and it's one of my favorites of us.

Tonight, Wednesday, I'm teaching my Bi Curious class. Bi Curious? Where to Start for Girls Who Want To Date Girls.

Come out and join me if your interested in learning more about exploring where to start when it comes to flirting with, meeting, asking out, dating, sex play and relationships and of course all for women about being with women.

I'm a bisexual woman and have been for many many years. Let me share with you what I know so that you can make the transition to meeting women smoothly and with ease.

September 20 Wednesday
7:00 - 9:30pm
Bi Curious? Where To Start For Girls Who Want To Date Girls
presented by Jennifer
4687 Kingsway Street Burnaby
The Love Nest (directly across from Metrotown)
$25 pay at door, cash only

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

life goes full circle

This afternoon as I walked out of the orthodontist office with my daughter holding my hand, I had the strangest feeling of deja vu.

Years back at almost the same age, my mother had taken me for braces and in the 80's that was something quite unique still. I know we didn't hold hands and I do remember there being tears involved in the getting on of the braces. It hurt damn it.

Today as I looked at my daughter grinning her new shiny metal smile grin, it made me happy to see that braces had come so far. She had shed no tears, nothing hurt and everyone there was interested in her comfort. How civilized.

I had tan colored head gear, retainers then braces that filled my mouth with metal and it was what it was back then, no options in coloring, size, nothing.

The orthodontist now of course let's the individual choose their own color preferences for the elastics around each bracket with a color palette of about 24 options. Brackets coming in 3 different colors as well.

In a reflection of her own individuality, she selected red for the top and orange for the bottom. What a combo. When I asked her why those colors? Her reply. They're Fall colors mom. I've already been warned that for Halloween and her appointment the week before she's already decided she wants black and orange.

For as many thousands of dollars as this praised children's & youth's orthodontics specialist is making off of my child, I guess it's kind of nice of her to offer color choices for elastics.

My mom got me my smile and I've now done my part to ensure my daughter gets hers.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Sex Toy or Baby Toy?

From my good friend Keith!

Close-up photos of toys, and you guess if
each was (originally) designed as a sex toy or baby toy.

***The Quiz***

I scored: 12 out of 15

Excellent! I am a sex toy genius.
(or so it says, it helps that I own over half of the items pictured.)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

last nights date

Jim & I slept in, waking & rolling out of bed just after 11:00 this morning. We'd been out the night before to dinner together, my man arriving at my door with a vase full of bright flowers for me, his girl and wearing the seductive smile of a partner filled with want.

After a leisurely dinner at one of our favorite places to eat we went to a play party and had some much needed fun. Jim tying me up securely in rope and then inverting me from my hips and attaching each arm to a length of bamboo and hoisting me into the air and off of the suspension frame.

He swung me gently for awhile, laying underneath me on the floor on his back, kissing me tenderly as I flew by unable to do anything but what he made me. Later with force he swung me to and fro leaving me to breath through my nostrils only so as to avoid vomiting. More tender kisses, a shift of position with removal of the bamboo pool and inverting me now from my spread thighs and then he played mean.

Pulled out a single tail and was throwing it at me and hitting me in horridly painful areas. Like my calf, shins and toes! Damn it! My masochism has been needing nurturing as of late and both it and I rejoiced in the attention.

Catching up with few people only, together we spent the better part of our date night just concentrated on one another. Of course there were certain friends with whom we had to say a special hello but our energy and focus was on each other.

Leaving at an early hour we headed home, for sex & cuddling. An excellent end to date night.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Women's Only Naughty Party, Fri Sept 15

it's tonight, can't wait to have you join us all...

You'll feel it the moment you walk in, the energy, the enthusiasm, the
raw female magnetism swirling through the air. As you sign in and give
up your ticket (which only costs a measly $25cdn) to the sexy smiling
hostess, you'll have your first glimpse of what a Libido Event: Women's
Only Naughty Party at the lush and lavish Club Eden
is all about. Although you'll have come
dressed to impress and will, no doubt, expect to be wowed (the wonderful
thing about a no street clothes dress code is the ample eye candy);
nothing can actually prepare you for the sheer breathtaking beauty of so
many hot and delicious women in such a warm and inviting space. You see,
this is not your ordinary party this is a sex positive women's only
play party. This is a party for women to celebrate their love (and lust)
for women.

Downstairs, you'll find a comfortable social space that overlooks the
dance floor. In the corner you may spot women swapping massages on the
massage table with others stand nearby chatting. On the couches, you may
spy women with their lips locked in a flirty and hungry embrace
alongside women resting a moment and taking it all in after a long
session on the dance floor. The dance floor itself is a sight to behold
bodies undulating under the flashing lights, dancing around the pole and
with other women. Mesmerizing.

Just around the corner from the dance floor is a laid back kitchen area
that leads into a lounge with a definitely posh club-like feel. The
lights are low, the candles flicker and all around the room women chat
and flirt while getting a refreshing drink (note, the event is alcohol
free) and maybe a light snack to munch on. Out back, you'll definitely
hear giggles from the hot tub (which is clothing optional, of course)
that sits on a large deck overlooking a large and peaceful yard. And if
you listen really carefully, you'll hear the moans and shrieks swirling
in from the BDSM dungeon down the hall and the numerous bedrooms

You are free to do what you wish at this party the space is there for
your to use as you please (respecting, of course, others wishes for
privacy and/or non-involvement). Does the voyeur in you want to see some
fucking or maybe a flogging? Do you want to flirt with reckless abandon
all night long? Do you just feel like chatting with sexy women in a sexy
environment, feeding off the fiery energy in the air? Does the
exhibitionist in you want to come out on display? Do you want to dance?
Do you want to play?

Women's Only Naughty Party (a Libido Event) starts this Friday
September 15th at 9pm and runs till 2am, with the class Pussy Licking
Good offered from 8-9pm before hand (free for all party attendees).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me

For address, driving instructions and to
RSVP, please contact

Thursday, September 14, 2006

death & work, life goes on

Yesterday was the memorial for my grandfather and my daughter I made the drive out to Langley to share in the service with the rest of the family. Oddly enough on the way there I drove right past one of my high schools and the very high school were I met Billy. It was a day filled with emotions and old dormant memories swirling round my head from out of no where.

This after we'd been at the orthodontist at 9:00 am having spacers put between her teeth as next week her braces go on. A year after getting retainers, they were finally thrown out to make way for this new leg of the dental journey.

Last night I taught Forbidden Fantasies: Role Playing In The Bedroom at Club Eden to a small intimate class. After such a long day for me, the laid back class was a much needed change of pace. When I finally arrived home last night at 10:40 my daughter was in my bed almost asleep yet awaiting me for a hug. Finally at the computer again and I found 27 pieces of mail that required more than a form letter from me. Yikes!

By the time I turned on the computer this morning at 11:00, there was another 14 emails, not spam, but emails from people needing one thing or another from me or Libido Events. The mail doesn't slow down, nor does people's interest in getting their needs met. The things I get to learn about people, my oh my.

A stop at the post box today and it was filled with booty, Oh my....

- thank you card from the thirteen students I taught at Opt
- box of chocolates
- new book to review
- contract to review
- new DVD to screen
- hand written letter from a woman
- check with a letter
- pair of panties from some unknown person To the panty giver, thank you, they fit me, er um, really snuggly. )
- a magazine

I check mail at least twice a week from the Post Box, this was a certainly a big load!

Oh yes and I got a new Leather Parachute Ball Stretcher AND a new Leather & "O" Ring Cock Cage!

Licks & Lashes is a wonderful place to shop for quality, unique adult play toys, thanks Aaron for treating me so well and always making sure I have what I need.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

stunt cunt to the rescue

A couple of years ago I (as Libido Events) hired author and activist Deborah Addington to present a class here locally on vaginal fisting.

Deborah, is a colleague whom I know through work and also the author and master woman who wrote A Hand In The Bush: The Fine Art Of Vaginal Fisting. Her book is great.

The event went off fabulous to a huge crowd at...get ready, The Vancouver Curling Club. Deborah did a lecture, talk and then proceeded to demonstrate her art, her craft and fisted a woman who was laying naked from the waist down in front of the room, full of people.

And the lights, we hung spot lights over the table she lay on to ensure everyone had a great view. It was a sponsored event, by the Love Nest. Everyone was in tight, close together, theater style so a good line of sight was possible.

Deborah is what's referred to as an Amazon of a woman in size. She's got amazing presence. And really big bloody hands. On the outside, she's a hard femme, six feet tall, dark-haired, green-eyed, tattooed and pierced.

This slim woman laying on the table, legs drawn up, feet planted solidly, open wide, rocked for a few minutes as Deborah started the descent, as her hand was creeping deeper inside her. Before she had swallowed up Deborah's hand rather swiftly. She could have taken it right away but the class needed to learn. Go slow, do it steps, talk the class through it. Smiling and happy it was looking like they were a good match. Fister and fistee. Everyone there watched it happen as they listened to Deborah's instruction and descriptive explantion.

Then this woman, petite next to Deboraha pushes herself to the end of the table resting her feet on the floor and slowly stands up. Which in turn brought the Amazon to her knees as her fist was completely up inside of her and wanting to be the ever giving fister, she was there pumping away. And of course, her fist was stuck up inside at this point and due to the new somewhat ackward angle, staying inside was the plan of action, still.

Deborah was arm wrestling a vagina, or so it looked.

All this time Deborah is trying to explain to a room full of people, how this is not the every day fisting experience. Please don't think it should or ever will go for you like this. She's never had a woman before literally climb on top of her fist and bounce, yet that's exactly what I did.

note 1: For you Carolyn. :)
note 2: The volunteer stunt cunt / vagina model for this event had withdrawn her coochie shortly before and the position was literally, suddenly available.
note 3: I'm an exhibitionist AND it's also just part of my job as a sex-activist
note 4: The show must go on.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

G Spot class

I've spent 7 hours in front of this computer screen today hammering out business e-mails and writing proposals and such. It's been a long successful day inside alone.

A change of scenery will do me good so I'm looking forward to this evening and heading out of the house. My stunt cunt and I are off to make the drive to Bellingham where I'm presenting my G Spot class for the Triskeli Guild.

Tomorrow night is Forbidden Fantasies: Role Playing in the Bedroom at Club Eden, e-mail now and reserve your seat in class.

September 13 Wednesday
7:30 - 9:30pm
presented by Jennifer @ Club Eden, N Delta
$20 person, cash at door *for your RSVP & the address

Building a fantasy with your partner can be a rich and rewarding experience
which can add new dimensions to your sex life.

In this workshop, we will discuss how to get into the right mindset for whatever
fantasy you have in mind (youÂ’ll get a list of starting points as well) and
weÂ’ll discuss how to add props into your fantasy to add to the adventure.
Topics: pacing, leading, and following will be included, as well as how to let
your partner know if a fantasy is or isn't working.

The largest sex organ is between your ears, be prepared to learn about

* There is no requirement to attend this workshop with someone else;
attend alone or with a friend or partner.

Monday, September 11, 2006

seducing a workman

There's a man currently on his knees on my porch in the sun. Singing a really good tune and carrying it well. He's got a beautiful face and a firm ass. He's a really dirty and sweaty young man, wiping his brow every 5 minutes on the arm of his shirt.

Perhaps I should tell him that removing his shirt would keep him cooler and provide me with better visuals. :)

Would it be so wrong for me to seduce him, the hired help?

Two minutes ago said man, just looked at me typing here at my kitchen table and said the words...

Hey, aren't you .... Yup, that's right, it's me Jennifer. Told me he saw me in the hallway the other day and recognized me from past events I've hosted. He's been to a number of the workshops Libido Events has hosted with Midori. He asked me if I was a helper at Libido Events and that's why I was there.

I laughed, hard. Helper, sschmelper. I would be the force and energy behind Libido Events, the lone one. He chuckled at the realization of who I was.

Now that he's back working (caulking) on my porch and I now know of his interest in bondage, I'm even more intrigued to seduce him!

I'm 33, he can't be more than 25. He's really sexy, sort of Hispanic looking, trim, boyish, not my type usually, but he can sing and likes bondage.

I may just go into my bedroom and masturbate on my bed, while listening to the sounds of him working & singing out in the mid afternoon sun!

**just my luck, he's just showed up at my patio door to tell me that his pants button just popped off. I offered to give him a safety pin or some rope to hold his pants up with. He declined both. I personally hope his pants just fall off him.