Thursday, December 10, 2009

More of Me

I have not found the drive to resume regular blogging.

If interested in what's going on in my life, you can follow my Twitter account for mini multiple updates each day.

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I have been meaning to Blog for a number of days now, yet I continue to lack the follow through necessary to publish anything.

It is not that I am short on content, time to write or even the desire, it is more that I feel as though any point at which I start writing again, will be not right.

I could write about our birth experience, being sick in hospital, family coming to stay over and visit, friends coming out of the woodwork, the holiday season, being a new mother again, setting up Libido Lounge for the second time, creating new events for our new space, or simply how life has changed. Yet none of these topics has made me want to write and share.

There are though a few points that I would like to clear up.

When I blog or Twitter and you read what I have written, know that I deliberately chose what to tell you and what to leave out. If I wanted more information on the net, I would put it here. Otherwise be aware that the details I give you, are all that I want to. Don't ask for more, that would be rude and handing out more information goes against my better judgement.

When I blog or Twitter it is because I so choose, not because I feel compelled to do so. I don't write for noteriety, fame or approval, I do it to record my own experiences for myself, and to give a little of my life to those who are interested.

When I blog or Twitter, I am not writing to you personally. No matter who you are. Unless I preface a post with your name, my musings are general and not specific to you.

If you learn something about me from my writings, consider very carefully whether or not, you should ever be commenting on it. In person or by writing me. Particularly men, most things of a personal nature are there for you to ponder but NOT to comment or act upon.

I have no inner circle, so attempting to gain access to my life by following everything I do, attend, write about and post makes you look like a stalker and not like a friend. No matter how you may try to convince me otherwise.

Do not show up in my life unannounced, do not write me personal emails involving me in your life, do not ask to know details about my family. I give up information to those I befriend, not to those who demand intimate details on my personal life.

I am a very private person. It may not seem as such to you due to what I do for a career, or what you read about me, but when I am not at work, I am joyfully locked away at home. I let few people in close, and I enjoy it this way. I've spent to long in my life being surrounded by tons of people and attention, my preference is for the quieter moments of home and family.

Don't read any of this the wrong way.  I want to hear from you, from people.  I just wish that certain people would consider how they appear to me as they try to find a way into my world.  I am flattered that people care for me, that they read my words and follow my work and journey.  It's friends and supporters like you that make my life so blessed, so please, if you write me respectfully and personally about things I have written, please continue to do so.  If you do not receive a comment back, consider that you may have crossed a line.