Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bondage Events Vancouver

At this unsightly hour I should really be fast asleep, alas this is not in the cards for me quite yet.

Last nights Deviant Dining was a real blast. The food delicious, the desserts massive, conversation non-stop and the poetry would have blown your knickers of you. The woman who read, did such a splendid job, it was absolutely lovely and sexy as hell all at once.

I have cramps, the type that require a loading dose of pain medication ( three pills) and a top up (another two), before the required time .... by an hour. Cramps suck. Having my period on a weekend with no events is sure good planning on my behalf though. I do need to remember to program iWoman on my iPhone. Must do this before I go to sleep.

iWoman will automatically figure out the duration of your period and the number of days in your cycle. This is such an incredible application and very helpful too women. From there you can put in more specific information for every day of your period. More ....

Libido Lounge now has a Live Journal Site where you can read me. Try having a look over here, if you prefer the style of LJ, or you can just keep reading me here on blogspot. Information on both is the same for the most part, though the long-term-plan for the reasoning behind all of this is being closely guarded.

I have a 9 AM appointment. Another at 1:0o PM and a final one at 3, then I get to come home and ready myself for this evenings bondage event. Restraining Order. I'm wiped out just thinking about this all, perhaps I should go to bed now and start resting up.

Good night!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sex Coaching Victoria BC

The next while I will be away on the island. We'll be staying and visiting with family for a long over due visit and much anticipated one too. Thankfully our retreat is quiet and the company loving and fun.

While in Victoria, on Sunday, this Sunday to be exact, I can be found teaching my Cock Sucking & Hand Job class at Kiss & Tell over on Harold Street. You have to purchase your tickets in advance so make sure you do this, like now folks!

$25 person - Advance Tickets Only " 250-380-6995 "

It turns out that I have a FEW limited spots available still to see clients. If you would like to meet while I am in Victoria for a Private Coaching session, then I encourage you to send me an email now, to book your time with me. I'm already have three sessions booked only room for a couple of more.

Tonight is Deviant Dining, and I am eager to sit back with everyone and shoot the shit for awhile. This event is so cool in that the point of dinner is (really aside from eating) to become better acquainted with the other members. And I plan on doing just that.

Wrapped in a towel writing this entry as I ponder what outfit will soon be on me. My preference of course is nude, but this is one event at the Lounge that always has everyone clothed.

RC is off to work leaving me to entertain this evening on my own. A lovely long time friend, is coming to read to everyone, I can't wait to hear her own poetry!

My life is rich, lively, productive, sex-positive and filled with passionate people and opportunities. I am so blessed and thankful to be surrounded by such goodness.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On Being Original

There are days when I am capable of accomplishing so much, and others that virtually nothing seems to be completed. This week appears to be about "taking care of business" and forging through the copious amounts of paper that is before me.

I'm not very pleased at how much work that I have to tend to in the next few days. I am however very impressed with the people that have stepped up, out-of-the-blue to aid me in not only getting the jobs done, but taking them from me, thus allowing professionals to worry about the stuff that plagues me with stress.

I have HUGE stuff going on right now in my life, but I don't want to share. Lest another try and take on, what is mine to conquer. I love pioneering in sex - culture and having others stand back and watch with their mouths gaping open before they jump into my world with both feet, and land safely. Creating sex - culture, breaking down taboos, opening doors for enlightenment and friendship and showing others how to be sex positive is simply my gift. It's pretty amazing too.

It's pretty outrageous how many events & groups in this province I have had a hand at creating in some way shape or form: either directly because I was asked for assistance or indirectly as the groups scooped up my formulas and past event plans as theirs because they couldn't come up with anything on their own.

Pioneering is what I do, and its kinda overwhelming how many people follow me. I find funny the lurkers, the ones in the shadows who follow my every move.

And my support, friendships, networking allies, income and success all come from my being genuinely ME and working my ass off for the last ten years. Thankfully this is one thing that no one else can replicate.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I had fun!

Ok, so the party last night was a lot of fun. I had sex with a girl, and I really enjoyed it a lot. It was a long time coming as we've known one another for a few years now, but never yet managed to get it on together till now. There is nothing comparable to working ones hand into a wet happy pussy, then hearing the "Oh yes, let's fuck" consent statement as I stood in front of her strapping on my big black cock before it took the place of my hand and continued consuming her.

Some how I convinced a rather large man to allow me to bind him to our stripper pole, he was completely immobilized in an upright standing position. Goodness, did I ever scare and excite the begeebers out of him. His first time at a play party and his first time in bondage. When I first mentioned tying him up, his wife said he'd NEVER allow it. Three minutes later, he was complacently standing still while allowing me to cinch him down to a place where he could not move an inch.

Two different women went for rides on the Sybian Sex Machine. One required a little of my assistance and the other required a whole lot. The woman who needed my attention and help was riding for the first time, and it was her first play party ever too.

It takes a few minutes to set some one up on the machine. First you plug in the ominous sized box, then set it in a place that looks good and away from close-up voyeurs. Then you position it to ensure drop clothes are underneath it, because ..... well .... so many women squirt. Then its all about the lubricant. Once things are slippery, well it just comes down to positioning yourself onto it. Which pose do you want to use? Once the pretty lady was nestled like a queen atop the pleasure making device, I was asked to control the dials and buttons. Happily with the black box in my hand, I took this woman for a wild ride.

Her husband was the man tied to the pole, facing her though unable to get to her, this man witnessed his wife's pleasure at the hands of myself and a Sybian. Next time I assume he will want the privilege of taking his girl into orbit on the orgasm producing machine himself.

There was an enormous amount of female energy at the party again, more women than men. Things are finally settling into a wonderful routine for myself and Libido Lounge.

This afternoon excitedly, we hired A NUDE YOGA INSTRUCTOR. Her attributes include being young at 25 years old, already is a pre existing yoga teacher, teaches two different types of yoga, she is very attractive, sweet, articulate and Asian. Very shortly now, Nude Yoga classes will be starting weekly.

And finally I can say it out loud what so many others keep telling me.... "Vera and Linda are both copy cats who couldn't for themselves or for their businesses come up with a single independent new idea with out stealing from Libido Events or Libido Lounge. Their lack of sex-positivity & morals is so ugly and obvious that others notice it right away, these two pioneer in this negative department."