Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Induction Day"

This photo was taken on my walk around the hospital after they had broken my water,  given me some drugs to ripen my cervix and bring on the contractions.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Childbirth & Medical Disasters

To bring you all up to speed.

This week I have been a day patient at our local hospital, twice daily admitting myself day and night for IV therapy. 8 AM and 8 PM.

I was in ER, with a horrible infection that appears to be in my jaw bone, and is from having my wisdom teeth removed last month .. the pain, swelling and nausea are overwhelming.

The answer to this medical crisis when one is as pregnant as I am (38 weeks) is twice daily IV therapy of antibiotics, administered through a catheter left in my arm so they do not need to be endlessly poking me. And to offer some comfort, Morphine and Demerol as pain killers - though these have side effects that are harsh and unavoidable.

A couple of days ago the main water line to our new house burst. Just throwing this out there so you can see how timing has conspired against us as of late.

This morning we saw our Obstetrician, and tomorrow morning at 9 AM I am being induced. This means we should have our son by some point later in the afternoon or early evening.

I'll be in hospital for a few days, both recovering from childbirth, but also remaining on IV therapy.

Then on Monday I am booked (in hospital) to see an Infectious Disease Doctor/Expert after I have an MRI of my head to determine the depth of the infection to my jaw and head.

This evening I return to the hospital again for IV therapy and the rest of my day today is being spent puking, trying not to stress out to much and of course doing all the little loose ends around our home that need tending to. Oh and if I can, getting in some napping time.

It's been a wild ride these past 9 months, though these past 4 months have been more difficult than even imaginable.

I have tried my best to accomplish everything within my power and this has caused me more stress than necessary.

If by chance we need to touch base for some reason, know that it likely won't be happening over the next while.

One email being sent to my email account is all that is necessary to capture my attention.

I'll respond as soon as I can.

While laboring tomorrow, you can keep up with our progress on Twitter.

That's it for now, it is tub time for me now.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Breathing Space

Thirty eight weeks pregnant today.

If I owe you a phone call or an email, forgive me as you'll not be hearing from me for awhile. I am drugged on morphine and demerol and taking twice daily antibiotics into my arm.

I am a day patient in the hospital this week on IV therapy.

Tomorrow we see the OB and get our induction date.

Please stop phoning, please stop emailing. We know who we need to contact but both Jason and I need to be left alone right now and are tired of emptying our phones and email accounts of repetitive messages. Once is enough thanks.

(the emails of support are sweet and most welcome, but again, please just one note is enough)

If you are someone who thinks we should be contacting you ... then relax, and wait for us to do so when we can, we have not forgotten about you. We are prioritizing our energy and commitments currently.

We are at end of our rope, and the end of this pregnancy.

This request is for all family, friends and otherwise special people in our lives. Please respect our need for some space right now - my health is not well and we are trying to get things under control before the baby arrives.

Medically we won't be sharing what's happening, just know that it is enough to turn our lives upside down. This, coupled with the fact that our main water line into our house burst yesterday morning.

Turmoil and it is all out of our control.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sexual Prowess

It takes a lot of skill, thoughtfulness and effort to be a good lover. Most anyone can screw or fuck someone, but to be a lover requires a finesse, a dedication to the "art of loving."

Over the years it has become painfully obvious to me through watching others engage in sex and listening to people discuss their sex lives, that so many are not completely satisfied with their intimate time. They crave more, yet do not have the vocabulary or the skill set to teach another how to please them.

People want exhilarating sex, they want to be caught up in the throes of passion and to feel the wild rush of euphoria wash through their body that only happens when sex is spontaneous, engaging and varied.

Anyone can do the same techniques time and time again, and we all know it then gets boring and predictable. It may get you off but it sure is not rewarding, nor bonding, nor toe curling or earth shaking.

Many people I speak to want to be considered great lovers, either by their relationship partners, or their one night stands. They want to be revered as excellent lovers and they want the delight that comes from being able to give their partner their undivided sensual attention.

Are you a lover who is caught in a rut, unsure how to create new and memorable experiences between you and your partner? You can fix this without grave difficulty, you just need the willingness to explore some unfamiliar territory, be willing to listen and able to spend more time creating that hunger within your hunger.

Are you a lover with something to share, even the simplest single suggestion is valuable here.

Here is what I need from you.

Drop me an email to jennifer@libidoevents, with the subject line "Lover". In the email tell me if you are a man or a woman and whether or not you make love to men or women.

Then tell me your favorite sexy techniques you engage in as foreplay, mental play or sex play to wow your partner.

I am *not* looking for sex positions, rather for ideas on how you ensure your partner is well taken care of sexually as a whole body experience during your play time. Give me examples.

You can also tell me what you have enjoyed having down to you that has made your intimate time all that more special and spectacular.

I am currently working on a special project and this information will go along ways to ensuring a vast number of people will become more thoughtful and proactive lovers.

Remember, what goes around, comes around. Share your tidbits and help make bedrooms across the country happier and more orgasmic.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moving Mountains

The man in my life loves me so much, so unconditionally and without fail. It feels so overwhelming to be cared for so well and to know that no matter what, he is there for me. Always by my side, and on my side. I can't help but feel unworthy of such greatness when it comes from such a generous, intelligent and handsome fella.

Earlier today we hit a mall and I did some holiday shopping while my guy went and had his hair cut. I tired out rather quickly though and ended up needing to sit and eat frozen yogurt with my very swollen feet elevated. Contractions were happening regularly, yet of course, not with enough frequency to convince me or any doctor for that matter that I was in real labor.

A stop at Ikea went so fast it is hard to believe possible. We ran in and back out with only needing a curtain rod and new curtains for the babies room and we had success in finding exactly what we needed with rapid speed.

We went Christmas grocery shopping next and spent HUNDREDS of dollars - it was necessary and certainly needed. Particularly because I can't fathom shopping for food with a new born in the cold and hustle bustle of the month of December. This heinous task was now out of the way.

By the time we arrived home late in the afternoon it was already black outside, the teenager helped us unload our exploding vehicle of all the purchases stuffed inside of it.

Jason hemmed the new curtains and hung them, I put away all the food, then my man erected our Christmas tree right in the middle of the living room. Incredible.

This whole nesting process yields amazing results when we all work together.

And now we are about to munch of some snacks while watching a movie rental.

Good night.