Saturday, April 19, 2008

Taser Use in Vancouver

So this entire story can be found in THE GLOBE AND MAIL.

This is not a little hick town paper, this is our Country's National News Paper folks!

Read it from beginning to end. Here ya go people, read all about it.

The Legacy of Tasers: from killing a Polish immigrant at YVR airport to terrifying the general public that rides BC Transit. It could be the quiet kid sitting next to you on Sky Train next that gets jolted by that weapon, and rest assured if the person next to you dies, you will NEVER be the same.

Do something now.

The article will leave you as angry as it does me, read it. You don't even have to be Polish to be riled and repulsed by law enforcements latest shinanigans.

Can you believe that our Transit Police, here in BC are using Tasers often to enforce Fare Payment at Sky Train Stations?

If you ever see police use a Taser on ANYONE, video tape on your phone the whole incident from beginning to end. Don't tell anyone at the time, or the police will seize the evidence and the general public will NEVER see it until it's too late.

Capture it on camera, then get away fast and hand the footage over to a news agency fast AND to the B.C. Civil Liberties Association. No joke people.

Don't give it to the police as evidence, you won't get it back you dumby. Let the police get it from the news and everywhere else, but DO NOT KEEP QUIET ANY LONGER about this brutality going on here in BC towards our residence.

Can you imagine that our local Transit Police have randomly in 18 months used a Taser ten times on individuals all in cases that simply involved fare evading. Where is the threat of immediate harm? NONE. This is an outrage. Catch them using this form of excessive force then hand it over to as many media entities as possible, fast so we can correct this abuse of power as soon as possible and put Vancouverites to rest about whether or not they can lay their trust in there police force again.

This issue is large. The RCMP killed a man at the air port with a Taser and the public has let them get away with it. Its appalling. No accountability on their behalf. Now our own Transit Police it turns out are using the same weapon, and at times when there is no threat to them, no reason to do so.

Excessive Force is all it is. Brutality. Macho Superior Behavior.

Get the Tasers out of the hands of Transit Police & RCMP. Put a moratorium on their use until an independent study can objectively inform both the public and those who enforce the laws what the dangers are in Taser use and also assure us, as to the specific circumstances surrounding when a Taser could be used.

The issue of Taser use keeps getting larger, because agencies do not disclose when Tasers end up being used. Then the public finds out after the fact and is mortified by the frequency of use and absurdity of the reasons as to why. This high level of secrecy must end, the public is due honest disclosures, AS THEY HAPPEN. Not weeks or months down the road.

Pass the URL link to the Globe and Mail article on to everyone you work with.

Send it to everyone in your address book. Talk about it. Write about a lot. Make it a Google-able topic for anyone in the world to read about the victimization of our people here at home at the hands of those we pay to protect us. Put "Taser Use in Vancouver" in your subject lines. Tell every police officer you know or ever run into how you feel about Tasers and their irresponsible use.

Write the Globe and Mail.

Write the RCMP.

Write the B.C. Civil Liberties Association

Write the BC Human Right Commission.

Write the federal Liberal public safety critic Ujjal Dosanjh.

Write your local paper Editors.

Stop by your local police station and file a complaint. Vancouver Police department or any Municipal Police force, plus RCMP offices.

Don't be silent any longer. They, the ones abusing power, are counting on your ignorance of the facts due to their master plan of secrecy to allow them to continue this destructive path on your rights and life.

End Taser Use now.

And to further Outrage You, here is what the Transit Authority has to say on this todays Vancouver Sun.

Transit police back Taser use

Device will 'absolutely' continue to be used against non-compliant passengers

METRO VANCOUVER - Officers policing Metro Vancouver's transit services will continue Tasering "non-compliant" passengers, despite outrage over reports the weapon has been used against non-violent fare-evaders.

"Absolutely. Absolutely. Yup," Insp. Daniel Dureau of the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority Police said, during a brief telephone interview Thursday after he was asked if his officers would still use the Taser on non-violent passengers."

Makes me want to barf all over Insp. . Daniel Dureau. You too right?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

News worth exclaiming in a loud happy voice, while on a roof top.

The other day, Wednesday to be precise, RC took me to the opening day of The Army and Navy Shoe sale. This made me so happy.

Three, count them three pair of Steve Madden shoes.

And another two pair that were so hot I couldn't leave them behind in the store.

They are all mine. Five new pairs of designer shoes, very good news. Makes the woman in me ROAR.

We arrived when they opened at 8:00 Am and went straight to my size. The hunt was on and like a good tracker, I came away with some real treasures.

More Art was delivered to Libido Lounge at Restraining Order by a local artist last night. Wait till you see the prints on the walls. Five seems to be my lucky number as that is how many were handed to me. I am struck by both the color and the imagery. Wait till you see it yourself!

Deviant Dining is the name of our new monthly potluck dinner. It will land on the calendar shortly so start giving thought to what dish you will be contributing. The night has live erotic art installations, stimulating conversations, great food, new people to meet, enticing servers and a butler. I'm confident you'll love the night, so make plans to come have dinner with us.

I'd like to write more, but I really should get some work done. RC and I have a dinner date with one another this evening, alone. Then home for some adult play time. How sexy is that?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Queer & Bondage Night

Have you heard of or even seen in print, this new acronym?


It stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans gendered, Inter sexed, Queer, and Questioning.

What a bloody mouth full.

Was the LGTB acronym not inclusiveness enough as it was originally? Of course it was. Though some person felt left out of that demographic obviously and now this lengthy abc mouthful is what is before us.

I am a bio born female with girlie genitalia, who is a mother of a child because of penetrative intercourse with a man.

Heterosexual is not a word that fits any description of me. I have not been heterosexual in eons, and always find the word unsettling when people accidentally put me in that category.

Though I *can* identify as a bisexual, because I am attracted to women and have sex with them regularly, being labeled as bi sexual just does not embrace all the dimensions of my sexuality. Note that I have a primary partner in a man.

In my adult life I have had sex with WAY more women than men by a long shot and will continue to do so.

When I fall either in love or in lust I do NOT do so because of my perception of the other persons gender, OR what I believe to be between their legs.

If I find someone hot, it is based on the connection we make with eye contact and our sexual energy that we exchange, and not on the bits between the legs.

Whatever happens to be between some one legs will be what I play with. I don't ask questions about gender when it comes time to play with some one in sex space that I am attracted to. Well other than the obvious of " So what can I do to make you feel really good?"

This is what makes me QUEER.

Now that is a word that resonates well.

QUEER, that's me!

As a queer woman, I support every persons right to love and pleasure however you can create it for yourself.


RESTRAINING ORDER bondage enthusiasts: social & play time

April 17 Thursday
7:00 - 9:30pm

$25 cash per person, or $40 per couple Life Time Members $5
Cash Pay at door

Have an interest in bondage or restraint? This is the night for you,
sit back and watch others play and engage in stimulating bondage talk
or set yourself up for some play if you are so inclined.

A bondage enthusiasts casual evening of social & play time. Learn
some new tricks, tie some one up or be tied up. Meet new people,
enjoy light snacks & drinks and frolic in the facility as we will be
set up specifically for your bondage pleasure.

Event Rules will be posted when you arrive. Please ensure you read
them carefully before you begin your night.

Arrive when you can and leave when you are ready,
from this Drop-In event.

Open to Men & Women, Couples & Singles and assumes no level of
experience. All are welcome.

Bring your bondage gear. No dress code though note these items as
being *not* permitted: No flannel robes.
No sunglasses and no face masks.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sex Coaching in Vancouver

Since I started my Private Coaching practice in 2004, my rates have slowly increased over the years to where they sit today.

When things started, I charged a nominal rate. A very nominal rate.

The rate was set as it was, as no one really was sure what professional sex coaching would look like.

No one else was doing what I was doing. There was no precedent and so I had to create my own base rate.

Sure there were therapists and tantra workers working locally, but no sex coaches.

The accredited professionals in the field, many of whom I know, had little to no knowledge surrounding alternative sex practices and the language necessary to aid others in this journey of discovery. Their rates were exorbitant and what they offered in this niche area was next-to-nothing.

This is where I come in. Bridging that gap. Being that resource for individuals or couples hungering to further their pursuits of pleasure.

My hourly rate has gone up a couple of times over the last four years now.

I have become not only quite sought after, but also remarkably skilled at what I do.

When I started Coaching I only met people for discussion style appointments. However as time went on and my skills became honed to be what others called above proficient and inspiring, it became obvious to those in my life that I should expand upon my offerings.

It took me some time to figure out my boundaries in interactive classes with clients, but I managed to create a workable code of ethics for myself. Once I had this issue settled, I knew I had to set a new rate for this more in depth type of appointment.

I've yet to mention it, but my appointment time with clients, is always set for a minimum of 2 hours at a time. Experience has shown me that little gets completed in an hour, yet in two, we can move mountains together and relax as we figure things out.

$125 an hour for a discussion style appointment - 2 hours minimum = $250
$175 an hour for an interactive class / appointment

It's time for a change. What I am offering and what I can offer my clients is changing fast and greatly.

My offices space is awesome and meets all of my teaching needs. My skills are that in which people leave our time together, already well on there way to starting the journey they once believed was unreachable.

Rate changes are difficult as again I have no one to look to for guidance in this area.

A perk of course of joining Libido Lounge, is that Members get the benefit of making appointments with me at a discounted rate, and for an hour minimum rather than the standard two.

I can no longer count, nor can I even remember how many people who have sought out my services over the years. What makes me feel accomplished is having these same people join Libido Lounge, buy Life Time Memberships, flock to my educational classes and support me with their legal names and letters of thanks, and of course when they return to see me again in coaching or refer friends to me.

My coaching practice is large and I serve a great number of people. Happily. I enjoy so much the chance to share with others and point them in sound directions. Allowing no one to fall between the main - stream cracks.

Being a role model is not something that I am comfortable with, yet it is something that I hear from others regularly about how they see me.

But back to money and ones worth.

Though anyone can send me an email and ask a question, nothing beats a sit down face to face Private Coaching appointment with me.

It will be money well spent, no matter what my new rates become soon.

Carpe diem if you'd like an appointment before my rates increase.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

play by day

A heads up to all our members of Libido Lounge.
(you've completed Member Orientation with us)

You will want to be at this event, if you can make it. Take note, it is also a weekly on-going event.

Today from 12:00 - 3:00 pm

After-NOONER mid day romp

Venue: L.L.C - MEMBERS ONLY (no guests)

DROP - IN $25 cash per person, or $45 per couple

Life Time Members $5

Cash, Pay at door

Your chance to play by the light of day. A mid day opportunity to enjoy the facility, meet a friend or perhaps run into some one new.

Light snacks and drinks.

Arrive when you can and leave when you are ready, from this Drop-In weekly event.

Open to Men & Women, Couples & Singles.

Bring your own toys and towel. No dress code though note these items as being *not* permitted: No flannel robes, No work clothes. No sunglasses and No face masks.

Event Rules will be posted when you arrive. Please ensure you read them carefully once you arrive.

Monday, April 14, 2008

getting caught up

If you work with RC and are reading this, OR if you have seen him in the last 48 hours, I want you to know that I am NOT responsible for what you saw. He is! Ask him. Foolish, foolish man.

I accomplished more than seemed imaginable when I started my day.

I was not looking forward to what awaited me. Thankfully the tasks went off with out any glitches and I was able to finish in record time.

Those who live with me, understand how difficult this day was.

While tending to everything, I kept my mouth shut. Not a grumble out of me.

But, by the time I got home. Well that's another story.

I arrived back to our nest and was completely exhausted. So much so that I was in no state to finish the last steps of what was needed in order to call my efforts applaud able.

At four this afternoon I crawled into bed. At five thirty, I awoke feeling refreshed, a little.

Then it was time. My whining started and so did my complaining. I had had a rough day and was feeling it.

Luckily my family understood my gripes and set about to rectify matters swiftly. Or at least they tried to appease me temporarily. And I, was most grateful for there efforts and love.

Some days are long and hard.

Today was one of them.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

a myriad of things

A Sunday, and a sunny one at that. It feels so good to have the warmth of Spring back again finally.

Truth be told, I slept like the dead last night and boy did I ever need that. I couldn't have gone out if I had wanted to, nor could RC have as he was a walking zombie too by the time he got in the door from work. We stayed in, played Scrabble and were in bed by 10 pm.

Orientation was this afternoon, and I was so much hopeful that is was happening on another day, but no such luck. Staying home would be heavenly, though was not in the cards for today. Another lot of people Oriented and through our doors as Members now.

Domestic chores need attention. If my energy levels remain consistent then I'll get to things, otherwise tomorrow is another day. Some how I just don't see me washing floors today or cleaning windows. RC has brought up getting a maid twice in the last week. The idea is starting to warm on me, especially given that we could hire a male one who could come clean by day, while I am working and the child is at school. The help would be so welcome right about now, as my juggling act of responsibilities is a big job. Letting some of the tedious stuff go to some hot buff guy, wouldn't feel like a luxury, rather more like a necessity.

My teenagers just came out of her room, and wearing a pair of shorts that I gave her. In fact, just last summer the shorts were mine and she acquired them because I no longer wanted them. I find it some what disturbing that my daughter fits into all of my clothes now. And she wears two items, in a different and larger size than me already. Gaahh!

Lately I have been amazed at how forward people have become. Particularly an idiot man and woman team that I know - though they are not in a relationship, they might was well be, because they are equally clueless and laughable. Speaking out of turn, and as if they have information or knowledge which they obviously do not. Because if they did, their lot in life professionally and personally would be successful. Instead, they continue to look like the failures they are. And when you are failing so miserably having every one watching can be humbling and degrading. I hope they wallow in where they are - you both deserve everything you've got so far. And goddess knows that there is more to come for you both should you continue your menacing ways. C'est la vie!