Saturday, March 31, 2007

across the pond

Today was very, very long. I accomplished a great deal, though it's become apparent that I need an assistant for my professional pursuits if I'd ever like to complete everything on my to-do list. Early this morning I handled two hours of admin. work, then sent out mail to the mailing list after some Libido Events calendar updates.

As I had forgotten to refill a prescription during the week I was forced to endure a 74 minute wait to see a Doctor in a walk-in clinic this afternoon, this made me none to happy. Pleased as I was to get my meds, I still resented the wait. That's what I get for leaving something so important to the last minute.

This evening I taught a class, How To Put A Glow On The Cheeks of a Bottom - caning, spanking & more in Surrey and had returned back home by 11:15 to be in my robe, sitting in the living room with my daughter. An early night in, how decadent for me. I was not in a party mood tonight.

Tomorrow I'm on BC Ferries heading over to Victoria to teach for the whole day. RC is joining me for the trip and attending one of my two classes. In one of the classes will be his only sibling with a friend. Our first meeting, rather exciting for me, though I'm hardly going to be able to focus or give them any undivided attention what with a class before me to teach. Oh well at least I won't have time to be nervous then either.

I still need to pack for tomorrow's classes: Cock Sucking & SM 101. Right after I unpack from this evening's class. Good Goddess, I certainly do get around!

April 1 Sunday
3:00 - 5:00pm
Cock Sucking: The Hand Job, Blow Job class (women only)
presented by Jennifer
Kiss & Tell 531 Herald Street Victoria, BC
tickets $35 (take both classes and the cost is $60, see below)

April 1 Sunday
5:30 - 7:30pm
A Little More Than a Slap & a Tickle - SM 101
presented by Jennifer
Kiss & Tell 531 Herald Street Victoria, BC
tickets $35 (take both classes and the cost is $60, see above)

Friday, March 30, 2007

public masturbation & housing

RC drove as we went to pick up my daughter from school today, the three of us zipping off to an appointment. Finally a chance to view a 3 bedroom townhouse that we'd been trying to get into see for almost a week. After a quick walk-through it became obvious that it did not meet a lot of our requirements for a luxurious home. This was only the first place to catch our attention, there will be plenty more in the weeks to come. We are searching with a sense of urgency and will most certainly run smack dab into something breathtaking soon.

Came home to find this email in my work account, made me really happy to know this man found something for himself in my Topping class. And enough so that his wife also has felt the impact of his time in class with me.

Hi Jennifer,

It was great to meet you and attend you class Saturday at the Wetspot. My 'insatiable bottom' wife said after sex that night, 'you've never looked at me like that before'. As we were talking about the class, I realised how much I got out of it. We are definitely coming to more of your classes, and I've signed up for you newsletter. I had wanted to stick around and thank you, after the class but with time such as it was, and you were thronged. see you next time.


RC and I were in Seattle last weekend celebrating Bella's birthday with her. What a celebration it was, both the friends only dinner party for 20 at our favorite dinner spot AND the early morning bed time together with the three of us being frisky to bring in Allena's birthday morning with juicy goodness. Allena felt love, joy and good orgasms - I love her so much....that she and RC are so smooth together is not a surprise to me, but none the less is still a relief. We as a poly unit, are handling all of this new stuff so great. It is a period of transition yes, but not bumpy. This is good news.

We (RC, Allena and I) of course went to The Little Red Studio behind-the-scenes private party (post SEAF thank you party for organizers & special guests) on Saturday night, enjoying an evening of hedonistic delights. Somehow I managed to end up on center stage, exposing my flower to the entire place and getting myself off. Trust me when I tell you that my little solo masturbation bit, was on my Dare Card for a game the whole place was playing and that when it came to be my turn it was ever so appropriate. Perhaps you'd have to have been there to understand. It was however, very sexy to have two beautiful models sucking & biting my nipples while I was working my girl bits, trying to pop out a big O before my time was up. RC & Bella were snuggled up & smooching in a plush red velvet booth watching me, be me. I feel so strong when surrounded by such love.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

name request

All efforts lately have been going in many directions. It's been difficult for me to find the focus necessary to tackle this one task head on, perhaps you can help.

A name needs to be be found immediately for the new club, a name to identify it by. This sex-positive venue that will host both Libido Events and other groups endeavours.

A trendy, catchy name for this place, what would you call it? Think of something creative, a name that I'll end up liking and choosing and you'll win a prize.

Prize you say Jennifer. Yes, it's true. The person to choose the winning name will find themselves the proud of owner of $500 in gift certificates enabling them to spend these at future club events.

Step right up and enter your name suggestions here or email me privately

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

ambiguous feline with a splash of love

There is a cat roaming through my house, this hasn't happened since k, my girl was still in service to me and she went away camping leaving my daughter & I to care for her cat. As non cat owners, that sole cat sitting experience is the sum total of our time spent around felines aside from visiting them when at friend's homes. Not a lot of cat time, despite the fact that for the last number of years the child has been asking periodically for one. (yet clearly stating that she wanted NO part in the clean up or maintenance of the cat)

RC comes already with a cat, two birds, a lot of lush (alive) green plants and orchids. The cat is now here at my place and has been here since yesterday. Or perhaps it was the day before. I'm unsure at this point. No this is day three. We are blending well. The cat, the daughter, RC and I. In fact, we've been cohabiting together now for over a week non stop. Life is really good.

Because it's really exciting news, I'll share. RC, my daughter, myself and the cat, two birds, all the alive green plants including yes, the orchids, well, we are moving in together. Each of us letting go of our places and starting fresh some where new that we'll all call home as a family. Currently we are investigating properties.

This is a serious decision on my part, perhaps beyond others comprehension. I've maintained strong boundaries for the last 8 years to ensure a relationship like this didn't come along for me and managed for the most part to keep everyone at bay at this level of connection. Then upon meeting RC threw every one of my relationship rules out the window and we both fell head over heels in love with one another right away with none of my previous safety nets in place, I am feel so glad I did what I did.

This relationship is not like anything I've known before, and where I had assumed I would be leading, I'm learning to follow. Out of my element at times, in ways that stir up huge emotions and almost out of necessity must allow myself to be led. Frightening for me. Where I'd been certain I would follow, in fact, I'm leading and doing so without using power. I'm not talking about just sex here, I'm talking about life, getting through life and yes, sex too.

Back to Lance, the cat. So it turns out that when the cat was bought from the store, RC was told he was a boy. So he brought him home, naming him Lance it was appropriate. Sir Lance fittingly at times even. Down the road the cat was packed up and taken to the vet to be responsibly neutered and RC was sent away for a few hours while the procedure happened. Well when he returned he was told (ha ha) that Lance was not a boy, Lance was a girl. Oops. So they spayed her, Sir Lance.

It's RC's believe that Lance is simply a gender confused cat kitty. At least I try and refer to her in both the masculine and feminine at least some of the time to ensure she / he feels supported and loved during this process of personal discovery for Lance.

Anyways we are blending into a family and have plans on expanding. Both professionally and personally. Plus one would make us a 4 person family, plus two would bring us up to 5. Don't forget the new space, we've certainly not forgotten about that either. We're busy, busy, busy at it these days. Yes you read that right, plus one, a baby. And Lance, who will likely want a name change some where along the way.

It's been so easy coming together, gaining familiarity and a bond. My life is blessed and it's been said correctly, that though I faced some difficult personal challenges in my childhood, over all I have triumphed as an adult. RC and I are going to conquer life together emanating our energetic dynamic blissful love.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

sex negativity

To be fair to RC's friend from work I've opted to remove her first name from my last blog post as she was uncomfortable reading it here on my blog as that post had been originally dedicated to her.

And now I am pissed off.

Monday, March 26, 2007

man art

Friday we were bombing around town with RC in control of the wheel and all three of us were on a mission. My daughter was off to Seattle for the weekend with her GG troupe and we had to get to the Amtrack Station on time. After getting her settled in and waved good bye - RC and I were alone. We hit the Army Surplus store on Broadway easily spending half an hour looking through all the gear they have in stock. We left with a new snake bite kit and camo-green duct tape for our sex.

Later in the evening was our play date back at his place all alone just the two of us. I had been looking forward to this time together. Once he was suitably made unable to see anything, and laid out across the tarped living room floor face-up, I watched him tremble slightly with excitement. A pillow under his head for comfort and more kisses to satiate our need to connect with our mouths.

My tools and instruments were already laid out in some semblance of perceived order across the dining room table and music floated gently through the room. The smell of coconut made me relax so fast as it burned in the corner. I was pleasantly feeling in control and eager to get to my guy to show him something he'd never before done. He wants to try this so much that the thought of it excites him greatly, another new experience to lead him through.

We are going on a journey, and it is together. I plan on getting as much out of this for me personally as he does.

I'm in awe of his physical form and striking nakedness. It was obvious that I now had this beautiful bare canvas to create my art on and so I did.

RC was being given my undivided attention, something he likes very much. The gift he gave me was trust. Holding that trust tight it was time for me to make my first mark on his unblemished fair skin. Starting slow almost tentative, the first few marks are like that. Then I slashed, painted, splashed, dripped and otherwise layered and covered him in colors. My chosen choices being red, white, blue - with a heavy lean on the white. Perhaps inspired because tomorrow we are heading to Seattle for a couple of days.

By the time I was done with him, he had had minute after minute of excruciating pleasure and waves of exquisite blissful energy eruptions all through out his body as it came alive under my orchestration. It was like watching the sky come alive with the brightness of colors at a beautiful fireworks display. He looked stunning, laying there on the floor marked up, made to be my art for this period of time.

It's taken me a great number of years to recognize that there is an art to excellent sex play and in that I realized that I truly am an excellent artist as well as an educator and activist.