Saturday, November 18, 2006

hungry for touch

My Dominance is just aching to get my hands on someone fresh, to create & share in joint lust. It's this hunger to take another over the top, around the bend, then back again, to me.

Dressing to impress and get what I need. Camouflage knee high socks with matching waist cincher and skirt. A perfect match the three pieces with trim in black PVC that compliments my sleek 6 inch black ankle strap heels on my feet.

I'm throwing a collar in my toy bag (on wheels) so that should it feel right, when I see the right man, I'll know to put it on and make my approach.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

bondage in Vancouver tonight

An Accountant, Insurance Agent, Realtor, Friend, Financial Advisor, sex educator and my Daddy. These are the people whom I've spent time talking with today. My home phone had SEVEN messages blinking at me and my cell phone had an additional EIGHT. I'm feeling emotionally drained from the amount of energy it took to bring respond to all these calls.

I would have been taking the calls personally instead I drove this early this morning to Bellingham, for a good shaggin with Jim. Had to! Had to! Had to! Needed sex. Dozed for an hour in his arms satiated, then crossed back over the border for home to ready for work this evening.

Tonight I'm teaching , Tie Me to the Bed Posts Please, bedroom bondage basics.

It's an introductory level bondage class happening at Little Sisters Book Store down on Davie Street. Tickets are of course, available at the door and it's going to be a class filled with eye opening firsts for anyone looking to add bondage into their sexual repetoire. Join me.

November 16 Thursday
7:30 - 9:00pm
Tie Me To The Bed Posts Please
bedroom bondage basics
presented by Jennifer
Little Sisters Book Store
1238 Davie Street Vancouver
$15 ticket, class open to me & women

Ever thought tying up your partner could be sexy? Or being tied up could be fun? Well you're right!

This workshop will talk about safety issues and show you some of the best ways to tie up your lover for an enjoyable bondage experience. The different effects that bondage can have will be shown, from blissful meditation and serenity to enhancing other types of interactive sex play. Emphasis will be on simple forms of bondage which can be performed easily, using common household items many people generally already have at home.

* There is no requirement to attend this workshop with someone else; attend alone or with a friend or partner.

Bonus: your ticket to the workshop is also good for 20% off merchandise.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

hating the distance

Over the years I've developed my own coping mechanisms for dealing with having partners who live on the other side of the border as Americans and not local to me in my own city or country.

I really wish she was closer in driving distance right now because her input to various aspects of my current journey is oh so wanted. E-mails and her voice on the phone does not suffice any longer, I find myself in want of her physical presence.

I hate the kilometers and border guards between us right now, longing for the ease of a few minute commute across city not country lines to spend time with the one I love.

When we spoke on the phone my girl told me she had plans on driving up here to help me work on what needs done to get things completed on the new building. Wow, I am ever blessed to have her in my life.

That we've been in love and partnered for so many years blows me away some times, leaving me in smiles, the realization that one of my life partners is a woman. Allena's love & self have transformed my world.

Together what we are capable of is astounding. We are a force.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

times are changing

5 year lease
Events for all
Other groups may host events
Educational, Social & Play Space
January 01 2007 occupancy

My head is spinning, the process is going really fast now.

To have keys to my own facility, my own 2900 square feet. This is really really exciting for Libido Events, me and even for you!

Monday, November 13, 2006

feeling the love

Yesterday afternoon and into the evening I spent hours with a group of friends hanging out, talking, listening to music and eating delicious home made pizza by our Chef and Host the ever sexy & charming James.

It was a good time for my soul to be surrounded by fellow kinksters. I left feeling rejuvenated, not so much from the food, tasty as it was, rather for the companionship of friends old & new, the chance to share time with them all so intimately.

Cuddled together on the sofa, holding one person while having a conversation with another in a room full of happy people playing catch up on life together over a long weekend. Beer or root beer in everyone's hand, stories that remind us of our own pasts and the past of our sex-positive community flowing freely for us all to hear. History our history, we own it, we're an unashamed bunch.

Perhaps this is why we all "get some" so often, why our personal lives AND sex lives are so rich, the lack of shame. Without shame as a barrier, we are free to ask for anything and to express ourselves openly. We're proud of our diversity, it's what keeps us special and unique in a world that wants us all to be the same.

Without shame in your way, what would you tell or ask of your partner?

Dig deep! The crap we pile on ourselves, the guilt, the years of pressure to conform to a societal norm, get past all of that. Put aside reservations, thinking of your want or need as crude, immoral, dirty, bad, wrong, un Christian, not man enough, to passive or dominant, not feminine enough, break out - find it and say it out loud.

Take a deep breath and let loose those words that just need to be heard.

What do you need sexually?

Share something you've never shared before. Be descriptive with out offering a script. Hand over the frame work for this new fantasy, pleasure or hunger.

It will make incredibly hot pillow talk and you'll feel empowered in your sex to have that nugget sitting out there now in the world of possibilities.

Maybe today, tonight or tomorrow it will become your reality. Own the possibility and share the secret.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cattle Prod makes a hot scene

As I was making my way out of the dungeon last night, someone came up to me and said "It wasn't very patriotic of you to be hitting a soldier, especially on Remembrance Day."

Ha ha, it's true, I had a HOT HOT HOT scene with a young soldier who is now finished his two tours with the US Army and wore his uniform to Sin City last night.

Realizing he had no underwear on under his camouflage pants was disappointing to me as I wanted him out of the pants and bent over a spanker with his bottom and inner thighs available for me to use. Quickly I realized that I must find a way to save the day.

Grabbed a roll of packing tape and proceeded to quickly tape his military cap over his cock and balls and another over his ass to keep everything tucked away. Presto and instantly he was naked of ALL of his uniform, even socks and boots. With his boy bits covered in a hat and tape suddenly I had a very masculine canvas infront of me to layer sensations on.

Yummy and lucky Jennifer.

For a very long time, I did things to him that I'm fairly confident, he'd never had done to him before. His body lit up like a fireworks display as I shot electricity from my cattle prod into his ass and sensitive inner thigh region. In fact, just holding the cattle prod over his cock and touching the toy to his scrotum made him shiver and quiver, it was magnificent, watching the beads of sweat roll off his brow and down his blindfolded face.

A play partner whom I've just met, that I can take for a wild ride, in public and not have them freak out is rare, given how I like to play. I like this boy, responsive and boyish charm.

The gasps were loud as I slapped him across the face, the blindfold again was both of our friends, and he never once saw my hand coming towards his cheek, yet my hand made contact multiple slapping times over. I kissed him on the upper lip now and again to keep him grounded, his mouth hungry for mine, yet uncertain I'm sure, if he should even kiss back. What fun!

Punched his calves with my fists, HARD, over and over again. His toes splayed and spread wide, speaking what his mouth was not. He was being hurt and when the toes pointed rigid and every muscle in his legs was looking cramped I stopped punching the calf muscle and dropped to my knees on the floor, starting to massage away the wound.

Right as he was relaxing into the massage, it was time, to run a knife over his body and watch him freeze, fast. Still, unmoving. He was scared and rightly so. Nipples exploited, pinched & abused then sucked into my mouth and lapped at until sensual bliss would take over.

Punch, PUNCH, PUNCH, 10, 11 12 times in the chest, hands clenching holding tight onto the spanker to keep himself upright. Woosh, the air comes out of him from a good hit and my hand covers his mouth & nose, stopping his ability to breathe. I hang on till he starts to flail, hard. Letting go, and kissing his gasping mouth....

Are you alright? I asked him. "Green, GREEN" he keeps saying and smiling madly.

This is incredible, he says, I respond with, "I know."