Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day Two of the show

Second day of the show is now over, and the day had me looking good.

RC had a blast running around doing the metro sexual shopping thing he so enjoys and I moved slow reserving my energy. My voice is starting to crack, despite wearing a head set in each of my seven classes thus far and trying to save my volume. My classes have all been pppppacked.

I love at the beginning of each class, when I ask everyone to raise their hands if they've been in class with me before. Watching all the arms raise in the air and the smiles spread across their faces remembering what I've taught them, leaves me feeling like a power house as I start the class.

Stores, many stores...over five thus far have approached me to now start teaching out in there Valley adult stores. In the coming weeks I will get all the contracts sealed then post these new additions to the calendar. There is nothing better than having store owners come to me because they want me and my Erotics Arts Curriculum. Particularly flattering was two different store owners, hunting me down to tell me that they had taken in my classes and that they were floored not just at my professionalism but also the sell - ability of my education series and carnal knowledge.

None of these things are over night happenings. People waiting and lining up for my classes early. Packed rooms. Stores buying me out and coming looking for me. An In Box that over flows with requests and praise, this is the result of years of activism and teaching. I have worked so hard to create this, though now finally I can be choosy about which work I accept and which I don't. Times have changed.

With out doubt there was no other presenter or educator better received than I in terms of attendance numbers by a long shot! The coming weeks are going to be very busy as I welcome all of these new followers to Libido Events and local sex culture.

Walking through the show with RC we were constantly surrounded by friends who had come to visit. It's nice having ones own posse and that they are all such solid grounded kind people is testament to the wonderful friendships that can be formed in sex culture. Thank you all for the food, snacks, hugs, applause and love it was all so appreciated.

My feet ache, really bad. I wore decent shoes, though heels none the less. Had to. Just had to to go along with my Officer Naughty outfit that I had on.

Lee and Mark are two different local fetish photographers who were both at the show taking professional photos of me while I was teaching different classes today. I am so eager to see what images they caught of me in action as I never get to see myself this way. I'm not bothered by people I know taking my picture for things I am aware of, but I find it a tad disturbing to have strangers at the show taking my picture while I am teaching.

Chinese food awaits me....we brought home take - out. Then sleep. Tomorrow is the final day of the show and my last two classes. Thankfully the day is Sunday, Gods day, so things close down early. Good, because I need the rest.

Friday, March 28, 2008

ready, set, go

Unsure of whether or not Abbotsford is ready for me, but here I come. And I'll be bringing my sex positive education, enthusiasm and voice with me.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

readying for the bible belt

It snowed today while I was out driving. This amused me greatly of course. Thankfully it did not stick.

I'm partially ready for Taboo, it starts tomorrow. It is only my personal items that need tended to now. Classes are all ready, and my belongings are sorted.

A photographer has been booked to take some shots of me over the weekend, while I'm on stage teaching. These images will hopefully make a wonderful addition to my professional portfolio.

In a few hours I'll be sending out a mail - out to the Libido Events mailing list about Taboo this weekend, my classes and the shows hours.

I am eager to drive into Abbotsford later tomorrow for the show. It is the city where I grew up, went to school and still had a solid family unit, pre: the divorce of my parents. There are a few stops to check out from long ago that we plan on seeing as I trip along down memory lane, with RC at my side.

The bed to myself tonight as RC is at work, so I plan on taking my new Wahl for a test drive. It runs so quietly that playing with it in the dead of night doesn't bother me at all, as it makes virtually no noise. And the cord is extra long so you can really move around with the toy and have lots of range.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

cramps equal bedrest

Period from hell started at 4 this morning and woke me from a deep slumber.

The only upside to this bloody situation, getting the rough early couple of days over with before Taboo starts on Friday.

My day will be spent on the sofa, in bed, on Tylenol 3's while clutching a hot water bottle.

Tonight is another Member Orientation, and I am meeting a couple I've been looking forward to making face to face contact with.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

for my girl


you are very loved

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Monday!

Aaah, today was the last day of Spring break and the day we had chosen to celebrate with our family dinner and the customary Easter baskets. Somewhere mid day the desire to nest became overwhelming and I found myself rifling through closets and drawers ridding myself of dated clothing & accessories.

A day well spent I must say.

This week is all about readying for Taboo this weekend. Nine classes over three days, and I am their lead. Time to start packing for this shin dig to ensure I have all my stuff together. My fifth year with the show now and my sixth round of productions for them, I am eager though to be in this new venue out in the Valley.

I mailed out those free tickets to Taboo a while back, you should have yours by now if you sent me a SASE. The show schedule can be found on the Taboo site and on the Libido Events calendar.

Recently my collection of "higher end" provocative body pieces, to wear when I am working and looking for that polished image has grown dramatically. I'm eager for this opportunity of teaching at the show, to wear some daring of these new numbers out in public.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Peeps!

A necessary drive over to Ballard (I'm still in Seattle) for two very important, yet different stops.

We pulled in front of Cupcake Royale and RC went inside to pick up a dozen of these devilishly delightful mountains of sin. There was so much to celebrate that a dozen seemed appropriate.

Then a quick jaunt down the street and we were at our next stop. A few visits back, we had seen some beautiful shiny fabric that seemed suitable for fetish clothing but I had not purchased any. Upon our return this time they had more stock than our previous visit happily. I made fast, snatching enough crayon sparkle purple and a similar amount in forest green to be made into some spectacular new custom designs for my body.

Colors, makes me very happy. As does the woman I've found to be making me some of my latest acquisitions.

We arrived home in excellent time today and even had the strength left to unpack. Unheard of, almost.

Time to ready for our family Easter next. The Costco roast needs to be taken out, defrosted and seasoned. We are celebrating the festivities on Monday, tomorrow. The baskets need to be filled with chocolate, love & treats still.

Easter Peeps