Friday, March 26, 2010

Working Mommy

Today was day one of the Taboo Show for me. I taught my scheduled three classes and they were jam packed with people. Not a seat left, no floor space either as people filled that up and still more lined the walls standing. It went really well for me, so good in fact that the show owner came to me at the end of the day to tell me that they would be making (my already huge) workshop room even larger for tomorrow. Plus my corporate sponsor O'Behave sold out on the first day of a huge number of the products I highlighted.

After my classes I easily talked with and answered questions to upwards of 90 people. Exhausted as I left the Tradex, and happy with myself for a job well done.

Came home to Grandma asleep on the sofa with Pickle laying on her. It was 10:40, hours past his bedtime and he appears to be really off his schedule. I was fearful this would happen as I am working three 12 hour days and have Jason with me too, so the little guy is surely not going to be giving us the 12 hour sleeps we've become accustomed to. He took one look me when we arrived in and his whole face just beamed with joy. I almost cried seeing that look of adoration.

I have to go to bed now as tomorrow is without doubt going to be more intense and tiring than today even.

If you came out to the show and took in a class with me, it was great to have you there. And that includes you B & G - and thanks for for getting The Lounge that projector screen, you rock!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Butt Sex

Nestled safely in drawers in a storage tower down in my office are all the necessities for pegging.

My favorite dildos fill three drawers.

Sleek. Hard. Thick. Thin. Short. Long. Outrageously huge. Silicone. Heavy. Slender. Intimidating. Curved. Straight. With Testicles & without. Ridged. Bulbous. Textured. Black. Purple. Beige. Red.

The accouterments of course I have in copious amounts.

Silicone lubricant. Condoms. Cock Rings. Water based lubricant. Lube Shooters. Harnesses in spades.

I have an entire playground at my disposal where I can do the deed. Instead, I have visions of catching Jason as he bends over in the shower, or perhaps as he rolls over in bed unsuspectingly.

Nothing like showing someone you love them than with some back door loving.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sex Education Abbotsford

Ok, after a solid nights sleep and many many supportive emails from those who read here, I feel much better than I did at days end yesterday when I made my last post.

It should be said that the Pickle went to sleep at 10 and slept straight through till 6 this morning. He awoke for a bottle and then went right back to sleep until 9:20 this morning. His sleep schedule is rather incredible and we are grateful because if he was still a serious night waker, I would have lost my marbles by now.


I am greatly amused that Lady Gaga seems to have outed herself as being gay.


Today I signed a new contract which is $800 for six hours of work. This certainly made my day brighter.


The Taboo Show is fast approaching. *tick-tock*

My volunteers are arranged for each of the three days.
My handouts go to the printers tomorrow.
My teaching bags are a quarter packed.
New clothes have been purchased.
Thursday I get my haircut & a manicure and pedicure.
Print media interviews are complete and due out this week.
My mother in law is coming Friday to stay and to look after the Pickle.

Whew -- so much to ensure is in order before I am lost in the joyful sexual empowerment of the masses for three full days.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Head Meet Wall

I struggle. The balancing act of motherhood is taking its toll on me.

The last number of years I have spent working diligently to gain the exposure that has brought me to where I am today in my career. It has been taxing beyond belief yet I managed to pull it off --- most days.

There is a routine to my life that is family, work, work, work, self care, sleep. Family, work, work, work, self care, sleep. Repeat over and over again. I work A LOT.

My new routine is family, care for baby, work, care for baby, care for baby, care for baby, self care, sleep. And repeat.

I find it difficult not to work, at my core is a drive to be on the go and moving forward at all times.

Lately I feel as though I am going no where fast.

It takes so much just to get the simplest things completed. What four months ago what took me ten minutes, now takes upwards of an hour. This makes my head spin.

I miss my pace and I am challenged when it comes to scaling back. My goals are lofty so you can imagine how this all is affecting me.

Being a new mother again is all that I wanted and the little man sure is all shades of awesome.

But I find myself wanting to put my head through a wall some days.

Today I had a To-List of items that really needed to be done. The day started off well and then just turned into a gong show.

The baby projectile vomited all over me twice and all over the floor twice, with a big fat SPLAT. Instead of napping for his usual hour twice, no such luck, each nap was only ten minutes at best. This was the day he chose to be suddenly clingy, not wanting to be out of my arms. At fifteen pounds he's heavy to haul everywhere. I even had to sit him on my lap when I needed to pee. There was no way that I could not give him what he needed, so instead I gave up on my To Do List and focused completely on him.

Then at bed time, he had a melt down. He screamed for forty five minutes. Unheard of, so uncharacteristic of him. He screamed, I sighed loudly and repetitively. Jason stepped in and finally got the little fellow to sleep. Which of course made me feel like a big ole failure.

Is it so much to strive to be successful in my career, raise two kids (one a teenager & the other four months old), be a wife, run a household, travel, and feel accomplished?

I can do this can't I? Sure I can, if I try hard enough and learn to prioritize better. Surely this is possible. Because if it's not, I may as well give up trying now and save myself the heart ache and disappointment attached to letting go of my dreams.

Let me find the strength to move forward with tomorrow, because today sucked the big one.