Friday, July 07, 2006

personal security

the most interesting teaching gig I've picked up in the last couple of months, came to me just last night.

I was hired yesterday by a Security Company to teach at a Personal Safety class this September that they are hosting. I am to talk about the safety involved in meeting people on line and situations I've encountered over the years where people truly did not put there safety first and something negative happened when the cross over happened to meeting "real time".

Strategies for safely meeting new people for sex or play.

Cool job to get! I am very excited about this opportunity and thrilled to have them come to me as an educator.

***Want to share something with me so that I can make sure my outline is full of great stuff? Feel free to share....

Thursday, July 06, 2006

laugh already would you...

A group of renegade bisexual activists has launched a visibility campaign demanding linguistic parity for bisexuals. The group, Activists for the Creation of Diverse Colloquialisms (ACDC), is protesting the lack of a bisexual presence in the hate speech lexicon.

“Homophobic slurs are everywhere, but where are the biphobic slurs?”

Outraged Bisexuals Demand Own Slur

Do you take it? family meeting

This Sunday is family meeting day for my poly family. One of a few days in the year where Allena Bella, Jim and I, sit down together to talk about our family unit and the relationships contained within this unit.

Jennifer & Bella
Jennifer & Jim
Jim & Bella
Jim, Jennifer & Bella
Daddy & little girls
Daddy & Jennifer
Daddy & Bella

and then we talk about the power part of our relationship & the BDSM. Then on to short & long term family goals and finally finish it off by talking about our outside relationships. Because aside from our poly family and our relationships together, we each have a huge capacity for love and sharing joy and to that end, each of us has outside play partners that we have in our lives as well.

With each of us as being such powerful personalities we need opportunity to come together to check in. We lead such amazingly passionate, joyful, fast paced, lives that most people find to be overwhelming in intensity. We each thrive on this intensity and where we are & what we've created in our lives together but there's 3 of us, not 2.

With this info then the communication has to happen many times over, said in different ways for each of us, supported uniquely, pushed just so, brought back in and humbled, remember we're family, we get to do this for one another and because of one another.

With the meeting complete, we should be in just the right frame of mind to be needing a break. So what does our family do to relax after such a long meeting? We go see the notorious The Wet Spots.

We're going to hang out with them at The Wet Spot since Bella hired them to perform a show for The Spot on both Sunday & Monday. The Von Foxies are opening for them, I'm super excited about this as well, can't wait.

A job & family perk is all the cool stuff we always seem to be doing. (remember the long list from the family meeting, again I say to you, perks are necessary)

The Wet Spots (Cass King and John Woods) are a musical sex comedy duo who write sophisticated lyrics paired with sweet, catchy melodies. Their musical repertoire is inspired by the risque satirical songs of Monty Python, South Park, Tenacious D and musical comedy legend Rusty Warren. They are known for their lively shows, which include sing-alongs, spankings, and bawdy sex-ed.

You MUST go listen to this music video Do you take it in the....

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I was famished and without an ounce of energy in me for cooking, I knew it was time for outside help. Picked up the phoned and ordered in Greek food from the local infamous Greek restaurant up the street, a dinner of lamb. It fueled me and hit the spot. The remains in the fridge, a snack perhaps tomorrow.

Tomorrow evening I'm teaching...

Sex Tips From a Bi Sexual Woman
July 6 Thursday
4687 Kingsway Street @ The Love Nest
7:00 - 9:30 pm
$25 cash at door

Clitoral/vaginal/g-spot orgasms, prostate stimulation & orgasm, stroking styles, anal play, sex toys, giving great head, going down on a woman, strap-on sex, creating want and more. Join me, Jennifer, for some frank conversations about her experiences being pleasured by women and pleasuring women.

As a bisexual woman, I'll first share with you what I've learned about women and their sexual wants, desires, and fantasies, then we'll discuss ideas and tricks to please men both in bed and in their heads. I'll reveal my favorite 10 Women-Pleasing Sex Tips and favorite 10 for Men as well. Come away with practical tips to make you into a more confident lover.

my morning

finished packing 45 pounds of camping gear into one checked piece of luggage and one carry-on at 1:00 this morning.

At 4:45 AM the alarm went off, basically shrieking " Get Up Now, Get Up Now!" Both child and I bolted into action.

at 5:20 AM the car was the lone vehicle in the Mc Donalds drive through.

at 5:52 AM we had pulled safely into the airport and child & luggage were left on the sidewalk, while I parked in hourly parking

at 6:20 AM I said "be good, have a ton of fun, bring home a life time of memories and I love you piles."

at 6:21 AM my daughter hugged me, and left for Guelph Ontario with Girl Guides.

at 6:30 AM I was pulling out of YVR

at 7:05 AM, naked again, back in bed, sleeping, soundly

9:00 AM, the alarm goes off and I'm now alone, for days and days....

12:00 noon today I have a 2-hour Private Coaching Session, female domination & spanking as the topics of the day

What a life, I'm blessed and exhausted.

Monday, July 03, 2006

camping & birthday wishes

Relationship and Polyamory Day.

Started out making chocolate chip cookies with Turtles Hot Chocolate replacing 1/4 of the flour and an extra handful of chocolate chips added to the recipe. You'd think I'd be happier with 3 dozen over size morsels of love in my kitchen, right?


Early this evening I sent out the July Event Announcements to the mailing list and got that task out of the way. Then for the last couple of hours I've been preparing my daughter for camp as she leaves at 6:00 AM Wednesday morning from YVR to Ontario.

Packing her camping gear up has been stressful for us both and we were on one another's nerves through out. This mixed with the fact, that today is the birthday of someone I love and am a part from, has made the day an off one for me. I have some heart ache.

Regrets, sadness and a feeling of loss, what a day. I have such a difficult time with being down, I find it easier to pretend to be happy. Pretending does me no good in the long run and in the short term in denies myself and others the chance to deal with what's really going on, why do I even bother pretending? What am I so scared of?

My child flying across the country with out me. Her independence .

Relationship & love lost. My hurt.

But to those who love and know me, they can tell when I'm faking it. I used to believe in "fake it till you make it". Now I'm not so sure.

Should we show our frailties, sometimes? Never? To those we love as adults. And what about to our children?

Happy birthday to you, I'm hopeful you'll find this. :) I'm sorry I let you down.
hugs & love

soaking in the sun

yesterday was so beautiful that all that I wanted to do was to spend time at the beach with my daughter, SPF 30 and a picnic lunch!

photo courtesy of my 12 year old

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