Saturday, August 18, 2007

PNE 2007 & an evening out

This morning I was awake and out of the house long before normal for a Saturday. It was opening day of The Fair making it FREE entrance and of course, my daughter was itching to go. Off we went leaving a slumbering RC at home as he had just returned from a long shift at the hospital.

The whole day was madness, not that we expected anything else. It was a celebration for sure and a day of continuous activities. That the sun held out was such a blessing. We took in the Dog Show a yearly tradition for us and one that T looks forward to all year long. The place was packed solid, I mean every seat in the house, people blocking the egress of the fire exits / stairs even, just to see the show.

Of course we ran into many many people, never stopping long to speak with any one in particular though as this day was just about us. Mother and daughter.

Hopefully one night in the next week RC and I can get to PNE together and do a walk-through as T is leaving tomorrow for the rest of the summer.

After much over priced greasy food & sugar based drinks ... walking endlessly in a sea of people and being barraged by retailers trying to sell us an item or promote an idea, I was done in. T could have stayed longer savoring the experience, but five and a half hours was good enough for me.

We headed home through thick traffic while I plotted the evening ahead. I was given an invitation to a new swingers club in Surrey, plus the monthly night of Rascals as a choice. Friends birthday celebration or even a much needed go-to-bed early type of evening could have been arranged.

As exciting as a new facility sounds or even a birthday party, after a long day, I just wanted a short drive to the local public dungeon for some play-time. Rascals it is.

And now, we're off.

Friday, August 17, 2007

life lesson

I know for a fact that I am not a telephone person. I greatly dislike both answering the phone and having to speak on it.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a phobia, just a medium of communication that doesn't work well for me personally. I prefer being able to see someone, when speaking to them.

So take it as no surprise that my cell and home phones are often filled to maximum number of messages and accepting none further.

A friend today reminded me to empty my phone messages so more ones could be left.

I think the real lesson is that I should answer my phone a little more often or get a secretary.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

knocking on heavens door

Remember the couple that RC and I found ourselves entangled with last Saturday night?

Well I gave them my business card after our delicious time together, and now they've written. One of things I didn't mention when I wrote about our time with them, is that I also had the privilege of walking them through the G-Spot stimulation techniques that I'm so known for.

Hi Jennifer,

It's Tessa and Peter from Saturday night at Eden. We had such a great time with you and Jason. What an experience...... :) The next day we experimented with what you taught us and my God, it worked!...I ejaculated 3 times covering Peter completely! It was pretty cool we tried again the next day, but to no avail...:( Can you tell us if it takes awhile between sessions????

We also loved your bag of toys! We were thinking it would be fun if you could come over with them and have some more fun. Would you be interested in that?

Hope you are having a great night, and look forward to hearing from you.

Jeeeesh. Such flattery. Of course we'll be in touch, and they are right, it will be so much fun to spend time with my toys and us all together again.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hump Day

A brief list of what occupied me this day...

  • hand-picking 2 pounds of fresh black berries for the fridge and freezer in my gum boots
  • one on one time with T (she's leaving again this Sun. for the rest of the summer)
  • a seriously sought after two hour nap
  • finished 3/4 of some long overdue paperwork that is going to be very lucrative for me
  • enjoyed Organic Orange Peel - Dark chocolate
  • answered 20'something emails, and yes I am still behind in this area *sighs*
  • dealt with banking matters at a local branch of my bank
  • picked up this in red to compliment the shoe acquisition a few days back (it was actually made to be sold together - great score!)
Brought home for me was this most amazing arrangement of perfect red roses, long just-opening white lilies, lavender and baby's breath. RC is very good to me, I am so blessed.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Slip, sliding fun

Well well I am a fortunate woman...

The weather was gorgeous today and the heat was great, I do love the return of the summer sun after a few days of gray skies.

Yesterday T, RC and I talked about a family outing (today), and we'd agreed T could bring a friend as well.

After picking up her girlfriend, we made the mid morning trek across cities till we could smell the fresh air.

It was where the air smelled like ocean and the sounds of lively amused happy people joined as one, that we pulled in to our destination.

Jumping out of the vehicle, and grabbing our day's luggage, we descended upon this place of fun.

We made camp, after finding a clear area amongst the many other families, having a very similar day to ours.

Shedding our clothes, down to our bathing suits, we sat together and ate a wonderful cold picnic lunch.

Then it happened.

We stood in line but for a few minutes before it was out turn.

Each of us grabbed an inner-tube and hoisting it over our heads, we made the climb up to the start of the Big Jim's River Run.

Quickly we four were given the nod of approval and


each of us drops our tubes into the water, climbs our butts inside them
and starts to shoot down, this twisty river run all the while
holding on to our tubes for dear life and
laughing at the predicaments of one another

What fun.

We ate copious amounts of bad snack foods, and hung out sunning together all day. Well, in between going down slide after slide.

Water slides are a a blast for people of any age - we got tuckered out from all the activity.

I was having such a great day that when I realized the time, it became apparent that we needed to start making our way of the park area and into the vehicle. Six and half hours of water fun is about enough in my book.

Driving home, both teenagers in the back seat fell asleep. It was a sight to behold, two very exhausted girls sleeping for the entire return trip.

Monday, August 13, 2007


A day for accessories.

This afternoon found RC and I standing in Aldo, at the cash-register being handed a bag containing the most exquisite pair of perfectly fitting fire engine red stiletto shoes.

What a find, a must have purchase. And a thank you gift for Saturdays evening out. I am loved and spoiled; an excellent combination.

RC did make me promise to never beat him with these shoes, as I have with others in the past.

Next necessary item was a spiffy new Bluetooth Wireless Headset from Nokia, and all my needs had been met. (RC had the hands free working for me twenty minutes after we got home, driving a standard now made this acquisition necessary)

A stop at the produce store for some staples, as was our original intent when leaving and finally we were able to get out of the god forsaken mall. Thankfully it was early afternoon, the mall was fairly quiet as there were few shoppers and the air conditioning was blasting.

Shoes, panties and sex toys are the items that I have the most of, and that I also go through the quickest. What a surprise.

It is a collection worthy of its own insurance policy.


Family Update:

My daughter arrived home from Toronto and Mexico yesterday just before noon, having left Toronto at 5:00 a.m. and being through three times zones in 2 days. She went to bed last night at 9:20 and woke up this afternoon at 12:45. That is 15 hours of sleep. She didn't even get up for the washroom, she just slept like a teenager, for hours and hours.

I was so elated to hear her calling my name again ... "Hey Mom".

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Big Stink

We went to bed at 4 this morning, RC and I making love till the wee hours of morning. Essential oils filled the bedroom, and the tea lights danced flickers of ambiance across the room. It was all very romantic as I was given a massage and more oral attention than imaginable. We fell asleep, having sex, me laying on top of my man, and he adoring me.

This hideous wailing noise awoke us at 9:00, apparently that is what the alarm clock sounds like on just five short hours of sleep. There was no choice but to dress quickly and head out of the house. We made the drive out to the airport where I was gearing up for the arrival of my daughter from Toronto via Mexico.

RC and I were at YVR, in front of carousel #5 for about ten minutes before the RCMP showed up for us. Seriously, the RCMP came and asked each of us for our ID. Then asked us what we had been doing 5 minutes earlier as they pulled out their note books and started writing a statement.

Well my daughter is a minor, traveling un-escorted on Air Canada and we are here to pick her up from her holiday at the passenger pick up area. Though her flight is delayed an hour, so were are sitting here, waiting patiently, thank you for asking.

The RCMP demand to know again what we "had" been doing 5 minutes earlier, and I say "five minutes ago I was massaging RC's feet, though his socks, with his shoes removed." RCMP come back with rude, pushy behaviour and then tell us that we are not allowed to wait in front of the carousel for my daughter, but rather back behind some short partition wall. I point out the easily 60, I mean SIXTY other people waiting on "the other side" of the partition wall and the aggressive little male officer, named Hugh, decided to push himself in to our personal space despite having no grounds and not even a charge.

Suffice to say, by the time the Mounties were done there power trip, strangers were watching on, and were none to impressed with the antics of the officers. After hearing from the "public" that they planned on going home and making a complaint to the RCMP on our behalves, we decided to go home and do the same. An older man walked up to us after the incident and said he was ashamed and embarrassed by the actions of the Mounties.

Finding the head complaint officer by phone we were mortified to learn that not only did they have no grounds to move us, or to stop us, but that their behaviour was poor and lacking enough judgement that the Head Officer was now making a drive out the airport detachment to align the attitude of that crappy officer. An apology is apparently forth coming.

Officer Hugh is giving support to the negative attitudes held about our RCMP by the general public, much like Stinky Tink makes others look at the BDSM community in a not so positive light.

It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. And to smell a whole lot.