Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BDSM Class

The Whip Like A Pro Class with Jonn Ireland in May at the Lounge SOLD OUT within days of my announcing it here on my blog. All the seats were snatched up by those in the know.

To keep everyone happy and to continue meeting the demand, Jonn and I have opened a second Whip Like A Pro class on the same day for the over-flow of people wanting to take part.

Class # 2 is from 4:30 - 6:30. Tickets are $25 for Lounge members still and $30 for guests, if you want to take part in this class, you'll need to write me for ticketing information.

Currently, five of the 21 seats in class #2 are sold and I suspect the rest will go with rapid speed as well.

So, get yours now!


Monday, April 18, 2011

BDSM Party Vancouver

Dungeon Players

Saturday April 23, 9 pm - 1 am

Members $30 / Member Couples $50 / Guest $35

Reservations: jennifer@libidoevents.com

Dungeon Players is a Naughty party with darker tenor. Of course everything you expect and are used to will be there -- the suspension rack, spankers, gyno table, red rocket, set of stocks, cage, sex machines, bondage table, A-frame and bondage chair -- but there'll also be an area set aside for needle play, and there may be a few surprises.

Spankings, Bondage, Floggings, Needle Play, D/s, a plethora of styles of play.

Wear your leathers, bring your slave or your top; come meet someone new or play with someone different -- either way you'll have an evening to remember.

Snacks and beverages are included in your ticket price.

Dress code: You MUST make an effort to dress up. No street clothes, no business suits, no blue jeans, no running shoes, no athletic wear, no camouflage pants, no flannel robes, no sunglasses, and no face masks. Bar/Dancing clothing is not acceptable.

This party is open to men and women, couples and singles. Any type of sex is of course permitted at this event.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sexual Acts for Shoes

A little while ago, I made a post about Sucking Dick For Shoes. Remember? It seemed so straight forward.

A man read that post and then started writing me most eagerly. This is his second, most amusing note to me on the subject.

Hi Jennifer

I hope you don't take this insulting in any ways. I am able to fulfill the role of purchaser for shoes if you don't have any restrictions for your statement. I just don't know it is a particular pair of shoes you desire or it is a certain number of shoes or it can be any chic shoes. I would be happy if you inform me, and also if I misunderstood the whole concept, I deeply apologize.

Kindest Regards

Penis Owner*

I have no clue what to do with his email ... delete it, or even bother to answer it. I answered the first one in such a way that I was fairly confident he would not write again, and damn it, he did. What a man won't do for a blow job, hey?

This man seems quite prepared to buy me new shoes. I wonder if his name is Jason, because I clearly stated in my original post that I suck Jason's dick for shoes.

I make way more than enough money to buy myself fancy ass shoes whenever I want, though sucking dick for them is always more fun. And cock sucking burns a few calories and makes my guy smile too. Its a win for us all. Well, except for the man who keeps writing me, as I won't ever be blowing him.

*his name is not really Penis Owner, I just changed it, to protect him from the hordes of women who would surely try contacting him to offer to suck his dick for shoes if they knew who he was.