Thursday, April 21, 2005

note re: Monday's Genital Play class

Monday, April 18th in the evening I taught a class on Genital Play to a fabulous group of people who out numbered the seating in the room. Wow, what a great night - thanks to everyone who attended! I'm delighted to have given new ideas to everyone to explore with as they dig through the Genital Play treat bag that I sent home with each of them.

Teaching the class was a lot of fun for me, and also for the woman and the man who lent me their genitals in the name of education and well, good clean kinky fun! it's a pretty damn cool job perk to have people willing to let you play with their most personal and intimate parts :) and it's my job perk, what a lucky woman I am

I received a number of emails after the class as usually happens, but this one I thought I'd share here on my blog. This is from a woman who I don't know who just showed up and took the Private Parts: Genital Play for the Adventurous class this past Monday and who had a good time and thought to write in. see below

Blogging is a whole new experience for me, I'm eager to see where this takes me.



Morning Jennifer,

Well damn, girl, you're good. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on
genital play last night. You're totally on your game, intellectually
engaged, socially responsible, sexy as hell, seductive, masterful, able to
genuinely connect with people, an exciting performer, full of life, nice in
all the best ways (but also, I suspect, not nice in all the best ways),
warm, responsive, striking a balance between support and challenge,
embodying and teaching a desperately needed perspective on sexuality...oh
my, indeed.

I look forward to attending many more of your classes and events.

What a gift your class was for me. Thank you.