Saturday, November 19, 2005

breakfast, work & thanks

my daughter is asleep still in her room, she loves the chance to sleep in. I'm sitting at the kitchen table, topless in pj bottoms, working on my laptop with the phones turned off, so nothing wakes my child but me on this Saturday morning. (have to remember to turn them back on before leaving for work later)

Bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and a smoothie - her favorite meal for breakfast and what I'm cooking before I head off to work for the day. I'll get my child up after my morning shower & orgasm when breakfast is ready and on the table. This way we can eat together before I'm off working as a single parent.

The plans that I have for this evening would floor you! Yup, my plans are that hot and after working all day, I will be deserving of a night on the town. Someone who I never have met, yet who knows of me, has sent me a private invitation to attend something so personal & private that I can't even write about it. Top Secret plans and someone will be getting hurt AND getting off. Oh, how I like to be apart of the good stuff, and my life is about the good stuff!

this is a huge thank you to you for all that you do for Libido Events and more importantly for me personally. Your support of friendship, time and love are always so abundant. When you're around me I can always tell, because you put first my projects and needs, so accomplishing things becomes easier for me and we seem able to move mountains. You mean much to me as does your partner. Thanks for being a pillar of friendship.

Off to the shower now for some steaming hot water and some orange body sugar scrub to buff my body into suppleness.

enjoying the good life


Friday, November 18, 2005

waiting time

the wait right now to get an email response from me at Libido Events can be up to a week right now. Long term projects, private consultation work, questions from the curious and those in need, there's always much email to wade through daily and it builds up some with my having a life.

My new Fido phone has arrived and I've managed to program the time and date into it along with having Doug and someone else program their own numbers into the damn thing. There were 17 messages in it when I got in to last night and today after work there were 12, my home phone is flashing with probably another 8.

When I'm not working over the next while I'm planning great times for my family and I. (like this evening when my daughter & I went to see Harry Potter together, way cool)

thanks for your patience if you're one of the ones waiting for an email from me, know that I will be emailing soon



Thursday, November 17, 2005

sharing my love

he just walked in the front door of the Love Nest, where tonight's class with LaSara FireFox was happening like he belonged there. We'd spoken earlier in the day for the first time in well over a week and I'd extended the invitation to him to arrive tardy, so why I was startled when I first saw him eluded me briefly.

Then as I was driving along the lower level road on the North Shore heading for home feeling happy, really happy and I realized why. Seeing Doug was good for me and I didn't even known that I was missing him. Once he saw me sitting across the room his whole body shifted & his face changed and my heart melted.

Once the class ended and we were able to get to one another, our togetherness filled me up. Standing pelvis to pelvis, arms wrapped around one another, me biting his neck, not too hard, but hard enough and as I looked up at him his glasses were completely fogged up and I couldn't even see his eyes at all. Laughing so hard felt good with him.

Yesterday I was in a book store and I had to buy kara a copy of The Don't Sweat Guide For Weddings. I love kara and this guide is what I know she wants, because I asked her. I phoned her from the store and asked her to choose one and I gave her two titles. Finding her this book was important to me as her partner, it made me feel good to do something for her and her other partner. soon to be husband!

Laying in bed, curled up with Allena, our combined softness & love mesmerizing as pleasure passes between us as another of the ways we love one another. Walking hand and hand as women in love, and owning our relationship out loud in the world. It's with Allena that visions become realities for me and where we create jointly.

Jim is my Daddy. What more need I say. He let's me be his little girl when appropriate and his bottom when it's time for me to find my place again. Jim hears me share of everyone and lest we forget that he, Allena and I form a three.

L was in the class tonight, I'd had to cancel a date on her due to work so it was a treat to see her this evening. Finding time to get to you luscious could be hard, but know that you're on my mind. STILL! From that earlier email, remember?

B and I've had a couple of dates as of late and I believe a third is up and coming. A no strings attached relationship, how cool is this? We date whenever we want, over the last 5 years maybe 14 times or so. Good times together, you know I mean? And no check ins and how are you calls. Almost giddy fun times.

My heart is big, I can love for a moment and I don't even need to try very hard. I've the room for being apart of beautiful peoples lives and that is exactly how I'm leading my life. Sharing it with many many people and trying to remember along the way that sometimes it hurts to love so much but it's that ouch that lends perspective to the depth and range that love and acceptance offer.

I have to remember to love more. When I love more and freely what comes back to me is almost always transformational in some way. Tell everyone more that I love them and remember that just because I use the word love doesn't mean that someone can feel loved. It has to be felt to be transformational. I must remember more to make sure that my partners have the look of love in their eyes and hearts when in my presence.

with love to all of you Jim, Allena, kara, Doug, L, B


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

finding Nemo

I'm excited, I'm excited!

This evening is opening night of Disney On Ices Finding Nemo at the PNE Coliseum. My daughter and I have a date to go together and we scored great seats as well. Grandma & Grandpa send us every year as a treat. Lucky girls we are! We're very excited by attending as this will be our 9th or 10th year in attendance. We've got the $12 snow-cone cups dating back years to prove it in an assortment of favorite characters! ha

Being a mother is my greatest joy and what I'm most proud of is my daughter. That we've created such a relationship together is amazing because as a young girl I never had with my mother what my daughter and I have accomplished together already. Meaning that we've self created our own realities as there was no frame work for us to go on. Before my daughter, my mom and I barely had a relationship. Being a mother though has bonded my mom and I in a way I'd never dreamed possible and because my early relationship with her wasn't so strong, I set a goal of making sure my daughter and I would be close. I set the goal quietly in my heart, but my daughter & I succeed together at making this happen together. We both want the other and see the value in our love and relationship being so strong.

B is coming over for lunch today at 1:00 and I'm looking forward to having him here. Since I moved awhile back now, he's not been over to my home. A little flirtation, ok, actually likely a lot, kissing, the kind that leaves you breathless and yes, lunch. While at the Doctors this morning I had some time to kill before my appointment so went to Cobbs and picked up a wonderful loaf stuffed with ham & cheese and I'll toss some Caesar salad, a little sorbet and presto, lunch!

I've already packed today for tomorrow's nights class, seeing as I won't be home this evening to do it. Thursday LaSara FireFox is presenting Radical Sexual Self Definition for Libido Events. Here is LaSara's website to read through and here is the write up for tomorrow nights class:

Do you want to become more adept at defining or redefining your relationship with your sexuality, and your sexual and/or gender identity?

Part of owning our sexuality is learning how cultural expectations impact identity, building a positive relationship with our desires, and learning to take an active part in defining the self/culture interface.

Using exercises and magickal tools from her book Sexy Witch, LaSara Firefox will help you to find new ways to define and to broadcast your sexual self-esteem.

Bring a shirt you want to make into a DIY Fashion Statement, writing implements (i.e.; pen and journal), and a playful sense of adventure. LaSara will provide the glitter and fabric pens!

Address for tomorrow nights class & other class updates.

If I'm going to squeeze a nap in, it's time for me to lay down....



Tuesday, November 15, 2005

let the phone ring

Today my cell phone rang for the first time, my new one that is. It's arrived to me finally and I'm relieved to have one again.

I'm so happy to have back my little communication box. Since I'm electronically challenged, it becomes kara's job to re-enter all of the lost phone numbers back in to the phone. Seeing as though everything on my last phone was stored on the phone and lost and not stored to the SIM card where it could have been saved. Who knew?

Somehow I managed to set my own clock & date on it, and this is an accomplishment for me!

Thanks Fido for getting me a phone again and now all I need to figure out is how to check voice messages and text messages. I've yet to figure out either!


Sunday, November 13, 2005

victim of the cattle prod

a couple that I met last night at Sin City sent me their blog link. It talks about their night at last nights fetish night and meeting myself & my cattle prod! (posted with permission)

They were such an adorable and hot couple. She even got on her knees and "asked permission" to suck on my nipples before she actually did it. Originally she had her partner make her request of me. With a lustful smile across my face I politely told him no, the only way such a thing would happen would be for her to ask me herself first. More smiles and remember, that I'm bare breasted sitting on the arm of a sofa swaying to the club's tunes.

30 seconds later, in front of me, on her knees on the club floor is a woman asking me permission to suck my nipples. I greet here warmly, brush my hand over her back suggestively, meet her eyes and nod Yes. Smiling with eyes closed, my head falls to side as I concentrated on her slow & thorough lapping of my right nipple.

memories of a good night


2:51 am

It's 2:52 in the morning. Arrived in from Sin City about an hour ago and slid off my 5 inch open toed slender heeled shoes. Got naked, checked email and then updated the calendar with a host of new events as well as some home page edits. Life is moving along so well these days. Must remember to thank the Goddesses and then I should get myself into bed with my Hitatchi magic wand before sleep washes over my mind and body.

After playing with a number of people this evening as both a Top and a bottom, I'm exhausted. Used every toy that I packed for tonight including the cattle prod. Sounds scary reading the typed word, cattle prod, but when I'm standing infront of you smiling sweetly and talking you through it, most people have no idea how I manage to get them to say yes to such things. A pretty girl dressed in come fuck me pumps and powder blue lingerie and people will do almost anything. even, the cattle prod

sweet dreams,