Saturday, July 24, 2010

Woman Sex

She's a new member at the Lounge and so is her man.

I believe she is eight years younger than I. Her and her man are both super attractive and sharing really great bubbly personalities. From the moment we met at orientation, I knew we would get along well.

They came out to a party.

I took one look at her and just knew that I had to play with her. Without missing a beat I walked towards her loveliness and suggested we do so. She beamed. My insides got all warm and tingly at her delight. After she said yes, I told her she should tell her man of our plans. She listened.

Setting my toys down on the stand next to the rack, I watched her cross the floor towards me. "Take off your dress" I said firmly. She complied and even asked if she should remove her panties or not. I was flattered by the trust in that question.

After I told her what I would not do to her and round about what to expect, I taught her red, yellow and green. Turning her around so her tight ass was facing me I worked her over with floggers, straps and a fur mitt. I concentrated on making her want more of what I was offering.

It worked. As I flogged her ass, I let the tails creep in between her legs, to wrap nicely over her pussy. She writhed beautifully and moaned ever so appreciatively. This was doing much for my libido.

After I had her face I spent time on her breasts and chest. We played for some time before I grabbed the Hitatchi and pressed it onto her clit. That smile of hers grew fast. Her ass was glowing hot from the strikes and her pussy was throbbing - I knew it to be true, without doubt.

After a few minutes I crouched down on the floor and put the magic wand in my lap. Then I told her to straddle me and lower herself onto my lap. The vibrations rocked both of our bodies with a great intensity.

"Fuck me" I said. She followed my command and as soon as I had spoken those words, she started riding me with such passion that it was all I could do not to come unglued myself.

Between my teeth I caught one her nipples and I nibbled on it passionately - she whispered in my ear, "my nipples like it really hard. Bite them." And so I did, ruthlessly.

The panting escalated, her gyrations were strong and consistent and in no time, she orgasm'ed on top of me. Twice I think.

Later on in the evening I looked around to see where she was at. She was mounted on top of her partner and they were fucking like horny teenagers.

I love my life.