Saturday, November 03, 2007


Good Morning from Seattle.

RC is in the kitchen naked, cooking a scrumptious breakfast for Bella, himself and I.

I am off to teach two classes back-to-back shortly, leaving my partners to spend the day together.

Tonight, the three of us, have a date.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Out of Town

There are a great number of items on the agenda for today.

Like, readying for my weekend trip to Seattle to stay with Bella. Oh how I miss her so much.

I've also got three classes to teach at The Wet Spot which have been on the calendar for months, which individually require that I pack specifically for each.

Like all plans so far were not enough we are attending two very different unique events on Saturday night together. One being a dress up fund raiser dinner and auction, the other a fancy shmancy house party amongst many many friends over at Max & Matisses.

I bought a new dress just yesterday for Saturday evening and can't wait to wear the extravagant little number, along with the stockings I found to complete my outfit.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Contrasting Emotions

Someone I know has been given an opportunity that makes me feel jealous.

This is an emotion I am not all that familiar with. Not even one I experience often.

And a circumstance that although I do not want, its acclaim I do.
This person is not close to me, though we know one another.
Our paths are similar, though different.
I am much more dynamic, engaging and rising.
This person is washing out on many levels.

What bothers me right now, is that I am unsure if I should just

A. march right out and create the same opportunity for myself
B. await my turn, for what is inevitable


In other news. ...I mentioned the other day we were perhaps going to take a holiday to Cuba. Turns out I misspoke.

We are all officially leaving for the Dominican Republic in two weeks. The three of us are taking a family vacation together.

I am super excited. With so many activities around the resort and out-trips easily accessible, we are sure to have a memorable trip.

But a nine hour flight? Eeeww.

Todays it was 32 degrees, I don't mind the plane ride so much now knowing the temperature.

Time to air out the suitcases!

think before you write

An e-mail found in the depths of my In-Box. It annoyed me.

i am a sub. male and a vergin at 64 i have since i was young seen women as being more powerful than men my grandmother was afraid of men and i was to so i ran to women for protection so i need your help seeing women as stronger i am not happy being a guy but i am not gay i worship boots and know they should be licked clean please get back to me


Dear vergin,

Your email really bothers me.

You have asked nothing of me, then asked that *I* respond to you.

About what?

I almost hit delete, then thought a small response might be better.

You've given me no name to address you by and used no punctuation in your entire letter to me. Or lets just call it what it is, a run-on sentence.

Your e-mail is a waste of my time as my in-box is constantly filled with respectful people asking intelligent questions of me.

Think about what it is you want from me, before you contact me next. Then ensure you articulate it to me, in easy to read English.

Thank you, have a nice day.


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kinky Costumes

There was a costume contest where we were at. One of the categories, was for the Most Vanilla.

I went as a Vanilla Baker, hence my taking a swig of my bottle of vanilla.
and I won the prize for "most vanilla" costume.....a butt plug!

RC made his whole costume himself with fabric, a sewing machine, pattern and some creativity...he also made my bakers hat. What talent.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Being accustomed to being a spoiled princess as a regular matter of course it was even an extra special treat to receive some of the gifts that made their way to me for my birthday this past weekend.

Decadence along with personal pampering attention from a place of beauty & tranquility. There a number of treatments that soon will be lavished on my body leaving me soft and feeling beautiful in my own skin. A luxurious day spent here will leave me as a puddle of a woman.

Shoes, shoes and yes, more shoes. It would be improper for me to say just how many pairs, but enough to get me through an entire year in style. Yes, that many.

Custom made paddles, three of them. Stained naturally and a set, two of them anyways, I am eager to use them.

Something small and pretty in a little green box. Treasures that were most pretty and needed.

Money (and lottery tickets), my parents feel like that is an acceptable gift.

Flowers. Well, two dozen stunning red roses that is. They are still exquisite looking in my living-room.

Many wonderful cards, e-mails, letters and short phone calls with friends.

The cake was so grand. I mean GRAND. WOW, did T ever make something superb. Belgian chocolate and a massive double layered, iced Adult cake. Photos to follow shortly. (M & T please forward them to me)

and much much more. To write more, would be to reveal how spoiled I truly am. So not going to happen.

Rumor has it that next month we will be in Cuba as well! Right before the Lounge opens officially.

Busy and happy birthday for me and life continues to be grand.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Kissing Class Squamish BC

KISS ME LIKE THIS-- an interactive couples class

We're once again proud to present Jennifer of Libido Events to facilitate our first erotic workshop of the season.

Kisses are at times tender, endearing, sexy, suave, teasing and sophisticated. From the subtle, the pre coital to the full on public display of affection variety, this class will ignite some passion between your lips and in your relationship.

You and your partner will be guided through an awakening of oral delights. You'll be shown how to deliver a multitude of kisses and given tips to interpret smooch reactions and read body language. Learn to be the recipient of kisses as well as how to differentiate and master many lip locks to have your lover feeling everything from teased to toe curling pleasure from your intimate lip touch.

We encourage you to check out this event. Jennifer is a fantastic host, and it'll make for a romantic evening with your special someone in an open, and caring environment!

**please bring a large blanket and two pillows to class.

Date: Tuesday November 27th
Cost: $50 couple
Venue: Trinity Romance Shop @ 38155 2nd Ave. Downtown Squamish

Phone: 604-892-2266

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday 35

Happy Birthday to me.

I am a Scorpio and I'm 35 today, thirty five years young. And I celebrated at midnight with a fantastic group of people.

Later on today, I just may tell you about my evening last. It was well planned & orchestrated. Excellent times all the way around, and friends who are so kind, what a loved woman I am.