Friday, May 22, 2009

Travelling for pleasure

We left early this morning on an adventure, arriving at our destination by mid afternoon.

It feels so good to be far from home, the change of pace is long over due.

Our weekend consists of shopping, friends, sex and gorgeous luxurious hotel suite.

Oh yeah, we are down South, as in Stateside.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Male Exam Volunteer

Two gems of ads this past week I've had the privilege of reading. Both from Craigs List.

This one invites some lucky fellow to drop trou, and get his penis examined along with his prostate. All this and they will PAY YOU too.

Good times for some kinky chap, if he can snatch up the opportunity before some vanilla guy gets it with no idea of what a cool offering it really is.

Date: 2009-05-21, 10:07AM PDT

The Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine requires one more person for a male physical exam on June 9.

The male exam is performed at the Boucher Clinic by 2nd year naturopathic medical students and supervised by board certified naturopathic doctors. Each exam will include the following: examination of penis and testicular exam, assessing for hernias, and a rectal and prostate exam. A total of 3 students will perform a male exam on each of the models.

The appointment will be a half hour and each volunteer will be paid $75. You can find out more about the Boucher at:
There is only one opening left. Others will be put on a waiting list. Please contact Colleen for further information.

  • Location: New Westminster
  • Compensation: $75
  • OK to highlight this job opening for persons with disabilities
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
  • Please, no phone calls about this job!
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

Actual ad can be read here on Craigs List.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Anal Play

My man was asleep on the bed, face down with a sleep mask on. His butt looked quite inviting. I slicked up one finger and pushed it between his relaxed butt cheeks and up his bum.

He woke up startled, with a clenched ass saying "What's going on here"?

He is so adorable, and I love his Promised Land.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Damn she was sexy

A night at work for me is unlike most other peoples experiences while "on the clock". Lucky me that I work for myself, set my own hours and only do what I so desire.

Friday night was Dirty Girls, our women's only sex party at The Lounge. There were a great number of hot scenes that took place but my recollection is strongest on the ones that I was apart of.

Despite my pregnancy fatigue I was able to Top two different women.

The first scene a long time member since our inception was looking for some needle action. When told of her desire, I cocked my head to the side, looked at her slyly and said "oh really". She calmly stated she wanted an intense needle rush.

I had her remove her shirt, to reveal her gorgeous breasts. She smiled as she did it, and shivered so slightly.

I told her to breath deeply as I cleansed the tops of each of her breasts to prep them for the needles.

We agreed or rather I told her of my choice of gauge size and then it was my turn to smile and sigh as I set up the needles on the table.

She was eager to watch them go in, it had been awhile since she's had an encounter with sharp pointy items gliding through her flesh.

I positioned the first 18 gauge needle and watched as it pierced through her breasts flesh on side and quickly out the other. The second needle I did with accuracy and was pleased at how well she breathed her way through it. Without missing a beat, more needles were placed and I made a button, crossing the needles for a dramatic effect.

She liked the look of the taut pull of her skin. My gloved finger, pushed hard into the center and I watched as she gasped happily elated.

A second button was made on the other breast in the same fashion and we laughed together at how well she handled it all despite the length of time since she had last played with needles.

With the needles in, I hit them a few times. After a few minutes it was time to remove them, as my victim wanted to flirt with a girl on the beds in the back room.

She asked me to take them out mean like. Happy to oblige, I twisted them and pushed them deep into her as I flicked them upon their removal.

Floating on endorphins the woman held a papertowel to her breasts to clot the drops of blood that were forming.

Within minutes she had left my side and was getting busy with a woman in another room.

The second scenario involved me a vibrator, a cute woman we'll call L, and a couple of sets of helping hands from other ladies present.

L was laying splayed naked on a bed in front of me. She removed her outfit so fast when offered play that it would have made your head spin. I like eager women.

With a gloved hand and a mitt full of lubricant I made slippery her girl bits. Once suitably slick, I slowly traced my fingers between her labia lips, stroking up and down, and twirling my fingers in circles. After a few minutes I inserted a few fingers into her pussy and worked my hand into just the right position to locate her G-Spot.

She was still for a short while, then her hips gave away her pleasure. She was rocking back and forth and developing that flush that horny women get that spreads across their chests and faces.

I told her to grab the Hitatchi that was plugged in next to her. She obeyed, with not even a word from her. I told her to hold it over her clit and she did. With my free hand, I rubbed the knob of the vibrator into her firmly while my fingers engaged her swelling G-Spot.

A woman came and sat on the bed next to us, I had her pinch her nipples. L loves this a lot. Her perk nipples being pulled on by a woman with force while yet another woman took control of the Hitatchi from her.

I was left to stroking and rubbing of her internal glans, and reminding her to savor the sensations. We three women, worked her over for about 10 maybe 15 minutes, it was going well. L was moaning loudly and her head was arched back tightly, and her arms were rigid.

Moving my arm I upped the intensity of my pleasure seeking and yet another crouched down at L's head. She took her nipples from the other woman and said, "do it like this". She reemed on those nipples hard and as she did L groaned loudly and started thrusitng against my hand.

Suddenly fluid was squirting out of her, the vibrator had fallen to side and all of us women were sitting feeling rather accomplished at L's large orgasm.

With a silly look on her face, she opened her eyes a minute or so later, and said "did I really just squirt"? I said um yeah, take a look. Down one leg and all over the bed. That much fluid is kinda hard to mistake.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cranky Girl

This weekend has been crazy busy with events and happenings. Friday night was Dirty Girls, the women's sex party. Saturday night was our sold out mixed gender sex, bondage and BDSM party and today has been a whirlwind of action as well.

We awoke very late this morning, and phoned a friend. An hour later we met her for brunch where we spent two hours gossiping and catching up. Then the man and I headed to a local maternity store, where I bought my first pair of jeans that will contain my swelling belly. We zipped from there straight to The Lounge, where there was an orientation scheduled. Two hours later we were on the road again to Richmond where we hit the night market. More purchases were made of unnecessary items, including lots of unusual bits of food, on sticks.

Dear sweet jesus am I ever tired. Perhaps the sex we had at 2:15 this morning after the party was overkill, either way, it was hot and necessary and it happened.

All I can think of is sleep right now.

It seems I am paying the price for my fast paced lifestyle.

Time to settle in for a good restful evening. Emails are going to have to wait till tomorrow.