Saturday, May 16, 2009

Soiled Panties - Vancouver

Spied this on Craigs List and well yeah, it made me giggle. She's retiring, so but of course she would be selling her collection of knickers....

Retiring escort (sorry guys, I'm getting married!) has an amazing lingerie collection and what to do? Would you like to own a pair of sexy panties from a hot woman who's worn them during some amazing escapades?

Laundry-fresh panties for $10 or so-very-dirty worn panties for $15. No two designs alike - all good lingerie brands and no granny panties. Sizes are medium, range from 6 to 10. More photos on request..

Will mail, or they can be delivered in person for an extra charge - email for details. No sex! Lingerie only.

Trannies are totally welcome! I've got some other clothes too...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Up and Running

Up too early so I could run around most of the day doing an endless list of tasks that needed my attention. Domestic and professional crap that couldn't wait a moment longer. And now everything that was on my To Do list is done, and anything that is not checked off, needs to wait until Tuesday, after the long weekend.

I am going to pack my toy bag now, because tonight is Dirty Girls and I need a bevy of toys to meet the needs of so many hot and horny women. Then once that is completed a long nap awaits me, because tonight is going to be long.

My pregnant self exhausts easily these days and naps seem to be the only way for me to maintain my energy levels and my sanity.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Go, Go, GO

There is plenty on my plate today.

The June calendar planning is making me want to pull my hair out. We move mid month and it's hard to plot and plan events when ones entire home is boxed up being transported from point A to point B.

I have however managed to make two big decisions around Junes events. The first is that we will be offering Speed Dating For Sex Singles for the first time, and the second being that we will be hosting our last Sultry event till the Fall and it's happening on a Saturday!

The rest of the June calendar should be uploaded in the next day or two. Goddess help me.

I must make an attempt at filing some of the paper on my desk or it is going to get lost amongst all the boxes in our half packed home. There is banking that needs done today and a trip for some fruit and veggies would help restock the fridge and make me feel like I'm not slacking on domestic matters.

Later tonight is my Cock Sucking and Hand Job class at The Lounge, that should be a real riot. There is still room left for any members wishing to reserve for it.


Finally, I find myself in need of a little help from my women friends. Though I've managed to lose weight so far now into my pregnancy, my breasts have exploded an entire cup size and my body weight has shifted already so that none of my slacks fit any longer.

I need maternity pants and dresses. Where shall I go for such things and be able to find them attractive and trendy along with a not so hefty price tag? It's not like I'll be wearing them again, as this is my last baby. Please send me some names please of best bets in the GVRD area, with particular attention to Burnaby if possible.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Elections BC 2009

I spent most of my day working rather hard getting caught up on a number of large tasks that demand my undivided attention. Seeing as I wasn't feeling too pukey, it was a good day to accomplish things.

It is hard to strike a balance between my professional work, my volunteer commitments and my time that I give away answering questions for people. I manage ok, but the juggling act really does take its toll and always needs adjustments.

I need to make money to live, and to be always moving forward. I need to be in service to great causes to maintain strong ties to my community and I am a strong proponent of aiding those in email who can not get to me through other mediums.

Early this evening, I went and voted. Let's see what impact that makes on everything.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Love & Friendship

Late this morning into the early afternoon I taught a class to a group of inmates in prison. Today's discussion was on the practice of safer sex and how one negotiates for sexually intimate play with another.

Feedback from the inmates is always so heartfelt and warm. They really value the learning opportunity I present them with and I in turn feel that they teach me so much. It really is a win-win situation.

My classes have developed for correctional facilities and now include seven, packed together in a series or taught individually. The most advantageous though is to have a group run through the whole series as we bond more over the time together week after week and the disclosures become quite intimate and thought provoking.

Yeah, so normally I'm all chatty. Not right now though. Tonight I am fatigued and weary and have nothing more to write about. Pregnant life is knocking the wind right out of me.

I did want to shout a HUGE Thank You to everyone who has written such positive and kind letters over the last week. Your kindness and friendship mean a lot to me, and I value having each of you in my life. Some of you I see often and others not so much but you are all important to me and I sure appreciate your support and love.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Emergency Assistance

We were away from home, and had been for hours.

It was the middle of the night, at about three o'clock in the morning.

Road trip was going smooth then suddenly I noticed a change.

As I was the one driving it struck me suddenly that all the dashboard lights were dimming down to next to nothing.

Was I so exhausted from driving that this was a figment of my imagination, or was something wrong?

I pointed it out to RC who was in the passenger seat.

He exclaimed how unusual the occurrence was.

All of a sudden the steering wheel became very tight and difficult to turn. I told RC in a panicked voice that driving was challenging and the vehicle "felt funny".

I got a wee bit scared.

RC told me to not take my foot off the gas. We were close to an off ramp, in a city far far away from home and if nothing else we wanted off the freeway for the disaster to take place and not on it.

All lights went out in the Jeep. The steering wheel was next to impossible to turn. My foot was jammed on the gas and we made it off the freeway and down a steep hill off ramp, and stopped dead center at a lighted intersection.

We got out and checked under the hood and knew instantly the problem was not one we could solve.

We called back up support through BCAA, who in turn put us in contact with AAA. They said we'd have a tow truck within an hour to help.

Twenty minutes into being stranded in the middle of no where really, a vehicle pulls up alongside us. Remember folks, we are a LONG way from home. A man rolls down his window, looks at me and says "Hey Jennifer, everything alright? Anything I can do to help?"

It seems that we can't go anywhere without being known. What a coincidence, given where we were, the hour of the day and probability of being found.

Next the police showed up, and after a quick check in with us, they set up flares behind our vehicle and left.

Finally ninety minutes after our phone call for help, the tow truck arrived and took us to a garage 10 blocks from our original destination.

The driver so kind, that after we dropped our vehicle, he drove us to where we needed to be.

The bill was expensive, but the vehicle was fixed on a Saturday. It was the alternator.