Saturday, January 27, 2007

sex energy

I was nervous & filled with anticipation. RC had promised me that I knew already all that I needed to about our evening together, time, date & place. All I was to do was to show up. So here I was.

At 8:00 last night I arrived to his door and was greeted by a well-dressed smiling man. He hung my coat and toured me through his home, the top floor of a nice building with a view that went on forever.

Seated on the sofa I relaxed listening to the music, watching the candles dance shadows across the walls and watching RC as he arrived back to me with a platter of his own hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries and two champagne flutes filled with bubbly for us to enjoy.

We talked for a long time, as the hours slipped by he moved in on me and we became closer & closer till finally we were touching.

Shortly after 6:00 this morning we untangled ourselves and I proceeded home after a lingering good-bye.

Friday, January 26, 2007

mind blowing orgasm

It's such a beautiful day, all my house doors & windows are thrown open. I just spent the last half hour cleaning them all, inside and out. Everything shines, this makes me happy.

I arrived early downtown before my class last night to meet up with Reive. We had a drink and some time to talk alone face to face. We've been friends again for quite awhile now, almost a year. It's only been the last bit though that I've started including him in my blog as a regular.

The class went very well, they were a magnificent group. Due to the large number of attendees Little Sisters had me teach my class in their reading room. Awesome, just awesome. Men, women and a couple of small groups of people who had come together, het & gay. They were most diverse.

26 days and no caffeine, I'm getting there!

Yesterday at Safeway I bought Cranberry Juice, Diet Lemon Lime, Diet Sprite, Orange Juice and loads of smoothie making supplies including yes, Flax seed. I'm changing what goes into my body by ridding it of processed sugar and caffeine. This is a process for sure.

Shortly I'm heading for a mind-blowing toe-curling orgasm.
It's necessary. I've got horrible cramps and by having a couple of big O's, the cramps will subside some, usually. Oh and swallow Naproxen, that helps too.

In my office right now is a tupperware container filled with two dozen dirty cocks. Some still have condoms on while others are lube covered, these again need to be cleaned and stored for next weeks class. Because I'm teaching this again. It seems all I've been doing these past weeks is cleaning cocks & teaching others how to do new exciting things to the penis for pleasure.

Where is an inexpensive place to fill a prescription in Burnaby, anyone know?

Usually I use Shoppers Drug Mart but it's come to my attention that I could get it filled for cheaper, else where.

For her academic achievements as of late, I stopped yesterday and bought my daughter an iTunes gift card, which is exactly what she wanted. Today is a Pro D Day, no school for her, although school is where she is. Rehearsal for the upcoming play, she's a fairy in A Mid Summer Nights Dream and Student Council meeting today have kept her busy.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

adult sex videos Vancouver

Today is the day that I'm wiped out and I've still got hours to go. I'm in my robe after already having a hot tub. Yesterday was exhausting, today I'm feeling it mentally and physically. The go-go-go speed I keep as my life, leaves me now and again in a state of overall exhaustion.

In a few minutes I have the glamorous task of washing the 12 cocks that we used in last nights cock sucking class. They have to be cleaned to be returned to the rest of my teaching collection so I can take them to tonight's SOLD OUT cocking sucking class at Little Sisters. The rest of my suitcase will stay packed but cocks must be clean for tonight's 25 people or no one will even touch 'em.

Yesterday my daughter made the Honor Roll (she's in grade 8) AND was given by the Principal the Student of Distinction Award at her high school.

It was really touching news. It was open house yesterday to the parents and so I had the chance to spend time with her at school on the big day!

I've got a date with RC finally. It appears I'm going over to his place for the evening. We've exchanged a number of get to know you emails and now it's time for the in person and alone. There is a unique dynamic between us by roles and definitions that I've not yet encountered in my own personal life before. At this time, it's all rather exciting.

I need a mechanic for my car, soon. Any mechanic out there reading this and in Burnaby, New West or Vancouver that has some time. It's a 93 Ford Escort and it needs a few things done, a little love. Nothing major, there's a recent diagnostic even. Email me please

Earlier today I sent out a mail out to the mailing list at Libido Events and now I'm dealing with business surrounding the adult movie classification system here in BC and it's prohibition of adult sex education videos, end of discussion.

Aaah, it drives me crazy. I'm not going to rant here, suffice to say though I do have a large project on the go that makes me cautious of this law & mindful to keep up with where things are at with updating this outdated practice.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

getting around

Today I picked up another 6 teaching contracts/engagements all of which are with entities that I've not worked with before. This makes me super happy and proud. I'm proud to be sought after for my activism and sex-education.

That my Erotic Arts Curriculum has gotten the attention it has is powerful for me.

1. A Yoga Center in North Vancouver
2. The Bay store (and I'm not telling which Bay yet)
3. The Wedding Show at Canada Place

You'll find me teaching in all of the above new venues/events over the next 7 weeks what a diverse selection.

I'm certainly a woman whose life is on the go. I love it. Soon, I'll get the details up on the calendar in respect to the new venue's, in the mean time it was big enough news for me, that I wanted to share here.

Oh and I've added two new workshops to my calendar A Little More Than a Slap and a Tickle - SM 101 & Butt Sex & Anal Pleasure both at the Love Nest in Burnaby. There's even a new advertising poster circulating specific to my Love Nest classes in addition to the Little Sisters brochures featuring me. Go Jennifer!

The Love Nest and I have also now paired up to do home parties as well. Certainly a market and demographic of people that I am eager to be exposed to and since the Love Nestand I have such a long work history together, this is just another natural transition for us.

Due to the popularity of my Cock Sucking classes, I had to go today and pick up another load of condoms. Took 50 flavored ones from the Love Nest, still needing to return when they get in my order of another 12 dozen. Thanks goes to C, T, & D for making sure I'm so well taken care of with supplies to do my job.

In a few hours is my daughters open house at high-school, she's on the student council and the youth activism group so she has many responsibilities to the school and her peers on a day like this. It's course selection time for NEXT year, already. I'll need to leave early to teach but I'm able to attend this special parent night, thankfully.

Tonight I'm teaching Cock Sucking at Club Eden in N. Delta to a large group, then a drink with friends out in the valley before I return home for what I hope to be an early night to bed!

It's exhausting being this productive, I do get around!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

popular cock sucking class Vancouver

On the phone with Little Sisters only to discover that my Thursday

Cock Sucking: the Hand Job, Blow Job class is


25 seats filled

Not to worry Little Sisters has added a second night for the overflow. This additonal class is filling now for Wednesday January 31st.

Call NOW to make sure you secure your spot in next weeks Cock Sucking class.

Little Sisters Book Store
604-669-1753 Reserve your ticket/s

Be a real friend and bring a friend!

Monday, January 22, 2007

hot sex in Vancouver

So much happens in my life on a daily basis that I want to write about but I just don't have that kind of free time. Sometimes the condensed version is quicker and easier for me to type out.

In the last week I've had some incredible play time and not written about it afterwards because it was mine still, at that moment, not up for public consumption. The scenes all of them are still hot in my mind and between my legs, one of them is not even finished yet.

There have been a number of poignant moments...


I "picked up" a man at a bar, he followed me and I took him down a windy, exhilarating sexy road. He used a physeudonym, I have no idea of his real name, where he comes from or if we'll ever cross paths again. I know we had incredible sex.

Lacing snugly a leather hood over his head, I felt a surge of power in my clit, my juices were starting as I was pondering my approach. His clothes forcibly removed by me, fast & rough. His body was nice, it screamed youth and pride in being so handsome.

We built up our energy together at a pace that was not all to gradual but rather swift. I teased as much as I hurt him. He coward away from me in hinged handcuffs, not going far. I drew him back to me. I fucked with him, a lot. He hurt, his body ached, he trembled, I massaged him, briefly.

Melting on to my touch, leaning on me, his body screaming for more contact. I give it to him, not for him, but for me. He was moldable & compliant to my whim.

We lay together for some time, his head on my chest. I as his leader and Top, his caretaker.

As I unlaced the hood I knew something was different about him. He was really small, had actually started it with the hood. His body closing in, then magnified as I yanked his pants off, made more obvious by my calling him good when he took pain from me well, through to him laying with his head on my chest, so still for so long curled almost fetal.

Softly and quietly he slowly started to tell me about the experience he'd just had with me, from his perspective, under the hood. He was a child laying with his father and I took him to that place. It was scary but he was safe.

He made my cry, warm tears down my cheeks because I knew how good it had been for me to. I may have journeyed to a different place than he, but we both went places and got what we needed. Damn if that isn't good sex.

I gave him my card.


Went to a party and what did I find but a pretty girl? Surprise. I knew when I saw her that she was a "must have". One of things, one just must-have. To her credit when she saw me approaching her for play, she did run in the other direction with a look of feigned panic on her face.

Fear not, I caught her on the other side of a small table within minutes. I had back up man power in place to assist me in cornering her if need be. It is good to have strong friends.

We negotiated no blood, no needles, no electricity. This is important to note, because last time I played with the woman, I stuck needles in her inner thighs while she masturbated herself then we finished with the cattle prod, so yeah some electricity. Not this time though, this time new rules, we changed things up based on our mood and environment.

After I got her clothes off, I enjoyed the chance to inspect her goods. Lickable, sweet girl, the perfect shave job, not a hair on the girl.

We're friends and have lots of play history together. Pulling out my cupping set, I got them secured to her lower abdomen and the breast tissue. Spanking time with her head and shoulders to the floor, arms outstretched, legs spread, back arched with her ass to my face. The view was beautiful, more so as she was made red.

Squealing, squirming she even fought me at times as I closed in on her inflicting sensations on to her pale flesh. Then it happened, I saw the lube. I'd brought the Hitatchi Magic Wand with an extension cord so with it plugged in with power, I let loose on her labia and clitoris with good, good, good vibrations. More than once. Twice.

From feigned pacnic and trying to escape me, to blissful orgasms and bruising.

I touched myself watching her get off. It was hot sex.


There's been a man on my radar for the last while who I've been interested in knowing better. Blessed be me, he's a bottom. We've been having a little bit of a dialogue and I made a point of letting him know that I was wanting to play with him.

Well make the Top in this girl happy or what, he was very kind in his reply and equally as interested in me as I am in him. Creative as well, this is huge for me and a quality I admire. Since meeting him I've found him to be nothing short of fascinating.

Later this week I'm going to get naked for him, on our first time date. This is very sexy.

RC If you ever feel like you need a hot stone massage after a hard days work on your new venue, let me know. You take care of a lot of people, and i suspect tend to be more of a giver of attention than a receiver.

ME Yes, to a hot stone massage. That sounds like a perfect excuse for me to take my clothes off for you.

RC An offer to disrobe for me. How could I possibly refuse. Plus a chance to rub warm oil all over that beautiful body. This does look like it is going to be an incredible week.

Be aware that I don't like to get massage oil all over my clothes, so I don't tend to wear many when I am massaging someone.

Can you say yummy or what! Damn I'm looking forward to our time together, the hot stone massage and figuring out the man.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Copperfield was incredible!

Being a mother is the single largest joy of my life. There is nothing comparable and no other relationship on the same level and any parent knows this and any mother understands as deeply as I.

My daughter has gifted me with more love than I ever could have wished for. She is a beautiful teenager with a soul that is both wise and delicate, I'm fortunate to have such a daughter.

I've made many choices over her years of life. Some very important ones I made for us, as I was pregnant. Further choices I had to make through her baby years because as she could do was cry, nurse at my breast and gain language. When she was a preschooler, she started to make more of her own choices. Much to my dismay at times. It was cute to watch.

Through elementary school, we made choices together, I led and offered options, she followed and made final decisions. Always the best choice for her. Not always my first choice, but again, her choice. I applauded her independence and started learning to take small steps back without fear.

I've raised her well so far and she has the knowledge, which is power, to make good decisions. I hold on strong and wait.

High school now and she is a teenager. I still lead, though often she's right at my side. We still hold hands, sitting talking things over some time late into the night. She often needs to make choices now on her own, even before I know there was a question before her. She makes good choices.

It's amusing now and again when I see her "doing her own thing" as opposed to something I think she "should be doing". She'll smile at me and say something along the lines of, "it's ok mom, I know what I need to take care of next." And she'll do it, she does, she makes excellent decisions.

She really is a good girl with such a sense of purpose. At her age, I was no where near as composed, lacking in purpose and not happy.

That she's happy with herself and us means the world to me. Our family life is incredible.

Tonight we went see David Copperfield at The Center for the Performing Arts, downtown Vancouver. We even found parking exactly, precisely at the front door. The goddesses were smiling down on us.

Copperfield was astounding. Hard to believe that we were shown tricks that defied the understanding of everyone in attendance. It was a sold out house and we had the best seats, in the orchestra, dead center. Awesome view of everything, what blew me away was him putting a car on the stage on top of two men AND transporting a woman & himself out of country in front of us all.

As we drove home tonight our heads were still twirling from all we'd seen, trying to make sense of it all. We've decided to see the Copperfield show again some year.

I learned a few new presenting techniques from the Great Magician himself and I plan on incorporating them into my classes shortly.