Thursday, November 23, 2006


Today for lunch I met a client and over a short two hour appointment I was able to help him find new suggestions to his sexual journey than the options he previously had considered & even know about. He went back to his wife with a plan of action for getting his needs met, rekindling the home fires and goal setting.

This afternoon, once school was over, I picked up my daughter and took her to Sport Mart for a pricey but much needed, new winter jacket. I'd found it on my own days earlier and took her to have a peek at it. She loved the jacket and of course, I rock as a mom! Go me.

We rushed home to pizza for dinner and were quickly back out the door together to see Disney On Ice over at PNE.

It was as always a wonderful night out together and one that we each look forward to every year. Seeing the show was quite special this time round, as of course, we've just returned from Disneyland three weeks ago and the Disney experience is still fresh on our minds.

Cotton Candy was $12 a bag. That's robbery. Yes, I was robbed. And my robber gifted me with a bag of the fluffy stuff to share with a 12 year old. :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

the date

The date went beautifully. He, who really needs a screen name so I can write about him, shall from this moment forward be called Mustang.

Mustang took me to dinner down along the scenic port. We had a breathtaking view of the North Shore and ocean. Though there wasn't a lot of time spent looking out the windows.

The restaurant was so romantic, the service impeccable and ambiance gentle enough that relaxing was easy to do. Must return for a bottle of their Lobster Oil, it made my mouth just come alive it's well worthy of the praise it gets.

We ate visually stunning food, memorable as a meal and talked for a long time. Enjoying the newness of one another all the while sharing stories. Then a single dessert of the restaurants legendary trio Of chocolate terrine with raspberry coulis together and before I knew it we'd been dining for three hours. Oh my did the time ever slip on by.

My outstretched arms accepted the abundant bouquet of flowers that Mustang gave me with the largest smile on his face as he leaned in for a kiss.

We kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed. Finally removing ourselves from one another, we said good-night. As I was departing he asked me out again. I said yes.

He had suggested we see a play or go to the theater together, how wonderful and normal. I suggest strippers. Mustang says he wants to move me out of my world some. I think he's right given my earlier suggestion of strippers.

(sighs, can you believe I said strippers HA)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

juggling act

City Planners ate up a large chunk of my day today, where discussions centered around parking stalls, washrooms, zoning usage and more points than I can remember without going for my "Property File". It's challenging to make one's way through the process that the City has deemed a requirement for licensing. Keeping track of the paperwork, referrals and appointments is a job in itself.

After City Hall it was off to meet with the realtor, yet again. We've formed a pretty great relationship these past few weeks, I like him. Together we walked through the new place noting what was owners responsibilities to fix and what was tenants.

I was flattered by the realtor as he complimented me on my professionalism today regarding my attention to detail on this project / lease as it was obvious to him how much work I've put into all of this. Both my 2 year and 5 year business plan floored him. :)

Arrived home late afternoon in time to meet my daughter after school for some family time. We hung out for an hour, laying on the sofa having a cuddle before we pulled the living room apart rearranging it to ready for the inevitable Christmas tree.

While I was cooking dinner, my child made chocolate mouse inside dark chocolate dessert cups for our tasting pleasures before bed.

Opening my e-mail inbox is an ever frightening reminder that while I am making great leaps and strides forward on the new facility my ability to keep multiple projects juggled successfully is taking it's toll on me.

I'm really tired and feeling depleted. A holiday would be nice, but not realistic. Massages twice weekly needed yet I've not the time or resources. An assistant, but it's not in the business plan, as of yet. A lottery win helpful, but the gods haven't been so kind as of yet.

Tomorrow night I have a date. No, not a play date. No, not sex. I've been asked to dinner at a fantastic restaurant in the city, by a handsome man who is a Top. We're off to a place where I get to wear something pretty and that we have a 7:00 reservation at. I've never eaten at this particular place, yet it's been on my "to eat at" list for years.

Hopefully dinner, the conversation and companionship will be as special as I need them to be.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Need Insurance Assistance

If you're in the insurance business and would be willing to talk me through a couple of things, I'd sure appreciate hearing from you.

I'm currently looking to insure a facility and find myself with more questions than answers.

E-mail me at jennifer@libidoevents

Sunday, November 19, 2006

the switch in me

It had been booked for weeks. I'd been hired to present my Erotic Wax & Ice Play class at Dragon Flys Den out in Delta Friday night, prior to their evening play party and off I went to do what I love so much. Meet new people and welcome them to sex-positive culture and education.

Arrived early, setting up the room for the interactive class and at the same time chatted with some old friends and talked with the reporter who was there to write an article about both the facility and my presentation. Go me!

Class went really great and everyone had the chance to try something new, be it a technique or a skill. Afterwards a very sweet service oriented man cleaned up all my gear for me, what a treat to watch while a second man aided him. Men cleaning up after me makes me happy. :)

Saturday was a day spent with my daughter at home. Suitcases, three of them were only half unpacked and in my room remaining from recent trips along with a mess of laundry all needed tended to finally. A stock pot full of home made chili from scratch and a trip to the grocery store to replenish the pantry shelves all made me feel like I had accomplished much.

Later on in the evening Saturday all sexed-up dressed-up I put myself in my car and arrived promptly at a clubs opening of 8:00pm.

Rascals Club is where I spent the next five hours partying & playing. Know that events/parties I consider work for myself, though all I may do is play.

Did I ever have a wonderful night. First off, I ran smack dab into a man that I'd just met the night before at Dragons Fly Den and we were able to finally get past the subtle flirt of the night before and move ourselves fairly quickly onto knowing one another fast.

Within five minutes of talking together we were on the dungeon stage and I was naked sans for a small pair of panties and there I laid on my stomach while this Top worked over my back side for a good half an hour.

Sensual bliss, he's a masseur and I was in need of his skills. Of course I couldn't stay quiet and just enjoy the massage, I needed to talk to him and try to figure something out about him more than I already knew.

Learned much and my back felt much better by the time he was done with me. Damn if we didn't kiss. We kissed pretty good with some passion thrown in there even at the end.

He was a Top and there was no way that I could be one if I wanted to know him. So, the bottom in me comes out and that's exactly what he was looking at me as. As a bottom.

Nope, I did not have a collar on, and had no intention of putting it on for him, however the possibility may exist that in future this man could prove to be someone that I may even bottom to. Shocking, just shocking as I'm not often attracted to new Tops.

A phone call to check on my daughter and with everything fine at home I walked towards my victim.

I saw him when he arrived and I'd seen him numerous times at other kinky events throughout the city though we'd never exchanged more than a quick hello in passing. Tonight's was different and I believe he knew that when he first arrived and I made eye contact with him.

He was young at 24, soft dark long curls hanging around his face, handsome from birth (you can tell) and wearing a collar. Asked him a couple of questions about who he was there with and what he was looking for. Listened to his answers then asked him if he wanted to play.

Yes, Yes. Off we went to the dungeon floor. While I laid out my toy choices from my bag infront of him I had him remove his clothes. Excellent eye candy as he blushed in his boxers, now that is HOT.

Spreader bar between his legs holding them open, I knew I would be wanting the easy access shortly. Hinged handcuffs keeping his hands in a prayer at his belly level, as he was seated on the steps of a piece of equipment.

I took the boy for a ride and brought him back again. Holy smokes. Sure I had plans on Topping, my hands itching to express my hunger & Dominance but I never know when venturing out to a public party alone if I'll be able to find who or what I am looking for.

I Topped and fed my beast with the flesh of someone new. I thought about bottoming and had a massage that left me feeling pampered. My weekend was excellent.