Saturday, April 15, 2006

eggs & play

This afternoon finds me sitting in my robe at the kitchen table, with smudged raccoon eyes, typing madly away at the computer. Arrived home later than expected last night from the new clubs opening. So late in fact that I went straight to bed without removing my eye make up. So wrong, which of course made my daughter laugh at me when I finally rolled out of bed this afternoon and she looked at my bedraggled self.

Yes, that's correct, I wasn't up today till noon. Am still exhausted, sick with a head cold, one ear is deaf and I'm feeling weary, but I'm awake.

I'd thought that I wouldn't be up to attending Rascals this evening, but I simply can't miss it. Must go, I'm just drawn there. Saw Brian last night and told him I'd be going so I guess now I should. No plans of dressing today until later when I start the primping process of getting myself ready for the play party.

Could Top or bottom, doesn't really matter to me, I just need the interactions. Have to get in early though as tomorrow is Easter and in our house we do an Easter egg hunt every year and this year is no exception. Later today I still need to make the map to direct my child to the Easter bunnies surprises.

Jim arrives here tomorrow for Easter, family time and a photo shoot. Monday I'm doing a shoot before Jims camera with a friend of mine and must have sleep in me for that, so that I look rested & pretty.

busy times...

Friday, April 14, 2006

facilities promises

Last month an invite came to my in box that looked interesting and I wanted to check out because it promised to be a little different. I phoned in my RSVP, talked to the new owners and now today is the day of the big event.

Tonight's opening night is for invited guests only, it's called their Kink Industry Party, should be fun. (they aren't open to the public yet, tonight's event is to bring together the organizers from local groups to play, socialize and check out the new place)

Here's what the new facility promises on it's Features page:

*Over 3500 square feet of playspace
*Dance floor playing club tunes
*BYOB bar with licensed server to make your drinks all night as you like 'em
*Social lounge
*Hot tub...bathing suit optional, but nudity encouraged
*2 public playrooms
*4 optional playrooms - you choose to play publicly with others or privately
as a couple... Just change the sign on the door
*BDSM dungeon playspace - perfect for spanking
*Hors d'oeuvers from scantily clad servers
*Erotic photography (limited availability)
*Toys to enhance your play
*Bed and breakfast - at the end of the night, the rooms are converted into
bed & breakfast rooms, so you don't have to worry about drinking and driving
*Valet parking

Rest assured I'll be checking the place out in depth and letting you know my thoughts on this promising new play space. I'm looking forward to this evening and the chance to see what new environment has been created for our sex-positive city.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

submitting to some one new

reaching into my purse I pulled out the slip of paper given to me earlier with the room number I was heading to. Stepping off the hotels elevator I turned left, then right and for some reason turned around mid way to the correct room. Hearing a noise I was surprised to find Phil coming up behind me in the hall so late at night. Surprised and excited as I was hoping we'd get a chance to flirt some and maybe entertain the idea of play.

Instinctively I knew we were both going to the same place. A private party in a friends suite and we were obviously both invited guests.

It wasn't long before we were excusing ourselves from the play we were watching in the living room of other couples, to head in to the bedroom to create some intimate play of our own.

He told me to take off my clothes, and I did with speed, tossing them into a corner of the room. Bottoming to someone new, in a strange hotel room, in New York, in a room filled of nearly strangers - sure I'd do this for him. I wanted this experience.

Running his hands along my body, turning me front to back to view me, before ordering me onto the bed. Trembling a little I obeyed and blocked out all the distractions concentrating on his voice and demands of me.

My heart beating fast from a little bit of fear from playing with someone new. I'd told him of my limits earlier but not of the things that set me off, for the bad or the good, the things that can make or break a scene.

He bit me over and over and I did my best to stay still, be calm and good for him. I wanted him to want & like me, because I was hot for him.

His cane started cutting through the air at a faster rate and the backs of my thighs could feel the wind and the intensity of each stroke. Just as the burn would start to become to much, his lips would tenderly kiss away the pain. His hand would stroke away the bite and then he'd roughly pull me over and start caning the front of my legs.

Made me meet his eyes and keep a steady gaze with him as he did the tender areas of the fronts of my thighs with his cane. Grabbing and pinching the welts while laughing at my wincing and deep moaning. Showed no mercy as my body fought the waves of sensations, only grew hard from my struggles, I could feel his cock throb against me.

Grabbing me by the hair on the back of my neck and forcing his mouth over mine, I was hungry for his taste and so my mouth parted eagerly to eat him up.

Another woman laying on the other side of the bed had joined hands with me at some point during our ordeals. She being done by Lolita and I by Phil.

Lolita to Phil "be careful with the cane, see there, she's about to bleed"

Phil to Lolita "then give me another cane, I'm not done with her yet"

And then the two of them broke into singing the Muppets theme song over and over while tossing back their heads and laughing hysterically. It's madness in this hotel room, I'm screaming in pain from cane strikes that are leaving welts, the woman I'm holding hands with while laying on the bed is sobbing while on a sexual high and the two Tops in the room are singing the friggin Muppets. Insanity.

Jennifer to herself, someone give the man whatever he wants so that he can do whatever he wants to me. I'm all floaty and endorphined out, heart rate is accelerated and lust has left it's aroma permeating from between my legs.

I get caned more, then bitten and ordered to not move while other not nice things happen to me followed by moments of deliciousness as we come together as a bundle of sex energy.

He hurts me and asks me if I like it. Of course I like it and I like that you're spending the time to do this to me.

I'm going to leave a mark on your arm, a large mark he says smiling. So all during the conference, whenever I see you and walk by you, I can grab that bruise and push it and make you think of me over and over again. Grasping my upper arm tight, he canes the same spot on my outer upper arm till beads of perspiration are rolling off my head as it's tossing from side to side from the overwhelming sensations he's layering on my poor left arm.

By the time he's done caning my arm, it's already purple, blue and a deep violent red.

Eventually we cuddle up, me panting & grinding into him as he tells me that I'm a good girl. It's remarkable that he found just the right words to say at that moment.

I don't want to go back to my room, but I've got to teach a class at 9:30 in the morning and I must get some sleep.

Not wanting to end our time together, I push him playfully down flat on the bed on his back and straddle him with my nakedness. Pressing my hands into his body, I massage his head, face, torso, limbs, hands & feet till he's blissed out from my attention towards him.

Phil to Jennifer "I could really get used to being treated like this. I like you."

Jennifer to Phil "I'd like to play with you again, and yes, enjoy and get used to being treated like this. I like you too." ~ filled with raw sexual energy

Climbing off of the man covered in sweat from the workout of a scene with me I turn to the corner of the room to retrieve my clothes. Pulling on my pants, heels and before my top even gets on me, he's molesting me again from behind and I realize that the attention is something I was hungering for. And to have it come from someone that I got to actually play with and found sexy was just a huge added bonus.

This is a photo of Lolita, Allena & I.

crisis of a Ford Escort

the windshield wipers on my car have stopped working and need to be repaired ASAP. Does anyone have this talent?

If so, please e-mail me privately off list at

I'd be most grateful as would my car & child; driving without wipers is crazy and not something I'm wanting to be doing for long. I've a ton of things to do this long weekend and need my car in good working order to accomplish them all.

Can you help me? Pretty please, there could even be a little something in here for you as a thank you.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


was in a fulfilling D/s relationship with kara for two and a half years, she as my service bottom and I as her Top. When we started out, we had no idea how far we'd travel together but over the years we grew close, strong and eventually fell in love.

kara was the ideal young submissive woman, beautiful, eager and wanting to serve, me. She fell for me as quickly as I fell for her. We took life by storm and had wonderful times together doing amazing things.

kara saw me through my early days of teaching and supported me as I found my way as an educator. She stood next to me making sure I had what I needed and often moved the light in my direction so I'd look good. In SM we played hard and my girl allowed me the privilege of playing on her body and with her mind always with her consent but often with trust as she gave consent to me for some things before even asking what. Trust, deep unwaivering trust. I found her body exciting, her reactions sexy and her submission to me mesmerizing.

kara did things for me, both personal and professional. Things I asked for and some times things I didn't even ask for or even know that I needed.

kara lit up my life and before long my service bottom and I were also in love.

As an act of love & dominance her nipples were pierced privately on my whim in my living room. Her partner present, because I knew the depth of importance of this act, not just to me, but to her and her life. The moment was powerful and only made us closer.

We traveled together, played together, dated, became a "couplehood" to our peers and time ticked on.

My activism grew and has continued to grow over the years. More and more, my time has disappeared and what was important to me has now all but slipped by. With huge demands on my time and a deep need to retain some alone time & family life I let some things slip.

Kara is no longer my service bottom and has not been for a few months now. It's been hard to adjust to the change of not having her in my daily life and to know her now from a far. I miss her greatly and know that our ending our relationship was because of my pursuits.

I'm still in love with her and wish only good things for both her and her life partner. As a polyamorous person it pleases me to know that Kara will always have a place in my life and heart and that I don't need to cut her out or make anyone wrong.

We grew apart and our interests shifted and what was, is no longer. What will never change is the fact that with Kara, I was often reminded of my own early days of discovery in SM and because of this, I did what I could to show her really good experiences and life lessons. Do no harm and leave her with rich memories.

From guiding her, I learned how to be a better Top. From Kara I learned grace and I was shown what dedication was.

In no longer being in a D/s relationship with Kara I also have come to realize how lonely at times activism can be and the costs of such pursuits. I'm forever grateful though for all the days we had together because it's out of those days that I have the best memories and fondest thoughts.

I love you Kara, thank you for sharing yourself with me so freely over the years.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

TES last Saturday

here's a photo of Tim & I and another of Allena and I prior to us all leaving for the TES play party last Saturday night in New York...

The World of a strange man... or, a man of a strange world, (see April 11) is who I bottomed to on Saturday night. Took off all those clothes in the photo above save for my black leather thong and heels, standing naked before him and his single tail whip for a scene that left me shaking "like a leaf" and marked like a street filled city map. Pain, submission and arousal filled me up and off I happily floated on endorphins. He brought me to my knees and suffice to say I will not be seen at home sans clothing for some time as my body heals.

No energy to write any more, must sleep. Arrived back today at 4:00pm. So glad to return finally to my home and daughter.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

early rising

got to bed at exactly 4:25 this morning, and it's now 9:15. That's not enough sleep for me, but I have a breakfast meeting/appointment so I'm the only one up in the room. And my ggoodness am I ever wiped out.

Off to breakfast, then back here to bed. I was a play party maniac last night at TES and will be recovering for some time. A man by the name of Boymeat, was pivotal to my evening being such a success. Surprisingly even to me. More details later on the club and the play we did.