Saturday, December 02, 2006


Last nights party was HOT. I'm super psyched about how well it all went, the women had wild times. I'm beyond tired, I put out a lot of energy. And I played with more woman than I can recount, over 9 for sure. Part of the job you see. Lucky me that I love my job and it's rewards are so exciting.

Memorable was a number of women including myself, semi naked on the dance floor having a full blown pillow fight. Some woman at the bar, yelling loudly "Can you imagine what they'd (men) pay to see this, it beats pay per view." How true. Oh yes and the mummification of strangers together, then the attack of sensation play forced upon them by multiple women wielding sex toys and pervertables. Amazing.

The only down side of the whole night was that with my head cold, I had to keep all the woman from kissing me. This was a job in itself, woman after woman attempting to french kiss me and me having to redirect their frantic lips. Kiss my breasts, kiss my neck, my eye lids, my thighs, but don't kiss my mouth please.

At one point I had five different women, none of which I'd met before the party, sucking, licking, kissing and fondling me with such reverence that I couldn't help but feel like a Goddess.

The party was still going on when I left at 2:26, apparently the last women leaving at 4 in the morning. Incredible. I was so tired & sick that I left with some lovely women who drove me back to my hotel so I could crawl into bed and finally get some rest.

Friday, December 01, 2006

sniffles in Calgary

Can hardly believe that I still have to finish packing for my trip to Calgary in the morning and I have to consider weight restrictions on my airline for personal luggage. Another of the challenges I face packing up all my gear to go on the road. :)

My nose it stuffed, sinus pain, a small cough along with a low grade fever, I have a bug. Let's hope it stays right at this point and does not progress in to a full cold.


It's hours later now and I'm here in Calgary after a smooth an uneventful flight on WestJet. Though I did miss my 9:00 AM flight ending up on the 10:00 luckily.

Checked into my hotel room already, same hotel as last visit, I'm comfortable here and it's nice. A view of the club from my window I'll be spending the next two days at, nice. It's really cold here, thankfully I bought a new coat this past week, actually with this trip in mind.

In a couple of hours, I'll be co hosting an All Girl Play Party for a Private Members Only Alternative Club here. I brought with me 63 pounds worth of fun, I put some serious planning into making tonight a huge hit for these woman. More later on how it all turns out. Need to get rest now, before they come to pick me up and whisk me away to set up & ready for the evening's party.

The cold by the way is starting to settle nicely into my chest as a full on crappy cold.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cock Sucking class Burnaby

November 30 Thursday
7:30 - 9:30pm
Cock Sucking: The Hand Job, Blow Job Class
Women Only
presented by Jennifer
4687 Kingsway Street Burnaby across from Metrotown @ The Love Nest
$25, tickets at the door

*if you have a dildo at home that you would like to use for the interactive portion, please bring it along. Others will be provided to those who arrive empty handed

Giving great head is an erotic activity that takes practice, time and the belief that a job worth doing, is worth doing amazing. Jennifer will spend the evening demonstrating oral sex techniques that you too will be able to master by nights end.

This class will cover: basic anatomy, hygiene and preparing for; a blow job & a full on hand job along with stroking & sucking techniques for the beginner cock sucker to the more advanced fellatio aficionado who also will learn deep throat skills and gagging help.

Tips on toys, lube, positions and how to set the mood.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

perfect treasures

1. O my, I really really want one of these beautiful creations for myself. How divine.

My financial priorities of course are Christmas for my daughter & I right now, along with her birthday and of course the opening of the new facility. Yet...

It begs to be stroked, damn I can't get my mind off of it now!

I want one.

2. Current negotiations, lengthy but incredibly funny for those of us who get around and are used to navigating like this.

It's kinda surreal to see it played out. Enjoy the laughs.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Last night I went sledding with my daughter at a neighborhood park with huge hills. We each took our crazy carpets, mine red and hers blue and off we went in the dark for some thrill seeking night jumps. Cool! Actually freezing, it was minus 26 with 40 centimeters of the glorious white stuff.

Monday, November 27, 2006

busy woman

With my suitcase packed I headed out Friday, driving to Bellingham to see Jim for the afternoon. We had a fabulous dinner of Greek. Back in my car I settled in comfortably for the dark evening drive along the I5 to my next destination.

Arriving into Seattle with no traffic delays and perfect road conditions, I was pretty happy with good road tunes the whole way. Parked my car right out front of the building, grabbed my suitcase and let myself in the lobby door. Walking down the hall rounding the corner I walked into Bella's apartment for a really nice talk together and a night of catch up. Allena went to work for an hour and I laid back having a bath in water that was not turbid.

Cuddled up in bed we drifted with heads on pillows, sleeping like lovers do who are at ease with one another. Loving her is magical. At 10:30 in the morning I awoke finally alone. Walking out of the bedroom there was my girl ruffled from sleep still and coming to me for a hug & kiss. Adorable, the look of her. We spent the morning in.

Two classes Saturday afternoon for me over at The Wet Spot. Cock Sucking had a great group of 16 both men and women & Forbidden Fantasies had 8. Wonderful classes with really awesome attendees, a few of which who were there for my full weekends worth of classes. Because Sunday I taught and Intensive. A four class on Women's Dominance, it was most definitely intensive for both myself and all the women. Take Charge! A Women's Class in Dominance.

Saturday night had a fabulous quiet dinner of lamb shanks, garlic mashed potatoes & broccoli and cheese. More down time with Allena how awesome. Then just before 10:00 we walked in the door of the evening pan party at The Spot.

Music to play to and a club full of people to say hello to. I don't get the chance to ever spend as much time with all my American friends as I'd like. I do love that they show up in classes , others drop by to give me gifts of love or hugs while we steal 5-10 minutes talking. It's all amazing, my life that is, as a sex-activist.

While Allena did a few of her Executive Director duties and also caught up with some of her own friends I made certain to catch a few moments with as many people as I could knowing that I'd never make it to all.

Then it was time, I ordered Allena to the cross on one side of the dungeon floor, she of course trying hard not to run to fast with a huge smile on her face. No need to tell the woman to get naked, she was already removing all her clothes. Lucky me that she can read my mind. I brought 9 canes, a spreader bar and my own physical abilities.

I punched, kneed, slapped, bit, stroked, kissed, fondled and generally inflicted both very sensuous and moderately mean blows to her vibrating beautiful body. In between we wrestled then I bit her toes, finally it was time to tickle her. The laughter was contagious, not just between us, but I heard others watching chuckling at her/us.

Front and back of her body, I had her switch a number of times. Her eyes light up when high on endorphins and giddiness ensues. Caned her hard and harder, much to my delight. Then I turned on the Hitatchi Magic Wand & Allena's clit all at once. We of course at this time were sitting face to face legs wrapped together and all was feeling right in the world.

Later on we sat around with people talking some more, then made our exit to return home. Sunday morning was home with Bella all morning till the 1:00 pm Take Charge! Intensive at The Spot and it went really well. Over at 5:00 pm and I was back in my car and on the road for home at 5:15.

But wait, it's pitch black in Seattle and snowing. Good god no, I'm not all that thrilled but hey, I had to return for my daughter. Driving was slow out of Seattle, city drivers and all plus returning motorists from ThanksGiving long weekend. Once on the I5 it was slow but steady, then suddenly 100km into the dreary return home, traffic starts go slower. Next thing I know all cars are going under 10 and it's barely a crawl.

Big trucks are parking on the side of the highway, throwing up flares with unmoving wheels. It's bad. Then we stop. And we stay that way for over 4, yes you read right, four hours. Then we crawled along at a snails pace of under 10 again inbetween periods of up to 20 minutes of not moving and needing to turn vehicles off. Thousands of us stuck on the I5, side exits closed, nowhere to go.

Here's the note I zipped off to Allena and Jim when I returned home finally at 2:05 in the morning
I'm home just now. And it's 2:02 a.m. and I left the Spot at 5:15 p.m. exactly. Stranded on the I5 for over 4 hours, then off the road, twice, Peace Arch closed due to snow, Truck crossing no power and a nightmare. I'm going to bed finally. Of course, I missed the pick up for D and she's now stuck on the north shore. Snow here is really bad, our apartment building has no heat and I'm hanging in there.

And NO, I do not want to talk about this evening's escapades, recounting it once, was enough.



As you can imagine, once my head hit my pillow and I awoke with some sound sleep in me I was certainly feeling more chipper about the whole situation.

Other than the fact that it took me almost 9 hours to drive from Seattle to Burnaby, my weekend was awesome, and even relaxing.

There's a lengthy list of people wanting, needing or deserving some time with me these days, but unfortunately I have no time to give anyone other than my daughter.

With dealing with the city and the new facility issues, my time is not my own. I'm owned right now by the paperwork in front of me to bring my dream to reality.

Must also catch up on my Board commitments for LLC as there's much going on with us as we go full steam ahead on long term goals. It takes a fair chunk of energy to work with nine different people in varying places across the US and now Canada, with me.

If you've phoned and I've not called back, please excuse me. I'm swamped. Thursday I teach at Little Sisters, my hottest class for anyone regardless of gender or orientation. This Friday I leave for Calgary and return late Sunday. Crazy times.

Tonight I'm taking my daughter sledding, a photo tomorrow.