Saturday, February 16, 2008

remembering when

In response to The Contest I posted yesterday this landed before me and left me welled up with tears and so grateful to have the life that I do and the friends.

I changed the pretty girls name, otherwise, this is what she wrote....

aaaah Jennifer.. *s*

We first met as i walked in the door of my very first event EVER.

my first exposure EVER to the world of S/m and kink. i was terrified and you welcomed me with open arms. How many years ago was that ?

6-7 ? i have lost track.

And... there was another first ! A few months later you arranged my very first spanking.

And... group torture of my nipples in your kitchen..

And... You introduced me to a very Dominant person from northern Alberta who taught me many things about my submissive nature and Master/slave relationships. We talked at a SinCity about just how intense that could be. It was and i learned a lot.

And.... you gave me advise on how to focus and process pain... sending it right down to my genitals *s*

And.... you were my first girl on girl play

And.... i recall a particular difficult moment at a public event, you walked by me, brushed my shoulder and stood just out of listening distance but very much in my view. I felt your energy, I knew it was your support and i felt comforted and strong by that.

And, And, And... Jennifer... we have so much history. You are responsible for so many of my firsts in my exploration of this lifestyle, and it has all been amazing.

You launched me

*naked boobie rubs*


Friday, February 15, 2008


Tell me (Jennifer) how we first met and what you remember about or surrounding that meeting.

If you win, you and your date get FREE tickets to tomorrows Saturday February 16 SULTRY event.

Value: $80

Libido Events makes a rental of a Private Bath House in Vancouver and takes it over with all of "our friends".

"Couples only steam, sex and sauna event", play with your partner, or perhaps meet new friends, either way the eye candy is sweet.

Your winning ticket is all inclusive: entrance to the event, snacks, non alcoholic beverages, entertainment, play stations, safer-sex supplies.

The event starts at 7:30 and ends at 11:30pm

You can email me at my professional address by 2pm for your chance to WIN.

Winner will be notified by 2:30pm via email.

Good Luck.

*Remember this event is alcohol and smoke free and you must show up and leave with your partner.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

unwell, still

Happy Valentines Day to You, you sexy thing!

Later, I'll tell you about the gift exchange and the surreal experience that surrounded it all for RC and I earlier.

I will tell you now that I was the guest (S)Expert today at Douglas College. Working with youth is so rewarding for me. It looks like I'll be back there again in the near future doing another presentation for them.

It's a good thing I have left my voice almost off for the last few days, because it managed to hold out until the end of todays class, the strain then obvious and the voice went to a dribble.

Still sick, must sleep.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

worth watching

My friend John of The Wet Spots (a musical duo), has just come out with their latest video. Watch he and Cass do a number they call the Labia Limbo.

They crack me up, they are so funny. And RC, he, doesn't think so much of them, but me, I think they are a great comedy act.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It's gone. Vanished.

Last night in the last 15 minutes of the class I was teaching, it just rapidly faded right away. Well, to an almost inaudible noise level.

I am suffering from a horrible case of this and though it doesn't hurt, it is making my working life a real challenge today. Likely gone, from overuse.

Plus I awoke at four in the morning, coughing and feeling as though the emptying of my stomach was inevitable.

I watched RC run around the bedroom in the pitch black, middle of the night, getting me medicine and putting an old pot next to the bed for my vomit. Yuck!

Now as I sit on the sofa typing I feel fine, well aside from a stuffy nose and having NO voice.

Speaking is my livelihood, so its probably best that I spend the next two days recovering. Especially given that on Thursday I am the Guest Expert at Douglas College and that is a working gig, where my voice is necessary and must carry well.

In the mean time, I have canceled or postponed all my plans for the next 48 hours to spent time recovering and healing. What a novel concept.

Now let's see if I can keep quiet for that long.

Monday, February 11, 2008

ring a ding ding

Early this morning, I was on the phone booking a saucy little number for later this month.

February 29, Friday

featuring: Melody of Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society
Strip, Rip & Twirl: Come learn a routine and all the titillating tricks to remove your everyday clothing!

An In-House Erotic Masseuse to sooth your aching body.

Snacks, beverages and nibblies to entice your pallet.

Music Games Sex Voyeurism Exhibitionism Play Massage Sexy Movies

Beautiful facility.

Play Party Only $40
Strip, Rip and Twirl class AND Play Party $55

Limited Tickets for this Extra Hot Event.

(alcohol & smoke free event)

RSVP jennifer (@)

Libido Events / Libido Lounge

And here is a letter in my In-Box from a woman who was in Orientation the other day with us at Libido Lounge. I felt good reading it.

Hi Jennifer,

Just wanted to say thank you for a pleasant orientation. I wasn't sure what to expect for two hours, but amazingly the time passed very quickly. I have great respect for your vision and your mission; it seems like you've opened a lot of eyes and minds. I can only imagine what things will be like in a decade from now!

I know you will have noticed how I blushed at the orientation, and likely needless to say, but I can be painfully shy! I have moments where my level of confidence is very high, but sadly, most of the time I am this strange mix of wanting to be noticed, but simultaneously blend into the woodwork. Hmm, maybe that's why I both love voyeurism and exhibitionism (first experience at LL - thank you).

Libido Lounge will surely bring many fun evenings in the future and hopefully some great friendships too.

Thanks for being such an open-minded and easy to talk to person. I can tell you make great efforts to ensure everyone feels important.

Future events will be a work in progress for me, as I am inexperienced and unsure of what I like. I do however like the idea of finding out - haha!

Thanks again.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

recounting my day

There are only so many awake hours in each day and some how I manage to continue cramming more into a day than most people would even consider sanely safely attempting.

I am fortunate to be able to handle this type of multi tasking with relative ease, as without this ability, one could go nuts trying to keep up with the pace. Not saying I like it, just saying, I can handle it.

Awoke at first light as usual, and of course went right to working away on the computer to get the overnight deluge of emails to me out-of-the-way. Then back to the facility for yet another Member Orientation in the early afternoon and there was sixteen attendees. Great turnout for a Sunday, and it went so well. Eleven pre-existing members and five new ones.

After class we brought Deej home with us for a quick dinner as we were fast on the move to yet another class later in the evening. After pizza and beer, RC, Deej and I headed back out again.

We three were off to Burnaby's Love Nest store, for one of my classes. I was teaching a G-Spot class, and there was a nice group of fourteen for that one too. Deej's G-Spot both amazed & impressed everyone and I was thrilled to be able to empower all with such easy to grasp sex information.

Tomorrow night is another public class (Cock Sucking), then I have coaching clients for the rest of the week. It will be good to have this round of craziness over with until Friday, then it all starts repeating.