Friday, October 17, 2008

Whistler Get-Away

A couple of photos of RC & I in Whistler Village and another taken at dinner. Photo's Courtesy of the teenager.

Tonight, we three are going Rock Climbing & Hot Tubbing and tomorrow Zip Trecking.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bondage Workshop Vancouver

Earlier today was spent making turkey soup and doing the inevitable paperwork attached to running two businesses. Not so much fun, but if I don't do it regularly, our accountant cracks her whip and reminds me to get it done as per her orders. I do listen to this woman, she knows way more than I do and I bow down to her knowledge in this case.

Now here I sit in the back room at The Lounge, while fourteen people are in the main room with Jim teaching his Bondage For Sex workshop.

A great group of people all gathered together to learn new skills to apply to their bedroom play antics. There is laughter going on and a lot of rope in the room, making for good times and an awesome educational opportunity.

My assistant is here tonight and is lending me a hand, getting some of the new site stuff worked on. I'd really like to get the old site down tomorrow and have it gone for good, I am so done with it. It will be such a relief to work only with the new one, as well, this is all completed in time for my Taboo Sex show tour and subsequent media interviews.

I'll be home around ten-thirty this evening and hopefully will have a chance to get to bed some what early. Last night I had the most bizarre dreams imaginable. In fact, this has been happening a lot lately. My dreams were off children infiltrating our bathhouse event, and me trying to escape out of a house by climbing out the air vent attached to the stove. And something about a person being fried in a frying pan. See what I mean? Intensely odd dreams that make no sense and are actually starting to bother me because I can not decipher them.

Blog post is now over and I shall resume working on the list of items awaiting me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On The Fast Track

There are a number of items in my professional life right now that are pleasing me to no-end. My family is equally as happy for me too. In no particular order they are

  1. I have been asked to be in a Feature Film, teaching one of my classes from my Erotic Arts Curriculum. We are talking about money right now and credits.
  2. I have been requested to give some of my time on Prime Time TV very shortly, giving an interview about Libido Events and Libido Lounge. They came to me for this, and I could not possibly say no. Whole heartily Yes! What an opportunity for exposure to a whole new audience and thus member base.
  3. We gained another new Life Time Member at Libido Lounge today, an incredible feat, and I am so elated by this.
  4. Yesterday a post secondary institution asked me to do a four part series for them from my Erotic Arts Curriculum. Paid gig of course and the exposure is just great. Yes, oh yes.
  5. Tonight I was in Surrey teaching my Cock Sucking class, and hell did it ever go fantastically. The store, O'Behave and I have a wonderful working agreement and plans for exciting future events together as well. I will be teaching there in November again.
  6. I acquired a few new sex toys today to add to my teaching bag, I am so eager to try them out and start including them in my educational offerings.
In my Post box today was the largest payment check for my time that I have EVER received, holy shit success is sweet and well deserved.

I have sacrificed and put up with so much bullshit to be where I am and to be hand delivered all the rewards that are now coming my way. Believing in ones self and doing great work has finally paid off, both financially and also in terms of respect.

Days may be long and I may work hard, exceptionally hard, but what I have, I have earned myself.

Here's to Positive Thinking, Tenacity and A Labor of Love. And gratitude for supportive friends and a loving family.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My afternoon was spent at The Lounge, meeting with a private coaching client for a few hours. A very nice gentleman and a wonderful session that proved to be hugely beneficial.

Next I went and did my civic duty and voted with RC at my side.

Onto a over due conversation with my grand parents, my daughters great grand parents, who were most pleased for the call.

Then my evening was spent catching up on email and watching the pathetic election results roll in .

Bed time has come late, but hell there was just so much going on needing my attention that sleep any earlier was just not possible.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Turkey Love

What a day its been. It was required that we wake up early to make this day of magic happen, but oh wow, was it ever worth it.

Allena arrived early this morning and came through the door with a smile and bringing much joy. RC and I were already in the kitchen doing prep work for the turkey dinner.

I was making home made stuffing, that is an extra special recipe that I share with no-one, then stuffed it into the dressed bird and put the whole thing into the oven, on slow roast. Our turkey gets wrapped in bacon, and I must say that the bacon does an amazingly delicious thing to ones palate.

We spent the entire afternoon chilling with each other, reminiscing on our years together in relationship and laughing at silliness. RC and Allena may have had just-a-bit of scotch. The teenager hung out with us and our energies gelled so well together, as always.

Dinner cooked beautifully, with no stress or issues, the good china was out and at an early hour we sat down and gave thanks for our family. All four of us. RC, Allena, the teenager and me. Three chicks and one guy. Three adults and one teenager.

Our lives together are the BEST. Allena, the teenager and I have been together for eight years now, we are close and solid. RC came along two years ago and fit right in to all our lives quickly. As a family unit, we look good together, we get along perfectly, we love, admire, trust, respect and care for each other. As a poly family we have a rich strong past and an even brighter varied future.

We all know love and are good at communicating our own wants and desires, the way we live is remarkable and I only wish that others had the same capability to love with such abundance and truth.

Off to play a family game of Scrabble!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Polaymory and Family

It's almost time, I am eager to see my loves.

RC will be home from visiting his family on the island, in a few hours. He's been gone all weekend and I have missed him so much. It is never the same around here with out him.

Once he returns we have plans on a kinky dinner with a few people we know for an Orphans Thanks Giving meal over at a friends place.

Tomorrow Allena, my girl arrives for our family Thanks Giving. We have not seen her in whole three weeks so this visit is extra special

The teenager, RC, Allena and myself all have plans to hang out, eat and celebrate our family.

Polyamory has afforded me much, and my partners and daughter are all immensely grateful for the abundance of love that has sprung forth from our family unit.

I should get some sleep this evening, because tomorrow will be all about cooking the bird and spending time with all my favorite people.