Saturday, July 18, 2009

Inappropriate Touching

It's about time I posted some pregnant photo's. Enough people have been asking me for images of my belly and breasts, that I believe I should finally upload a few.

Everywhere I go lately people are touching my belly and commenting on my glow and aura. For the most part this does not bother me, in fact, I feel complimented. Only because I like and know most of these people.

Recently I have had some experiences where strangers, particularly men have just reached out and rubbed my belly like we were close friends. And then had the audacity to try and flatter me with comments on my beauty and radiance.

Bitch slapping someone I don't know for touching me does not really seem all that harsh given the nature of the transgression, yet it is not something I have felt compelled to do quite yet. I suspect though that if enough insensitive men continue this non consensual touching theme, I may just deck them.

Consider this a warning to all men, should you see a pregnant woman who you do not know, or whom you do not even know well enough to give a hug to when running into her, then touching her pregnant belly is grossly inappropriate.

I am a fairly tolerant person and forgiving too, but this is over-the-top. Plus if my man were present when this was too happen to me, I shudder to think what he would do to you.

Photo's tomorrow of my belly and me.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Leader, and Leadership

In a recent on line conversation thread, someone posed a question about the responsibilities of event organizers to their guests.

After receiving minimal input from the very groups of businesses he named (only one replied) many other people stepped in to offer insight. Each of these people not being a business, rather being individuals who put together offerings out of their personal homes. (they also pay no taxes, have no business licenses, pay no rent on a facility, so on and so on)

Then when the original author realized after a few days he was not going to get any input from most, he painted the businesses all with the same damming brush for not answering his public questions.

I found it somewhat ironic to be placed amongst the list of requested people to spring forth and answer him given his propensity to get caught up in community drama over the years.

I also found it amusing that those of us listed by him originally started as being called event organizers, and rather rapidly were referred to as "Leaders" in our community. Now which community he was referring to eludes me, alas I did not feel it important to ask for clarification.

Somehow in one short post I went from being an event organizer, to a Leader. That's a lofty title to be bestowing upon someone, especially a person who didn't even ask for it, nor wants it.

Being referred to as leader when not even asked and given the chance to decline is rather disturbing and also presumptuous about my motives behind what I do.

I don't own and operate Libido Events and Libido Lounge to be a leader. I don't teach to be called a leader, I don't do coaching work to be considered a leader. I am not involved in sex culture to be a leader.

I do all that I do as I recognize it's value to those who seek me out for what I have to offer them.

I am certainly aware that many people consider me a role-model, and I am flattered by this. Though I very clearly see the differences between being a leader and a role model.

My standards of behavior, regard, ethics and personal responsibility are higher than many others. Then again, I am a business owner charged with maintaining such standards in order to ensure the success of my career, others privacy and access to a safe place to explore their sexuality.

Calling me a leader is a title I will not permit someone to pin on me.

I am a business owner, with a long term plan for my pursuits and for those who frequent my non political corner of the world.

Am I required to step up each time someone wants to ask questions of me in a public forum who is not a part of my business? I think not.

Am I supposed to prescribe to someone else standards and beliefs because they put them out on the internet? I think not.

Call me an activist, educator, coach, healer, lover, listener, creator, business owner, professional speaker, event organizer: but keep the fucking title of leader to yourself, because I sure in the hell don't want it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

And the results are

Our appointment for my scan was this morning at eight, and I was to arrive on time with one full liter in my ready to explode bladder.

I was good and followed the instructions to the letter.

She scanned my belly with Jason outside in the waiting room as partners are not permitted in the room until the end of the ultrasound.

Then after fifteen minutes of squishing my belly about and clicking photos, she went and got my guy.

When they returned she showed us the babies face, eyes, nose and mouth. Then the hands and each digit, along with the feet and of course the toes.

We then saw the spine, heart and umbilical cord.

Then the baby did a somersault on the monitor, right then and there. This of course made the little one moon us and we could see each perfect butt cheek.

Imagine our glee as we also were shown the most glorious view of his penis.

We are having a boy.

And we have the photos to prove it.

**yes I know I used the name Jason in the writing of this post. RC is Jason and Jason is RC. Thank you to everyone who emailed me thinking I didn't realize what I had done. Jennifer and Jason are having a baby boy and now we make a family of four.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pregnant & Kinky

In less than 24 hours, we find out. At 8 AM tomorrow morning is the ultra sound where we will finally know if the baby is a girl, or a boy. I am so excited I could almost pee myself. Then again my bladder is the size of a grape lately, so peeing myself doesn't actually seem all that unusual. Anyways, I am very happy.

Tonight's Deviant Dining had fourteen people at it. The night was absolutely lovely, the food more than this pregnant woman could have asked for and, the talk was a wide range of perfect topics for such a feisty group.

A few minutes ago, RC felt the baby move for the first time.

This whole day rocked.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Attractive Qualities

When looking at individuals, I find myself attracted to a wide range of differing types. There are a great number of qualities that I look for in someone and many others that are distinct deal breakers.

Putting the turn-offs first, here is a list that makes "a potential" no longer on my radar:

  1. if you are a smoker
  2. if you have no job
  3. if you don't practice good hygiene
  4. if you have no hobbies
  5. if you have little interest in sex
  6. if you have little to no interest in BDSM
  7. if you can't be out about me and my career
  8. if you dislike children
  9. if you are a drug user
  10. if you have poor table manners
  11. if you are regularly tardy
  12. if you blame others for your troubles
  13. if you are unimaginative
  14. if you don't drive

And now the list of who actually catches my eye:

  1. you are gainfully employed
  2. you are tolerant, open minded and sex positive
  3. you love life
  4. you find sex and sexuality to be at the center of a relationship
  5. you are creative and passionate
  6. you are funny enough to make people laugh
  7. you own your life and responsibilities
  8. you are full of surprises, initiative and personally driven
  9. you have strong family ties
  10. others find you to be honorable
  11. you have a career you find fulfilling that meets your needs plus more
  12. you noticed me, yet didn't try to get in my pants without courting me first
  13. you are organized, tidy and know how to keep clean your own home
  14. you can keep plants and perhaps even pets alive
  15. you believe in ethical non monogamy & are able to practice it

Monday, July 13, 2009

Aches & Pains

Now and again you just need to splurge on something big. Today was that special day.

I bought an electric Shiatsu back massage station.

It is quite simply the best investment ever. This simple machine alleviates aches and pains. How cool is that.

My plan is to use it all through my pregnancy and delivery too. I *may* even allow other family members to make use of it when I am not on it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I need sleep

I arrived home at one thirty this morning from the couples party. And lo and behold, there was still a guy here playing cards with my man at the kitchen table.

Most of the kitchen had been cleaned up and the food was already put away. Honestly, I was impressed.

The final guest left just after two then RC and I turned off the house lights and made our way to bed. He wanted details on what I'd seen and done at the sex party and I wanted details on his man night. Swapping stories for awhile, it suddenly was two thirty in the morning and I was rapidly unable to keep my eyes open.

Being that my guy is so great, he rolled me over and drizzled oil onto my back and legs. Then with masterful hands he massaged me for close to forty five minutes as I drifted in and out of conversation and sleep.

Now this afternoon, I am so exhausted and unhappy, sleep is a serious matter for me and sadly I did not get near enough last night.

In just a few hours I will be back at The Lounge teaching my Couples Only Interactive Cock Sucking & Pussy Licking class. Then I am coming home and climbing right into bed.