Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day Three

A short while we rolled in the front door of home, finally. It had been an exceptionally long day at the show. Day three is, Hump Day.

Today my arches were aching, like, a lot. Though not enough to interfere with much shopping that was needing to be done. Things were purchased that just had to be mine. A new boned blue sparkle corset with matching panties, a g-spot toy, a prostate toy, bondage tape, leather arm band and other assorted items that caught my fancy.

Today's classes were Cock Sucking & Pussy Licking. The first had about 700 people it. Yup, that is more attendees that were in any other class at the show.

Pussy Licking had about 550 people in it, again, more than was in any other class at the show. Including the Dr & Sexologist, the Libido Events classes with me out numbered in attendees all other classes at Taboo.

The Taboo people came and taped my classes and took photos of me while teaching. A tad bit unnerving, but who cares really by that point. The applause had the show taking notice of how fantastic Libido Events and myself is seen by all. Taboo has offered me a lucrative opportunity for further growth with them and not one to run from success, I have said a firm YES.

Both classes today, went bang on. I love my job. I love my activism. I love empowering people with positive sex information. And apparently it shows, my passion that is.

Tomorrow is the last day of the show. RC plans on videotaping my classes so I can watch them at home alone later. Cool.

It is is so nice to be at home tonight at a decent hour as the morning has an early start. Though I peeked in my In-Box before bed and was alarmed happy to see the mountain of emails starting to pour in from people who attended classes with me, now wanting more information.

Once the show is over, I shall return to regular programming.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Day Two

Another day and another two classes. The people are now starting to pour into Taboo. Thursday was well attended for a weeknight, though tonight was obviously a weekend night. The crowds were out and were relaxed as they shopped and spent time at the show.

I spent much of today networking with business owners and giving a minute or two to the countless people that I ran into, whom I do not see all that regularly. Goddesses, do I know a lot of people and am I well known.

After talking with different stores and event organizers, I have picked up a number of great new contracts for work. This pleases me to no end, and makes my spending days at Taboo very worthwhile. Teaching for the show each year is a highlight in my touring schedule as I always come away with such a feeling of growth and accomplishment.

The program for the show has the Libido Events logo and my biography on it, I can't help but smile with pride each time I see someone looking down at their show program and my activism.

RC has been spoiling me as have a few shop owners. Truth be told, my volunteers have even been bringing me treats all the while doing their assigned tasks. It really has been a good two days for me, I have such tremendous pride right now.

Both of tonights classes were filled to over capacity with people on the floors watching too, as I taught a G-Spot class and my Pussy Licking class. Not a surprise, but still quite exciting.

Feet no longer sore, I do believe I am floating on endorphins and accolades.

Good night.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day One

Observations from Day One of the Taboo Show...

Both classes went great, not that they could have gone any other way. Some people attended the show, just to be in my classes, which of course was a fantastic ego boost.

My feet hurt from being in high heels and excessive walking in them while touring all the shopping and booths.

The volunteers who aid Libido Events and myself, are generous kind, wonderful friends, thank you for being so helpful at this very public event.

I am very well known as an educator and activist. It is heart warming to be supported by so many people who either know me personally or who follow my path and activism.

The more I speak in public the more I realize how important the sex-positive message really is and how much the the world needs me.

There are new sex toys at this event, that by day four of this event, I WILL GET FOR MY OWN COLLECTION.

Bath time now, to soak my weary body, then on to bed. Tomorrow is another long day.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Taboo Sex Show

As of tomorrow, I will be teaching two classes a day, for the next four days, for the Taboo Sex Show.

I realize now how far I have traveled as an educator over the years, as I am just starting to prepare tonight, for these eight massive classes. Not even a single case of nerves, just excitement about introducing everyone to myself, Libido Events and of course, my Erotic Arts Curriculum.

Catch a class with me, and make sure you arrive early for my classes as they are standing room only and very popular.

RC and I went shopping today and hit up a few of our local fetish stores. I got the most amazing red and black new skirt and waist cincher, hair pieces for costuming, stockings and pasties and the man got a new kilt and a rubber shirt. We each ended up with multiple purchases as outfits are important when standing before the masses teaching and being noticed.

Time for me to pack now for tomorrows first two classes, Sex Tips and Cock Sucking.

My life is blessed with wonderful friends and opportunities.

Thank you.