Thursday, October 13, 2005

todays issue of Dose newspaper

on page 9 has a wonderful article written about this weekends Vancouver Sexpo, Sex & Sexuality Empowerment Conference. Vancouver Sexpo. The article is titled Sex ed., class-participation style and is written about sex positive culture and the Vancouver Sexpo, be sure and get your hands on a copy to have a read for yourself about the sit down interview I did with the reporter from Dose.

In last weeks Georgia Straight and this weeks issue out today, Vancouver Sexpo has taken out advertising, look on page 40 of last weeks for our ad.

The Sexpo starts tomorrow night already, it's so hard to believe that time has gone so fast lately. What to wear has been the last thing on my mind but if I don't start thinking about it soon, I could end up naked during the opening plenary. : )

off to make more things happen for people I don't even know yet....


the sex activist