Saturday, October 03, 2009

She fingered my bum

She escorted me quietly into her space. I eagerly followed her, my mind was filled with anticipation. When she told me to disrobe, I did so efficiently and without hesitation, my modesty no where to be found.

There was a table in the middle of the room covered with a sheet and she beckoned me to lay upon it.

Face down I laid myself out while taking some calming deep breaths. She asked me if there was anything I needed before we started. No I replied, as I closed my eyes and waited.

There is a spark that happens the first time a woman lays her hands on me. Every inch of my body ached for her touch. I almost trembled with greed and I had to remind myself that she was in charge.

As she laid her hands on me my heart rate slowed down and I could feel myself starting to let go of the tensions that had brought me to her.

As she worked the knots from my back and shoulders I stayed quiet, no desire to speak. She spent a long time there, then a heating pad was placed over my upper back as she uncovered my ass to rub the tension away there next.

Suddenly she was fingering my bum. I could feel her lazily tracing her finger over the brand that has been a part of me forever. She broke the silence abruptly "so this is what it looks like when they laser out a tattoo".

It was not so much a question as it was an observation. She seemed so genuinely impressed to have figured this out, that I was alright with not correcting her mistake. I felt no need to scare her and tell her that it was and is a two strike, 1800 degree brand. That the brand was deliberate and not a mistake. Nor a scar from a tattoo removal.

As she transitioned back to massaging my body, she said one more thing to me. "The tattoo on your shoulder has left me thinking". The tattoo in question is of a set of handcuffs encasing two hearts with a single tail whip running through it all.

I did not inquire as to what it had her thinking about. I was fairly certain that if I had asked her what she was thinking I would have needed to talk more about myself than I wanted to.

When you pay a RMT (registered massage therapist) for their services, you have the right to quiet enjoyment of the time booked. A pregnancy massage for me was not about to turn into a Kink 101 class for my service provider.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Play Party Invite

This Saturday is Naughty, the only party we host that is open to anything and anyone. (well you do have to be members & you do have to follow the rules)

Naughty is so cool because it is the cross pollination of so many different types of people who play in so many different genres who for one night all gather to be alongside one another. Personally I love the atmosphere at this party more than any other one we host.

The Guest list is looking great and I am excited to see some faces that I've not seen in awhile. Plus this is the last Naughty Party that we will be hosting in our current venue. At months end, we move into our new facility and I am so eager to settle in to so much more space to create events and play in.

If you have not already made yourself a reservation, it is time for you to do so now.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 3rd, 9:00-1:30 AM
Cost $35 Member / $40 Non Member / $60 Couple
Open to women and women, couples & singles

At the Naughty parties, anything can happen -- it probably did, at the last one -- and anything goes. Whether your fancy is gentle caressing, oral pleasures, slap & tickle BDSM, sensation play, exhibitionism, voyeurism (no one is required to play), or simply bringing a partner (or two) and having sex in such a charged environment, Naughty is for you. With music turned up, we swing open the doors to our Membership body and let the good times flow. (members are welcome to reserve for & bring a non member guest)

Sex, Bondage, BDSM & Social Time

Our massage girl will be on site providing her sensuous erotic massages at $20 for 15 minutes. Sign up when you arrive.

Open to Women & Men, Couples and Singles. Bring your own toys and towel.

Equipment: Six queen size beds, suspension frame, gyno table, bondage table, a set of stocks, a cage, a kneeler spanker, the red rocket, seven massage tables, one massage chair, a stripper pole and a whole lot more.

++Our Sex Machine the Monkey Rocker and the Sybian will be set up with attachments on sale; they range in price from $35-$75 CASH and once you buy it, you just continue to bring it back to LL so that you can ride each and every visit on your own personal insertable. The ride is free; it is the attachment piece you must buy. We have a number in stock, both singles and double insertables.

The kitchen bitch will return and be keeping the snacks stocked all night long for you.

Dress Code: No street clothes, no business suits, no blue jeans, no running shoes, no athletic wear, no camouflage pants, no flannel robes, no sunglasses, and no face masks.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Girl on Girl Masturbation

One of Libido Lounges women members who attended Jack & Jill this past Tuesday wrote about her experience at the event with another woman. With her permission, I post her writing here for your reading pleasure.

I love vulvas. I find them a very attractive feature of any person I wish to pursue, either romantically or for casual sex play. I like them light, dark, wideset, tight, petite, flowery, hairy, stubbly, smooth, pierced, tattooed, and unscathed by any needle. I also find healthy self-regard very enticing in addition to confidence and the ability to communicate effectively about what one wants.

While thinking about all these wonderful things tonight, I smiled and giggled part-way across the room at the woman who shall now be known as Cookie. Other people talked about what they found attractive in a partner until Cookie raised her hand and disclosed that she was in agreement with virtually everything that had already been said. I watched her as she spoke of a "queer energy", which in itself seemed to her to be a misnomer, for which she lacked a better concise phrase. Shortly thereafter, she and I started making hand signals and smiling at each other. It was officially decreed by the time the light conversation group dispersed that I would be fisting Cookie tonight.

We flirted a little longer before I grabbed a pair of gloves and told her it was ladies' choice for a place to play. She chose, very wisely, the gynecological examination table in a small semi-private room. I positioned myself between her very long legs as I lovingly played with her vulva in my hand and her nipple in my mouth. In short order, and while a vibrator pulsated on her clit, one penetrative digit turned into two, then a whole hand as I closed my fist and pushed it inside her. My tongue hanging out and my heavy guage tongue stud seeking her most sensitive regions, I let her fuck my face and my fist simultaneously. Cookie couldn't help herself--her mouth open, perfect tits shaking, legs quivering, and the loudest moans she could produce projecting into the air. The small room filled silently with male witnesses and the smell of Cookie's cum. My hand turned inside and my thumb knuckle mercilessly forced orgasm after orgasm from her g-spot. I turned my hand again, her whole body gyrating around my hand, and turned the back of my hand in circles around her g-spot.

When it came time to pull away as gently as possible while she enjoyed the last orgasm from vaginal fisting she would have of the evening, we moved in perfect harmony and she showered my entire upper chest and torso in her cum. But Cookie wasn't finished.

After re-hydrating herself and blowing up a small inflatable pool, Cookie laid an absorbant surface down on a seat and the pool in front of her. Using nothing more than a cleverly designed dildo, she pumped and squirted while the curious looked onward. A unanimous "wow" was politely uttered by four onlookers after every orgasm. I threw down a blanket for myself in front of her and pulled out a pink glass dildo. After thrusting it in and out of my vagina while I watched her bring herself to orgasm again and again, I felt an inclination to give my whole self over to her in that very moment. Being careful to add extra lube to my glassware, I slowly inserted it into my ass. No sooner was I rapidly thrusting it in and out than I was already reaching for a second toy to vibrate against my clit. Cookie being my sole focus, I felt myself open wide and spill a small flood at my feet for her.

Following my washing up, I observed Cookie and the hostess of the evening discussing Cookie being double-fisted. The hostess offered me a choice between which hand I would play in this delicious scheme, and I very ambitiously stated I would put my best effort into fisting her in the ass. Cookie got up onto a table on all fours, the hostess slid alternating parts of her hand into and over Cookie's vulva, and I inserted one finger at a time in her ass until my whole hand was inside her again. The hostess left us to play, and I explored the sensation of this new extraordinary place I had just been introduced to. Cookie sucked on many gorgeous sets of tits while she backed her ass further onto my hand. At the appropriate moment, I once again extracted myself from deep inside her.

Cookie quickly grabbed an attachment for a manual fucking machine and bounced into the appropriate room while I grabbed handfuls of miniature cookies and cracker sandwiches. Watching her thrusting back and forth on the rocking machine, I felt an overwhelming impulse to ride her until I came all over her again. I approached her and placed my feet around one of her legs. Pulling on her hair, kissing her sweet lips while she squirted all over my foot, and masturbating while she licked my stomach, I felt something incredible building up inside me. Soon, she could see it, and inserted her fingers to draw it out. I continued making my own contributions until I gushed down her arm and all over both of our legs.

Never before had I imagined, even in my wildest dreams, that I could feel so free to express myself in so many ways with any person. In her arms or with my arms thrusting my hand into her, I feel truly in touch with my sense of self as much as I am in tune with her body. In these moments, through these experiences, the rest of the world dissolves away. I am truly able to embrace my real self.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wisdom Teeth Extracted @ 30 weeks pregnant

This day is filled with mixed emotions, and it's not even half over yet.

We are 30 weeks pregnant today, another joyful milestone that we've reached together. This has us so happy as a family, and means that we are now in the final stretch. Jason brought flowers home today for me, it is a day worth celebrating for sure.

This morning at ten, Jason drove me to my dreaded appointment with a dental surgeon. I had been given a sedative before leaving home and once in the detail chair I was given a local anesthetic. After about eight or nine needles were injected into my gums, pallet and cheeks I soon noticed that my mouth and lips were frozen solid.

It did not take long before the first impacted wisdom tooth was cut into pieces, then each section was removed from my lower jaw. Relief filled me and I sighed as they told me that one was out and only one more to go. I kept my eyes shut as they stitched shut the first hole.

The second tooth was three quarters out already and they locked some tool around it, clicked it into place and then yanked that sucker right out, in one smooth motion. I trembled with relief, then left my eyes closed as they stitched shut hole number two.

Now our whole family is home. I am in my robe on the sofa alternating between bouts of hysterical tears as the pain runs through my mouth and jaw and also trying desperately to pretend as though it is not as bad as it really is. The comfort of having people around me that are willing to do anything to make me feel better seems in theory like a good idea, but truth be told, I am a horrible patient right now.

My face and cheek are swollen like a chipmunks so luckily for me I don't have to go to work till Saturday.

Being pregnant has brought some serious challenges medically to me and at this moment, if possible, all I would like to do is to give birth and have it all come to an end.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Registery (we're getting close now)

If you are one of the people in my life whose been asking me what the baby is in need of, this post should answer that question and satisfy your curiosity all at once.

A few weeks back Jason and I spent an afternoon at Babies R Us where we went and registered with their Gift Registry. They give you a scanner and you wander through the store bar code scanning all the items that you need. Jason had the scanner in hand and enjoyed shooting at items that appealed to us ... it was a rather fun process and bonding experience.

We have already bought a lovely deep brown new crib and change table, along with a matching car seat and deluxe stroller combo. This is all set up and ready to go. Plus the babies room is painted fresh and all scrubbed out.

Lounge members T & E gifted us with boxes upon boxes of baby boy clothes and an assortment of other really cool swag necessary to parenting an infant.

We have even more clothes that we've purchased and truth be told the little guy needs no further clothing. Everything is washed and folded and put away according to sizes.

So the items that we have requested on the gift registry are all items that we are in need of and do not currently have.

Our registry can be found here

We are listed under the name "Skrukwa"

Monday, September 28, 2009

Boundaries & the creation of

Without doubt, I am rather skilled at creating boundaries that keep my family life and my personal life drama free.

It is a challenge though for me to create and maintain professional boundaries due to working within such a highly charged environment of uniquely diverse people.

There always seem to be unusual circumstances, or more than meets the eye going on. This in turns means what I would not permit to be around me personally by way of issues, can at times be present at work.

The creation and maintaining of good boundaries is what keeps one safe, sane and enjoying life.

When do you draw the line and create absolutes?

How do you tell someone in a professional context that they are not welcome in your world? Do you explain why?

I want to be fair on the one hand, and I also want to be tolerant. Yet I refuse to feel taken advantage of, or as though someone is attempting to squash me. Business or not, it is my responsibility to ensure I continue enjoying my profession with out resentment towards people or situations. I certainly don't need any one persons business dollars enough to permit them to cross my boundaries.

So advice on the boundaries questions would sure be appreciated.


A couple from yesterdays orientation wrote about the experience. Check it out.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bringing You up To Speed

I know, I know, its been a few days since I've managed to type out a post here. Time has just escaped me, at least on a personal level. Let me fill you in.

Thursday night Jason left for a conference and that left the teenager and I home alone for a night in of girl time. Then Friday she left for a retreat weekend with sixty other teenagers a boat ride away.

Friday night I was on my own running the Sensual Massage night at The Lounge which nineteen lucky people attended. It was well executed and is already scheduled to happen next month as well. The touch, attention, massage and energy was all incredible, I came home from the event feeling really pleased with how things went went.

Saturday I woke early and ran about packing two separate bags. One load of stuff was for the afternoon class I was hired to teach to sixteen woman at a bridal shower in Yale Town. The class was a huge success for everyone present and I was even asked to teach at another shower of one of the other women next month as well. What an honor to be requested back to do what I do so well. They praised me endlessly, which of course left me feeling awesome.

The second bag I had packed in the morning was for the evening party I was hosting. Sultry, Libido Lounges couples only bath house soiree. From teaching a private class to hosting a party I transitioned effortlessly between events. Truth be told I had some help, and could not have done it so easily without my friends. The lovely Red and S. Plus the dynamic duo of K & L. These people really out did themselves with doing the bath house set up for me, being pregnant and without Jason meant that their help made it all possible for me.

Sultry was different this month ... our first one of the season. It ran not at full capacity and with people catching up with one another after the summer hiatus. Much happened but the most memorable for me personally was myself and another woman "doing" a good friend of ours. Three chicks playing together is always adventurous. Bondage, necking, nipple torture, pussy spanking and a footing too. Yes, I typed that correctly, a footing. Think fisting, now flip that idea around and think about a foot. The sex was wet, sweaty, loud and yeah, orgasmic. The victims clitoris may have been subjected to stretching and some flicking that made it swell to epic proportions. It was a merry good time.

I got home Sunday morning around 1AM, and was in bed by two. Awaking this morning around 10 so I could make the trek back to the Lounge for Hatha Nude Yoga, and then Member Orientation where another seven people became our newest inductees. A long time blog reader of mine became a member today along with his wife and they brought me a lovely freshly baked gift too. Getting to know them better in real time, and not on the internet is going to be interesting. They seem even more cool than I had imagined them to be.

Back home to our nest this evening around 6PM to the teenager back again from her antics while away and my man home early too. What a surprise. With an entire weekend of the house to myself and I had not a chance to enjoy a single moment of solitude. Though having everyone here in such a comforting feeling.

Tomorrow is a day of recovery, which is needed desperately, especially since my wisdom teeth are coming out this week. There is no rest for the wicked that's for certain.

Have you checked out our October calendar yet? Reservations are now being accepted for all events listed.