Saturday, January 24, 2009

Revised List

I wrote this list of 100 things about me, in 2005, years ago now. It is a little dated and stale, though mostly still true.

Today I bring you a more updated version of 1oo things to know about me.

  1. My partner and I want a baby this year
  2. I own a sex-positive business, Libido Lounge
  3. My clitoral hood, both breasts and belly button are pierced
  4. My shoe & boot collection is over 100 pairs
  5. I am forever tired
  6. Pho is yummy
  7. My man & I met in one of my sex classes a couple of years ago
  8. My teenage daughter is close to me in interests & personality & bigger in physical size
  9. I make my bed as soon as I get out of it
  10. Doing laundry is to be avoided until absolutely necessary
  11. I am well known for my activism and drive
  12. I land in the media with regularity
  13. We have 1 cat, and two birds
  14. I prefer to shower or to take a short bath
  15. I refuse to be waxed, instead using a Mach3 razor
  16. My nails are long and often painted a bold color
  17. I am painfully self conscious
  18. My close friends are few and loyal
  19. The number of people I know and am friendly with are substantial
  20. I love Gelato - raspberry
  21. Tom & Jerrys Ice Cream is delicious
  22. At home I am a nudist
  23. Spending time at Wreck Beach soothes my soul
  24. Massages bliss me right out
  25. Mac cosmetics are the bomb, my collection is rather large
  26. I have an office at home and one at Libido Lounge
  27. My desktop is always covered in projects, contracts and invoices
  28. It takes a number of hired professionals to keep me going
  29. If there were 30 hours in a day I could fill them all & still be tired
  30. My sex toy collection is arranged into categories for storage purposes
  31. My sex toys & implements easily tops four hundred
  32. I like writing my blog, it is a Personal Life record AND a Professional record
  33. My iPhone is the best thing ever
  34. In December I got a new Macbook
  35. I have had three women in service to me in my life as a Dominant
  36. Of those three women, two are still in my life lovingly, the other is only a voyeur now
  37. Many many men have proposed marriage to me, ring and all
  38. I own real fur pasties and panties (from my man's mother)
  39. Last year I visited the Dominican Republic & Maui
  40. I leave for Cuba in a few days
  41. I have limited ASL skills, I can use sign language
  42. As a professional speaker, I am comfortable before large massive crowds
  43. There is no one in my life who does not know what I do for a living
  44. My panty collection is upwards of sixty pairs
  45. My corset collection is nearing twenty
  46. For sex, I like to ride my partner on top
  47. I give amazing head
  48. My hand jobs are toe curling and explosively wonderful
  49. Favorite lubricant is Liquid Silk
  50. Sex with women is delicious and something I truly enjoy
  51. I am not always very photogenic
  52. Crying is difficult for me
  53. Milk with Sean Penn is the last movie I saw WOW!
  54. Men that are big, hairy and a little overweight turn me on
  55. Man on man action is super hot to watch
  56. Touch is important in my life, it keeps me grounded
  57. Alone time is what keeps me sane, I need much of it
  58. Seafood is my most favorite, sadly no one else in my house enjoys it
  59. I am a non drinker for a looong time now
  60. I do not smoke or do any drugs
  61. I have not had a drop of caffeine in over two years
  62. I have zero debt
  63. My In Box is a source of constant angst, keeping up to all the email is difficult
  64. I am 36 years old and finally feel like an adult
  65. I identify as Queer, not bisexual
  66. a good beating is something I hunger for
  67. Single tail whips are explosive for me, they make me wet with want
  68. Iced Tea
  69. My cold drinks should always have ice cubes in them, and a lot
  70. I say what I mean
  71. People who are honest and blunt get my attention
  72. I am not attracted to women that look breakable or are clingy
  73. When driving at night, I always get sleepy
  74. My life is booked months in advance
  75. Cooking is enjoyable and a necessity
  76. The best position for receiving oral sex is sitting on my partners face
  77. My father is dead
  78. My mother drives me crazy with her constant denial of who I really am
  79. My mans mom reads my blog here daily
  80. Being organized, keeps my life running smoothly, it is not that I am that anal
  81. Taps that drip annoy the hell out of me
  82. I hate washing floors
  83. I like aroma therapy in the bedroom
  84. My Hitatchi is my favorite sex toy
  85. As a young person I had braces and head gear
  86. I know very very few people from high school
  87. I grew up in the Fraser Valley
  88. My stash of information is huge on people, places and incidents (worth saving)
  89. I work hard and play hard
  90. Being a switch is the best ever
  91. I am forever sought after as a Top and bottom
  92. I rarely have time to pursue all those with an interest in me
  93. People flatter me a lot, I enjoy the compliments
  94. Teaching and educating is a passion
  95. Love is amazing
  96. My man RC is a god
  97. My girls are the best
  98. I keep To Do Lists of everything or I would lose track
  99. Finally in life I enjoy shopping, though I am not so good at it
  100. Sleeping in is something that happens because I go to bed late, not because I'm lazy

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cuddle Party Vancouver

Last night was our first ever cuddle party, and it was hugely successful. Everyone had a great time and it was decided without a shadow of a doubt that we must do it again. Thus was born, our most recent new monthly event. How exciting!

Tonight is Sultry, our couples only bath house event. And Saturday is a Member Orientation class, then later on I am teaching a three hour class at a private women's only party, before returning to The Lounge for Dungeon Players. I am going to be exhausted by the end of Saturday.

Sunday is my infamous Interactive Couples Only Cock Sucking & Pussy Licking class, then it is all over. I can come home and have a serious nap, and turn my computer's auto respond on.

We leave for Cuba at the crack of dawn on Monday morning.

I am so excited right now - soon no more work and another country to go trek through and lounge in.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Proudly Not The Norm

Finding my groove has been a life long challenge.

I have never really felt like I fit in to societal norms.

It has been a constant quest for me to feel as though I was home and at peace in the world.

When I found sex culture over a decade ago, a sense of calm washed over my existence.

I was able to be true to myself and my desires finally. Peace and a purpose were now on my side.

It has been an revolution of change these past years and one that I am most grateful for.

My life has been radical, and inspiring.

The future holds for me even more change and variety.

I am excited for the possibilities and fatigued from the journey thus far.

What keeps me going, is being held up and supported by so many people and the shared belief that my purpose is critical for so many others, aside from just myself.

We are sexual pioneers and explorers and the rewards are beyond the average persons wildest fantasies.

I wish us all luck.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Clitoral Hood Piercing Photo

This photo was taken over the Christmas holidays, and it brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. My man wrapped in a blanket, in the guest room at my folks place acting all ferocious.
Isn't he cute?

This is a photo of you guessed correctly, my new clitoral hood piercing. Seeing as I have posted photos of my mans cock piercing, it seems only fair to upload one of mine. (it's ok mom, you can look, just put down your cup of coffee first)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Girl on Girl Sex

She wanted me and I knew it. Her voice proudly calling me Ma'am all evening had won my heart over and plumped up my dominance to a new high.

The party was well underway, everyone around us was lost in their own activities. It was time for me to go for her.

I told her to sit in the tall bondage chair and to open her legs wide, she needed to be spread wide for me to have ease of access to those tender bits she is always hiding away.

My bag of hemp rope was dropped next to her on the floor. From it I withdrew green, red and natural colored rope. Her eyes widened, as if to say, "Oh really". Chuckling, I pulled a length of rope through my hands, smiled coyly and nodded.

As I tied the first piece of rope around and around her chest and tied it down behind her back with her already secured to the chair, I watched her expression change. She became focused. I fed the second piece through the first and made a beautiful chest harness, then with a third and fourth piece of rope, I bound her arms above the elbow, leaving her in a flapping position.

Each calf was tied to a chair leg, solidly. Her bare pussy fully accessible, viewable and filled with the heavy musky scent of want. She looked nervous but giddy, I was pleased.

The upper thighs were each given a length of rope, to keep things easy for me. Exposed is how I wanted her to feel and how I wanted her to be for me.

When complete she was unable to go anywhere and many were admiring her beauty and good fortune to be bound so tight for what none knew would happen next.

I went and got a cold drink for us, leaving her with a spotter. Upon my return she called out to me, "Ma'am, what are we going to do?" Huh, we are not going to do anything, I am going to do somethings to you, and you are going to submit ran though my head. I smiled, and kissed her inner thigh slowly once, twice, three times over. She moaned.

With no where to go and at my mercy, I felt the wave of power rush over me that happens when chemistry is present.

Her breasts were made to hurt, in a sweet and seductive way. Clamps, pinching and biting, she looked beautiful as the waves of discontent washed over her face. Her nipples were hard, and stood out at me demanding more. I gave in, and hurt them again. Only for her would I do so. She squirmed, I worried about how she was processing things, so I kissed her mouth, to ease some of the ache.

Her mouth melted in to mine as her tongue slowly crept in towards mine. I let her have this privilege. Little velvet licks went back and forth between us, I could feel her gasping into my mouth. She quivered. I was pleased.

My fingers dug into the sweet flesh on her thighs, digging to find some nerve bundles, then when accessed I lifted them high and watched her cringe. Beads of sweat appeared across her brow, she looked very uncomfortable, so I did it more. She complained out loud, and I put a clamp on her tongue to keep her quiet, and two more clamps up her nose. She appeared upset at my placement choices, and I was ok with that.

It was so easy to get her riled up, she and I both needed to do this together. I asked for help and a few women gathered around.

We tipped backwards the bondage chair, with her tied to it. Scared was all you saw on her face. Her head and the top of the chair were low now, and her crotch was high.

I plugged in my Hitatchi and turned it on. Smearing a big glob of lubricant over her pussy I ground that vibrator right into her sweet pussy. Over and over, I ran it over her clitoris and along the length of her labia, she writhed, groaned, smiled, laughed and all too soon forgot my earlier meanness.

For at least twenty minutes, she was masturbated and tortured with forced pleasure till her hair was matted with sweat and she was breathless. When it looked like she couldn't go much longer, I invited five women to come and help me finish her off.

Five beauties gathered round. One woman sucked on her right nipple, another bit and twisted the left nipple. A third woman sucked face with her while another pulled her hair and stroked her head. The fifth woman ran her hands along her body and I ensured the vibrator was set at high now and pulsating with determination and accuracy.

By the time the scene was winding down all five women who'd assisted, plus myself and the bound woman, were all on a bed together. As I untied the ropes that had bound her for so long, her struggles were evident by the deep rope marks that had left memories across her body from her struggles.

We cuddled for a short bit, and when she said "thank you Ma'am" I felt that familiar rush of power that makes me want to control another.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Repairs

Recovery and catch up. That is what today was all about.

A sleep in till eleven.

Ran errands that were over due.

Booked some client appointments.

Stopped into the Lounge to check on things.

Dropped a payment off to the Red Cross.

Visit to the postbox.

Home for a late lunch.

Wrote and sent a mail-out.

Had a ninety minute nap.

Packed for my evening class.

Taught a BDSM 101 class.

Home for a late dinner.

Made love.

Put my man to bed.

Writing a blog post.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Honest Statements

We went out for Chinese food before heading to another day of The Taboo Sex Show. The last day of the show too.

My fortune cookie had a very appropriate message "You Will Be The Center of a Special Groups Attention".

Truer words have never come to me in one of those cookies.

It was a day filled with success and accolades coming out the wazoo. Shopping and tons of final networking.

We came home and watched, Priscilla Queen of The Desert and ate home baked cookies, gifted to me from a Libido Lounge Member.

I am burned out completely. Good thing I shall be on a lounge chair relaxing in Cuba in exactly eight day.