Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Making

Each evening I lay my head on the chest of the same man as I fall asleep. It is an intoxicating feeling to know that no matter who else we may each play with, that every night, we are together. Our love is not dependent on owning one another in monogamy, rather on mutual respect, lust, admiration and similar interests.

We as a couple are readying for a baby, and the time is now. There are big changes taking place in our lives and the chance for us to share our love, family and lives with a wee one is finally upon us.

I am eager to swell with our child inside of me. Hungry to labor with the man I love and my daughter encouraging me. Longing to breastfeed again. Anticipating with great joy the the first few years of rapid growth.

The trepidations I faced as a young mother, are no longer and have long since faded. Confidence, faith and a strong support system make this time round of baby readying, so easy for me to feel at ease.

RC has given me a stronger foundation than I ever could have thought possible. It is his love, the love of my other partners and the love of my daughter that makes it easy for me to move forward with huge life decisions without fear.

Times are changing, and I'm excited.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Membership Sale

Mark you calendars and send in your reservations now.

Member Orientation this Tuesday March 3 is on sale, so get yourself a friend, pair up and become Members of the Lounge for the sale price of 2 people for $60, that is a $20 savings.

TUESDAY MARCH 3rd 7:00 -9:00 PM

presented by Jennifer & Jason
Venue: Libido Lounge, North Burnaby

Cost: Cash $40 person / photo ID necessary
Open to All Genders, Couples and Singles

Read this thoroughly on all that we offer as Libido Events & Libido Lounge.

Mandatory Orientation for any person seeking a membership with Libido Lounge. We are a pan sexual facility, open to women & men, couples & singles 19 years +.

Libido Lounge Membership Information

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hot Women Photo's

I have good friends, and we like to get tied up together, for shits and giggles.

These photos are from two different photo sets, the same day, with the same models but different outfits.

Me, and PG.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Body Modification Vancouver

I am pierced, then again most women are. As an often rite of passage many wee baby girls and girls or in some cases young women have each ear pierced so earrings can be worn. It most happens in the center of the lobe, hurts temporarily and heals in relatively short order with little stress.

My story was the same, my mother had them done when I was so young, that I have absolutely no recollection of it even happening to me.

Then as a young woman, a few years after my daughters birth, I surprised myself with a desire to do something edgy, something out there, that would be sexy for both myself and hopefully the man in my life at the time. I drove myself downtown and sat back in a chair in a studio, and let someone poke another hole in my body. This time, in my navel leaving me with a cute shiny belly button piercing.

This piercing look a long time to heal, at least a year. It sits right in the crease where you bend, and the seam of my jeans was forever rubbing against it. It oozed an unsightly colored puss forever it seemed. After the pain I felt of the piercing happening, there was no way that I was going to give up on it. I dealt with it daily until it was no longer an issue and to this day, it hangs from the center of my tummy as a reminder of the first piercing I consensually agreed to.

Imagine my surprise about a year later as I found myself laying tied to a medical table, surrounded by a large audience as I was branded with two huge strikes from a 1800 degree branding iron. That burning mark ten years later is still etched into the flesh of my right hip and the memory like the inscription will never fade. The pain was beyond unbearable and the healing process was gruesome, graphic, nauseating and months long.

About another year later, the itch to adorn my body was upon me again, and I started pondering the idea of a tattoo. It took some time, but an idea and an image finally resonated with me strongly enough that I felt it was time to put ink onto my skin. After booking myself into a tattoo parlor I came away with a symbol that represented my growing interest in my own sexuality and the exploration of it.

It didn't take but another year, for me to have a piece added to my original tattoo, the idea came to me suddenly and I wanted it and went for it. Happy I was to feel strong enough about something to want to see it on my body forever.

There were no more body modifications for a few years, then it seemed that every where I looked there was this growing popularity with a certain piercing. I found myself torn over getting my nipples pierced, and sat on the idea for a while. In the end, the itch won out and I hired someone to do each of my nipples. It was not something that I would do again, my so sensitive nipples were irate with my decision to have jewelry put in them and they took months and months time to heal. With no one being allowed near them either. Now though I really am pleased with how they look.

My body had a break for about the next five years with no mods done to it. I was really to busy professionally to think about anything and it just fell to the back burner. Till about eighteen months ago.

I started to want my genitals pierced and decorated in some fashion. But I was scared shitless and did not want to suffer any damage or prolonged pain to the area that affords me so much pleasure. It was not hard for me to convince all the women in my world with similar piercings to show me theirs, all I had to do was ask, and they would whip theirs out and tell me all about why they choose the ones they did and the explanation behind the placements of the many different types that are out there.

One thing was certain, if my girly bits were getting adorned, it would be one poke and not two. And since I like symmetry that meant that doing the labia lips was ruled out. It became evident that a clitoral hood piercing was in my horizon.

So it happened that on a cold night in November I had a vertical hood piercing done. The same man who did my nipples years before had now done my clitoral hood. It hurt intensely for, oh, say about, five minutes. Then not really that much. Truth be told, the next morning it did not bother me any longer.

Now it's a new year and I can not think of any part I want to have pierced, but I am brought back to reminiscing on one of the decorative pieces that feels unfinished. It is time for me to go and update my tattoo. It requires a new POP, some color baby, something to really make it stand out. I want it to scream with pride, as when it was originally done, it was done in black as I was feeling still, can you believe it, just a tad-bit-conservative.

Yup, I grown a lot over the years. My body has aged, my interests are more varied and my conservative ways have in many cases diminished. It's time to go back to my roots and brighten up a tattoo from my youthful starting point of body modifications.

I polled my friends and some general perverts I know a short while ago, for the recommendations as to where in town is the best place to go for coloring, and they gave me a great number of suggestions.

My feet hit the pavement next week, and I hope to have the tattoo work done in short order.

As a side note, know that unless you saw me naked, or topless, you would never ever see any of my body modifications aside from my pierced ears.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Drug Consumption in BDSM

Yesterday was a photo shoot at The Lounge where another model, myself, a rigger and a photographer gathered for just over three hours to snap bondage images together. The young hot model T and myself go way back, making it a real pleasure to be tied up with her for the camera.

We struck some awesome poses and had numerous great laughs over moments between photos. All good clean fun for two girly girls who love bondage and one another. My man arrived a short while into the shoot as he stopped by following his work day. It was helpful to have him there, he acted as a Fluffer and and as a general helper to the models and the rigger.

We got home at a decent enough hour for me to spend a short while on the computer before bed. There is a currently a debate going on-line over drug & alcohol use at public BDSM events. (NOT AT LIBIDO LOUNGE) I of course am anti drug & booze use at said events, both for attendees and for those that over see the play that happens in such facilities.

Can you image playing in a BDSM context in a facility where the monitors in charge of watching over everyone and their scenes are stoned on marijuana? How absurd and how thoughtless. Would you want to take direction from a stoned person? Message me your thoughts would you.

Here are some of the idiotic statements people have been throwing around...

  1. Some may think that pot smoking near a club sets a bad example,* and some people may think is sets a good example of openness and tolerance and acceptance of all people.*
  2. Why is caffeine (a potentially dangerous mind altering chemical) readily available at even the strictest no tolerance fetish nights but someone who leaves the event to indulge in their substance of choice is demonized?
  3. There is nothing unethical about smoking marijuana or playing while under the influence.
  4. I know myself and my drug limits really well, because I'm working with them constantly. I know how to monitor my chemical state and know when I'm capable of play and DM'ing.
  5. I agree with XXXX that DM's should not use alcohol or pot before their shifts, but I think afterwards is fine in small doses.
It really is laughable and disturbing at the same time that some people think that playing while high is acceptable. I could keep cut and pasting dumb statements from others, but I've not the time for this.

What I am interested in is this.

Do you think that monitors at BDSM clubs who are using drugs should be permitted to oversee the safety of others?

Would you feel comfortable and safe walking into a BDSM facility and seeing others smoking up out front, or in their cars and then entering the building and smelling the ripe smell of marijuana on others?

Apparently my stance on this is too harsh for some, which is fine by me, as The Lounge runs on the premise of NO DRUG USE EVER, by anyone.

In our year of our operation we've had one event with alcohol and it was new years eve. If you wanted to drink you could, however only four drinks, served by us, and you were given drink tickets. We knew who each person who drank was, what they drank and the potency as their were NO mixed drinks. We also served a huge amount of food and each person upon entering that night had to relinquish their vehicle keys. So, to reiterate, 0.005% of our events in 12 months of operation have had a measurable and track-able alcohol consumption.

Thanks for playing along and I do want and value your feedback.



Madge, is kinda stinky! Hmm, I think I recognize her scent as being someone with a different name.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Late Night Sex

Yesterday we went down to Granville Island and for the first time I was able to meet the jeweler who made my engagement ring. It was lovely to put a face to the man who changed my life and who created such a beautiful piece of art for my finger, announcing to the world, and proudly reminding me of our upcoming marriage. The jeweler was such a kind man, very soft spoken and so happy to see us together and the ring on my hand. He polished it all nice and shiny and told me to come back twice a year for a cleaning, free of charge.

Then last night, we had sex. It started very unusually, RC was in a surprisingly dominant mood as he pinned me to the bed with his body weight, and grasping hard a fistful of my hair to force me to comply. It came out of no where this assertiveness, but I believe it may have something to do with yesterdays scene where I was op top, and I beat on his chest, thighs and of course penis and testicles with gusto. So anyways.

RC was being dominant, and I was struggling to be more passive and accommodating for him. He was attempting to do things to me that cause me to cry out, and well, the teenager was asleep in the next room. Which I reminded him about, hoping he'd let up on me. Not so much. He told me to stifle it, and continued on his merry path of torture. Eventually he had me roll over, face down into the sheets and I was feeling a little better about everything at this point.

By the time the er um, erotic torture was over with, I was so happy to feel his cock slide into me, that my hips were rocking madly. He went so damn slow with each and every stroke, for about ten minutes, it was maddening. Then suddenly he just dove in, and turned up the speed to what I'll call toe curling bliss.

Since I am usually the dominant one in play, I found his surge of role reversal startling, but none the less, very satisfying on so many levels.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dominant Woman

So we went to a dungeon party this evening. Arriving right as it opened and leaving relatively early too. In-between we hung out with friends, met some new people, were groped a fair bit, groped others back, kissed some pretty girls, had some cuddles and I beat on the boy with a vengeance.

The warm wishes and congratulations from so many we know regarding our engagement was truly nice to receive. It feels fantastic to be in love with some one who everyone I know likes and adores too.

It was a great night out doing something kinky in someone elses domain with no responsibilities of our own. Twas good indeed.

The boy has got some pretty bruising and sensitive nipples and despite what he thought during our scene, I did not really remove his testicles. He'll heal up in a few days, then likely take it out on me some time soon, if I'm lucky.

It's just about one in the morning and it's time for bed. Tomorrow has thrown us a strange bit of fortune and we plan on running with it.