Saturday, January 26, 2008

365 DAYS

Happy One Year Anniversary RC.

Our connection needs no explanation. This first year of our lives together has been quite memorable. It's due celebrating how smooth we are together: slick between the sheets, on the same page with a nod, sharing air as our hearts beat as one.

You are the most perfect partner for me. I love you and am in awe of the family we have created with such ease, the next part of that journey shares both our genetics.

This next year is going to morph us into a whole new worlds with our goals set so well. Add to that the fact that You excite me and bring great joy to my life daily and my heart beats madly, happily.

Thank you for sharing your love with me for all the days and nights we've known to say "I love you" out loud.


Friday, January 25, 2008

No Surprises

~~~GULP, GASP ~~~

I still need a LCD projector, in the next couple of days, before our opening. Where to find one is the challenge! You my dear readers, must have some leads, please?

Thankfully we have found our new stereo system and pick it up tomorrow. I was to be in Seattle this weekend, but the plans changed, sadly as I just can't leave home or business right now. Tis good though, as it means I now have the time to accomplish the rest of my To-Do List.

I hired contractors this time round to do ALL the internal work that needed done with the business. And now in the final hours before our membership comes through our doors, there has been a nice quiet committed group of friends rallying around here to help us with the last bit of arranging.

It has been a long time in my life, since I was surrounded by drama. A few years back I had someone in my life who regularly rode the dramatic "emotional roller coaster of life." The best way to explain this person is "Theatrical" as was the constant "Help Me / Save Me" of this partner. I vowed when that relationship was over, to never be involved again with anyone picky or anyone princess like or anyone who needs to create scenes/drama to feel important or loved again. Ever! (this burden has proved tough to shake as well)

Tomorrow is my One Year Anniversary with RC. Our life is beautiful, as is our love. For those of you who know us as a couple you know what I mean when I say it is remarkable that we found one another, as our fit, is Perfect.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sad, but true & funny

It is no surprise that I get emails that read a-little-odd from time to time given that my profession is sex work. This letter takes the cake. It fact, he should get a very special hat for coming up with this piece of work.

Hi Jennifer,

I'm interested in throwing a party at my place 2 bedrooms but I was hoping you could help me with some suggestions and guests (5 couples)? Would love it if you could help :) Let me know if you have the time to plan and hopefully set up a party!

btw. I will be a single male as this is going to be a secret....sshhh :_

Thanks in advance, Andie


Your email is rather strange. It reads as though you are ordering "take-out". Including guests. I have never received such a request before.

If you want to attend an adult event, then do so. There is nothing stopping you, so long as you are 19 years of age.

But whatever it is you are trying to create through contacting me, just know that you can't buy it. And if you really want such a scenario to ever take place, you are going to need to come out of your shell to meet the couples themselves. Because that is how you get people back to your place for a party, you hand pick your own guests.

Don't think that I would bring my friends, supporters and allies to the private home of someone no one knows.

I am not even going to start on the rant, that it sounds as though you want my services-for-free. So, not going to happen. I don't just throw parties, I am creating culture and am a professional.

By the way, "Would you like fries with your order?"

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so that you can find a suitable event, where you can meet other
like minded people, and hopefully form some friendships on your own.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Orientation Time

Member Orientation: An Introduction to Sex-Positive Culture
$40 yearly basic membership dues

The Intro to Sex-Positive Culture is a mandatory orientation that all potential members must attend before joining. It is designed to introduce the broad range of experiences & services available at LLC. The orientation provides attendees with a history of sex-positive culture in Vancouver and the PNW, then reviews some of the expectations and etiquette expected at our events. Orientations also include a question-and-answer period so that attendees can get any questions answered as well as meet our staff and volunteers.

A Membership Form must be filled in with your Legal Name and dues paid at start of the class/orientation.

Please note: Orientations are restricted to people presenting picture ID showing that they are 19 years old, and older.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Turned off

We hit bed early last night, the whole family. Thankfully too, as lately we have been on overdrive getting things taken care of. With RC on four days on right now, and 12 hour days, he is ready to finish his last day of work tonight, which is a graveyard. I was awake though at 6:30 this morning as there was much for me to accomplish today.

I've been asked lately in email, why I removed the comments feature from my blog posts. I turned that feature off, not because I do not not care what people have to say. Rather, because for people who have something to say about my blog contents, then they can either tell me in person or share with me in an email to my personal account. It is my preference to hear from people via this manner of communication, rather than through a comment on Blogger.

Next, I need a fridge. It would be ideal to find a black one. In good-working-order. Full size. Free or cheap. Can pick up. Anyone got one? Or know where to find one? It is for the kitchen in Libido Lounge, where everyone will be getting their drinks from for years to come. Donate a fridge, help a community out.

I need to purchase a sound system and a video projector system as well this week. Critical. Something moderately priced. Easy to install. Any ideas my friends, leads or tips on where I should be looking to buy these items? Or how about what brands are best or which to say away from. I am not so literate in the world of technology, so your help is greatly appreciated.

If you are an Erotic Artist and you would like to have your art hung on our walls, for sexual explorers to admire, I suggest sending me an email ASAP expressing your interest. There are beautiful newly painted walls, waiting to be adorned with your sex positive imagery and individuals waiting to see your art.

Happily, later this afternoon I have an announcement that I get to make which is long over due to my family and friends. Although I do not feel indebted to those close to me, I have a strong sense of wanting to make them all feel very appreciated. What I have to offer should bring a smile to every ones face. I sooo much enjoy being the bearer of great news.

Life is happy, isn't it? And only what you make of it. Live in the past and you'll be haunted. Live for tomorrow, and you will never understand being present. Live in the moment and you get to experience life at its best. Make no excuses and blame no one. Personal responsibility is the key to happiness in my corner of the world.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Dining at the Y

For those those of you looking for more information on Pussy Licking, tomorrow night I am teaching a public class on the subject. It is open to men & women, couples and singles.

January 22 Tuesday 7:15 - 9:15pm
Pussy Licking Good

The Love Nest - 4687 Kingsway Burnaby
(directly across from Metrotown)

$25 per person: cash, pay at door, no advance tickets

From the silky caress of your warm wet tongue lapping her labia,
you'll soon feel more powerful and in control and she'll know you've
got her pleasure in mind.

With using but a few of the tips and techniques that Jennifer will
demonstrate and share in this class you'll come away more confident
in your cunnilingus and inspired to share what you've learned.

Of course we'll discuss a woman's arousal process and her clitoral,
vaginal and G-Spot anatomy to empower you with maximum pleasure
giving information.

*please bring a notebook & pen to class

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Inspired her to Squirt

So I have been getting a fair amount of email due to my Taboo Show, stage classes. All complimentary and enough to make a girls-head-swell just-a-little. It's nice.

But no where near as flattering as receiving an email that reads just like this....


I hope you remember name is sonya
we met at taboo at your ejaculation class...although you met
soo many people that day! hehe
I'm the girl who wants to volunteer

I have great news!!

Seriously i've been trying soo hard and i've finally done it!
At your mini class at taboo you said something that really made
sense to me you said that many times girls think they have to pee
but when they run to the washroom nothing comes out!
So that happend to me...I ran to the washroom and nothing came out
I came back determined to get it out and
honestly...i never expected it to be so much lol
It wouldn't stop it was like friggin fountain down there!
Now im on my way to safeway to rent a carpet cleaner!
I made a mess!!
I'm still in shock!!

It felt a lot different than I anticipated...the whole time it was
cumming out I thought it could be urine just cause there was SO
much and it looked like a stream! I hit the mirror 4 feet across
the room from me! But I smelled it and stuf and it's 100% not pee.
I guess the feeling of it isn't so much of a huge orgasm while it's
happening, but I feel incredibly relaxed and happy now

Does this sound accurate?

Anyway just thought i'd let you know that one of your classes
educated me to the point where I can actually do it to myself ;)

Thanks so much!!! Your enthusiasm in the class was amazing
and I can't wait to start volunteering and promoting your classes!!


Wow, I feel pretty special right now, and I've made another
woman friend. Sonja is a squirter, and You can be too!

Thank you for sharing with me, your joy and success.

Keep the flood gates open, and breathe.

(and for you reading at home, the girl who has YET to have
a g-spot orgasm, know that they feel different for each
woman as does the amount of fluid released)