Saturday, August 13, 2005

off to play

black 6 inch heels open toed, on my feet

a thong black with circular O rings on each side and a black bandeau wrapped around my chest

white short pvc skirt with the matching car coat so I can escape my building and go somewhat undetected

down the hallway with my toy bag over my shoulder

packed with pink hemp rope loads of it, purple floggers, neuro wheel, blindfold, cane, crop and a paddle

I'm looking to Top

and I'm also looking to bottom (he he ha ha)

where might I be off to for such fun?

Sin City


Friday, August 12, 2005

flat tire and menstruation

This morning I had a hugely important meeting at 10 and so at 9:15 I'm driving out of my parkade and down the street for a whole block before things start feeling bumpy and weird. Pull over to the side of the road, get out and check the trunk, thinking it hadn't been closed properly and was banging, but oh no, couldn't and wouldn't be something that easy.

Then a Canada Post man walks by smiling at me at points to the front tire passenger side and says "lucky you, it's only flat on one side" and continues walking. No, really? Is this really happening to me? Oh yes it is and it's going to be a long day, I can tell.

A low level panic call to kara & Doug and between them, they convinced me that I was capable of changing my own tire. Flagged down some nice young man to help me with the jack because I could not figure out where on the frame to put it and so he showed me and then jacked me half up, then asked if I'd be ok, on my own for the rest and I of course, replied "Why of course, and thanks for stopping to help me." I'd never changed a tire before let alone used a spare. I'd no idea it was so tiny but thankfully I had one. And I did it succesfully, I changed my tire and tomorrow I'm going to go and get it repaired or replaced. If it's not one thing it's another.

The tire incident started my day and my day ended with my getting myself a really cool fishing rod case so I can take my canes out in it and have them not get damaged. This makes me happy as I've got some wonderful canes that need protecting when not in use.

And I did mention menstruation right? I have my period, yup the most natural thing in the world that happens to me monthly and it's here, and it started last night. I'm not using a tampon, nor and I using any pads in any form, I am not using a cup either, who knows what I'm using to deal with the flow of blood then? I don't buy feminine hygiene products any longer, I only use this ???

When my mother asks me what I want for my upcoming birthday I am going to tell her BCAA.


Thursday, August 11, 2005

fate and kara

As I was driving home from work this evening along Parker Street in Burnaby a route I usually don't drive my car crested the top of a hill with my window unrolled for the fresh air. The radio's got 96.9FM playing and I hear my name called out loudly, even over the music, in a feminine voice as I'm motoring along at 50 km/h the wind carrying it to my ears. Quickly I look in my rear view mirror, shake my head as I'm startled to see a little red car so familiar that it makes my hear skip a beat, screeching to a halt and I honk happily over and over to acknowledge that I see her, kara that is, as I pull over to the side of the road and watch her pull a u turn and then pull up behind my car.

Out jumps my girl, lands in my arms and we somehow manage to sneak 5 minutes of loving into our day with one another. Bonus time. I got to sit on her hood in my short black skirt and kiss her and make cars honk. It was fun, it was silly, it was spontaneous, it was fate, it was necessary. Damn it was good to see her, the smile on her face and in her eyes as she pulled up to me.

Poly allows me this opportunity and relationship. This is love.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Go to Google and type failure in to the search box, then click on

I'm Feeling Lucky

made me smile and made me wonder who set that up. Good job!


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

afternoon sex & a new bed frame

At noon today I went to see the infamous Lancer of Seattle at Vain and had him cut my hair. What a great job he did and also showed me how to use a straightener, very cool! I would have had my hair cut shorter but Jim wants it left long and so his preference wins. This no short hair rule is just not about me but also in place for Allena as well.

After the haircut in Belltown Allena and I did some shopping for a new bed frame and then went out for a quick sushi snack. Lunch over and now we're back at her condo and shortly plan on putting together the new frame in her bedroom. Little does she know that after we're done getting her bed put together, that in my bag is my brand new cock (already in it's harness) and a vibrating egg, lube and condoms.

My plan is to christen Allenas bed by fucking her immediately after it's set up. I'll have a great time for sure and I hope that Allena favours my plan and my cock. She knows nothing of the plan and of course the cock is new, so she hasn't ever had it in her. Oh well, lube, patience and a little loving can make almost anything possible. No matter how big or how scary. ha ha

off to play now, with my cock and my girl


Monday, August 08, 2005

the zoo and poly

Sitting in Allena's living room in Seattle, we've just returned from the Woodland Park Zoo where we had sooo much fun. Giraffe's, hippo's, lamas, wallaroo, orangutan and a pink haired bird eating spider. There were way too many animals to list here, some that I'd never even seen before. We finished our zoo trip with a trip to the canteen for a strawberry frozen bar each.

This morning we spent here with Jim, the three of us catching up as a poly family for awhile. We were all so spent still from our day together yesterday that a lazy morning in at home was just what we needed.

Yesterday, I drove down to Seattle with Midori as my passenger and we headed for The Wet Spot. I taught two classes there, my Bi Curious class for women and my hands on Wax & Ice Play class. They both went well and it was delightful to have Midori sit in on the Bi Curious class.

After driving to Seattle and teaching two classes I hadn't thought I'd be up for the Bondage Party at The Wet Spot but it turned out I had more energy in me than I even knew. So much energy in fact, that Jim was able to do 2 full suspensions with me and send me in full motion and flight in each. Being a monkey in bondage is so great - and inversion play for me is very sexy.

By the time we all got back to Allena's last night we didn't get to bed till midnight so a good sleep was had by all.

Tonight on the other hand, Allena is heading out to a board meeting and I've got a dinner date with S, who I've not seen since I was in town for the Queer Femme conference and spent the night at his place. Should be nice night out for me.

Then tomorrow I'm spending the day in Seattle with Allena again and in the evening doing Sex Life Live with Dane Ballard on internet TV.

I'd write more as I've much to unload but it's now time for me to get all girly girl ready for my date...

more later

poly and proud