Thursday, May 13, 2010

Europe Day 2

My computer is still on BC time, though for your point of reference, I am actually eight hours ahead of you all right now.

I am in Europe, in London to be precise. Having arrived early yesterday morning and spending all of yesterday napping and in a general fog of jet lag. Last nights sleep was incredible and now we are awake ready to start our day. It's midnight for you right now and for me, eight in the morning.

Three different blocks of cheeses, four types of biscuits and lots of seasonal fruit was our late night snack -- greatly enjoyed this.

Today we are heading off first to the London Eye, then to the Tower of London, then over to Westminster Abbey. I can't wait, this is going to be really amazing.

More later, now it's off to the shower room to get freshened up so we can depart.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Contract Talk

This morning at four I awoke thanks to my alarm, dressed and headed to the airport. From there I caught a plane on a prepaid round trip ticket out of Province for the day.

I was met at my destination by a car and driver, then driven to the corporate offices of the entity that is trying to "buy me".

A day long meeting with the team and a personal interview with the president left me exhilarated. Then I was asked the big question "how much money would they need to pay me" for me to do for them what they are asking.

Flying home late this afternoon, I slept.

Life is about to get even more exciting.