Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another Apple Product

Earlier around eight this morning, I awoke ready to start my day. My sleep schedule has been off lately and I am getting very little sleep each night, perhaps four or five hours only. This should turn around fairly quickly I hope, but at the moment its a bothersome side effect of my current stresses.

This morning is four hours on the computer catching up on emails and updating various items with necessary information. I am doing this naked on the sofa, with my iBook on my lap and next to me, a rather extravagant new accompanying product.

My phone died recently, suddenly simply refused to turn on. So with my SIM card in hand, I put it back in my original Fido cheap ass, basic generic phone that came with my contract five years ago when I got my first cellular. The phone worked, yet did nothing, it sucked the big one in a HUGE way. And it kept making long distance phone calls to Allena for no apparent reason. Seriously.

Not being a tech savvy woman, it makes me uncomfortable to even think about having to research out the correct products for my gadget needs and then to feel confident enough in my decision to make such a purchase.

I awoke the other morning to RC handing me a new iPhone. We match, we both have one now. It is so pretty. How sweet of him to give me such a gift. Not just the phone, but all loaded up too. All my information is loaded in. My contacts are where they belong. Most of my music. I love the internet capability and web surfing. The camera is awesome. RC even installed iWoman to keep track of my period for me. If I have time, I need to run out later this afternoon and find myself a case for my phone. Must keep it safe.

Tonight is SULTRY our Bath House Event. There are twenty one couples joining us for the party. There is a little bit of work to do this afternoon picking up items that need moved down there, but over all, not much effort is required. Just some time. I am eager to spend time with all our friends and the new people who will be there too. The event is really fantastic.

Friday, June 06, 2008

One after Another

I am in the midst of undergoing a Major Life Change.

Deliberately timed to be happening right now, by myself and to myself.

It was time that I dealt with something that has been causing me personal angst and money for a few years now.

I'm being proactive, yet it is difficult to feel as though this is supposed to benefit me and not be a punishment or a mistake. (not that I punish myself but wow, what I am doing sure is hard for me and what is being done is of course something no one else could even do for me)

In happier news this evenings Orientation had 25 people pre registered in it. Twenty one people showed up on time and the class got underway. Paper work, ID check, payment, an over view of the facility and all of its amenities and question and answer time with yours truly.

Three woman arrived 45 minutes into the start of the class and we had to ask them to leave as they were to late to suddenly sit in and be able to catch up. (bringing the number up to 24 showing up) We are serious about having everyone arrive on time for this mandatory class. I felt a little sorry for the young girls, because as they explained to me at the door, they had just gotten a $120 Speeding Ticket trying to get to the class on time. Yikes, not good. They will be back for a future orientation thus making them members of Libido Lounge.

As of tonight I have now Oriented 362 individuals at LL and I am so proud. If you have not shown up for the class, you have no idea what you are missing out on. We are the place to be, if you are kinky, sex-positive and interested in exploring sex culture pan sexually.

Be the end of tonight's class, the donations to LL had grown exponentially. That our members want to contribute to the facility their time, products and services is further testament that we are on the right path, and making community intentionally. In the next three weeks, the new items arriving to us will blow your mind and I can't wait to share it all with YOU.

Whenever you can and the sooner the better, get yourself to Member Orientation class and become a member of Libido Lounge. Join everyone else and see what we can offer you. We are BC's Only Sex-Positive Educational & Play Facility. (Member Perks, Discounts, Sex Library, Social & Educational Events and of course, Play Parties to fit the needs of most sex communities)

We rock! Come Join Us! We have space for you and a Member Number too.....

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Making An Impact

An entry from the Win A Couples Ticket To SULTRY contest:

so how did I meet you? the first time I did not even know I had met you. it was about 7 or 8 yrs ago at a club you did a bondage demonstration on japanese knots. skip forward about 4 yrs in time and an internet search and the idea for a coaching session for my wife and her best friend came to my mind, you came out to the burbs and expanded my wife and our friends repatoire. plus a second time for a private session.

the cool thing is we have or would have bumped into each other, at other things. Sin City a couple of times once at a XXXX dance after that. you ran into my wife at XXXX on 3 occasions (sorry I was out of town or working and she was helping out without me or I would have said hi)

We were down town one sunday and you where teaching at little sister's we saw the latex class dropped in and you were teaching it.

Vancouver is a huge city, but the opportunities for someone to grow as a sensual being is small but no matter where we have turned there you are. thanks

T & L

Quite cool for me to read others memories, I take much away from these glimpses into others history. There are many more entries inside my In-box, some from people I remember, others from friends, and goodness even a great deal from people that I can't identify by name or email, yet whom I've touched their lives in some way.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

tell me a story

Have you wanted to attend our Bath House Event, SULTRY?

This is your chance to win a FREE couples ticket to this Saturdays Party. (you must attend with a date, no singles permitted) It starts at 7:30 and goes till 11:30 pm.

Send me an email to telling me about the first time we ever met face to face. Memories, or rather blasts from the pasts that will warm my heart.

Share with me your story however brief, and the most compelling two will each win a couples ticket.

Contest closes Friday June 6 at 6:00pm. Winners will be notified via email and sent the party details at the same time for SULTRY on Saturday.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

hurting friend

Deej, get well soon.

I am sorry you feel like crap and were in hospital while I was away on the weekend.

You have to get better soon as I need you for events and being sick just is sucky.

To make the process easier, I am sending you love and groceries. Oh, and my man!

Enjoy everything and know that you are cared for greatly.

I may have pointed a few of our mutual friends towards you darlin, primarily because I knew everyone would want to support you as well during this bout of illness. Look for their emails and calls to offer you any help you could need right now.

Our lives together have gotten kinda tight over the last number of years and your friendship means a lot to me and to us. You are an awesome volunteer and a great friend.

I missed not having your G-Spot in class last night, though was glad that J. was able to bring along her vulva and g-spot on short notice and donate it for the evening in the name of sex-positive education.

I'll be calling you again later. And you remain on my order of BED REST my dear! Or else!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Phone Loathing

The return drive from Seattle to home was smooth and easy, as I drove back. RC was the passenger. The border was a breeze and the weather held out the whole way, of course meeting greatly with my satisfaction.

My weekend of networking was quite successful, and I am confident that I will reap the rewards of my efforts for quite some time.

Max's birthday party was a hoot! More so because approximately forty percent of the guests there and my self, go back 6-9 years or so. Much of my history in sex culture was solidified & shared with and by people whom had already had more experience than me, when I first started to attend events all over the Pacific North West. Many of these folks friends and I go way back now as we share strong memories and experiences that will never be forgotten. Our conversation eluded to characters and situations that were at times "beyond the believable" to those who were not there to witness things we've seen in our time in sex-culture.

Tonight I am teaching my G-Spot & Female Ejaculation class in Burnaby at The Love Nest. I am a little wiped out from the weekend and the drive back but I am eager to get this class over with so I can relax till Wednesday now, and Deviant Dining.

Spending time with Allena was the point of our extra day being south bound, and luckily we managed to squeeze in more time with her as she had time for us. Much, much of who I have become as a sex activist can be attributed to my on going loving and supportive relationship with Allena. She has guided me safely, all the while pioneering her own journey. I admire her greatly and love her with all my heart.

Home feels good right now, it is good to me. For the most part that is. You see, my cellular phone had eleven messages on it and was full when we returned earlier today, hence not having any further room for further messages from others.

The Libido Lounge telephone is full as well, another ten messages awaiting me there and get ready, our home phone had another eight calls on it.

My cell phone is not for use to ask me when the next orientation is, or how to get tickets to an event, or even to ask me personal sex questions. My cell phone is for people who are hiring me and have been directed to call me. All others, are required to send me an email out-lining their request/s and asking things of me there.

The bulk of my work is done on a computer and through email. I do not have the time to phone back 29 different people. Email makes this job very easy for me. Much of what people ask of me is a simple 1 minute cut and paste answer when dealt with in mail, but if we talk on the phone it takes 15-25 minutes of my time per call by the time I shake people off.

I would rather have an In-Box that was exploding with emails, than having to make my way through a mountain of phone messages where people ramble or are simply not clear about their request.

And further it annoys me to no end, people who leave me countless messages on the same topic over and over again while awaiting me to return their call. I get to everyone when I have time. If you want to get a hold of me sooner or you consider your request urgent, then stop trying to reach me through the free public route and book my time privately to meet your needs.

Stop phoning me though and creating copious amounts of work for me that affords me nothing more than a head ache and blurred vision, from reading peoples demands on me and my time.

Start paying for what you want and you'll find that my response is faster, and more specific to you.

I do my best to make my rounds and return all phone calls and emails though this does not always happen. Anyone who contacts me repetitively demanding my time and answers in-depth and for free is not going to hear back from me. One answer, one email. You don't get to use me and not offer me something in return. I only do so much work for others with out pay and then it becomes critical that I balance paid work with all of my donated hours too sex culture and community demands of my time so that I can sustain myself and my business.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

bondage is the point

Today was about shopping

It could be said that two new dresses found their way into my collection. Ok, and a pair of shoes. And yes, even a few more things, but I won't go in to details.

RC and Allena brought me home a new ride em sex toy, worth $600. I rode it already. It was fun. I have now placed an order for one for Libido Lounge. Yup, it was that good, and I am that convinced. I am a hard-sell and yet this toy just goes beyond all expectations I could have for it.

In just a couple of hours, we are off to an event here in Seattle called Bondage is the Point. It is hosted by The Center for Sex Positive Culture. Allena, RC and I are going together. With rope bags in hand we shall see what tickles our fancy.

I have a gorgeous pair of Steve Madden shoes to put on, along with a dress that will make removal swift and easy should opportunity arrive for me to get naked for some reason or another.