Sunday, June 03, 2007


There are any number of things that happened today that left me feeling happy.

First my day starting with a friend bringing a dozen donuts to our 2-hour work party at the lounge, of course donuts covered in chocolate make life better and painting easier. The paint went on smoothly and was done ahead of the days schedule. A single coat through out. This made me smile, and then laugh once I looked at myself and my painting comrades covered in red & black speckles and splashes. Shortly there after I found myself on my knees in the shower room, helping Craig remove the paint from his body. Actually really it was me bent over naked scraping and peeling black paint from Craigs thighs, calves and lower region. Then RC walked in and then I was in the shower with two very hot buff men. Good thing the shower room is large as we all fit in well. This would be yet another thing in the day to make me happy.

After our shower we dried off and drove to a Swingers Club not too far away to attend an Open House. The three of us had a great time and I enjoyed catching up with a few old friends at the event as well as meeting a whole new group of people. The Hostess and I had a chance to talk, giving us a chance to figure out that we need to meet so we can plan some type of event together in future. Kat was sweet and her place looked like lots of fun.

More happiness came from a bbq dinner of steaks, potatoes, salad, (cigars and scotch for the men), we three had a really nice dinner together.

Then to make the day complete Craig set about fixing a great number of web based issues I have been facing as of late and surprising enough delighted me with a small miracle.

Tonight RC is at work, daughter is at her dads and I have the bed and house to myself.

Good Happy Night.