Saturday, September 25, 2010

Couples Sex Event Vancouver

I look like a drown rat and I smell like whipping cream.

I just got in from Sultry, you know, the Lounges Bath House event. It's different because it's hosted in the city and it's a highly charged sexual environment that's wet and steamy -- this makes it out of the ordinary.

There were only fifty tickets to be had to this particular event and there were only three tickets left, so the evening was brimming with opportunity.

Within five minutes of our open time, the first of the people were already naked and touching one another.

The others started to file in. Anticipation filled the air. Locker doors shut, closing in them inhibitions and clothing.

Introductions were made. Hugs were given. The flirtatious banter that accompanies such an evening was turned on to high.

The gorgeous woman who does massage, her list had eleven different people on it, it did not take long for that to happen.

Pussy licking seemed the theme in one of the steam rooms and the other steam room had people in three's and fours making out with one another.

The social room was chilled just enough to cool you down after sex or a steam which made this room a gathering place for conversations, snacks and cold drink.

I wrestled a really hot woman on the ceramic floor of a public shower --- and I'm pretty sure she won.

We played naked twister, and whipped cream get to know you and human car wash.

There was group sex, I watched it take place. A group of people took on one woman and a group of women, took on another woman sexually.

For over 3/4 of the evening, every one of the five beds was filled with moans, screams and ecstatic bliss taking place.

There were people on first dates, people on second dates, couples who'd never attended before, couples who've attended most every one we've hosted, there were single women and the age range was well proportioned.

There was something for everyone there, if you try at this event, even a little -- anything is possible.

It was more fun than I've had in awhile. The only downside was that the baby had a problem with the sitter, so Jason left minutes before the event started to return home.

Thanks to K & L for getting me and all the gear home at nights end ... it was so gracious of you both.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Destination Unknown

If I could gather some reader assistance here, I would be most grateful. You are always so good about directing me towards things, that I return again to ask for your guidance.

A quiet B&B somewhere, with internet. Or a cabin that is not remote, and with full amenities. A kitchen nook/area would be ideal.

A place that has me on the water perhaps. As far away from other guests as possible.

No more than a few hour drive to arrive at the destination. *bonus points if this magical place is within a 2 hour drive*

It's time for me to go into myself for awhile and sit and think clearly. Without distractions.

I need to recharge. Sleep. Write. Eat. Create. Nap. Masturbate. Plan. Visualize.

My fears of both success and failure have led to me towards mediocrity as of late in some things and quite frankly, I'm not ready to settle for mediocre.

So damn it, its time for me to find a place that I can slide away to in the next couple of weeks.

Please help me out here, I don't travel or stay away local ever.

You can write me with suggestions to

Thanks bunches.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Women's Sex Party

It certainly was not out-of-control, yet the mood in the air was frenzied. The energy was high and the women were on fire with desire.

This was my kind of party, from the moment the front doors of the Lounge unlocked, all the women connected together and were already busy plotting grand debauchery.

The jack hammer girl, donned a strap on, and then did another girl. It was a first time for both of them and heavens, was the enthusiasm for their sex fest just more than you can imagine. It was captivating to watch them fuck into a sweaty pile of laughing gooey happiness.

The circle jerk of women aiding one another to orgasm had me mesmerized. The two red heads were fierce, the bald woman was hot, and others proved their intensity as they worked diligently to locate pleasure and share it with the group.

There were women in a pack, all mounting, kneading and touching one another to bliss. The fingers of their hands creeping towards and into each others' warm sex, stroking with purpose, to be thoughtful.

At one point laying on a bed, surrounded by more ladies than imaginable and I close my eyes and touch myself sweetly. Startled, suddenly there is a mouth on each of my breasts and someone is dropping a warm nipple into my mouth. I crash - my orgasm washes over me as my eyes open and take in the sights and sensations on and around me.

Dirty Girls
was intense this past Saturday -- and hosting it monthly again is sure making the ladies happy.

The next one is Saturday October 23rd, you in ladies?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monster Rocker

This whole parenting thing while working full time is certainly enough to leave one exhausted. It's a good thing the rewards are so grand and the Pickle is so handsome.

His first Halloween is just around the corner -- no ruining the big surprise. You'll just have to wait and see what kind of costume we stuff him into.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

1, 2, 3 ... break time

My weekend has been a whirlwind of kinky activity, three days in a row of events certainly does me in. The older I get, the more I consider how long the recovery time will be from each and every event I look to be at and whether or not I am up for the challenge

The 1950's pinup glamor party Friday night was a visual smorgasbord of delight. The caterer did an outstanding job on local organic food and the attire of everyone present was stunning.

Dirty Girls on Saturday night was outstanding, the number of women and the amount of play just blew me away. Watching women gel and create something unique together is such a joyful experience.

Today I was hired to spend the day on the island in Saanich teaching my Cock Sucking & Hand Job class to a small group of women in a gorgeous ocean front home. I left on the 11 AM ferry and returned on the 5 PM.

Tomorrow my plan is simple, I am going to relax. And perhaps enjoy a Moor mud bath seeing as I picked up a Spa Utopia bottle of this glorious product.