Saturday, September 13, 2008

Women's Sex Party

DIRTY GIRLS was such a wonderful way to spend an evening, the perfect completion to my day as it left me elated and feeling blessed.

Loads of women, of all colors, ages, sizes, styles of play and relationship forms. Ah sex positivity and inclusion make for incredible events, one where hierarchy and cliquey-ness have no place.

I was home by 2 in the morning and on top of the world, so much so that I was unable to sleep.

By the time I arrived in, women who had left prior to me were already sending in their thanks and accolades. My smile was beaming reading all the praise.

A long time friend of mine, ended up with her thighs wrapped around my face for quite some time. She moaned as I did things to her to make her squirm in delight. Then to balance everything out because she then owed me, I was REALLY mean to her. She laughed a lot, and suffered much as well. When we play together much fun is always had by each of us and my Topping skills are put to good use. Funny how even the women who say they have no interest in being dominated, flock to watch with eyes open wide and a hungry look on their faces when I play. I think it has something to do with my "style" of sexy dominance and play.

The sex was intense, by 10:30 every where you looked strap-ons were on, dildos were abundant, lube bottles were all over the floor and of course, latex gloves snapped from every corner of the room. Happily I watched orgasms pop off one after the other for the DIRTY GIRLS present. At one point, I counted seven different Hitatchi Magic Wans out amongst the place, reminding me that I need to label mine. Groups of two, three, fours and even one group of five women were all having sex in various forms. It was super hot to watch. I for one got my rocks off, and more than once.

I met a new woman too, she is super cute and fun to get riled up. She allowed me to taunt her some and eventually to do some play with, that had her flustered and scared all at once. Heady combination, especially with so many people watching. It's my plan to hit her up with an email and see where perhaps our energies can join forces and conspire for play in future. I put out extraordinarily well, and she can take a serious whooping, or so I've been told.

Anyone have a small black light that they are able to donate to Libido Lounge? We are in need of one, and ASAP. To detect counterfeit bills of course.

Sleep blessed sleep, this is all I need today.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Today has been hellish and grueling, with lots to tend to and many people & items demanding my attention.

I was up and already out of the house by 8:30 this morning, with a slew of items on my agenda.

A stop at a local adult store, for a meeting with the manager. We managed an hour of alone time catching up at a sidewalk cafe.

Then onto shopping for produce for veggie and fruit platters for this evening.

A stop at the PO Box, and then onto the bank.

Picked up RC at home and we drove straight to Costco for for more nibblies for the evening's festivities.

Over to the Lounge to drop everything off. Then we set the place up into a new configuration for the onslaught of women who are due later.

Back home to make food trays and pack my toy bags.

I took an hour long nap.

Spent some time with my child.

Then we cooked for ourselves.

Filet mignon on the BBQ that were decadent to eat, my boy cooks a mean steak. they were large, tender and so soft we could have cut them with our forks. Mix in roasted potatoes, salad, and brie with crackers and I was one satiated women.

Changed clothes and readied myself.

Checked my voice mail accounts.

Printed the Guest List and Party Rules.

Checked email.

Took two Tylenol's as my head was aching and I was feeling grumbly.

And now RC is going to drop me off at The Lounge.

I plan on having one hell of a night.

Sex, Play, Women and General Debauchery are all on my list.

Tonight is virtually a full house, for DIRTY GIRLS!

I'm feeling like a fine tuned machine right about now.

Here's hoping everything goes as planned.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Support I've gathered

Daily I am reminded of how long I have been involved in sex culture, over a decade now.

People write me and tell me of my immense impact on their lives. It is incredible to hear how I have helped shaped others realities in such a positive way.

There is nothing more rewarding than unsolicited emails of thanks and praise. I am baffled though at the sheer volume of individuals whom I have had the fortune of meeting.

Some I met while teaching a public class. Others I met while leading their class in a college or university. More I've met through email exchanges. Thousands upon thousands I've met at trade shows while I led them on a path of discovery. More I have run across in private coaching sessions. Still others at sex clubs, sex camps and alternative venues when they have come to hear me speak and see my presentations. Others flock towards me for the guest speakers I bring to town and they want to meet. Friends send their friends to me. Supporters quietly tell others of who I am and how I can aid them. The newspaper regularly directs people towards me with bold catch phrases, cover stories, feature articles and my photo. My blog invites people to know me and sex culture no matter where people hail from me.

I'm flattered beyond belief regarding the attention I get.

I am becoming the woman I always wanted to be, but never knew how to create for myself.

It is through all those that I have met and worked with, that I have been shaped into who I am today.

Thank you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Monkey Rocker Sex Machine Vancouver

Jack & Jill, our Co-Ed masturbation event was this evening.

Much fun was had by everyone in attendance.

And we even had a woman riding our new Monkey Rocker Sex Machine. Very HOT to watch.

A photo of the Monkey Rocker set-up, with a dildo on it. Since Friday is DIRTY GIRLS, I suspect, I'll be fortunate enough to watch a number of women climb on for a ride.

Every one buys there own attachment piece, we just supply the machine. We have lots of insertables in stock.

My professional life AND my personal life are amazing, titillating, rewarding and inspiring.

Goddess knows, no day, nor event, is ever stale or boring.

Go Me!

Monday, September 08, 2008

About Me Section

I joined a networking site in the hopes of meeting some new kinky people. Actually to be precise I am looking for on going play partners. Currently I have a lot of people in my world yes, though none are what I desire in a long term casual no strings attached type of relationship.

There of course is a profile section where one can write about themselves and who or what they are seeking. This is designed to inform others about yourself, so in theory only the suitable people should be making contact with you. Or applying so to speak.

Of course it does not always work out as such. Within two hours of putting it on-line, I turned my computer back on and found myself inundated with responses from people wanting to apply for one of the two positions I have open in my life. Flattering, sure. Overwhelming, not quite. Amusing, most definitely. Satisfying, well I'll have to wait and see who turns up out of it all.

Finding the "right play partner" is like finding a needle in a hay stack. It is possible, but it takes much concentrated effort. I'm not looking for a pretty person or even a height-weight proportionate person, nor am I looking for a doormat. I'm looking for that special someone that I share some sort of chemistry with. A trust worthy individual and a person who is responsible for themselves and their own actions and life.

Someone who isn't intimidated by me or my occupation, a person who is strong and supportive. A person accepting of what all I have to offer and not underhandedly working to obtain more from me.

I took some time to fill in my profile, hoping to paint an accurate picture of myself and being clear on what I did and did not want. Funny thing though, some people can't seem to read, or maybe, stopped reading before they finished reading my post and thus missed some critical key elements.

Case in point, women Dominants writing me and telling me why I should serve them. First off, I'm not looking for a women as a Top and second I am not into service with any Top. Another example is the young man who wrote me and wanted me to bottom to him, yet he has no skill set in play yet and is uncertain even of his own boundaries and limits. Goddess knows I am not the women for him, as my well written profile would have told him had he have even read it.

Want to read what I wrote? Here it is

My real name is Jennifer so please address me as such.

Do not call me Ma'am or Mistress, I consider this rude, as I do not have a power based relationship with you.

I will not call you Master, Lord, or even Mistress, as I do not have a power based relationship with you either.

I am an Alpha woman of strong character. I am a switch with a heavy lean towards being Dominant to my chosen play partners.

For point of this site, I am looking for two distinctly different people. This can NOT be the same person. As a switch I have NO interest in switching with a partner, one day being the Top and the next the bottom, No thank you.

What I desire:

  1. An older man (40 years +, so older than me) to Dominate me and use me for his sadism to maximize my masochism. This relationship will be based on BDSM and not sex, I'm not interested in putting out sexually. This relationship will be casual as in "when we play together". However we will have no outside of playtime rules that govern us. You must lead and be creative as I have plenty of experience and wish to not be educating you, nor making suggestions. I can follow very well.

  2. A service oriented bottom to take orders, follow obediently and who wishes to be rewarded with rigorous fun play and a Top who will cherish you and your efforts. This relationship could have some sex play involved in it (reward based), but that really depends on who you are, and what you are looking for. Gender is irrelevant to me, what matters to me is your interest in doing a job well and being able to have fun while doing it. You must follow well and be attentive.

I am an amazing Top who will take you on an incredible journey, I am very skilled at all that I do and am able to create scenes that are both memorable and breath taking all with you in mind.

As a bottom, I am a heavy masochist with well thought out boundaries. I am not into service, rather an exchange of energy, my bottoming for your Topping.

DO NOT write me about either number 1 or number 2, if you do not possess a good sense of humor and the ability to play publicly. You must be of strong character and not shy. All of this is necessary in order to be in my life.

I lead a very public life, as in "I am a professional sex educator and event organizer". I own Libido Events and Libido Lounge here in Vancouver BC and my personal history in local sex culture is rich and varied. I have accomplished much for our community at home and abroad and I am quite proud of this fact.

I have two life partners, whom I love and reside with and am not looking for anyone further to call my family. As a full time mother as well, I have no interest in care taking anyone else.

If you feel you have what it takes to walk into my world, either as a friend or a play partner, I invite you to send me an email telling me about yourself.


As someone who hosted over 175 events last year alone, I meet thousands upon thousands of people each year. If you wish to befriend me, please send me a note telling me who you are and where we met, or if you hail from my mailing list, are a reader of my blog or perhaps some other avenue.

I welcome knowing YOU.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Drugs Are the Answer

I am writing this from my bed. No covers nor bedding, it is simply too warm for such things.

On my lap is a hot water bottle, and coursing through my veins are blessed Tylenol 3's, those lovely prescription codeine based pills. Comforts for a woman suffering from cramps.

It is so beautiful out, and we had plans of going to Wreck Beach together, RC & I. Though I was fairly certain when I crawled into bed last night, that today would not happen for me.

RC woke up, looked over at me and smiled a knowing look as he kissed me. Then he went and ran around the house tending to things for me, so all I had to do today was simply lay back and let "nature take its course".

He treats me so well and care takes me like no other. Hell even my daughter is on the extra special treatment campaign with a foot massage and house cleaning without complaint.

Blessed I am.

Now RC is at Wreck Beach being stark naked on the sand and in the water. Perhaps he'll pick up a cute girl, I certainly wish him success.

I'd really wanted to go along and relax with him, but I'm barely able to move. And further, I need to save my energy for later this afternoon, as I have a New Member Orientation class to teach at the Lounge from 4 - 6 PM.

Imagine my heart swelling as RC announced that he plans on being home in time to drive me to class, as he knows just how unwell I am.

At 2 this morning, I *almost* packed myself up to make a visit to the hospital for one of those special shots in the butt they give you when you are suffering as much as I am. Most months are not this bad, but this one is a real pain and not so manageable even with Tylenol 3's in me. Luckily though I was able to fall back asleep and happily avoided an emergency room visit. Twice in the last two years I've been to the hospital for a shot in the butt, and both times it solved the pain problem but it also made me right-out-of-it for almost 24 hours. The latter part being a side effect that bothers me greatly. When your in pain though, one does what is necessary.

While not typing and working I've been slowly making my way through the piles of books on my bed side table.

  • A Natural History of Sex
  • Sexy Origins and Intimate Things
  • Canadian Contraceptive Guide
  • JUICE: Electricity for Pleasure & Pain
  • Sperm Wars
  • The BiSexual's Guide to the Universe
  • The LifeStyle
It's hard to believe I have any time to read, but I manage. Its not like I read every book the whole way through, often times I am just looking for specific content while others I can't seem to put down till I've had my reading hunger satiated.

Between the library at the Lounge and my own personal one at home, I have enough books to keep me captivated for a few years easily. No joke, both collections are that large.

A nap seems to be in order about now as my daughter and I have just finished a lite lunch together and the drugs are calling upon me to slumber and heal.