Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good Times

Classes were spectacular this afternoon. Both of them went great, I couldn't ask for a better group of people to educate and empower. Twenty couples, dang I really packed em' in!

It's true, a few people have tried to emulate my classes, but no such luck. My educational series, the Erotic Arts Curriculum and my style of presentation has me coming out ahead by a long shot.

Two classes back to back today had me drained. Not so much from the teaching, but more from the cold that has left me weak and still hacking up a lung. I am better though, just not recovered as of yet.

Dinner out with a group of kinky friends was a nice way to complete our day.

RC treats me like a queen, he also thinks of me and does things to make me feel important loved and cherished. For that I love him even more. Hey, when he and I are completely illness free, we have some serious whoopee to catch up on.

This evening is in bed with Allena and RC, life does not get any better than this.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Shopping Extravaganza

Despite being sick, the both of us, we have made our way South of the border. It's a fairly intense schedule but hey it's necessary.

We've been in Seattle for a whole day now and accomplished a lot. If you count shopping at the Mac Cosmetic store, Lulu Lemon Outlet, Nordstroms, and DKW shoes a big deal. And hey, I do. With this in mind, our day has been grueling and all about finding "just the right items".

The day finished off with RC, Allena and I all out on the town for a very formidable dinner, one that was bigger than I could complete. The drank Margarita's and I played chauffeur. Good times with people I love.

Now it's time for bed, even though I popped day time cold medicine today, I still feel like shit. And when one feels this lousy, sleep is the only answer. Even all my new purchases weren't able to make me forget just how sick I am.

I am very loved and quite frankly, am enjoying the positive impacts of this on my life.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ramblings from a Feverish Woman

I took RC for a pedicure, his feet needed some loving and he'd never before been treated to such a delight. His smooth toes running along my calves at night are just a bonus.

My daughter was horrified when notified about this bloody injustice involving a wrongly postponed Social Injustice class. So much miffed that she wrote a letter to the editor of the Vancouver Sun. Her level of activism in this world astounds me, though the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

We, as in RC and I are still sick, on the bend somewhat, but truly still unwell and living on suppressants to maintain any semblance of upright health and mobility.

I believe in karma, like so many others that I know. It's such a shame that negative things happen to people but you know, "what goes around, comes around." And those who toss stones, shouldn't be surprised when stones or even small pebbles are tossed back at them.

We've added a new monthly event to the Lounges calendar, its called Dungeon Players, and is a BDSM play party. The first one is set to happen on Saturday October 11 and we're thrilled by the response thus far to this cool event. It has a lower price point than our other parties, and still offers many unique offerings that can't be found elsewhere.

It's come to my attention that someone I held respect for, is lying about who they are to a great number of people and making demands on the general public that are faaaar from ethical. Someone with two years of experience last year, suddenly has over 16 years experience this year and this same person is asking people interested in their business pursuit to "submit photos" of themselves before being "accepted" into their clique. Neither of these points bode well with me or anyone I know of, and further are showing so many the negatives of this individual. Lies and attractiveness tests. Blah! Lost my vote!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vulva Reconstruction Surgery

Being sick sucks for sure, and is proof, that my life is far from perfect. If you could see me right now, you'd realize what a number this cold has done to me.

My eyes are puffy red, tearing, small little slits. My nose is dripping. My lungs hurt as they make a bark noise which sounds horrid coming from a human. My head and body are on fire with fever. I vomited twice yesterday. My voice is crackly and it pains me greatly to swallow. My limbs ache and are suffering from exhaustion. My backside even has discontent from laying flat on my back for so long.

Just to make matters worse, RC is sick too. For the first time in years, he came home from work mid-day as he couldn't continue seeing patients in his sorry ill state either.

We're both popping day and night time cold medicine, downing fever reduction tablets sucking on throat lozenges and falling asleep constantly while seated upright. What a couple we are. This too shall pass, soon we hope.

The only person to not become over run with this virus is the teenager in the house. Lucky, lucky her. This does mean that last evening she gave me the most amazing 45 minute foot rub imaginable trying to alleviate my whining.

I've been trying to work on the commitments some in the midst of all the tissues, runs to the bathroom, sneezing attacks, and prolonged nap times, but not with much success unfortunately.

And before I leave you, have a read about this new trend that is out. One in which women have vaginal reconstruction surgery for cosmetic reasons. This is disturbing and offensive, designing ones genitals to some notion of "ideal". Blah. : (

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Girl Love

Here I am again, at an unsightly hour, on the computer. Awhile ago, I tucked in RC to our bed, after giving him a rub down with massage oils before he went to sleep. Prior to that, I taught my G-Spot class to a wonderful group of people. My guy works tomorrow, a long shift, as do I, except I get to work from home naked in bed.

There is so much on my plate these days, that my mind is just twirling with To-Do Lists and half finished thoughts. I'm feeling really great about the rewards from all this effort, but the work load has left me with the weight of the world on my shoulders.

It's been so many years now since I fell in love with Allena. Our relationship is the longest one in my entire dating life. It is also the one relationship that has had the biggest and most positive impact to me personally.

Allena has gifted me with her love, unconditionally as I have come into my own. Allena has loved me through trying times and changes of self, character and identity. Her love has made it possible for me to feel safe enough to spread my wings and do things that still surprise me. Allena is so strong and capable, she has always been a role model to me and for me. I am her Top though and she is my bottom, this secondary to the fact that we are life partners of course.

We've shared men, heart ache, travel, staggering successes and horrid losses. We've grown together and continue to do so. I can not even imagine my life with out her, she is my guide and she is part of my family.

Allena knows me in the negative sense, and celebrates me as the positive force that I am. Allena is far from perfect, much like myself, but this is irrelevant, we are true to one another for who we really are.

She is beautiful, wise, kind hearted, energetic, enthusiastic, intelligent, a people person and an activist just like me. Her activism came first, and mine followed, as I learned from her example. We are different in so many ways, from our approach, to our ages and interests.

We are similar in so many ways, from our professional lives, to our style of loving and whom & what we find attractive. I'm a mother, to a teenager, Allena is a Mom to an entire community of people. Each of us is capable of moving mountains.

We see one another again shortly and for a few days. Just being around her makes me feel all tingly inside. Getting in her pants and spending time with her, is what makes me heart swell with pride.

She is the most amazing partner, and she loves me. I am so blessed to have her love and self in my life for so long.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wanted: Sleep & Rest

No rest for the wicked, nor the successful. I have a deadline in front of me that I'm trying valiantly to meet. And as such, here I am awake at this unsightly hour, still working away frantically.

I'm attempting to upload the October calendar both to the OLD Libido Events site and then to the new site. Because, you see, the new site goes live very very shortly, and everything needs to be be on the calendar before you all see it. It is going to knock your knickers off of you. For me, it will become super easy to add in events and to maintain. Wait, just you wait and see.

My days of unskilled HTML labor are soon to be ending and thankfully too as I am just to busy for such things. In fact, October has me hosting TWENTY TWO different events, and SIX private events. Yeah, I'm kinda swamped.

With this in mind, I'm booking myself and my family into a real treat, an adventure of sorts to give us some time to bond over an extraordinary experience and also to have some down time together. And I'm also making an appointment for myself all alone, at the spa, to unwind and center myself in the midst of the month of craziness.

Don't even get me started on November, I'm flying all over the country teaching and sharing my Erotic Arts Curriculum to a whole new audience. Go Jennifer.

My middle of the night break is now over and it's time for me to return to calendar building. Wish me luck!


It's 3:28 in the afternoon, and I'm in bed, still working on my laptop. Yes I got some sleep, from 2 something this morning till 10 AM. Then at noon the Lounges NEW SEX SWING, and FULL TRIPOD stand was delivered to our house. Dang is it ever impressive. In about 1/2 an hour, I need to start readying for my G-Spot class this evening.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rest Needed

After SULTRY last night, I was completely and utterly exhausted. I was also orgasmed out, and happy beyond belief. For some reason, I was unable to fall asleep when we got home at 12:30 and ended up heading to bed at around two in the morning, so not good, especially given my hectic weekend pace. This of course has given me a small case of the grumblies today.

Thirty six people attended our bathhouse event. Our fifth time running this ever popular and exciting night for our peeps. It is an event that is open to members of Libido Lounge and non members alike.

Our massage girl was on site working her magic, she even roped me in for a rub down which just made me melt to her touch, blissfully so. Everyone on the guest list made it to the party and most met new friends to frolic and laugh with.

What was most remarkable was that all the couples played. The sauna is an equalizer, it has each person naked in short order. The eye candy was scrumptious, it's really sexy to watch others fuck, cruise, flirt and play. So much to see and do, a great way to spend your evening.

We played adult games as always, and did our infamous shower scene too. No matter who you are or what level of experience you have at attending adult parties, rest assured that you will be apart of sexy naughty fun when you join us for SULTRY. The water guns were out and filled with icy cold water, making the human targets shriek as they were each nailed. Oh, the joy!

The steam rooms were action filled from an early hour and I was busy a woman all night long being a social butterfly, talking with friends, having sex and making a few girls rather, um, ecstatic.

If you missed out, you should be kicking yourself. Fear not though, as we are doing it again in October & November. Want tickets for you and yours? Email me now for ticket information as you must pay for them in advance, and rest assured it will be a night to remember.

Today was another story all together, nine people became members of Libido Lounge as it was Orientation day. A wonderful group of friends too, very friendly and eager to share in our sex-positive corner of the world. Introducing them to the facility and our amenities fills me with great joy, and optimism for our long term goals.

Now I am in bed, with my computer on my lap working diligently on the October calendar. The planning and event production never stops around here.