Saturday, June 13, 2009

Speed Dating Vancouver

Tonight's Speed Dating at The Lounge was a riot. It was by far, in my opinion, the best new event I've created in awhile.

We had so much fun, that three and a half hours just flew right on by. I am confident that everyone had a good experience as well.

It is so rewarding to run an event that meets the specific needs of our single members, and them alone.

We are going ahead and booking it again for August, it is now to be an every-other-month happening.

So not your typical speed dating, this has a unique vibe to it and one that makes it easy for anyone to take part regardless of how social a person is, or not. Our speed dating makes everyone a star and highlights each attendee as well. No one is left behind.

Plenty of connections were made and I for one am eager to see where it all leads for our attending members.

Yippee for an amazing round one!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

FREE Give Away

Here is the deal.

I have three free tickets to give away to Saturday nights Libido Lounges Speed Dating for Sexy Singles.

The tickets are for women only.

The first three women to email me, can each have one free ticket. (Value: $40)

You must be a woman, sorry no guys and you must be a Lounge member.

SATURDAY JUNE 13, 8:00 - 11:30 PM
presented by Jennifer & Jason
Venue: Libido Lounge, North Burnaby

Cost: Cash $40 person
Open to Single Women & Men Only

An evening of Speed Dating in the comfort of Libido Lounge. Be sure you are dressed to impress and ready to meet many new people, because first impressions are really everything. (no jeans of any sort and no sweat pants)

We will start everyone off with appetizerts and perhaps you'll enjoy a glass of wine (it's BYOB, no hard liquor, beer or wine only) while doing introductions and going over how the event runs.

Then there will be some games and ice breakers, before the one-on-one portion of the event gets underway.

Next you'll
be given a Prompt Card, with questions you may want to ask each person you spend time with and to take notes on, for later on. Or, you may choose to ask your own questions, either way, you'll get quality time with each participant.

You'll get to spend 6 minutes with each date, then we'll ring a bell to denote that it is time to move on to the next person. Half way through we will take a break for you to enjoy some appetizers and wine and relax a little in the company of everyone.

At the end of all your mini dates, there is still time left to hang out and mingle in The Lounge while listening to music and talking with anyone who may have peaked your interest.

As you leave at nights end, your Prompt Card will be given back to us and within 48 hours we will email you with your matches.

You'll love how comfortable we make getting to know new people!

Why do Libido's Speed Dating?

*Meet other singles who are members of Libido Lounge.

*Space is limited and gender is balanced at this event.

*Take the guess work out of whose interested in you.

*Feel the chemistry or attraction right away.

*No pressure to go any further in the moment.

*Safe venue to meet in.

*Sexy singles are waiting for you.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No Anesthetic for me

I had a "procedure" done today.

It was necessary that I be sedated, so Ativan I was given. (to keep me calm)

I opted out of anesthetic.

The thought of multiple needles in a certain area of my body squicked me out more than having the procedure done with nothing in place.

My man thought I was off my rocker to have it done with no freezing.

Suffice to say, I survived.

I am now dopey, exhausted and in and out of naps and sleepiness.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Eco Friendly Sex Toy

So it's finally been done. A new vibrator has hit the market and one that I find simply ingenious.

A wind up sex toy, your dream come true. Well, if you are a hard core environmentalist and go-greener that is.

Surely there are women out there who are drooling over this new gadget. Sadly I don't want this sex toy to get myself off with, I only want one to say that I actually own one.

Makers say the 'Earth Angel Vibrator' is made from recycled materials and can give an hour of eco-gasmic power for 8 minutes of cranking.

Rather than crank it up for eight minutes, I'd still rather have my rechargeable vibrator on standy, and ready to go at a moments notice.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Yoga For Sex Vancouver

Tomorrow morning I'm in the women's prison teaching for a couple of hours a sexual self esteem class to inmates. It is a powerful class and one that I am quite proud of.

Then Tuesday at The Lounge, we are hosting Yoga For Amazing Sex, a drop in class. You should really be there

TUESDAY JUNE 9, 7:00 - 9:00 PM
presented by Andrea

Drop In Event - please be on time, doors open at 6:50 PM

Cost: Cash $25 person / $45 couple
Open to All Genders, Couples and Singles
No Experience Necessary, and skill levels welcome

Can yoga practice improve your sex life? Absolutely! Yoga increases flexibility and range of motion, opening you to new sexual positions. It increases stamina to make positions you already know and love easier to perform and easier to maintain for longer periods of time. Special face exercises will help with oral sex. In addition, breath work and bandhas, can help to prolong and increase the intensity of orgasm.

Class Two: Focus on the upper body and breath

In Class Two we will look at building strength in the arms and shoulders as well as work on flexibility in the core and the upper back. Breath work for orgasm control and facial exercises for stamina and flexibility in oral sex will also be covered.

Practical demonstrations of how yoga poses benefit specific sexual postures will be demonstrated in class."

***Bring your own yoga matt and towel. Snacks and beverages are provided at class end. Wear loose comfortable clothing, or nothing at all, your choice.