Saturday, April 30, 2005

Saturday catch up

Saturday afternoon and my daughter is away at camp this weekend with 18 other friends her age, so I've got the house to myself till Sunday at 1:00.

Last night was the Naughty PJ Party and it was a hugely successful night and one that went off with out any issues. Over 70 people were with us last night at our sex positive event. Doors opened at 8:30 and people started playing quickly and filling the massage tables & beds and there were people playing right up till we closed at 1:00 am. Lot's of new faces as usual lately and of course the return of many old friends. Not to bore you with details, but since my Jim didn't get any "interactive" time with me at the PJ party last night, you can well guess what I was doing at 3:30 am this morning when we finally rolled in to bed.

At 7:45 I woke up Jim as he had to leave at 8:30 to return home to Bellingham - threw some cut up fruit in a bag for him to eat for breakfast and he was off and on his way to go sailing for the day with his parents.

Today has been about cleaning up from last nights event still, dealing with email and vacuuming my house. I even managed a trip to Canada Post earlier this afternoon and a drive out too Surrey to have a quick visit with a friend. Still left is the cleaning out of the rubber maid totes that store all the gear, a round of thank you's to the volunteers and of course, you remembered this part was next, yup, now I have to do all the Laundry that an event of this nature creates! (oh the glamour of being a sex activist)

Tonight I'm off to see the Dr. Nigel show in Vancouver with some friends. Dr. Nigel has been described as a dash of Dr. Ruth, an ounce of Austin Powers and wee bit of “Weird” Al Yankovic. His posters says that "Using a tantalizing mix of songs and standup comedy, Dr. Nigel answers your questions about sex and relationships. Who knows he might even show you his special technique for improving oral sex using a banjo! "Dr. Nigel has me intrigued as to his new technique, so off I head tonight to his show in the pursuit of some good laughts and some sex education.

Feels a little odd to have so much space right now... but with my child away, Jim with his folks, Kara away for the weekend with her partner and Allena at home in Seattle, well it's true, I've got some space. And given that the party was Friday night I've got the rest of the weekend with out any of my poly partners around. We've all been so close lately and doing many things together and I like that closeness. But now that there is room to breathe a little, no work today or tomorrow, no parental responsibilities and no poly partners, wow, well, here I am as just Jennifer.

It's time for me to move on to other things and to start the process of getting ready to go out this evening. I'm going to light some candles in the bathroom and fill a tub with Mango tub butter and have a good long soak. By the time I get out I hope to have figured out what to wear.



Sunday, April 24, 2005

the realities of it all

My child has a friend sleeping over this evening, hence why I was able to head in to two big city events in one night. With out the friend sleeping over, my big night out never would have happened. Here is how fast it went for me....Leaving the house at 8:55pm, decked out in a new electric blue dress with a zipper on one ass cheek, strap less, skin tight, with the entire belly cut out all the way down to to the top of my mons. And over it I wore a dark blue flowing baggy skirt and my powder blue leather car coat done up, along with flip flops on my feet. My new sexy shoes were in my bag to be put on, again, when away from the house and from my child's line of sight. I drive to a swingers dance/social night in Burnaby and promptly remove the skirt, jacket and flip flops in the parking lot and change them for stilletoes and the barely there cut-out dress. (thanks AJ) For 1 whole hour and 10 minutes there is time to sit around other like minded kinky folk and see who is checking out who, listen to some music and check out some cute woman too.

Spent most of the time talking to new people and trying hard to avoid the temptation to want to catch up with all those who I knew in the room as I'm short changed on social time with friends as of late. (ok, and I spent some time checking out this charming young man who had the cutest face, really) Handed out lube samples and advertising leaflets to a host of people and introduced myself personally to many people who have only ever read me from the mailing list. Did I dance? Did I dance with my girl, Kara while we were there? Nope, no time, too rushed to get into that kind of groove...however, while we sat on bar stools next to one another for 5 minutes I stroked her inner thigh as she stroked mine and put her head on my shoulder.

Left the swingers event at 10:12 in Burnaby and at 10:29 I was pulling us in to the parking lot's last vacant spot right next to the club where we were off to. Club Vibes on Davie and the night was Fetish lite, a sexy new night to do some naughty dancing and grooving. Hugged our way past friends standing out front and made our way inside. Hung out till 11:10 when I promptly put on my jacket and left. Yes, even leaving behind my date, she knew this in advance. While there I was pulled in many directions and finally I just left everything and walked out to my car to return home, very promptly to being mom and to my cell phone as it was time to phone in and check on the kids to see how they were doing.

Drive home (and while in the drive thru, put my skirt, flip flops and jacket back on over my sexy new dress) and stop and get myself a kids cheeseburger meal at McDonald's and eat it before arriving home, only bringing in the drink and looking at the clock to see that it is 11:40. Tell the children bedtime is 12:10 and at 12:10 I, in my robe, naked of the evening's earlier party clothes but still painted in war paint over my face, kiss the girls good night. In to the living room to tidy up and lock the place up for the night and now here I sit writing and it is 1:10am.

Time to go and wash the make up off my face and climb in to bed, right after I check my email accounts and hang up the party clothes that are laying on my bed.

it's all just like a whirlwind