Friday, September 02, 2005

the fair & a house guest

While seated in the stands of the Pacific Coliseum to watch the Super Dogs show with my daughter at the PNE - I was struck in my pink cowboy hat by a flying foam paw that was a freebie being thrown up into the stands. My pink cowboy hat being a magnet of course to this paw and fortune, was knocked right off my head and into the lap of the woman behind me. Hands of nearby children are reaching towards me trying to grab the paw, but once everyone sees that the paw has knocked my hat off and now the paw has landed straight into my lap. All hands retreat - the prize is mine.

My hat magically reappears alongside me and I put it atop my head while I'm turning to my daughter who is sitting next to me laughing uncontrollably at my predicament. Stopped laughing pretty quick when she realized I didn't want a foam paw so it was then to become her prize. What a day it was at the PNE for us today and a full day as well. We arrived at the Fair at 11:30 and left at 8pm. Got home and settled just in time for kara to arrive to come by for a visit & a cuddle before she left her cat with us for a week while she and her partner are away on holidays. We've never owned a cat before my daughter & I so this should be quite the little experiment. So far so good, kara is long gone and the cat has slowly settled in over the evening now.



Wednesday, August 31, 2005

asked on a date at work

At work this afternoon, standing alone in a mind set of work related non sex topics, reading a clip board before a shelf when suddenly next to me is a man. Tall, fit, good looking, dark hair, late thirties, he smiles warmly right at me, brightly, a flash of white teeth and enthusiasm, his eyes meet mine and lock in.

Hi he says. "I saw you last week when you were working here and I'd wanted to ask you something then, but then you left and I thought I'd missed the opportunity as I'd never seen you here before." sighs Now before I can say anything past hello to him, as he just paused for breath here, smiles at me again at which point his eyes light up and he says "I was wondering if I could ask you out on a date?" More smiling and he leans towards me a little and I hear myself say, "I'm so flattered, thank you so much for the kind offer, but I'm already taken. My partner a woman and I have been together for years now and are quite happy."

"Now that we've had this little visit, let me introduce myself I say to him", my name is Jennifer. I extend my hand to shake his as he tells me his name and continues to tell me how much of a struggle it is to meet someone these days and how he found me attractive, different and friendly and thought he'd try asking me out.

How sweet to be asked out on a date and by someone who has no clue what I do in the rest of my life as a sex activist. Very cool, made my day. He took my being partnered to a woman well and didn't bat an eye over it, thankfully. Why did I tell him I was partnered to a woman and not a man you might be wondering.

It goes like this, I prefer at work (at my day job) for being thought of as unavailable and by telling men I'm with a woman, well, word travels fast and I'm left alone for the most part from that meat market. Plus it's not a lie it's the truth, well the actual truth is that I have two women partners.

If I'd told him I was with a man then I would if interested enough in going out on a date with this new man, would have needed to have told him that I practice poly and I'm again not prepared to do that at work.

I also practice no false hopes. Lead no one on ever. If I'm here to talk & flirt you'll know the difference with me from when you feel my desire to seduce or fuck you. Say what I mean or what I want always, and do so with honesty & conviction. Be forthcoming about what I have to offer and not offer. Tell who I am, how I love and the boundaries that surround a relationship with me.

Lest we forget that I'm kinky beyond belief and with this fact alone in mind, I should never date anyone at work. Good practice for me.

And further to any of the above, how would I have explained my relationships with kara, Allena, Doug and Jim? ha


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

finding my groove

Sunday daytime, following Saturday nights Women's Only Naughty PJ Party (hot party, if you're a woman you should have been there) I had Doug come over to help me paint a room in my house. We did it successfully as well, it turned out great, one room, three walls of it, done in vibrant Tangerine. Took us 6 hours to do it from primer to second coat of paint and clean up but it was worth every second we spent painting and every ounce of energy. Plus, inbetween coats, waiting for the color to dry, well I got to have my way with Doug.

Picture a man, in a leather hood, laying on the gyn table in my room - feet up in stirrups and using words like Please & Ma'am a lot. Made for a fabulous afternoon of domestic chores mixed with sex play and I was running on adrenaline at this point as I'd been at the Women's Party the night before till 2 and not to bed till 3.

Doug left at about 4:30 Monday after painting and being done by me! I then had a chance to shower and work on the computer some before Jim arrived for the evening with me. (our last night alone together)

Jim thought he'd enjoy eating his dinner more, if he put his hot bowl on the flesh of my naked stomach. He had me lay a blanket on the living room floor and then he put his dinner on my stomach and he ate his dinner out of the bowl while sitting next to me on the floor watching tv.

When he finally finished eating I found myself bound in hemp rope and unable to move either of my legs as they were tied as columns to one another and spread wide. Nasty fun on the living room floor till I was finally untied and ordered off to the bedroom where we went and I was used till I fell asleep unable to register anything except two things...

1. I was laying in a very wet puddle of girl juice
2. I was exhausted

Jim went home yesterday just before noon and then I headed off to work. The routine of life back again as my daughter returned last night and as such the revolving door of poly around here will disappear until Christmas break now and every other weekend.

Today I'm working this afternoon and then home to be mom full time again. School goes back in next week, the return to our routine will be welcome for me and an interesting transition for my daughter and for those who've grown accustomed over the summer to my availability.