Saturday, June 10, 2006

this woman got a blow-job

Talk about a evening to remember, last nights Women's Only Naughty Party I threw at Club Eden was FABULOUS!

There were women going at it in the living room, one atop the other on the sofa, doing the bump and grind whilst pole dancing mini classes were given out as many others danced and watched on.

Perhaps most titillating for me was walking upstairs at about 10:15pm to find EVERY single room filled with women engaged sexually & intimately at this evening and many with women that they hadn't known before the party or the class I taught prior. Picking Up Women For Women

Then downstairs, screams from the dungeon where a medium size pack of women 7 or so, took on another for some vaginal fisting, caning and clothes peg tit torture. How delightful an evening to be able to walk through the club and be able to see Libido Events bringing together so many women for a night of pleasure in all it's brilliant variances.

Couldn't resist this youthful amazon woman in a purple bustier and ended up putting on my strap-on and getting a pretty impressive blow job from her. Summoned a monitor to find me a condom, then slipped it on to my cock and proceed to first slide it between her tits, while she held them firmly in place, head back, her sight taken by my blindfold as I fucked her tits enjoying the look of mischievous pleasure washing over her face. Then nudging slowly the tip of my cock between her parted lips, she gasped at first but soon embraced all of my gift and appeared most thankful.

That first moment of realization as to what was happening was shock for her, I could feel it as I was straddled over her face. She sitting on the floor, back to the sofa, head supported nicely on the firm cushion. Squatting down and sinking into her for a few strokes before she found her own rhythm and took me on a ride.

She was great at giving head.

Shantar the super star volunteer of mine helped me till just before 2:00 with clean-up after the party then I drove her home at 2:40 in the morning. Bless you, you know what your help means to me.

so much more going on in my life...

magazine article & photo shoot Canadian Publication, National
another photo shoot
met a man, well if all goes well, I'd like to call him boy :)
daughter won a cash scholarship
life is crazy busy
Allena arrives tomorrow
tonight I'm going to Sin City to play

time to go dry my hair and find some clothes that make me feel good


a pair of shoes that won't kill my feet

because 2 nights in a row in 6 inch heels is not recommended

not even for a masochist like me


Friday, June 09, 2006

Womens Only Party, TONIGHT

Womens Only Naughty Party
Friday June 9 2006
8:00pm workshop: Picking Up Women for Women
9:00pm play party starts ends 1:00am
venue: Club Eden, North Delta exact address on ticket

As many of you know a new swingers club has opened in BC and it's in North Delta. 20 minutes from down town Vancouver and closer to the border for all you Americans and Valley friends. It's a beautiful facility which boasts a ton of amenities. Libido Events (me) has gone and rented it out this Friday night June 9th for a private affair.

This event needs support by having lots of women present and I'd really like to ask you to attend this party and help me fill the place up with women and fabulous times. It's my first time hosting a party at Eden and having you attend would make it easier for me with familiar faces around and luscious women I know to hang with all night long to add to the mood and ambiance.

It's going to be the Libido Events Women's Only Naughty Party this Friday evening. No men, none and you don't need a membership to attend. Should you discover though while there as a women that you'd like to return in future and join as a member you'll have already had a night inside to discover why you'll be wanting to join with your partner at a later date.

Here is a short list of amenities Eden boasts: party hot tub, outdoor fireplace & social area, dance floor, BDSM dungeon, 3 rooms for sex play, 2 social sitting rooms and more.

Some photo's of the venue are here...

The night starts with a 1 hour workshop:
Picking Up Women For Women 8:00-9:00pm
The party starts at 9:00pm and runs till 1:00am

Door Prizes: The prizes, oh sweet godess have we got numerous valuable and exclusive prizes to be handed out all night long. (passes to Seattle's The Wet Spot, Libido Events workshop coupons, Club Eden membership, Licks & Lashes products, womens sex toys and MORE)

Dress Sexy and to impress. No street wear. Leather, boots, heels, corsets, harnesses, cross-dressing, latex, shiny, costumes, military, boxers, lingerie, or naked, we love naked women!

Parking is free and abundant. Safer sex supplies included. Non alcoholic drinks available at a nominal charge from the bar.

Tickets are $25 and can be found at:

Little Sisters Book Store 1238 Davie Street Vancouver

Fetwear 931C Brunette Avenue Coquitlam
The Love Nest 119 E. 1st Street, North Vancouver

Can't get to getting a ticket because you live out of town or just can't for some other reason? I'll happily hold a ticket at the door for you if you email me and let me know that you'd like me to do this for you.

If you're coming from out of town OR just want to make a huge night of it, then consider staying over at Club Eden. Eden offers a Bed and Breakfast package, based on double occupancy

$100/night donation*
Check-in 1:30am after party closes
Check-out noon
Gourmet breakfast for two

For Transit riders, Club Eden is 10 minutes from the Scott Road sky train station and has bus stops both in front of the facility and across the street. (but surely we'll be able to hook you up with some woman for a ride back to the train at nights end)

Tell other women about the upcoming Women's Only Naughty party!

Have questions, ask me, I've got the answers.
Libido Events

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

life's events

about the only thing going well this afternoon is the beautiful weather.

My daughter's making crafts in the living room, next to me on the laptop on the sofa. Jim will arrive shortly, dinner will be eaten, then perhaps an evening walk together to settle my nerves before bed. Jim heads home tomorrow and I'm slotted to work all day, again.

It's been a long complicated day for me and the next few days are going to go full speed ahead, hopefully with an ease that today didn't have.

Wednesday, tomorrow, is an assembly at my daughters school. They've requested my presence which means that she's getting some type of award. Graduating from elementary school after being in the same school from kindergarten to grade 7 and such a great kid. I'm excited for her.

Thursday I'm teaching my Finding & Stimulating The Gspot and Female Ejaculation
at Burnaby's The Love Nest and my mother is visiting and spending the night. What a contrast of events this is AND a juggling act.

Thursday June 8
4687 Kingsway Street Burnaby The Love Nest (directly across from Metrotown)
Open to men, women and couples. $25, pay at door, cash only

Stimulation of the G-spot can promote a more vigorous and satisfying orgasm and more intense sex play and can at times be the cause of female ejaculation, ecstatic bliss and transformational moments.

Join Jennifer and her guest vagina for an evening’s class on tips to find and stimulate your womans or your own g-spot so you to can have more profound pleasure & perhaps find your way to squirting/ejaculating. This class starts discussion style and ends in a full hands-in demo with opportunity for Q & A as we go along.

is Sports Day at my daughters school and the last one of her young life, my mom and I are going. School gets out early, child goes to dads and then Friday night is the women's Only Naughty Party at Eden that I'm hosting. What a night this is going to be.

is sleep in and paperwork, then in the evening off to Sin City, to work. Yes, I call attending Sin City work. :) Work that I enjoy a lot, but work none the less.

Sunday, Allena arrives in to me for a couple of days of girl love & play here at my house.

When I'm going to rest is not known at this point.

Bonus points for anyone who brings me home cooked meals, massages, flowers or chocolate the next while. Anything to make me smile and give me fuel to continue. Nourish my mind and my body, I'm in need of all the help I can get.

On another note, it would appear I'm taking off to San Francisco then to Las Vegas for almost a week. Looks like September is going to have me with another new state under belt and another experience that I have to say is only because of my involvement in sex-positive culture.

My life is blessed.

Tired. But blessed.

it's broken, now fix it damn it

my bloody e-mail accounts are both down at Libido Events and not sending out properly.

This is causing me angst when I should otherwise be doing way more productive things than talking to Customer Service people on the phone and being put on hold while tech support tries it's best to not live up to it's name.

Tech Support. The second word is support in that title. You'd think that would mean that they'd be SUPPORTIVE.


and I pay for this service.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Jacob writes in a way that draws me to read his musings over and over again. He's like silk flowing between my thighs, sending shivers up my arched back.

He's otherwise known as The Librarian Erotic and his poetry is magical.

The June 1st entry, he's between my legs as a peeping poet. I clicked the word her and much to my surprise, found myself.

Thanks Jacob, you must have really liked those photographs David Steinberg took.

I love your writing and inspiring you with images to write about.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

pillow time

just rolling myself into bed. Home at about 3:30 this morning after teaching my two classes and hanging out at Club Eden till well after they closed! I was having A LOT of fun.

good night

or well

good morning to you