Saturday, December 06, 2008

Dungeon Players Tonight

EDIT: RC just returned from the Post Box. We received a check for another Life Time Membership from a woman treating herself to an early Christmas present. Hot Damn am I ever pleased with The Lounge and our efforts right now. Two Life Time Memberships sold in 48 hours, the business plan is working!

=== === === === === === === === ===

Want to come to our Dungeon Players Party tonight? Well you can as there are still spots on the guest list.

For some reason, we have more women at this event, then men.

We have a piercer on site tonight, piercing members, four of us = two men getting their nipples pierced and two women getting their clitoral hoods pierced. (I am one of the women) The party has bondage, sex, BDSM and social time. It will be much oodles of fun.

Send me an email to be included on the guest list .....

I am readying now for a long hot bath and then some clam chowder soup.

See many of you this evening!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Calling All Volunteers

I am putting together something for The Taboo Sex Show in Vancouver January 15, 16, 17 & 18.

For my seventh year, I am also teaching for the show, a whole host of classes, but this post is not about this, as I already have this aspect well under control.

I have been asked to run a booth, something special this year. To do this, I need a small army of dedicated, attentive, detail oriented, sales friendly volunteers who want to earn something REALLY freaking amazing. The offer is super cool.

You volunteer for 16 hours and in exchange you get a wine, beer and pizza party with a corseting class, and a magnificent fully boned, drop dead corset of your choice from anything this spectacular company has in stock. (the exchange rate thus works out to $18.25 per hour) You will also get free tickets to Taboo.

I have a shift schedule and two different types of work available. Women for sales, and men for set up and take down.

Below is the list of needs. If you want to earn all the bonuses I've listed drop me an email soon as I want this roster completed before Christmas so I need not be tending to it over the holiday season.

Of course you'll be seeing me at the show, however you will be working for someone else. A really great woman, whom I admire a lot and also happen to lust after her corsets.

Set Up:
Thursday 9:00 to 2:00 2 men & 1 woman This is set up and will require strength. 3, 5 hour shifts.

Take Down:
Sunday 1:00 to 9:00 = 2 people =2, 8 hour shifts includes tear down.
6:00 to 9:00 = 2 men for tear down Can be the same one that helped set up to fill out an 8 hour shift =2, 3 hour shifts

Actual Sales:

4:00 to 12:00 2 women or one man and one woman. = 8 hour shifts

4:00 to 12:00 2 women = 8 hour shifts

11:00 to 4:00 1 women = 5 hour shift
4:00 to 12:00 2 women = 8 hour shifts

1:00 to 9:00 2 people (may be 1 man) = 8 hour shifts includes tear down

NOTE: you may combine your efforts and work for both setup and take down and sales if you so desire. You'll need to be strong though!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tormenting a Bound Man

Last night was Restraining Order, and we had a great turn out. Once of our regulars even came by with a check and purchased a Life Time Membership - what a smart man. I tied up a very handsome long time friend, and then I had him artfully installed in the sex swing frame, spread eagle. It turned out rather beautiful I must say.

When he was settled into the bondage safely and I had tied my last knot, he was looking rather vulnerable so, I took advantage of him. I tormented with my large fishing / hunting knife with a gut hook, creeping it down his piss slit as he had no choice but to be very, very still. For his own good you see. I took a wartenburg and ran it all over his body, and then grabbed a second one and used them both at once over his cock, balls and perineum. Since he was blindfolded, he really was clueless as to what was ever going to happening next.

I found myself so happy at one point that I couldn't help but start to slap his cock and balls around, soft, then hard and harder, with the big knife. Then just with my firm hand. Funny, it made his bits swell and get excited. Who would have guessed!

Then I sat on his face, while I used a small strap on his body and punched his chest. This was most memorable - his hot breath on my crotch, while I pummeled him was quite sexy for me. Not sure how it was for him exactly, but I do know that he never asked to be let out. Go figure.

I couldn't help but clamp his nipples and then playing with those compressed little buttons of sensitivity. He squirmed a lot from this, and even tried to move. So, I started biting him. Soft little nibbles and then painful little mouth fulls that had him levitating in his bound pose. This brought a smile to my face and a large grimace to his.

After I untied him finally from his torment, I went and got him a nice piece of caramel apple pie - he ate it all and seemed quite grateful. As when the last bit of pie was gone, I found myself sitting between his legs. His skilled hands, grabbed my neck and shoulders and he worked out with massage countless muscles knots for the next twenty minutes or so. The massage was just lovely and a great chance for him to come back to earth after our scene together.

The night was a great one indeed. Everywhere one looked, people were playing together and sharing skills, that is what the Lounge is about: education, play and the social aspect of it all. Community.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Days Efforts

With out doubt, today was filled with appointments and must-do items.

After seeing our accountant this morning for a ninety minute brain stretching appointment, we left happy kinksters.

Off next to peruse a potential hotel for our 2009 conference, everything is well in the works. It is finally down to two differing locations at this point, each has its own unique pluses and minuses. Having the details hammered out before year end is the goal we are striving to meet.

Then to grocery shopping, and not regular purchasing either. This was a mega shop, as it is the last grocery run we'll do before Christmas. We'll still need fruit and veggies weekly, and a trip to the deli and bakery, but $340 was spent and damn was the buggy ever full. We bought all the Christmas goodies necessary for a very festive season.

We came home and unloaded all that food, and it was a lot of work. RC needed a nap after wards, and I worked on the computer for ninety minutes of serious data entry. Then I made some food for tonight's event, easy precooked items that just needed reheating.

The teenager came home and we talked for a while catching up on her day and her AWESOME report card. Think along the lines of every grade (but one) being an A, and even one as 96%. Clever girl of mine, I am super proud of her commitment to her education and her ability to juggle her personal interests with her academic pursuits.

Then RC and I left for the Lounge, with food in tow. It was Deviant Dining and eleven people gathered for dinner, it was a great evening amongst friends in a casual environment. We ate, talked as a group, everyone helped me work on our new singles event, then someone performed some sexy magic. Our members are so inclusive, warm and gracious, I am constantly amazed at how wonderful and kind everyone is.

When everyone was gone and the place was cleaned we headed for home. We spent half an hour decorating the Christmas tree, and it is now fifty percent done. Goodness do we ever own a lot of decorations, and they each have special meaning to us. As we unpacked each one and placed it on the tree, each of us filled with nostalgia for past holidays.

Now the teenager is in bed asleep and I have just tucked in RC. I am showered, naked and working on my lap top. Not being home most of the day means that I am backlogged with sixty emails or so from today and another thirty from the past few days, that require more details than I can zip off in a quick response. So now in the dead quiet of the night, I shall endeavor to attack the mountain of e-mail that sits patiently awaiting me. It is inescapable really.

Someone sent me this NOT SAFE FOR WORK LINK to a Canadian woman stripper, doing a really great act. It is short, funny and memorable.

To each of you who has written me or called me in support of my post yesterday, I thank you and feel good knowing my experiences have been heard. Your all kick-ass friends indeed.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Vancouver BDSM Scene

This may come as a surprise to you, but the local BDSM scene in BC is fractured, hell it is broken quite badly. Many people would like to see it healed, and fixed so we can all get along together and work as they see it, towards mutual goals.

I see the fractures as natural, something that exists because we do not really share core values, let alone goals. I know I will not align myself, business or membership with any groups that are negative and regularly damaging to others.

One side of the Vancouver scene players is very cliquey and hierarchical, they are a small group of loud people who are seen as unruly children to most. The exception of course is the individuals who enjoy them as friends, because they too like the pack mentality and don't want to be considered outsiders, they are the ones in life who blindly follow. These people only welcome new friends into their pack who will prescribe to their personal negative way of thinking or at least not make waves about how they gossip, lie, bash, cheat and treat others in a hostile derogatory way. They burn through close allies fast, as it doesn't take one long to catch on to being used or taken advantage of, nor to feeling the bullying aspect of this group.

Another side of the Vancouver scene players are the souls who are professionals in their careers, have families, live a life of success, practice tolerance, are bread-winners, have a solid value system and are mature in both behaviors and actions. These people are selective in their friendships, where they play and who they engage with. Their friendships are based on mutual interests and respect, not made out of wanting to be part of a specific demographic.

Then there is the side of the Vancouver scene players who has been forgotten about. Those who will never again come out of hiding. These are the people who have seen the drama, bickering and hatefulness exude out from the first group, most often onto the second group and this side of people, hell, they ran for the hills. They play in the privacy of their own bedrooms because they will not be dragged into name calling or hurtful deranged behaviors. They do not "do public" out of fear and rightly so. Choosing where one feels safe is critical to our sanity.

As an event organizer and as an educator for over a decade in sex positive communities I have watched more drama ensue than I ever witnessed in school, in politics, or even in trashy gossip magazines.

A core value of Libido Events and Libido Lounge is one of inclusiveness, and we strive for and maintain this by not permitting cliques to form within our walls. This is done by ensuring that malicious gossip, lies and hierarchy are free from our events. We do not engage in conversations where other groups or individuals are bashed, ever, nor do we start such conversations. You may think what you want but you may not spread your propaganda around our membership or inside our facility without losing your membership. This has created a feeling of safety and trust amongst those who frequent us. If you have nothing positive to say, then say nothing on the subject.

Regularly I am asked to offer comments or critiques on varying topics by interested parties to learn my "behind the scenes" feelings. I do not share with the general community, only my family knows what goes on in my head and the things that I am subjected to knowing based on my position as a sex positive business owner and long time kinkster.

Recently while at a public event, and not one of my own, I was asked to give some time to a woman who wanted to speak to me. Alone. We sat together at a table, in the middle of a party for close to thirty minutes. She talked a lot. She told me things about how her group views me. She told me of their long term plans, she asked me about their past history of cooperativeness or lack there of. She told me how much time they invest in following my career, life and self. She told me I am an excellent business woman, and how respected I am for such. She then asked me why her group struggles so much.

I was confused by her question, "why is her group struggling so much?" Well the answer is an easy one. Though I was unsure if I should elaborate, as it goes against my philosophy of "simply doing my own job, and allowing others to do theirs, themselves". However, given that she is on the board of directors of this group and she had told me at least four times over that she wanted to create change and saw herself as being able to do it, I succumbed to her question and finally, answered.

Your group is struggling so much because you view everything as a competition. Your group is struggling so much, because of the type of persons and personalities that you attract. Your group is struggling so much because of the on going animosity that you continue to perpetrate by permitting gossip, cliques and bashing to be ever present in your organizing bodies way of doing business. Your group is struggling so much because you do not value what you have, and you act as though you are entitled to more. Your group is struggling so much because you do not have a clear vision of where you are going, rather you constantly follow others instead of creating your own path.

Be unique, be transparent, be accountable, be proactive and kind. The business, the people, the finances, the support will all follow.

I left the conversation to resume sitting with my family and we chatted together about what had just taken place. We did, we laughed together at the absurdity of it all.

It really is so simple, how to create change. Live better, do better, and ask for assistance when needed. Don't lie, don't steal, don't copy, don't gossip, don't bash and opportunities will line up for you in short order.

Not one to dwell on things, I am accustomed to being proactive and moving forward. This is just what I do and how I have survived so long in such volatile territory.

Sex has politics in it and my job, my activism and my career are not all pretty and pink. Regularly in fact, it sucks the big one, this job of mine. However, I love what I have created for others and for myself and I love those I choose to call my peeps.

The whole community is not bottom feeders, rather a small, bitchy sub section of it is. And it's really ok, because they are the very reason that success can be measured, they sit at the bottom of the pond, and when you look down, you know that you have risen so very far above them.

My success is not measured in how many people talk down about somebody or a group, but rather in how none of my friends would even consider doing so.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Cheer

My head aches, this is not good. Even with a great amount of sleep in me, both last night and into this late morning, I am still not feeling 100%. This is not good as my week is busy and today was meant to be about recovery from the last number of days.

Phones turned off today, did not bother getting dressed and lots of great food. Two computers working double time and the house to myself still did not give me ample opportunity to complete all that I was trying to.

Working on large projects never makes me feel very good, I much prefer it when I can see the end in sight. Right now, it feels like I am pouring all my strength into a large empty pit, that will never be filled. I know this is not the case, but it accurately reflects the effort and time spent on my behalf.

Before I go to bed this evening, I have another couple hours of work to do. RC is home in awhile, I am cooking a family favorite dinner. I have spent the extra time necessary to create this special meal. One of the highlights of this great meal is the ingredients concocted together are making the house smell delicious.

The teenager has handed over her Christmas list finally, which means I can now officially start shopping. I have even figured out what to get the parents and the grandparents, now to execute the plan and make it all happen.

The tree needed to be up. And so it happened today. I am starting to find my holiday cheer as we managed to get the lights onto it and all the decorations out of the storage room. Even the stockings are now hung. Mine is a brilliant red high heeled boot.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Going Strong

My weekend exhausted me.

Friday night we hosted Sultry, our bathhouse event. It was awesome as always. Forty people, twenty couples came out and we partied the night away. I love what we've created for our friends with this event. It takes a lot out of me to pull it off, but hell it sure is worth it to see everyone come together for such good sexy times.

After Sultry we drove to Seattle, arriving in to Allena's shortly after three in the morning. We went straight to sleep.

I awoke around ten in the morning, and readied myself to go and teach two different classes. Both went very well.

We had thanksgiving turkey dinner, the three of us and relaxed for a few hours talking sex, politics and family planning. Then we donned our pervy best and headed out to the evening play party.

Every which way we turned we were surrounded by friends. It was a nice night and the conversations were lively. I even played with a friends husband, they had only been married forty-eight hours.

A few weeks back my friend had offered me the chance to be "the first person to play with him after they married". I was also the person who orchestrated her secret proposal to him back in August. What an honor, and what trust. I beat her daddy senseless, while she laid over a bench watching. It was torture at it's finest, I mixed in lots of sensuality, and even sat on his face with my panty clad pussy while doing the deed. When it was over, he was spent, she was glowing and they rolled around in one anothers arms being all lovey dovey.

A board member from a local Vancouver group was in Seattle at the same party as I, she came and asked to speak to me, alone. I spent thirty minutes listening to her tell me how her organization spends so much of their time, discussing me and Libido Lounge and following my pursuits. It was an enlightening conversation where I was told over and over what a great leader I am and asked how this other group could endevaour to prosper. I made suggestions and observations and then had to put away shop talk so as to enjoy my evening out with my family.

Today my woman's dominance class had seventeen women in it. It was sure popular and it ran really great.

Now we are back home safe and sound, the weekend has fatigued me and left me in need of some serious down time. Rather I am catching up on e-mail and watching some really amusing cliquiness unfold in a forum where inclusiveness is supposed to reign. Its sad to me that issues so petty seem to always be at the root of sex positive communities struggles to hold allies and supporters.