Saturday, August 06, 2005

packing up the car

I'm packing up my car and driving my daughter to her friends house this morning. He and his family take my daughter away ever summer for a holiday and this year it is 13 days of a holiday. Sad to see her go but so happy that she is getting this wonderful opportunity. Wow!

Once child is dropped off at her friends I'll be driving straight home to pack for tomorrow's two classes that I'm teaching at The Wet Spot. Erotic Wax & Ice Play and Bi Curious? Where To Start For Girls Who Want to Date Girls. I'd pack this evening and head out and enjoy the beautiful day today but tonight I'm hosting the Dine With The Diva Event with Midori and following that later this evening her and I have some time booked together to unwind and catch up.

Tomorrow will be frantic with leaving for Seattle at 7:00 in the morning with Midori as my passenger so today will all be about readying myself for all of these events.

out the door now...

Friday, August 05, 2005

the flow of a long day

It's 1:45 in the morning as I start this entry and I'm wide awake, hyper aware of my surroundings and working in the dead quiet of my home, all alone. A single lamp in the corner of the room for light and I'm infront of the computer at my desk still in my summer dress I wore this evening and naked underneath, of course.

The day has been long I should be in my bed, curled up as I like to be and sleeping right about now. Today though is still coursing through my veins like an energy source and I'm using it to my advantage.

At 7 Jim woke me up this morning for acrobatic sex - nope, no bondage just good old bend Jennifer this way and fold her that way rounds of sex a couple of times. It was a good morning together cuddled up in between rounds of sex, foreplay and yup couple talk too.

By 10 I had Jim, my daughter and myself up, dressed and out of the house. Jim was returning to Seattle after being up over night both doing the photo shoot with Midori and I and attending the workshop. My daughter was dropped off at her fathers and I with a head cold called in sick to work.

At 11 Midori and I were sitting outside having a good talk and Doug was sitting with me on an outdoor swing.

Around 12:30 I entered Costco and managed to leave without doing too much damage to the wallet. It sure adds up there quickly but damn do they carry excellent products.

By 2 I was home, unloaded and sitting in a cold tub of water trying to bring down my fever from my head cold and to remove some of the heat from my body due to the outdoor temperature.

Excuse me here for things start going fuzzy for me...

packed the bins for tonight's event

a distressed call on my cell phone from the person driving Midori today and they've had their vehicle towed

Little Sisters needs more tickets for tonight's events Aural Sex: Seduction By Voice as they've sold out.

realization that I need to bring more chairs

cancel the 30 minute date I had booked with Kara so I can go trouble shoot the towed vehicle dilemma - which broke my heart to do as I was in need of some time with her and a cuddle

pick up extra ice for the coolers as it's going to be needed in this heat

Phone rings over and over, and over and over again one thing after another about tonight's event, work, classes, family stuff, WOW!

The it's 5:45 and I'm standing in the middle of the studio all by myself, bare foot in my dress, drinking a Coke slurpee and feeling absolute peace. This is my most favorite time of an event - the standing alone in a space as it's empty and visualizing the event starting. To believe that I can bring it to fruition what ever it may be, and that the event unfolds before my eyes.

Opening and lining up the chairs in rows, makes me feel at peace. I love this part. Hanging the banner and stocking the supplies making it ready for others to use to create good things for themselves.

6:30 and the volunteers, support staff and our vendor all show up for the evening and quickly everyone is briefed. And at 7:00 there is already people waiting at the door and by 7:30 the workshop was getting started and the final few were coming through the doors. Every chair in the place was filled, the futon sofas, 6 stools, 5 yoga mats, 4 office chairs 3 foam blocks, and 1 bench.

The class was great and as always Midori didn't just educate, she entertained as well. Of course everything was going so well in class that instead of ending at 9:30 Midori ended at almost 10 - it was an amazing evening. Watching people learn a new idea feeds my libido - it's a good thing I do what I do.

Then at the end of the night as people were standing around talking to have Doug, Felicity, S, Greg and others be so helpful with take down and clean up was such a blessing to me. Thank you so much as your help made it so I didn't have to lug things out myself.

The final bins were in the hallway and everyone was downstairs save for a couple of us and as I go to lock the studio, I proceed to close my ring finger and my middle finger on my left hand in the door. Closed it right on them and damn it I cried. Hopped up and down and did not like it one bit and could not erotice it either. This was bad pain and as soon as I looked down I knew why. My finger, mainly and particularly my middle one is the one that bled and feels completely numb on top yet hurts like hell to touch.

Greg kissed it better and Felicity tried to convince to go to a hospital and get an x-ray and Doug tried to make me feel better all the while checking out the finger for damage or breakage. (hours later now and it's still killing me, but no, it's not broken)

Off the group of us headed to a local restaurant for some Chinese and Japanese food. Sitting around a big round table, eating food till 12:30 in the morning with other kinky folk made for great conversations. Viagra, HIV, aging in our sex positive culture, stalkers, museums, D/s and story telling.

I rolled in to my parkade at about 1 this morning and then promptly unloaded my entire car back in to my home. Everything came back in so I wouldn't have to deal with it tomorrow aside from repacking it all properly so it can next be returned to storage.

As soon as I walked in the door, took off my flip flops I had to open some windows as it was way to stuffy for me in here with this heat and with my congested head. Finally able to breathe I phone my Daddy and tell him that not only was it a good night at work for me but that I'd been hurt. We talked and had a good visit till we caught up some & I felt better and now here I am blogging.

finally my eye lids are heavy and I know I belong in bed and the time is 3:20am.

Event Producer

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

head cold & a guest

Lack of consistent decent sleep and a hectic work schedule has left me now with a full blown head cold. Yucky! Just not what I had in mind for myself given that tomorrow afternoon I'll be bound in rope at Midori's hands and suspended from something that I can't say quite yet for photo's that Jim's taking. Midori is here in town with me now till Sunday and we've got three events to get through, a photo shoot and a variety of other kinky things to work out.

It's exciting enough to know that I'm going to do bondage play with Jim, now add in that Midori is tying me up, I'm getting suspended, it's happening outdoors in wonderful light and sun and yummy my life is fabulous. Head cold or not, I'm planning on having a great day tomorrow and living on Sudafed the whole time.

Off to pack my bags for tomorrow events, both the photo shoot and Midori's evening class with Libido Events. Come on out and join us for this class...

August 3 Wednesday
Doors 7:00
Workshop 7:30-9:30pm
Military and Interrogation Scenes presented by Diva Midori
Venue: upstairs 2280 East Hastings St Vancouver
Advance Tickets $20 available now at Little Sisters Book Store 1238 Davie Street Vancouver
Tickets at the door $25
full event details

**Vendor, door prizes, cold drinks

Crisp uniforms. Commanding women and dashing men. Relentless discipline. Cruel interrogators. Physically demanding training.

If these images make your heart beat faster, then march don't walk to this class! Your military play might involve only two people or a large cast with complicated
coordination. Midori will discuss the different types of scenes, how to prepare for them, how to maintain your roles, and how to do it all safely. Expect intense scenes demonstrated right before your eyes!


Monday, August 01, 2005

outdoor kinky campout

I've just awoke a short while ago, perhaps half hour ago at best, so we'll say 7:30am. For me having gone to bed last night at 10:05 and not getting up till now, just shows how exhausted I was when I fell in to bed. 9 and a half hours, wow, that's almost two whole nights rolled in to one for me.

Yesterday was such a beautiful weather day and I was headed for Sumas to attend this most incredible annual week long campout for kinky folk called In The Woods or ITW

I'd been hired to present my class A Little More Than A Slap & A Tickle - SM 101 there for them as an educator. Teaching outside under a massive tent was a very cool experience for me. I'd not wanted to be up on the stage to teach, so I ended up on level ground with everyone in the class and that left me standing in my pink and black running shoe style heels on the woodchip ground. It was a fun class to teach and in the end I met some incredible new people and had networked with many others.

Shirtless, I'd worn a beautiful beaded camisole top to the event and just before my class promptly removed it as the heat was to much for me. It's true, I taught the class in my capri jeans, high heels, a little pink bra and my pink cowboy hat on my head. Now I've stunt bottomed in workshops before and had to remove pieces of clothing (shirts, bras, and even panties) but I'd never as a presenter removed my top, this was a first just as my attending ITW was a first.

To honor my first time being at ITW I was presented with a VIRGIN CAMPER medallion. That's ok, I had Doug with me for the day as my personal assistant and he too was presented with one as well! Doug did a great job for me tending to my needs and wants and even anticipated a few on his own which earned him big points with me. He wore a kilt - which he looked damn fine in and I had him remove his shirt early on so I'd have some eye candy to look at.

Jim was at the event and had been there camping and playing all weekend. It was nice to have a chance to see his little homestead he'd made along with another couple Brendan & JuJu from Seattle. This couple makes the most delicious canes and soon enough I'll be telling you more about them. In the mean time, Juju gave me three pink canes each in varying widths and lengths, varnished like with 7 coats of varnish to bring up this gloss that is brilliant. Over the next while I'm going to play with the canes and I'll report back both about the canes and about Brendan and JuJu and their company.

Seeing Jim was a little hard for me, because I wanted to jump all over him and be very little and have him make me feel better because I was nervous being in this new place. But I was there not only as a Presenter but also as a Top and there's a time and a place for everything and yesterday was neither the time nor the place for me to get lost in my Daddy. So aside from covering him in handful after gleeful handful of grass as he lay talking on the ground, I was a good girl and remained in my big persona.

At 5:30 Doug had me nicely settled in the passenger seat of his vehicle and we were heading towards civilization again and a pit stop for an ice cold Coke for me and a milkshake for him. I had 2 week long tickets to ITW and yet only made it for the one day. I'd hoped to be able to attend for atleast two days but my daughter being home right now on summer holidays with me takes the front line each and every time and so by 7:30 she and I were here safe at home together and she was telling me all about her day at her friends place.

Then my daughter turned to me and said, "oh yeah mom, how did your workshop at the outdoor information fare go?" I smile warmly from my heart because she remembered how important it was to me and how I'd gotten ready for it and I tell her it went really well both the class and the opportunity. My daughter with arms open wide comes and hugs me tight and says, "See, I told you so, I knew you'd do a good job, you just worry to much mom. Congratulations."

Dean the Director of ITW paid me some fine compliments as I was leaving that made me head swim, but the compliment that will also ring true the loudest in any day for me will be one from my daughter.

mom and sex activist