Friday, May 05, 2006

away on the island

Off to the Victoria Erotic Film Festival early this morning on BC Ferries and here till late Sunday.

(only truly returning because Tuesday I have to teach Private Parts: Genital Play for the Adventurous at The Love Nests Burnaby store AND because my daughter needs to get back to school)

A few months back I was approached then hired to teach two classes for the film festival, Sex Tips From a Bi Sexual Woman & Forbidden Fantasies: Role Playing in the Bedroom both fun classes and requiring little packing and readying for me other than notes.

With a beautiful hotel suite awaiting at The Strathcona, I'm confident the weekend is going to have great success. The hotel is one of Victoria's landmarks and is host to the world's only rooftop beach volleyball courts. Check out the photo. How cool is that?

Spent yesterday packing my bags of sexy educator clothes, mom/tourist garments & a couple of selections of evening wear weather and mood dependent. Today is just checking in to the hotel and then starting out on our foot tour of the city core, makes me happy to be able to park my vehicle and be able to walk to the attractions. Fresh air makes me feel great as does not having to pay the over inflated price for gas these days. painful

The film festivals three days of erotic art, film, seminars, performance & music is guaranteed to warm the body and mind. What's even better is that it's an event put on by other people so all I have to do is show up and teach. This excites me, an event not hosted by me where I have no other commitments or responsibilities. Yippee!

Not only is my daughter happily with me for the weekend, but I also have Allena here as she's presenting at the festival along with our good friend Teri.

When not at the festival and teaching, we plan on going to Bugs World, The Undersea Gardens, a tour of Parliament, walking through China Town, Miniature World and The Wax Museum.

Lot's to pack in to one weekend but seeing as I've pulled my daughter from school for this trip we might as well do as much as possible and call it an educational trip/holiday for us both. Woohoo!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

another words

after another of our wild nights together, this came to my in-box from my girl. A thank you perhaps, or maybe a reminder, like I could ever forget our moments spent consumed with each other...

Floggers pounding, heavy breathing, sighing wincing skin reddening, sinking deeper, hips grinding pushing back lifting up asking for more, lips dripping, where am i ? flying, pounding still, moans break free, soft fingers carressing the redness, trail down, cold wetness, fingers intruding seperating, stretching, eyes still closed, still flying, hands exploring fingers opening, kisses being left, trailed down, fingers twisting searching reaching, words whispered, intelligible still so far away flying high among the sky flying on emotion skimming on sensations, coming screaming, rolling hands nimble fingers, gasping, sobbing, pushing harder, looking for more, fueling the fires, breaking down the virgin walls, grasping the core, singing of sweetness, seeing the light, the beauty, coming screaming, rolling knuckles, fingers receeding, people whispering, soft light, wanting answers, keep breathing, hands slipping slowly emptying, so warm, so far, so much, eyes so tender so f ull of love and pride, words still so far away, empty now, shaking, finding a balance searching for answers reaching for comfort finding it there in their arms, safe.

This walk down memory lane has left me hot & bothered.


mail and masturbation

May is National Masturbation month for those of you who are unaware. In honor of this, I'm teaching a mixed gender class at The Wet Spot on May 28 Sunday, Masturbation Skills for Those Wanting More From Their Solo Play. The write up on this class went out the Wet Spot members list the other day and since then of course, I've gotten the usual stream of e-mail questions.

This piece of mail I thought I'd share, it's from a man and his name has been cut out to protect his privacy. (and spelling mistakes) It just always amazes me that complete strangers are willing to donate themselves to me in the name of sex-positive education. Or do I think he just wants to jerk off in front of the whole class and me?

I'm not in need of any volunteers for this class but am always flattered that people give me this type of deep trust.

Hello! I am a member of the Wet Spot in Seattle, and I
saw on our calendar that you are going to be having a
masturbation workshop on May 28, in conjunction with
the Jerkapalooza.

Is this going to be lecture only, or will masturbation
be allowed at the workshop? I'm interested in
attending, and because I work evenings and won't be
able to attend the Jerkapalooza itself, would enjoy
the opportunity to "practice" the skills learned in
the community environment, consistent with the concept
of the Jerkapalooza. (In fact, if you should need a
demonstartion subject/model, that would be even

Here's the write up for the Masturbation class:

May is masturbation month and what better time to gain new tricks and insights into your own world of pleasure. As a mixed gender class we'll have opportunity to learn and share with one another what works, what's new and what time tested secrets are most successful for each sex. Breathing techniques, toy choices, positioning and spreading out the energy of your solo masturbation play so you're whole body, including mind are ecstatically involved. Join Jennifer for a class where individually we're all teachers and let her coach your own pleasure making expert out of you!

Oh and to answer the mans question from above, the class is lecture only, with no hands-on component.

It's going to be a great class, I love teaching at The Wet Spot and hope to see many of you there. Pay at the door event, no membership required, just show up!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

more photos

our friend Michele who we spent a day with while in New York last month, took this photo, check out the sign above our heads! Oh so appropriate. The photo below this was taken by our pedi cab driver at the front entrance to Central Park after our 45 minute bike tour of the parks spectacular size and beauty.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Rock Chick

my new toy to try out is made of silicone and it boasts success for hands-free play and as a toy that warms easily for added sensation. Here's hoping this chick can rock well enough to get herself off!

I'm one of those women whose partial to a few favorite positions for my solo sex play, so trying both a new toy and a new position is going to be quite the experience for me. Sitting up and rocking to orgasm has all new possibilities to explore, thanks Tickled Pink Toys.

stolen glimpse

a few minutes ago I was in heaven. After sending off a project via e-mail that had been close to deadline, I was in need of both a break and a reward. Grabbed a couple of two-bite brownies and sort of inhaled the first one not even stopping to savor it's homestyle taste.

Walking over to my queen sized bed, I dropped my khaki capris to the floor. Some lube dripped over my spread labia and I'm flat out on the bed save for a pillow under my head. Lights off in the room, just the sun peeking in through the shades. Reached for a vibrator and as it's first intense pulses radiated over my slick clit, I popped that second two-bite brownie into my mouth.

Intense chocolate flavor and sexual want boiled inside of me pushing me into an orgasm ever so quick.

Perhaps there should be warning on two-bite brownies, stating that if you consume one and masturbate, it will put you over the top with more intensity than imagined.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

fun in New York

self explanatory yes? It's a fucking machine. (click to enlarge)