Saturday, February 07, 2009

Dating Women

Last night my bottom and I had a date. First we went out for a nice sushi dinner where we ate and talked for two hours straight. It was a lovely time together of catch up and alone girl time, greatly anticipated and needed too.

Then we went to The Vancouver Play House, where we witnessed a beautiful show. The SOLD OUT performance of Soledad Barrio & Noche Flamenca What an outstanding concert, it was energy filled, passionate and breath taking, the pace was incredible.

Seats in the ninth row afforded us an up close viewing of the perfectionist work of these artists. Dancers, singers and guitarists. I was in awe from beginning to end, as was everyone else.

The lead dancer Soledad is exquisite in her movements and proficiency, that I saw her dance is amazing, you would have been awe struck at how she owned the stage and audience, I was captivated for certain. The reviews on her and the show are top notch, and still do not do her justice.

Now tonight is Naughty and it is a big crowd at The Lounge, in just a few short hours. Oh my!

RC and I have a surprise to announce to this nights group of attendees, I am eager to see their reactions. Few know already, and it has been fun leaking it out slowly.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Cuba Photos

At The Tropicana in Havana, a sold out show that runs 7 nights a week.

Monuments are everywhere in Cuba, this is in Havana, the capitol. Photo is of Che Guevera.

At the market in Varadero.

I have a lot to accomplish today. What with out of country guests from London arriving later this afternoon to stay with us for a few days, it should happen that I get the house cleaned before their arrival. Further I have a hot date this evening with my bottom, she and I are going to the Vancouver Play House to see Flamenco dancers and also having a nice dinner out together. She's on orders to wear a skirt or dress, so I can grope her through out the night, it should be fun. Perhaps I'll even snap a photo or two of the woman that calls me Ma'am.

Plus I find myself still needing to prepare for tomorrow's Naughty Party, which I need to shop for a little bit and do some general paper work for the event itself too.

Sighs, it doesn't really ever let up around here. If it's not work related, then their is always personal situations arising. Always on the go. Thankfully I have been rousing early since our return from Cuba, which has left me hours in the day, and has also had me to bed at an early hour too.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Girl On Top Orgasms

Tuesday was an exceptionally long day, I spent most of it doing household tasks and work related catch-up after being away for over a week. When I crawled into bed at an early hour, my laptop was with me so I could continue ticking things off my to-do list.

After working for quite some time, I knew I was wiped and should really close the box and get some shut eye. Rather I summoned my guy from where he was across the room at his desk and gave him the seducing smile of "do you want me?"

With out missing a beat, he hopped right over to the bed. For longer than I thought I had in me, he laid out naked on his belly on the bed, with his head buried between my things and my hands holding his head on either side and at times stroking his hair. His licks were soothing, the sucking made me want him more and his caresses of my sex had me exploding.

By the time he entered me with his huge cock, I was starved for more of him. Great as his oral skills were, and are, I was in need of some serious thrusting. He mounted me and we moved together for a short while. Easy motions, familiar.

We rolled over and I atop him, took him for a ride, and I rode him hard. Grinding myself onto his pleasure maker, our eyes locked when our mouths were not tasting one another. It roared out of me, the second orgasm of the evening and as it came in a spasm out of me, he came too.

It happens now and again that two people will come at exactly the same time, but it is somewhat of a rarity. We did not plan for it, and no conversation was had to allow this to happen. It just did.

When the heat of his load ejected itself into me, I continued to glide up and down his manliness with great stamina and enthusiasm. He shook, he convulsed and he lost himself in me, just as I had done in him.

To be lost in another and with another at the moment of ecstatic bliss is always electrifying.

We've been having wild sex lately, and it's been just awesome. I'd tell you our secret as to"why" but I am not ready to divulge just yet. It feels good to have a little privacy on this one thing.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Swimming with tuna


In Varedero at the Delfinario I went swimming with dolphins, and a lot of them. There were six if I remember correctly. My man was scuba diving in The Bay of Pigs, and my daughter and I were at the aqua center, it was so much fun.

First we saw a dolphin show, something similar to what you'd see at the aquarium, it was a real hoot. Then ten of us, from the nearly one hundred and fifty that were present had bought a ticket to get in the water with them.

We donned life jackets, and then slid into the water. Since the temperature was close to 30 degrees the water was nice and refreshing. I was just a wee bit scared, for the first couple of minutes but then the time just flew by.

Close to forty minutes was spent being kissed by these gorgeous creatures, pulled through the waters at a fast speed by holding onto their fins, being projected ridiculously high into the air by their noses on a foot push and generally just frolicking and swimming around with them.

What a surreal experience, both my daughter and I were enamored with their intelligence, skills sets and of course gracefulness.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What a trip ...


Yes it's true. We arrived back from Cuba at the ungodly hour of just after eleven last night, and were home shortly there after.

The plane ride was seven hours of torture, but hey, we made it one piece, and with all of our luggage intact.

Cuba was intensely more colorful than I had imaged: the culture, weather, politics and the people. Varadero was quaint and inspiring, despite the horrendous poverty.

Havanna was over-the-top, the city was breathtaking and the attractions kept us moving at unbelievable pace.. We even took in the infamous Tropicana show as well, and were mesmerized by the skills and beauty of the performers.

I am still processing the entire experience of being away and now am faced with the daunting task of copious amounts of laundry and answering the deluge of email sitting in my accounts.

If I owe you an email, it may take a day or three for me to get to it. Please practice patience, I am still on Cuban time. Things move a little slower in the Caribbean.

We took a lot of photos of the trip which will be uploaded shortly as well, though it is not a big priority at the moment. My man is currently downloading them onto our different computers for us all, there are three different camera's to deal with.

I am looking forward to seeing friends and eating familiar foods. Tomorrow night is Deviant Dining at The Lounge, join us for great conversations and a chance to catch up.