Thursday, November 03, 2005

where my time goes

Lunch at Wild Rice yesterday in downtown Historic China Town. Incomparable in atmosphere & decor as a restaurant than any I've dined in for some time. With a business lunch crowd yet we were able to talk all through our lingering meal with good service. What a great venue and the menu offered up tantalizing offerings that made my mouth water and later served as such a visual delight.

Met with a client at Wild Rice for a few hours of intellectual discussion about [local] sex positive culture and given all the ingredients, who could not enjoy a teaching moment like this. Excellent food and with someone whose hired me to teach them what I know and am passionate about.

Then last night L came over and we had a couple of hours together visiting. Not enough time alone, yet it allowed us to catch up some sans children. Before she left to go home, I asked her if she trusted me. Glances all around, almost blushes I believe then says "sure I trust you." "Close your eyes" I say to her as I approach with my Paul Frank cosmetic case. Unzippering it I withdraw one of my birthday presents and remind her to breath and not to hold her breath. I watch her hands go to her mouth to cover her fear, a smile on her face that trembles slightly. "You can hold my leg if you like to steady yourself, because I'm going to push me new cattle prod into your right calf once" I tell her. (I wait to see is she runs for the door or screams or even open her eyes, but nope, sooooo)

Inhales air rather sharply, eyes, spring open quickly and her hand is already rubbing the targeted site of my attention and affection. My heart beats faster, WOW, she let me do this to her. Hm, store this thought, this moment away, so next time we play together, I'll have something more about her to fall back on. She will do scary things for me and she's got the softest eyes. When she speaks about her life, her compassion is what moves me most.

Then tonight was my dinner date with B. Yummy! We literally shared a meal together and sat side by side in pushed-together chairs at the table. The Whip in East Vancouver is just off of Main Street at East 6th and as of late remodeled. A date is a good date, when before the dinner is even over, you've been invited out again and asked out by name. He's off traveling for a week now but once returned we'll be on a date again. I even managed to get myself kissed. Let's see what happens next time we go out.

and my cell phone died today while accidentally being in water. Email me privately your telephone numbers again those of you know who need me to be reaching you.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

treats & seduction

Quite tired this evening after working all day today and being out late last night with my daughter trick or treating. We had much fun trekking from one spooky house to another's front door, collecting treats for over two hours before arriving to her school for an evening display of fireworks. My daughter thinks that it's very cool to be on the playground late at night when it's dark and filled with all her school mates dressed in costume.

Hot chocolate in a covered mug and the rain held off for most of the night, how fortunate were we. I was prepared though with an umbrella with us and a large clear recycle bag to drop over my daughters costume so the paint wouldn't run off of it should it have rained. My daughter was a home made / self made box of Smarties for Halloween and I was my bad self wandering about with little pink horns on my head and flashlight in hand so I wouldn't get hit by a car.

I've been asked out on a date-date by a man. A man who knows all about me, shares none of my pursuits yet admires my convictions and occupation. I find him to be very attractive, we've been friends for a long time and neither of us can deny our attraction to the other. Now that I've been asked out I'm realizing that I want something out of this date.

Seduction, I want to be seduced with language, food, glances, music and him. I'd like to sit back and allow this man to show me a night out with out myself trying to lead the way or direct our path. I'm not talking about submission. We're not going to do any SM play. I'm talking about dating rituals as I know them and I'd like to partake. A movie, a walk on the beach, a scenic drive & picnic, something I've not planned or orchestrated. I'm not there to bottom, be submissive, a little girl, a Top or a Dominant, I'm going to go and be his date for the night.

Later tonight I'll email him back and let him know that next week after I return from teaching at The Wet Spot in Seattle I'd like nothing more than to spend time with him. oOh I am so looking forward to this date - the last time he and I went out, he carried me in arms to his vehicle and to his bed, something that excites me.

My daughter is in her bed sleeping right now. Allena is safe in Seattle and Jim is tucked away nicely in Bellingham. Doug is at home with his wife and kara is cuddled up to her fiance in bed. It makes me feel secure to know where those that I care for and love are. We don't need to be together for me to feel connected, I just need to know the basics of where everyone is, how they are with themselves and also with me.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

bondage in public

my Daddy left a few hours ago and I'm already missing him. He arrived in last night and took me for a wonderful birthday dinner and brought me a present.

Wrapped up securely in a rope harness over my chest and through my crotch, criss-crossed over my body and under my evening's clothes, my Daddy took me out for Indian food in a quiet little North Shore restaurant. We ate great food and enjoyed our time out together and alone before heading right back home to be together. Bondage in public and under my clothes, very erotic.

The rope between my legs, separated my labia, so that all night as I moved about my inner labia was always rubbing against hemp rope or the fabric of my slacks. Not used to having anything tickle my inner labia, the feeling was obviously very distracting. So distracting in fact that by the time the ropes came off hours later, they were more than damp with my girl juice and I was more than ready for....

33 cane strikes across my bottom for my birthday with a beautiful red cane from Bad Juju then had fabulous sex until shudders were running through each of us uncontrollably.

Curling up in bed together, wrapped safe in the warmth of my Daddy I slept well. And with the extra hour due to the time change the whole evening was great for me. Today we went shopping and I managed to come away with the most amazing black wool, full length to my ankle bones winter coat that my Daddy says will keep me toasty warm all winter.

Apparently I needed a new coat so that my complaining about being cold would be stopped while getting in and out of the car and also so I can now discreetly leave my building in kinky clothes and be completely covered up in the escape. : )

Dinner on Friday night with friends for my birthday was spent at a tapas bar. I've really been spoiled this birthday weekend with gifts, love and attention by those close to me. It feels good to be so loved.