Saturday, July 01, 2006

stagette - cock sucking

After graduation on Wednesday my mother took my daughter back to the island with her for a visit and just an hour ago I went and retrieved said child from my mothers arms at BC Ferries in HorseShoe bay.

A stop at Block Buster to pick up a gift for my child's friend whose birthday is today and now back to the cool shade of home before the sleepover starts at 5:00 promptly.

Jim only left a couple of hours ago as he had come up early yesterday for some adult time. We spent the better part of the afternoon attached together naked, he sitting up in bed, me sitting on his lap, he nestled deep in my ass, as I rocked and bounced to one orgasm after another, for us both.

A leisuerly dinner out of sushi and conversation and then we drove to Chinatown and walked through the night market before meandering over to Gastown and back to the car finally.

Once home it was time for more sex, a late night smoothie & muffin for energy and then necessary sleep.

Tonight though will be a little different.

Take daughter to sleep over, then take myself out for dinner. Then I need to head into downtown Vancouver for a stagette.

A stagette, in a private room in a lounge, where the bride knows nothing of my being hired. Twenty women for the Cock Sucking class that I am to lead them through. Lucky me!

Once the class is over I have a Saturday night in the city to do with as I please. (and a list of people who would kill me if they found out I was in the city and didn't make the effort to see them) Perhaps home to the sofa for rest is what I should be doing.

This morning I got my tickets for Minneapolis, a month till I take off.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

dreams come true

A couple of Sundays past I wrote here about a phone call I'd received that had in it's brief couple of minutes of communication changed my life and activism.

This is what's had me feeling so proud & strong as of late...

For Immediate Release:

New LLC Board Members Elected

The Leather Leadership Conference is an organization dedicated to strengthening the SM/Leather/Fetish community through the development of the leadership skills of community members and fostering a greater sense of connection between and within community groups.

The LLC Board of Directors is composed of nine members and to maintain leadership and continuity, their terms expire on a rotating basis. In recently concluded annual elections, four new members were elected to the LLC Board of Directors.

New members who were elected for 3-year terms are: Jennifer Skrukwa, a sex-activist from Vancouver BC, Canada; Jared Keen, a leather-activist from Arizona; and Alan Levy, an attorney from New Jersey. Jonathan Krall, a sex-positive community organizer from Virginia was elected to a 1-year term. New board positions commence July 1, 2006.

The LLC Board would like to thank Cynthia Wright, Lolita Wolf and Libby Warren, whose terms have now expired, for their years of dedication that served to help shape LLC, Inc. to where it is today.

Join us for LLC-XI in Minneapolis, MN April 20 - 22, 2007
Visit Leather Leadership for more information.

I leave for Minneapolis the first weekend in August to meet with the Local Organizing Committee for LLC in April and for our Annual Meeting. This is already turning into a wild ride.

It's humbling to be part of the very place that works to strengthen community and fostering a better understanding of each segment within it for all. To be elected, wow, this is an activists dream and I'm living it. Go me!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

it's arrived, it's arrived

Today is the day that my 12 year old daughter graduates from elementary school and crosses the stage to receive her diploma.

I'm already in a dress and my mom is on BC Ferries on her way over for the ceremony.

Yesterday my girl got the best news, she was accepted into the Honors Program at the local high school


She was awarded with 5 service awards for her community and school activism in front of all her peers.

Next week she leaves for 12 days in Guelph Ontario without me.

Times are changing.

As of this afternoon I'll be the proud parent of a high school student.

lucky me

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

long shot for sure

Some man saw that tonight on my calendar I'm teaching my Cock Sucking class to a class of women, he felt compelled to send this letter to my Jennifer account at Libido Events just a few short minutes ago...

Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2006 12:41 pm

Hi -

I am a male ..

Just browsing your site as I always do ... and interesting that you have an event in Squamish today for woman only.

I am from Vancouver, not local ..but working here today ... thought I would take a long shot lol .. if your looking for any volunteers for your excersice .. I am good looking young (30) .. pretty good shape...

Thought I would try .. I am not shy .. Let me know if you need anyone ..

NOTE: name and email address was removed to protect this man from the wrath of all the women in tonights class who I'll be sharing this piece of mail with

busy beaver, cock sucking

Ok I must confess to being a tad bit elated. This morning in a private meeting, I was hired by Little Sister's to teach at their store this Fall.

Six 6 classes to be precise, from September through December on Thursday evenings.

Dates and topics are not on the calendar as of yet, but I had to spit the news out as it makes me happy. This is BIG huge news for me and something that I've been aspiring towards for some time.

Then as we finished our bookings I handed over my most recent wish list of sex toys / books and was told that I could have one of everything. Lucky me. :) Deborah Addingtons new book "Play Piercing", new male masturbator sleeve toy and cocks, lots and lots of cocks (ok, dildos) among other things.

This busy little beaver is now sitting naked at the kitchen table typing away with the fan blowing on me. It feels good but it's time for me to make my way down the hall to my room.

Late this afternoon I'm driving to Squamish to teach my Cock Sucking class to a sold out class of women at Trinity Romance Shop. 25 seats filled, now that is awesome!

It's time for me to pack up the equipment and toys necessary to make a workshop of this nature so successful...

FYI - neither dildo or masturbator were words that my spell check recognized this saddens me. What can be done to fix this problem?

Enjoy the sun everyone.

Monday, June 26, 2006

places I spend time as work

What's the difference please between a "bar" and a "lounge"? I've been hired to teach a class in the latter and am trying to plot and plan accordingly. Thanks.

whips & Dominance

it's just after 4:00 in the morning, I drove in from Seattle after a pit stop at Jim's. Border was a breeze, I had actually forgotten that it could still happen that way, without lineups or incidents.

The drive home was really me coming down from teaching the Women's Intensive. We had to cover so much information in those 4 hours that there were only two short breaks about 6 or 7 minutes each. This is the class that I'd been wanting to teach for awhile and I saw after today's class, that we really need a full day if we want to make sure that we cover all of the areas we want to discuss. The wheels are in motion and a full day intensive is to follow. How exciting, a series of classes on
Woman's Dominance.

This morning though, prior to my class, I had a private coaching session as well that lasted 90 minutes. With two classes yesterday and then today's, that's 9.5 hours of educating and empowering for me. I'm feeling drained. Duh, I'm up at what is now bloody 4:23am, yes, I'm drained and tired. (almost)

My email has been broken for longer than I care to admit - it will be a month this week. Oh I'm so pissed off that the mere mention of it could almost send me to tears.

Awaiting me on the computer was an email from a dear dear dear sweet man who graciously and kindly set me up in a whole new mail program. It is good to have friends that have skills and who believe in what I do. Thanks Damon.

I should go to bed now and the reason I've been up so late is that I had to manually enter all of the data from the old program into the new because the Export button was broken. Took me 4 hours and 40 minutes to do it and now it's done. I'm so tired it's incredible and the sun is coming up, I can see the sky line changing already. And all of you are sleeping, missing this magnificent silent morning view.

Did I mention that shortly I'm sleeping with my brand spanking new whip as in just finished yesterday, Joe Wheeler whip and it's RED and all mine. Delivered to me at The Wet Spot this afternoon. More later and perhaps a photo too, I'm so thrilled to own such a beautifully sculpted toy and treasure.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pride Seattle 2006

Happy Pride Seattle!

What a beautiful weekend here in Seattle for the parade to take place today, how exciting. I had been asked to carry Leather Flag for the Wet Spot but had to decline because of a teaching commitment. What a bummer, it would have been such an honor.

Yesterday both of my classes went very well at The Wet Spot and now today, I'm teaching an Intensive on Women's Dominance. It's a 4 hour class that's from 1:00 - 5:00 and I'm also seeing a client later for Private Coaching.

It's been restful here for me this trip, it was needed.